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Chad Benson doesn’t look or sound like a typical talk radio host. His conversational, informative and FUNNY take on the issues has been a refreshing addition to talk stations around the country. Listeners love Chad’s take on the hard news delivered in a thoughtful and entertaining way. And that explains why Chad is featured on some of the most highly rated talk stations in the country and delivers the demos that talk radio needs most.


Listen to “The Chad Benson Show Promos” on Spreaker.

 Listen to “The Chad Benson Show Promos” on Spreaker.

Chad is reinventing the talk format” Bill White, Program Director, KFBK-AM/FM iHeart Media Sacramento

His current affiliates include: KTAR-FM Phoenix, KXL-FM, Portland, KSTE Sacramento, WIBC-FM Indianapolis, WOKV-FM Jacksonville, WDBO Orlando and KRMG-AM/FM Tulsa–just to name a few.

[Inside Radio – Talking the Talk Right Means More than Just Politics]

Chad is part of a New Generation of talk hosts that is able to connect with talk’s existing demo while bringing new and younger listeners into the format. Chad is an accomplished talk show host boasting over 22 years experience in the entertainment industry.

Great Storyteller and humorous” Ryan Hatch, Program Director, KTAR-FM Bonneville Phoenix

[All Access: 10 Questions with Chad Benson]

Chad started in music radio in the 1990s at the legendary KRTH in Los Angeles as the Executive Producer of the Robert W. Morgan Show and has also been the voice of several cartoon characters over the years including Hanna Barbera’s Droopy the Dog.

Chad is talk radio’s next generation host” Levi May, Director of Branding & Programming, KRMG-AM/FM CMG Tulsa

[Inside Radio – Syndication’s Next Generation: Chad Benson]

In his early years, fresh out of school, Chad left everything he knew at home in Southern California to play professional soccer in Europe and was talented enough to be signed onto the rosters of several teams including the Bristol Rovers, the Fallkirk Scotland and the Portsmouth Football Club.  Chad still kicks the soccer ball around a bit now but mostly with his 10 year old son Jack.


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Multiple red flags missed with MI school shooter
Parents of Michigan school shooting suspect held on $500,000 bond each after manhunt
More cases of Covid Omicron appearing in the US
First case of Omicron variant reported in California
SCOTUS to hear landmark abortion case
Conflicting information about the Omicron variant
New Covid Omicron variant
Best of Chad Benson
Best of Chad Benson
Craig Collins filling in
Craig Collins filling in
Kyle Rittenhouse acquitted on all charges
Austria locks down after 5th wave of Covid
Rising gas prices hindering holiday travel
Objectivity in journalism
Biden signs infrastructure bill
Inflation not easing up anytime soon
A new rise in Covid cases
Veterans Day
Heating prices to rise significantly this winter
Controlling rising gas prices
House passes infrastructure bill
House vote expected Friday on infrastructure bills
Aaron Rodgers contracts COVID-19 while unvaccinated
Republican Glenn Youngkin elected Governor of Virginia
Virginia governor's race
American Airlines forced to cancel thousands of flights
The Great Resignation
Consumer spending down
Cost of Thanksgiving dinner higher than in previous years
Biden approval rating plummeting
Complaints by workers before Alec Baldwin shooting incident
Alec Baldwin discharged prop gun that killed crew member, wounded director
Body found could be Brian Laundrie
California and vaccine mandates
Oil and gas prices still rising
Colin Powell dies from Covid complications
Biden addresses the nation to push his infrastructure bill
Southern U.S. border issue
U.S. will reopen its land borders to nonessential travel next month
Southwest Airlines still experiencing scheduling issues
Merck wants approval for its COVID pill treatment
Average hourly wages up
The fight over raising the debt ceiling continues
Testimony in Congress citing harmful effects of Facebook/Instagram on children
Facebook, Instagram, and What's App suffers major outage
Raising the debt ceiling again
Government funded through Dec 3
Latest unemployment numbers
Consumer prices still rising
Debate over vaccine mandates
Tent city in Del Rio, TX
Results of Arizona election audit
Supply chain shortages
Tensions rising at US southern border
Biden to offer pathway to citizenship for undocumented migrants
Migrants gathering in Del Rio, Texas
Gen. Miley says calls to China were within the scope of his job
First all civilian space flight launched
Gavin Newsom survives recall effort
California recall election
Arguments over vaccine mandates
Remembering 9/11
Comedians are bringing light to the brutality of politics
More on COVID vaccines
American citizens still trying to leave Afghanistan
Craig Collins filling in
Craig Collins filling in
Craig Collins filling in
Craig Collins filling in
Craig Collins filling in
US personnel killed in terror attack in Kabul
ISIS-K terror attack at Kabul airport
Bomb explodes at Kabul airport
Biden taking a lot of heat for his handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal
7 day deadline for the U.S. to evacuate all Americans from Afghanistan
Tens of thousands still waiting at Kabul airport to be evacuated
Texas dropping enforcement of ban on masks
COVID booster shot recommendations released
Biden administration defends Afghanistan withdrawal
Biden speaks to nation after withdrawal from Afghanistan
Taliban seizes Presidential Palace in Afghanistan
Booster shot may be needed for COVID
The Taliban is taking more cities as US troops withdraw
Andrew Cuomo to resign as Gov. of NY
Fighting vaccine misinformation
Mask mandates in schools
New research into COVID origin
Vaccine mandates
Calls for Gov. Cuomo to resign after sexual harassment investigation
COVID infection's after vaccination
Craig Collins filling in
Craig Collins filling in
New mask guidelines
CDC revises mask guidelines again
Simone Biles out of team finals due to a medical issue
Indications that the economy is recovering
Should you be required to get vaccinated?
A majority of new COVID cases are in people who have not been vaccinated
Dr. Fauci and Rand Paul spar again in the Senate
Mask requirements for kids
Misinformation on the internet
Los Angeles reinstates masks order indoors regardless of vaccination
New and used car prices rising.
Biden speaks about voting rights
Freedom protests in Cuba
Richard Branson launches into space for one hour
Richard Branson headed to space this weekend
There's a massive difference in what's happening in blue vs red states
More store looting in San Francisco
NHL goalie dies in fireworks accident
Craig Collins filling in
Bill Cosby's conviction overturned and he is released from prison
House votes to remove Confederate statues from U.S. Capitol
News ratings falling
Derek Chauvin sentenced to 22.5 years in prison for the killing of George Floyd
Rescue operations continue in wake of Miami building collapse
One-half of a Miami apartment building collapses
Possible need for COVID vaccine booster
Businesses still hurting for employees
Amazon Prime Day
Juneteenth now a federal holiday
Biden wraps up talks with Putin at G7 Summit
Jon Stewart suggest COVID was created in Chinese lab
Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin meeting
Biden meets with Putin at G7 Summit
Joe Biden in the UK for the G7 Summit
Vaccine myths
Kamala Harris pressed on visiting the Southern US border
Widespread outage at cloud service company bringing down large portions of the internet
States stopping enhanced unemployment compensation
Supply chain disruption post pandemic
Questions on the Chinese origin of Covid-19
Major hack affects world's largest beef supplier
Air travel up as more Americans are vaccinated
Craig Collins filling in
Gunman kills 9 and himself at California Light Rail yard
50% of adult Americans now fully vaccinated
One year anniversary of the death of George Floyd
Mask restrictions lifted for those who are vaccinated
Cease fire agreed to in Israel
Human rights abuses in China
Hamas makes demands for cease fire
Hugging is back
Tensions still high in Israel/Palestinian conflict
CDC releases guidelines for those fully vaccinated.
Ohio Gov. to offer $5 million prize in vaccine lottery
More rocket attacks on Israel
FDA approves Pfizer vaccine for children and teens
Chinese rocket crashes harmlessly back to earth
Reaching for herd immunity
Jobless claims falling as US eases COVID restrictions
Facebook upholds ban of Donald Trump
NY relaxing COVID restrictions
Current COVID news
COVID now devastating India
Recap of Biden's speech to Congress
Relaxing mask requirements
CDC releases new mask guidelines
Oscars presented over Zoom
16 Year old with knife killed by police stirs another controversy
Earth Day
Derek Chauvin convicted in death of George Floyd
Jury resumes deliberations in Derek Chauvin trial
Tensions in Minneapolis grow
Adam Toledo shooting
Everything has risk
Chauvin trial continues
US pausing use of J & J vaccine after reports of blood clots
People still debating whether masks are effective
Biden's Executive Action on gun control
States deciding how to re-open
Georgia voting law causing backlash
Fear of a fourth surge of COVID
Craig Collins filling in
Craig Collins filling in
1 in 5 Americans now fully vaccinated against COVID
Witness testimony in the Derek Chauvin trial
Second day of Derek Chauvin's trial
More and more Americans are getting the COVID vaccine
Recap of Biden press conference
Latest unemployment numbers
Renewed talk for gun control after Colorado shooting
Mass shooting in Colorado kills 10 including 1 police officer
Miami overwhelmed with Spring Break partiers
First day of NCAA Tournament
IRS extends tax deadline to May 15th
Craig Collins filling in
Craig Collins filling in
Craig Collins filling in
Joe Biden gives first address to the nation
One year since the WHO declared Covid a pandemic
House to take final vote on stimulus bill
Congress reaches deal on $1.9 trillion stimulus plan
House to vote Tuesday on relief bill
Other states to follow Texas' lead to loosen COVID restrictions
Biden does not approve of Texas lifting COVID restrictions
Texas to lift mask mandate and business restrictions
Democrats drop minimum wage plan in stimulus bill
Trump gives speech at CPAC
Progress being made in vaccine distribution
Latest unemployment numbers
Tiger Woods involved in serious car crash
COVID deaths top 5000,000
Boeing jet engine explodes on flight to Hawaii
Ted Cruz under fire for travelling to Mexico during Texas power outage
Still issues with vaccine distribution
Biden says he can not predict when the U.S. will be back to normal
Fat Tuesday
Craig Collins filling in
Where is your "care" meter regarding impeachment?
Biden to increase vaccine distribution
29% of Americans do not want to be vaccinated
Mask fatigue
Tampa Bay Buccaneers win Super Bowl
Johnson & Johnson applies for emergency approval of one shot COVID vaccine
Backlog of COVID vaccine
Congress debating stimulus and budget
New COVID variants confirmed in 35 states
Possible surge in COVID cases after new variant discovered
Investing app Robin Hood suspends trading for Game Stop, prompting lawsuit
Resuming in person learning in schools
Biden says states will be getting a reliable supply of COVID vaccines
Biden is hopeful for herd immunity by summer
Billion dollar Mega Millions winner in Michigan
Biden reveals plan to vaccinate people as quickly as possible
Reaction to Biden inauguration
Trump gives farewell address from Joint Base Andrews
Trump's last full day in office
Arrest made in Capitol protest
Final weekend of Trump's presidency to be spent discussing impeachment
Trump pissed at being silenced or impeachment?
House votes on impeaching Trump
House working to impeach Trump for 'insurrection"
House moves to impeach Trump a second time
Trump confirms there were be a peaceful transfer of power
Joe Biden officially declared President
Protesters storm US Capitol
Warnock wins Dem Senate seat in GA
Run-off election in GA to decide control of the Senate
Trump still contesting election results
Craig Collins filling in
Craig Collins filling in
Craig Collins filling in
Craig Collins filling in
Craig Collins filling in
Trump threatens to veto relief bill after requesting changes
Congress FINALLY passes a stimulus bill
Congress finalizes COVID relief bill totaling $900 billion
Russia hacks into U.S. government computers systems
Still no agreement on COVID relief bill in Congress
Tom Cruise rips into crew for not wearing masks or social distancing
Biden officially the President-elect
COVID vaccines being prepared for shipping
Craig Collins filling in
Craig Collins filling in
Biden wants 100 million COVID vaccines in the U.S. in first 100 days
Pfizer's first COVID vaccine administered in the U.K.
California in second lockdown
Biden will ask U.S. to wear a mask for 100 days when he is inaugurated
Trump makes a speech about voter fraud
UK approves Pfizer vaccine
Plans rolling out for vaccine distribution
Moderna seeking emergency approval for vaccine
Craig Collins filling in
Craig Collins filling in
Trump allows Biden transition to move forward
Potential Third COVID Vaccine
Pfizer looks to be first with COVID vaccine
Mask mandates
Pfizer vaccine to be on the fast track for distribution by the FDA
States getting ready to lock down again
Moderna claiming 95% efficacy in COVID vaccine trials
Coronavirus infections still rising
Possibility of a second economic shutdown due to COVID
Corona virus and the economy.
Pfizer vaccine could be approved in two months
Joe Biden named President-elect
Trump still claiming rampant cases of voter fraud
States still counting votes
No declared winner in Presidential election
Election Day in the U.S.
UK imposing a COVID shutdown
Covid fatigue
What Trump needs to do to win
70 million people have completed early voting
Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to SCOTUS by Senate
Senate set for final vote of SCOTUS nomination
Final presidential debate recap
Debate preview.
Thirteen days until election day
Trump says Dr. Fauci is a disaster
Trump continuing to hold campaign rallies
Overview of Trump and Biden's dueling Town Halls
Controversy over Trump and Biden holding competing Town Hall events
Trump and Biden to hold dueling Town Halls
Trump tells crowd at rally he will give them a "big fat kiss," after treatment for COVID
Confirmation hearings begin for Amy Coney Barrett
Nancy Pelosi plans on using 25th Amendment to remove Trump
Breakdown of VP debate
Trump suspends stimulus talks until after the election
Trump recovering from COVID-19
Trump leaves hospital to drive by his supporters
President Trump tests positive for coronavirus
Trump says he does not know who the Proud Boys are
First Presidential debate tonight
NY Times releasing scathing report on Trump taxes
Both parties lawyering up for after the election
Only one officer indicted in death of Breonna Taylor, but not for murder
Amy Coney Barret predicted as Trump's SCOTUS nominee
Democrats concerned over any SCOTUS nominee
Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies at age 87 from pancreatic cancer
Joe Biden CNN Drive-In Town Hall
Congress not likely to have a new stimulus deal by November election
Trump has town hall for undecided voters
Louisville settles suit with family of Breonna Taylor
First weekend of the NFL season
Anniversary of 9/11 attacks
Bob Woodward's new book features interviews with Trump
COVID-19 vaccine trial delayed after volunteer has unexplained illness
Trump facing criticism for comments about veterans
Best Of 9-7
Craig Collins filling in
Craig Collins filling in
Craig Collins filling in
Craig Collins filling in
Craig Collins filling in
Donald Trump accepts nomination at the White House
Kenosha riots enter fourth day
Violent protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin
Trump officially nominated for re-election
RNC starts this week
Joe Biden formally accepts Democratic Presidential nomination
DNC short on policy, long on Trump bashing
Day 2 of DNC
Michelle Obama's speech for DNC recorded nearly 3 weeks ago
Virtual DNC starts today
Craig Collins filling in
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris hold first rally
Biden chooses Kamala Harris as VP pick
Shooter outside White House during press conference
Trump signs Executive Order for stimulus relief
Trump Executive Order forbids companies from using Tik Tok
Trump draws criticism for wanting to accept nomination at the White House
Massive explosion in Beirut
3 months to the Presidential election
Pandemic unemployment relief expires.
The cost of COVID-19 to the US economy
Fed keeps interest rates unchanged
Congress still debating a second pandemic relief bill
Pelosi says GOP is not ready to seriously negotiate over second relief package.
Congress expected to provide extended unemployment benefits package
Pandemic unemployment benefits set to expire
New unemployment numbers
Joe Biden says he is now opposed to defunding police
Trump is not in favor of a national mask mandate
Trump gives interview with Chris Wallace about COVID-19 response
Who to believe about keeping safe from COVID-19?
17th week of 1 million or more unemployment claims
Ruth Bader Ginsburg back in the hospital
California shuts down again due to COVID-19
We are now seeing the effects on the economy due to shut down
Dr. Fauci said US response to COVID-19 could have been better
SCOTUS rules NY prosecutors can seek Trump's tax returns
Coronavirus cases still rising
Craig Collins filling in
Craig Collins filling in
Craig Collins filling in
Craig Collins filling in
Dr. Fauci says 40,000 new corona cases a day and that number could rise
At least 17 States alter reopening plans after corona virus surge
Trump retweets man shouting 'White Power'
The ongoing mask debate
New unemployment numbers
Getting closer to a COVID-19 vaccine
Lack of effort to disperse the CHAZ
Craig Collins filling in
Craig Collins filling in
Craig Collins filling in
Trump signs Executive Order to improve policing standards
People still terrified of catching COVID-19
Cops shoot man who took taser
200,000 Corona related deaths expected by April
Seattle protesters take over 6 blocks of downtown
AOC talks about reallocating funds from police departments
Economy officially in recession
Minneapolis city council votes to de-fund police department
2.5 million jobs added in May
All 4 officers charged in death of George Floyd
5th day of protests across America
Trump moves protesters for photo op at church
Officer charged with manslaughter in death of George Floyd
Trump issues Executive Order against social media platforms
Rioting and looting in Minneapolis
Protests in Minneapolis over police killing of unarmed black man
WHO warns there could be a second peak
Best of Chad Benson
Craig Collins filling in
2.4 million applied for unemployment last week
Could you be forced to get a corona vaccine?
Trump says he has been taking Hydroxychloroquine for 2 weeks
Lifestyle choices and corona virus severity
Debate over whether the country is re-opening too soon
California discussing plans to restart economy.
Dr. Fauci's testimony before the Senate
We will never know the real numbers of corona virus
Trump touts a "Transition to Greatness"
Record number of job losses
Unemployment numbers still rising
Your risk factor in States re-opening
How corona virus is changing the American way of life
Trump confident there will be a corona virus vaccine by the end of the year
Joe Biden speaks about sexual allegations against him
More than 30 million have applied for unemployment benefits
US economy shrinks by 4%
Trump thrives in chaos.
Trump says his injection comment was sarcastic
Trump wants doctors to look into uv light for corona
Unemployment could reach 20%
Preparing for possible second wave of corona virus
Trump to halt all immigration due to virus
One World at Home raises $127 million dollars for WHO
Craig Collins filling in
US Gov believes Coronavirus originated in a lab in China
Trump concedes that governors will make decisions for their states regarding re-opening
Trump press conference, he claims he has total authority for force states to re-open
Trump says opening the country back up is the toughest decision he's ever had to make
Dr. Fauci says we should be able start talking about getting back to normal by summer
6 million more people file for unemployment
Bernie Sanders drops out of presidential race
Attorney general says we will eventually return to normal
Coronavirus impacts on the economy
Dr. Fauci says whole country should be under lockdown
Trump says economy will bounce back stronger than ever
Devin Nunes says we need to get people back to work this week, or economy will never jump back
Trump says economy is second priority behind saving lives
Trump extends social distancing guidelines to April 30th
Trump signs stimulus bill
Unemployment websites across multiple states crash
Stimulus package passes
Republicans push back against democrats trying to include green new deal in stimulus plan
Gov Cuomo holds press conference, says 80% of New Yorkers could get virus
Trump fast tracks Malaria and Lupus drug to try and treat Coronavirus
Distilleries in the US switching to making hand sanitizers
Bernie loses primaries
Ohio cancels Tuesday primaries
Joe Biden talks about how he'd react to coronavirus during Democratic debate
Trump Declares National Emergency
NBA suspends rest of season, March Madness happening without audiences
Biden wins Michigan, pulls away from Bernie in delegate count
Panic is what's causing economic problems, not the virus
People going crazy over Coronavirus
Hillary Clinton documentary
Elizabeth Warren drops out of presidential race,
- Major comeback for Joe Biden on Super Tuesday
Super Tuesday Primaries
Pete Buttegieg drops out of presidential race, Tom Steyer drops out,
Coronavirus cases pop up in Mexico
First community spread case of Coronavirus in the US, Trump downplays risk in press conference
CBS democratic debate, horrible moderator fail
Joe Biden accidentally says he's running for US Senate
Sanders major win at Nevada caucus, South Carolina predictions
Chad Discusses Bloomberg, Roger Stone, Bernie, Coronavirus and More
Democratic Debate, New Health Care Options
Democratic debate, Bloomberg issues to address at debate
Bloomberg makes it into Wednesday Dem debate
Trump talks about how unfair Roger Stone's sentencing guidelines were
William Barr comments on Trump tweets, how it makes his job impossible
China Coronavirus numbers see huge jump,
Bernie wins NH, Biden skipping Nevada
Bernie claims Bloomberg is buying the election by ignoring Iowa and New Hampshire
New Hampshire voting, Joe Biden sitting in 5th place in polls
Employment rate has increased, economy good under Trump will make it harder for Bernie
Trump acquittal vote, backlash against Romney for voting to convict
Trump acquitted by Senate
State of the Union, Nancy Pelosi ripping up speech
Iowa Caucus FAIL
Biden vs Klobuchar vs Mayor Pete for moderate candidate
Vote to call witnesses in impeachment trail fails
Iowa polls, Anti-Bernie ads increasing before Caucus
Impeachment hearings, Derschowitz arguments, Adam Schiff response
UK sends flight to China to remove citizens from Wuhan
Don Lemon calls Trump supporters idiots
Kobe Bryant death, his Academy Award win, life after retirement
Coronavirus spreads to 10 countries
Impeachment - Lindsay Graham & Chuck Schumer speeches
Lights, Camera, Impeachment!
Senate debating impeachment rules
Impeachment trial to start Tuesday
Trump assembles legal team for impeachment proceedings
Senators sworn in for impeachment trial
House approves impeachment managers and sending articles to Senate
House to vote tomorrow on sending Impeachment Articles to Senate
Corey Booker drops out of Presidential race
New sanctions imposed on Iran
Reports suggest Iran mistakenly shot down Ukrainian airliner
Iran launches missiles at Iraqi base housing American soldiers
Wildfires still burning in Australia
Trump ordered strike that killed Iranian genera
Best of Chad Benson
Best of Chad Benson
Best of Chad Benson
Craig Collins filling in
Craig Collins filling in
Greg Knapp filling in
Greg Knapp filling in
Best of Chad Benson
Best of Chad Benson
Year in Review
Andrew Yang comes on strong in debate
House adopts both Articles of Impeachment against Trump
House to vote on Articles of Impeachment this evening
Thursday's Dem debate to happen after labor deal struck
House released impeachment report
House Judiciary Committee approves 2 Articles of Impeachment
Greta Thunberg named Time Magazine's Person of the Year
House Judiciary Committee introduces 2 Articles of Impeachment against Trump
Impeachment hearings continue
3 people killed at Pensacola Navel Air Station
Pelosi asks for House Chairman to go forward with impeachment
House Judiciary Committee begins impeachment hearings
Trump starts NATO summit with attack on France
House gearing up for impeachment hearing
Greg Knapp filling in
Bernie Sander's tax plan
Thieves cut power to German museum, steal jewels
Anniversary of JFK assassination
Dem debate breakdown
Trump has a "Rudy" problem
2 guards indicted for falsifying records in Jeffery Epstein's death
Impeachment hearings continue
Marie Yovanovitch Former United States Ambassador to Ukraine testifies in impeachment hearing
Breakdown of first impeachment hearing
Public impeachment inquiry begins
SCOTUS to hear DACA case
Veterans Day
Trump not concerned about impeachment
Elizabeth Warren's Wealth Tax plan
Public impeachment probe hearings start Wednesday
American Mormon sect massacred in Mexico cartel attack
Transcript in impeachment inquiry released
Craig Collins filling in
Democrats push impeachment rules package through House
Bernie Sanders does not know how he would pay for Medicare for All
Army Officer Who Heard Trump’s Ukraine Call Reported Concerns
US raid kills ISIS leader Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi
Investigation into Russian investigation
US may move tanks into Eastern Syria
Trump lifts sanctions on Turkey
Trump refers to impeachment inquiry as a "lynching"
Mick Mulvaney denies admitting quid pro quo with Trump Ukraine call
Craig Collins filling in
Turkey agrees to 5 day cease fire in Syria
Trump has meltdown during meeting with Dems
Democrat debate tonight
Trump warns of big sanctions coming on Turkey
What did Hunter Biden Do?
New poll shows 51% want Trump removed
Turkey launches assault in Syria after Trump pulls troop
The Trump administration blocked Gordon Sondland from testifying before Congress in Ukraine case
Trump still fighting to prevent release of his tax returns
White House subpoenaed over Ukraine phone call
Trump wants China to investigate Biden
Pelosi holds presser on impeachment inquiry
How are Trump voters feeling amid all this Impeachment mess? Dallas police officer Amber Guyger convicted of murder
Democrats in Congress are still trying to sell Impeachment while Rudy Giuliani gets a subpoena
Dems are giving Trump the biggest campaign donation ever! Hey, what's up with immigration?
The Whistleblower Report, Did Syria cross the line in the sand, The President of El Salvador is Chad's new bestie
WH releases full transcript of Trump's phone call with Ukraine Pres
Pelosi announces formal impeachment inquiry
Trump admits discussing Joe Biden with Ukraine
World wide climate change protests
Picture of Justin Trudeau in blackface surfaces
Civility in politics and life
Trump prepared to retaliate after attack on Saudi oil facility
Drone attack on Saudi oil facility
Greg Knapp filling in
Dem debate preview
Remembrance of 9/11 attacks
Trump fires his National Security Adviser John Bolton
Multiple GOP congressman not running for re-election
American Airlines mechanic charged with sabotaging plane
CNN holds 7 hour Climate change Town Hall
San Fran labels NRA a terrorist organization
34 people die in boat fire
Best of Chad Benson
Best of Chad Benson
Greg Knapp filling in
Kirsten Gilibrand drops out of Presidential race
Dave Chappelle catching flack from the Left for new comedy special
Trump in France for G7 summit
Trump wants companies to stop doing business with China
Former Rep. Joe Walsh plans to primary Trump
New immigration detention procedures for women with children
Elizabeth Warren apologizes for claiming Native American heritage
Is a recession coming?
Hong Kong bracing for another weekend of protests
Reps. Omar and Tlaib denied entry into Israel
Hong Kong airport reopened
Riot police dealing with protesters in Hong Kong Airport
Jeffery Epstein found dead in jail from suicide
Half of those arrested in immigration raids released
Media frenzy after mass shooting.
Greg Knapp filling in
China reacts to US tariffs
2 mass shootings in El Paso, TX and Dayton,OH.
US pulls out of nuclear treaty with Russia
2nd Debate, night 2 recap
Debate night 1 recap
Capital One suffers massive data breach
3 dead in shooting at Garlic Festival in Gilroy, CA
Drug prices
Moving on from Mueller testimony.
Mueller appears before 2 separate Congressional committees
Trump wants to get out of Afghanistan
Iran still holding British ship
CNN unveils second debate line up
Chants of "send her back" at Trump rally in NC
House votes to kill Articles Of Impeachment against Trump
Trump facing backlash for tweet to Progressive Dem Congresswomen
Trump sends inflammatory tweets directed at Progressive Dem Congresswomen
Alex Acosta resigns over Epstein plea deal.
ICE to begin immigration raids
Shumer calls for Alex Acosta to resign over Epstein plea deal
Trump still fighting for citizenship question on Census
USWNT wins Women's World Cup.
Best of Chad Benson
Best of Chad Benson
Greg Knapp filling in
Greg Knapp filling in
Greg Knapp filling in
Second night of Dem debate
Dem Debate recap
First of 2 Dem debates tonight
Conditions of detention centers for children crossing into US
Bernie Sanders plans to propose bill to eliminate to eliminate student loan debt
Craig Collins filling in
Iran shoots down US drone
Hearings held on reparations
Trump holding first re-election campaign rally in Orlando
Trump officially launches his re-election campaign
Trump halts tariff implementation on Mexico
Lineup for first Democrat debate set
Oil tanker torpedoed in Hormuz
Census citizenship question
DHS facilities on border overflowing
Latest job numbers released
Immigration crisis on Mexican border
75th D-Day Anniversary
30th anniversary of Tiananmen Square Massacre
Trump makes official State trip to UK
Trump imposes tariffs on Mexico
Trump to enact tariffs against Mexico in response to illegal immigration
Robert Mueller gives statement on the Russia investigation and his report
Liz Chaney talks about corruption in FBI and DOJ
Paul Barsky filling in
Greg Knapp filling in
Greg Knapp filling in
Pelosi being pressured to start impeachment proceedings
Mayor Pete does Fox News Town Hall
Trump's immigration plan
Tensions high between Iran and US
Alabama signs most restrictive abortion law in US
Trump and tariffs on China
Stock Market down over US/China relations
Trump imposing more tariffs on China.
Jerry Nadler says we are in a constitutional crisis
House committee holds vote to hold Bill Barr in Contempt of Congress.
Multiple wounded in Denver school shooting
Michael Cohen to start 3 year prison sentence
Facebook and free speech
Bill Barr does refuses to show up for second day of testimony
Bill Barr testifies before Congress regarding the Mueller report
Potential coup in Venezuela
Gunman kills 1, injures 3 at synagogue in California
Trump touts good economic numbers
Joe Biden finally announces his run for President
Green New Deal is not feasible
Citizenship question on Census goes to SCOTUS
280+ killed in Easter bombing in Sri Lanka
What does info in the Mueller report mean?
Redacted Mueller report released
Chad Benson tours the southern border
Greg Knapp filling in.
Trump proposes plan to send illegal immigrants to "Sanctuary cities.
Best of Chad Benson
Jullian Assange arrested in Ecuadorian Embassy in London
Greg Corombos filling in
Words not meaning what they used to mean
Trump still threatening to close borders
Trump travels to the southern border.
Average person has no interest in Mueller report
House votes to give themselves power to subpoena the full Mueller report
CBP says crisis at border has reached a breaking point
Joe Biden says he never meant to make women feel uncomfortable
Greg Knapp filling in
Head of CBP says there is a crisis at border
Trump now taking on repeal of Obamacare
All charges dropped against Jessie Smollett
Summary of Mueller investigation released
Mueller report delivered to Attorney General
New Zealand to ban assault rifles and military style weapons
Trump feuds with George Conway
Elizabeth Warren CNN Townhall
Opposition trying to blame Trump for New Zealand mosque shooting
49 dead in mass shooting at New Zealand mosque
Senate votes to block Trump's National Emergency Declaration
50 people charged in college admission cheating scandal
Major college cheating scandal uncovered
Why are the young flocking to socialism?
Monica Matthews filling in
Monica Matthews filling in
Best of Chad Benson
Dems name 81 people in Trump obstruction probe
Trump speaks for 2 hours at CPAC
Free Speech in America
Trump says N. Korea summit went very well
Michael Cohen begins public testimony before Congress
Trump meets with Kim Jong-Un in Vietnam
Greg Knapp filling in
Robert Kraft arrested for soliciting prostitution
Jussie Smollett arrested for hate crime hoax
Jussie Smollett indicted by Grand Jury
Bernie Sanders running for President
Rod Rosenstein reportedly was in talks to use the 25th Amendment against Trump
Trump declares national emergency over border wall
Trump expected to declare National Emergency over a border wall
Trump not committed to signing new federal budget deal
Trump not happy about bipartisan border deal
Negotiations continue to prevent second government shutdown
Jeff Bezos claims blackmail by the National Inquirer
AOC and the Green New Deal
Roger Stone talks about his arrest and his relationship with Trump
Trump to deliver SOTU tonight
Gov. Northram being pressured to resign after year book picture surfaces
Cory Booker announces he is running for President
Pelosi says there will be no money for a border wall
Howard Shultz explains why he is qualified to be President
Roger Stone pleads not guilty to 7 charges in Federal court
Paul Barsky filling in
Deal reached to open government for 3 weeks
SOTU address postponed
Michael Cohen postpones testimony claiming threats from Trum
Senate to vote on 2 bills Thursday to open government
Trump makes proposal to reopen government
New reports claims Trump told Cohen to lie
Government shutdown Day 27
Dave Rubin, host of The Rubin Report, talks about crowd funding censorship
The Politicization of Everything is Ridiculous
Government Shut Down Day 24
The Government Shutdown becomes the longest in US History
Trump visits southern border
Breaking down Trump's address to the nation
Trump addresses the nation about border security.
Trump to deliver prime time address on national security crisis at border
House tries to pass bill to fund government without border wall funding
Nancy Pelosi elected Speaker of the House
Dems plan to end shutdown without border wall funding.
Greg Knapp filling in
Steve Gruber filling in
Steve Gruber Filling in
Government shutdown probable
General Mattis to resign in February.
Trump and prison reform
Flynn sentencing delayed
Texas judge rules Obamacare unconstitutional
Paul Barsky filling in
Parent company of National Enquirer may have violated campaign finance laws
12-12- cb podcast
Trump says he will shut down the government over border wall.
John Kelly to leave WH at end of the year
John Kelly expected to resign
Don Trump Jr. expects to be indicted
State funeral for George HW Bush
Wed to be a national day of mourning for George HW Bush
George HW Bush dies at 94
Cohen plea will not lead to Trump impeachment
Michael Cohen pleads guilty to lying to Congress.
Woman and children the minority in the migrant caravan
Trump threatens to cut subsidies to GM after layoff report
Border agents fire tear gas at migrant caravan.
Monica Matthews filling in
Erik Erickson filling in
Erik Erickson filling in
Judge rules for restoration of Jim Acosta press pass.
17 people sanctioned in death of WaPo journalist in Saudi Arabia
51 dead, 200 missing in California wildfires
CNN sues Trump over revocation of Jim Acosta press pass
Wildfires still raging in California
Democrats really have no message other than they hate Trump
12 killed in California bar shooting.
Mid Term election results
Mid -Term election day
Elections and fear mongering.
October Job numbers better than expected.
Trump gives speech on immigration and the migrant caravan
Chad Benson Halloween Extravaganza!
Trump wants to end birthright citizenship
11 killed in Pittsburgh synagogue shooting
Suspect arrested in bombs mailed to politicians.
Police manhunt for serial bomber going after Trump's targets
Explosive devices sent to the Clintons, Obamas, George Soros and CNN NY HQ.
Trump says he is a nationalist.
Migrant caravan moving towards Mexico and US
Saudi officials admit WaPo journalist was killed.
Trump threatens to cut off aid to countries supporting migrant caravan
Mike Pompeo meets with Saudi officials regarding American Journalist's death
Saudi officials ready to admit WaPo journalist was killed in an interrogation gone wrong
Trump gives interview to 60 Minutes
Turkey claims to have proof WaPo journalist was murdered
Major destruction in Florida following hurricane.
Hurricane Michael hits Florida
Nikki Haley resigns as UN Ambassador
Kavanaugh confirmed to SCOTUS
Kavanaugh confirmation gets sent to Senate for final vote Saturday
FBI completes Kavanaugh investigation
Trump comments on Kavanaugh accuser at rally
John Kasick says we need to stop living in a zero-sum game
Media commentary on Kavanaugh nomination hearings
Judiciary Committee votes to send Kavanaugh nomination to full Senate
Kavanaush and his accuser testify before Senate committee
New Kavanaugh allegations submitted to Senate committee
Brett Kavanuagh gives interview to Fox News regarding allegations
Kavanaugh accuser wants FBI involved in investigation
Kavanaugh accuser negotiating with GOP to testify
Kavanaugh accuser wants to testify, but wants the FBI to investigate first.
Socialism and mid term elections
Accusations of sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh brought as confirmation nears
Hurricane Florence hammers the Carolinas
Trump disputes death numbers in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria
Politics and tribalism.
9/11 memorials.
Obama speaking out against Trump
George Papadopolous sentenced to 14 days for lying to investigators
NYT publishes anonymous op-ed detailing resistance within Trump administration.
Kavanaugh confirmations begins with protests
Greg Knapp filling in.
Greg Knapp filling in
Trump warns policies will be violently overturned if GOP loses in the mid-term elections
Tiger Woods slammed by media for not bashing Trump
John McCain dies from cancer.
The tumultuous relationship between Trump and Sessions
Trump says if he is impeached, the stock market would crash
Michael Cohen pleads guilty and faces jail.
Greg Knapp filling in
Greg Knapp filling in
Greg Knapp filling in
Trump strips Brennen of security clearance
Did Trump use a racial slur in private conversation?
Trump demeans Omarosa in a tweet.
Unite The Right 2 rally held in Washington DC.
The #walkaway movement from the Democratic Party
Trump still negotiating interview terms with Meuller
The Perjury Trap: Trump's lawyers reject interview with Mueller
Alex Jones content removed from more social media platforms
Trump hold Ohio rally, defends his son's actions in Russian meeting.
157,000 jobs added in July
Mueller wants to interview Trump in writing and in person
Manafort trial begins
Jury chosen for first Manafort trial
Greg Knapp filling in.
Greg Knapp filling in.
Left wants Trump out however they can do it.
Leaked conversation between Trump and Cohen
Trump and social media
Trump issues strongly worded tweet to Iran.
Trump derangement syndrome!! Plus Cohen RATS on Trump
Trump does hold Putin responsible for Russian election interference
Trump still under scrutiny for Putin summit.
Trump not well received by media over Putin summit.
Trump holds summit with Putin in Finland
12 Russian officers indicted for US election hacking
Peter Strzok appears before Congress.
Dems believe Kavanaugh is dangerous
Trump announces SCOTUS pick.
Trump to announce pick for SCOTUS today.
Greg Knapp filling.
Greg Knapp filling in
Best of Chad Benson
Fixing NAFTA.
Left thinks Roe V. Wade will be overturned with new SCOTUS appointee
SCOTUS and abortion after Kennedy retirement.
5 dead in shooting at Maryland newspaper
Justice Anthony Kennedy retiring from SCOTUS
SCOTUS upholds Trump travel ban.
Sarah Sanders asked to leave restaurant due to working for Trump
Where to house immigrant children and families caught on the border.
Public debate over illegal immigrant children continues.
Trump to sign Executive Order to not separate families at US border
What should the government do about children of detained border parents?
Trump's zero tolerance policy of illegal immigrants stirring controversy
Paul Manafort to go to jail while awaiting trial
FIFA World Cup starts.
Trump giving Kim Jong-Un real estate advice.
Trump and Kim Jogn-Un sign statement to work toward de-nuclearization of DPRK
Trump to meet one on one with Kim Jong-Un
Best of Chad Benson
Teacher removed for taking bribes for grades
Trump commutes sentence of Alice Johnson
Trump cancels WH visit with Philadelphia Eagles
SCOTUS rules in favor of Colorado baker
Trump summit with North Korea back on
Samantha Bee causes outrage with rude comment about Ivanka Trump
ABC releases statement after canceling Rosanne
Greg Knapp filling in.
Harvey Weinstein formally charged with sex crime, bail set at $10 million.
Trump cancels summit with North Korea.
NFL bans players from kneeling during National Anthem.
Trump wants to know if there was a spy in his organization during the campaign
Starbucks announces open store policy for everyone.
10 people killed in Texas school shooting
Gina Haspel confirmed by Senate as new CIA director
Michigan State University to pay $500 million to victims of Larry Nassar
North Korea could cancel meeting with Trump over US/S. Korea drills
Trump officially moves US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem
Greg Knapp filling in
North Korea releases 3 American prisoners
Iranian Parliment burns American flag in protest of US withdrawal from deal.
Trump to pull out of Iran nuclear deal
Stormy Daniels appears on SNL
Trump says Guiliani is new and just learning the facts.
Where did the funds for Stormy Daniles payout come from?
Men arrested in Starbucks settle suit with the City of Philadelphia
Migrant caravan at US border in San Diego
Israel says there is proof that Iran is hiding a nuclear weapons program
Bill Cosby and the #metoo movement.
Bill Cosby found guilty on 3 counts of sexual assault.
Police say they have captured the Golden State Killer
Trump meets with French President at White House.
Man kills 4 people at Nashville area Waffle House.
National school walkout for gun control.
Limiting the growth of government
More details of Southwest engine failure.
Southwest Airlines flight makes emergency landing after enging failure
James Comey give interview to George Stephanopolous
James Comey to sit down for an interview with ABC prior to book release
James Comey thinks Trump operates like the mafia
Paul Ryan not seeking re-election, will retire in January
Mark Zuckerberg testifying before Congress, but not under oath.
Trump says major decision to be made on Syria in 48 hours after chemical attack
Do you want to be fired over text
National Guard to go to the southern US border
Female shooter goes on rampage at YouTube HQ.
Trump says DACA is dead, blames Democrats
Autopsy report of Stefon Clark
Tensions high at Stefon Clark funeral.
Trump fires Secretary of the VA.
No charges filed in police shooting of Alton Sterling
Gun control marches all over the US
Trump signs spending bill, but didn't want too.
Congress passive massive spending bill.
Suspected Austin bomber blows himself up before being captured.
School shooting in Southern Maryland
Trump wants death penalty for drug dealers.
Casey Bartholomew filling in
Casey Bartholomew filling in.
Greg Knapp filling in.
Greg Knapp filling in.
Greg Knapp filling in.
Greg Knapp filling in.
Trump authorizes new tariff regulations
Justice Department suing California over immigration
Gary Cohn latest to resign WH position
DACA deadline has passed with no action
Trump says trade wars are good
Walmart ending sales of toy "assault-style" guns
Dick's Sporting Goods to stop selling "assault-style" rifles
Trunp says he would have confronted school shooter even without a gun.
Loud calls for gun control in wake of Florida school shooting
Mueller indicts 13 Russian for Information Warfare against the US
More information released about Florida school shooter
Shooting in Florida high school leaves 17 dead.
Congress plans on debating DACA for 3 days
California lawsuit brings into question Aetna's practices across the country.
Haddon Libby,Founder and Managing Partner of Winslow Drake Investment Management
Stock market still volatile since Tuesday drop
Nancy Pelosi filibustering over DACA
Trump threatens government shutdown over immigration deal
Stock market takes a deep dive for the day
House Intelligence Committee releases controversial FBI FISA memo
Paul Ryan says FISA memo is not an indictment of the FBI
SOTU recap
Grammy Awards more about politics than music
Trump insists he did not try to fire Robert Mueller
Trump unveils a DACA path to citizenship
Larry Nassar sentenced to 175 years for sexual abuse of athletes
Government to reopen after Trump signs bill
Senate reaches deal to end government shutdown
Mixed reactions to Trump's first year in office
House may not have enough votes to avert government shutdown
Jeff Flake compares Trump to Stalin in speech on Senate floor.

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