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The Money Pit Home Improvement Radio Show is the nation’s only nationally syndicated he-said/she-said home improvement radio team. This unique combination reaches both a male and female audience and capitalizes on the increasing influence women have when making home improvement decisions.

Host Tom Kraeutler is a nationally known home improvement expert who spent over a decade as a professional home inspector. With experience spanning over 6,000 home inspections, Tom knows both how buildings are put together and more importantly, how they fall apart.

Beyond home improvement, Tom was the on-air Home Editor for MSNBC’s popular Home Page Television Show where he also reported on consumer protection, auto safety, crime prevention, energy efficiency and much more. He appeared for three years as the home improvement expert for CNN’s “Take it Personally,” a prime-time personal finance program, and is frequently featured on CNN.Com, the network’s preeminent internet show.

Co-Host Leslie Segrete is a home improvement expert with an eye for design and the skills to get the job done. She knows what turns a house into a home and has the tips and ideas to make improvements easy and fun. As the on-air talent for TLC’s hit series While You Were Out, Leslie designs, builds and executes projects to please one unsuspecting spouse and millions of her fans every single week.

Before TLC, her wide-ranging professional background included stints as the Art Director for the Rikki Lake Show and the Oxygen Network, as well as roles at Good Morning America and Giorgio Armani. She also enjoys cooking and holds a degree from the French Culinary Institute. Leslie is a seamstress, carpenter, decorator, designer and professional chef all wrapped up in one very energetic package. She’s a true renaissance woman through and through!

The Money Pit provides:

— Easy to understand answers on any home improvement, decorating or repair project.
— Guidance on the right products for each project.
— Consumer protection advice.
— Home safety tips.
— Advice to save time, energy and money in your home.
— Ways to do-it-yourself – or not.Now airing on over 315 affiliates, including WCBS 880 in New York city!

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Are Natural Stone Countertops Worth It? | Removing Wallpaper with Ease | Pet Friendly Flooring | Ep #2174
Roof Check: How to Know if It’s Got to Go | Space Saving Closet Makeovers | Energy Audits That Save Big Bucks | Ep # 2713
30-Minute Home Improvement Hacks | Some Smoke Detectors Won’t Spot Fires | Heating Tips for Renters | Ep #2172
Need to Know Solar Solutions | Décor Secrets for Bigger Spaces | Tips for Winter Tree Trimming | Ep #2171
Itch-Free Insulation | Super Commercial Stoves for Kitchens | How to De-Tox Your Mattress | Ep #2170
Winter Bird Attraction | New Year New Studio Space | Sink Odors | Ep #2169
Beware Falling Icicles | Picking the Right Paint | Easy Furniture Fixes | Ep #2168
4 Home Buying Question | Kitchen Floor Remodel | Holiday Decoration Hacks | Ep #2167
Supercharging Wood Stoves for Max Heat | Cleaning Stone Countertops | Keep Kids Safe from Falling Furniture | Ep #2166
Upcycled Furniture | Renters Insurance | Door Stick Quick Fix | Ep #2165
Green Improvements That Pay Off Big | How to Make Your Fireplaces Deliver More Heat | Best Filters for Dust-Free Indoor Air | Ep #2164
Consumer Reports App Helps Manage Home Like a Pro | 5 Things You Can Make Sparkle with Vinegar | Simple Holiday Home Fixes | Ep #2163
5 Ways to Save on Décor in the New Year | Making Chimneys Safe for Santa | Quick Tips for Cleaning Tile | Ep #2162
Holiday Toy Organization | CO2 Gas Poisoning | Basement Energy Usage | Ep #2161
New Energy Star Program Guarantees Energy Efficiency | Refinishing Bathtubs | Are Extended Warranties Worth It? | Ep #2160
Preventing Frozen Pipe Bursts | Picking Fresh Christmas Tree | High-Tech Storm Windows | Ep #2159
Budget Friendly Heating Tips | Kitchen Backsplashes | 5 Quick Holiday Lighting Tips | Ep #2158
Best Air Filters | Solution for Dirty Dishwashers | Fast Fix for a Jammed Garbage Disposers | Ep #2157
Top Tips for Interior Painting | Smart Thermostat that Save Money | Best Bedroom Décor Tips | Ep #2156
Budget Friendly Kitchen Cabinets | Consumer Reports on Best Snow | Pet Proof Furniture | Ep #2155
Organizing Kid’s Rooms | How to Predict Home Repairs | Creating Cool Game Rooms | Ep #2154
Top Energy Wasters | Buying an Old Home | Silence Noisy Faucets | Ep #2153
Consumer Reports Worst Appliances | Weekend Countertop Makeover | Managing Shower Moisture | Ep #2152
Kitchen Updates in a Weekend | Noisy Plumbing Systems | Bright Ideas for Winter Decor | Ep #2150
Stop Smelly Stink Bugs | Consumer Report on Generators | New Tech in Storm Windows | Ep #2151
Heating Up the Garage | Top DIY Mistakes | Water Heater Maintenance | Ep #2149
DIY Ways to End Drafty Windows | Best Paint Sheens to Hide the Flaws| DIY Counseling for Couples | Ep #2148
Energy Star Homes | Smartest Way to Rake Leaves | Tips to Trouble shoot Ovens | Ep #2147
“As-Is” is No More | Fast Furniture Fixes | Weeding Out Bad Contractors | Ep #2146
Paint Colors that Pay Off | DIY Durable Garage Floors | Calling the Chimney Sweep | Ep #2145
Cool Weather Crops | Curb Appealing Shrubbery | Easy to Install Insulation | Ep #2144
No-Brainer Energy Savers | Repair or Replace Roof? | Heating System Servicing | Perfect Fall Projects | Ep #2143
DIY Gutter Guards | Fast Fix for Laminate Countertops | Fall Wall Covering Ideas | Ep #2142
Leaf Blower Rec’s from Consumer Reports | DIY Mold Removal | Easiest Insulation | Ep #2141
Hidden Remodeling Surprises | Saving with Service Contracts | Easy to Install Terrazzo | Ep #2140
Solution for Cold Showers | Fix for Dirty Dishwasher | Itch-Free Insulation | Avoiding Frozen Sprinklers | Ep #2139
Worth it to Replace Heating? | Top Hidden Home Buying Hazards | Stop Insulation Leaks | Ep #2138
Easy Ways for Renters to Reduce Heating Cost | Quick Fix for Splintery Decks | DIY Driveway Restoration | Ep #2137
4-Season Greenhouse | Bathroom Lighting to Make You Look Good | Crack-Proof Concrete | Ep #2136
Best Replacement Windows | Fun Ideas for Leftover Paint | Pre-Winter To-Do’s | Ep #2135
Best Gutter Guards | New Options for Insulation | Shocking Termite Trouble | Ep #2134
College Rental Red Flags | Hardest to Kill Houseplants | DIY Drywall Repair| EP #2133
Are Replacement Windows Worth it | Pro Painting Tips | At-Home Office Organization | EP #2132
Pet Friendly Floors | DIY Exterior Painting Tips | Easiest Way to Budget for Home Maintenance | Ep # 2131
Stopping Shower Shock: How to End Cold Water Blasts! | Garage Dangers You Didn’t See Coming | DIY Driveway Resurfacing Tips | Episode #2130
Instagram Worthy Kitchen Cabinet Painting | Glamping Getaways | Avoiding Laundry Room Disaster | Episode #2129
DIY Adirondack Chairs | Picking the Right Primer | High Tech Paint Sprayers | Episode #2128
Post Pandemic Home Buyer Demands | No Mess Tip for Tile Installation | Best Pet-Proof Flooring | Episode #2127
Garage Doors that Pay for Themselves | DIY Fence Tips | Easy Fix for Leaking Ducts | Ep #2126
Consumer Reports Top Toilets for ’21 | Best Options to Buy for New Homes | Restoring Worn Bathtub Finishes | Ep #2125
Finding Hidden Storage Space | Clear Dirty House Air | Avoiding Deck Disasters | Ep #2124
Stop These Drowning Dangers for Kids | Be Great at Garage Sales | You Q & A on Kitchens, Laundry Rooms, Baths & More | EP #2123
5 Budget Friendly Décor Do-Overs | Best & Worst Markets for 1st Time Homebuyers | Transparent Window Screens | Episode #2122
Pool Buying Pitfalls to Avoid | What You Must Know Before Buying Lumber | Disasters NOT Covered by Home Insurance | Ep #2122
Keep Lawns Healthy in Extreme Heat | Fast Fix for Clogged Drains| Herbs with Healing Power | Grill Cleaning Secrets | Episode #2120
Cheap Kitchen Makeovers | Paver Brick Patio Makeovers | Getting Rid of Ticks | Ep #2119
Best Deck Ceilings | How to Get Rid of Ivy | Foundation Cracks: Major or Minor? | Ep #2118
Affordable Kitchen Countertops | Keep Mosquitos Away | 10 Terrible Décor Choices | Millennials Blowing Their Reno Budgets | Ep #2117
Green Home Upgrades that Add Value | Tile Backsplashes You Can DIY | Does Solar Really Save Money? | Ep #2116
Air Conditioning Trick Delivers Instant Savings | Top DIY Painting Mistakes | Stopping Summer Allergies | Ep #2115
Stopping a Deck Collapse | Summer Pet Safety | Utility Incentives that Cut Energy Costs | Ep #2114
Revamping Kitchen Layouts | Creating Hummingbird Hangouts | DIY Fence Fix-Ups | EP #2113
Stump Removal Made Easy | Perfect Paint Colors for Exterior Projects | Cooling Tips for Renters | EP #2112
Sneaky Spots to Store Keys | Popular Pandemic Projects | Filing Insurance Claims for Storm Damage | Best Outdoor Appliances| EP #2111
Best Budget Kitchen Cabinets| DIY Backyard Water Features | Time Saving Tips for Paint Projects | EP#2110
Backyard Deck Blunders | Bathroom Reno Design Tips| Electric Panel Updates | Enchanted Gardens| EP #2109
Mosquitoes Be Gone | Stone Counter Pros and Cons | Preventing Tip-Over Accidents | EP # 2018
Get Roof Ready for Summer Storms | Smart Ways to Hire Pros | Stopping Shower Leaks | Cut Big Cooling Bills | Ep# 2107
DIY Fire Pits | Fast Patio Facelifts | Floors that Make Rooms Look Big | Ep #2106
Make Your Home Break-in Proof | Fixing Uneven Floors | Stop Shower Leaks for Good | EP# 2105
DIY Arbors and Pergolas | Restoring Rotting Wood | Water Saving Tips EP# 2104
Building Spool Pools | Spring Pruning Secrets | Waterproofing Showers | Flooring Over Concrete | Ep # 2103
Easy Deck Do-Overs | Outdoor Cooking Innovations | Butterfly Gardens | Ep #2102
DIY Outdoor Kitchen | LL Flooring Steps Up Pro Services | Eco-Friendly Paint Stripping | Ep# 2101
DIY Fire Pits | Stopping Gutter Clogs | Fastest Way to Paint a Fence | Ep# 2100
How to Plant a Pizza Garden | Warm Bathroom Floors | Distressed Durable Hardwood Floors | Ep #2099
4 Easy Projects to Boost Curb Appeal | Easiest Fix for Rot |Finding Hidden Storm Damage | Ep #2098
Spring Cleaning Made Easy | Easy Fix for Rotted Wood | Best Garage Doors | Get Rid of Gnats (Ep #2097)
Small Space Gardening | Weed Free Lawns | Leak Proof Showers (Ep #2096)
Spring Cleaning Garage | Building a DIY Deck | Make Wall Cracks Disappear (Ep #2095)
Outdoor Home Office | Rainwater Collection for Gardens | Selling Your Home in Spring (Ep 2094)
Earth Day Ideas for Saving Money | Pro Painting Secrets | Hardwood Flooring Innovations | Your Q & A (Ep #2093)
Planting Spring Bulbs | Labor Saving Tips for Laundry Rooms | Easy Repairs for Rotted Wood | Your Q & A (Ep #2092)
Episode #2091: Building a Raised Garden Bed | Home Energy Audits | Avoiding Home Buying Remorse | Your Q & A
Episode #2090: Save Time Cutting Grass | Tips for Paint & Primer | Home Office Renos | Your Q & A
Episode #2089: Buying a Rental Home | Tips for Terrazzo Floors | Garage Door Do-Overs | Your Q & A
Episode #2088: Keeping Wildlife Out of Your Garden | Big Ideas for Small Baths | Stopping Closet Clutter | Your Q & A
Episode #2087: Easy Clean Garage Floors | Fun Closet Cleaning Hacks | Trends in Kitchen Design | Reupholstering Furniture
Episode # 2086: 4 Beautiful Bath Upgrades Under $200 | DIY Mold Cleanups | Avoid Losing Security Deposits | Soundproofing Between Floors
Episode #2085: Small Kitchen Solutions | Restoring Outdoor Furniture | Eco-Friendly Flooring | Paver Patios
Episode #2084: Best Ways to Build a Shed | Granite Countertops |Avoiding Termite Trouble | Fast Fixes for Cracked Walls
Episode #2083: Driveway Do-overs | Easy Deck Restoration | Spring Cleaning Hacks | Space Heating Solutions
Episode #2082: Best Battery System for Power Tools | Creating Backyard Privacy | Preventing Mice from Damaging Plumbing | Surge Protection
Episode #2081: Best Features in New Washers | ShopVac Relaunches Iconic Brand | Fun Projects You Can Do with a Tax Refund | Your Q & A
Episode #2080: Stopping Noisy Plumbing | Fast Fix for Loose Wallpaper | Solutions for Smelly Water | Your Q & A
Episode #2079: Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting | Automatic Pet Doors | Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Your Q & A
Episode #2078: Quick Ideas for Curb Appeal | Top Home Repair Mistakes | Cleanups for Driveways & Walks | Your Q & A
Episode #2077: Paint Colors that say Wow | Top 5 Projects for ROI | Easy Fix for Noisy Radiators | Best Floors for Damp Places
Episode #2076: Kitchen Spruce Ups for Renters | Secret Code for Best Air Filters | Power Plan for Black Outs | Your Q & A
Episode # 2075: Farmhouse Décor Secrets | Removing Popcorn Ceilings | Baby Proofing | Basement Bedroom Renos
Episode #2074: Energy Star Dryers Really Save Money? | Best Hack for Clean Windows | Choosing Comfy Sheets | Your Q & A
Episode #2073 Bright Ideas for Kitchen Lighting | Recipes for Natural Cleaners | Easy-to-Avoid Winter Hazards | Your Q&A
Episode #2072: Most Durable Hardwood Floors | Fixing Hard to Find Tile | Winter Wood Stove Safety | Hart Tool Giveaway!
Official Trailer: The Money Pit Home Improvement Podcast
Episode #2071: Décor Trends for 2021 | Attracting Winter Birds | Design Tips for Couples | Your Q & A
Episode #2070: Toasty & Warm In-Floor Heating | Cleaning Tile Grout | Insurance Tips for Renters | Your Q & A
Episode #2069: 30 Fix-ups You Can Do in 30 Minutes | Toughest Tile for Floors | Avoiding Chemical Compounds | Your Q & A
Episode #2068: Window Replacement: Is it Worth it? | Hanging Heavy Pictures | Easy Fix for Oven Temps | Your Q & A
Episode # 2067: 2021 Color of the Year Sooths Spirits | Garage Organization | Recipe to End Slippery Sidewalks | Your Q & A
Episode #2066: Bright Laundry Room Renos | Filters for the Freshest Water | How to Lower Insurance Costs | Your Q&A
Episode #2065: This Kitchen Lighting Makes Better Cooks | Best Way to Clean Indoor Air | Home Improvement Hacks | Your Q & A
Episode #2064: Two Ways to Get Warm Floors | DIY Pick-Me-Ups for Winter | Best Firewood | Projects for the New Year | Your Q & A
Episode #2063: How to Winterize Your Garage | How to Make Insurance Companies Pay for Winter Damage | Tips for Counter Cleaning | Your Q & A
Episode #2062: Smart Water Heaters | Stopping Ice Dams | Easy Winter Hacks for Snow and Ice | Your Q & A
Episode #2061: Best Filters for Clean Air | Smart Home Products That Protect | New Flood-Proof Water Heaters | Your Q&A
Episode #2060: Top 5 DIY Pandemic Projects | Sound-Proofing | Best Veggies that Grow Indoors | Your Q&A
Episode #2059: 5 Ways to Save on Home Décor | Smart Smoke Detectors | Do’s & Don’ts for Using Disinfectants
Episode #2058: How to Pick the Best Firewood | When to Upgrade Your Furnace | Fun Advances in Artificial Trees | Your Q & A
Episode #2057: Attic Renos | Green Improvements That Sell Homes Faster | Icicles and Ice Dams | Your Q & A
Episode #2056: Best Budget for Home Upkeep | Buying a Home With a Partner | Secrets to Tool Organization | Your Q & A
Episode #2055: Smart Flooring Choices for Fall | How to Floor Your Attic | Disinfectants That Kill COVID-19 | Your Q & A
Episode #2054: How to End Wall & Ceiling Cracks | Best Snow Blowers | Cutting Electric Bills Down to Size | Your Q&A
Episode #2053: Easy Fixes for Holiday Lights | Simple Fun Weekend-Sized Projects | How to Secure Home Before Holiday Travel
Episode #2052: Keys to a Perfect Paint Project | Easy Fix for Stuck Garbage Disposals | Odor Free Solution for Stink Bugs
Episode #2051: EVP Floors | Safer Cleaners | Updating a Mattress | Cleaning Fireplace Screens | Your Q & A
Episode #2050: Easy Leaf Composting | Roof Repair or Replace | Dirty Dish Do-overs | Your Q & A
Episode #2049: Making Leftovers Last | Better Tool Organization | Refinishing Hardwood Floors | Most Efficient Heating
Episode #2048: Germ Free Faucets | Avoiding Frozen Pipe Bursts | Best Garage Heaters | Painting Kitchen Cabinets
Episode # 2047: No Stress Closet Organization | Shocking Gutter Guard Pricing Scams | Planting Flower Bulbs | Your Q & A
Episode #2046: Fall Pro Painting Tips | Adding Security Lighting | Top Fall Hazards at Home | Stopping Mold
Episode # 2045: Easiest House Plants | Keeping Septic Systems Flowing | Winterizing Sprinkler Systems | Decorating Entryways
Episode # 2044: Options for Garage Heating | Attractive Accessible Design | Ways to Stop Window Drafts
Episode #2043: Never Wait for Hot Water Again | Disposing Hazardous Trash | Getting Your Lawn Ready For Winter
Episode #2042: Easy Leaf Cleanup | Beautiful Bath Sweepstakes | Avoiding Chimney Cleaning Rip-offs | Your Questions
Episode #2041: Easy 1-Weekend Projects | Hassle Free Yard Cleanup | Colorful Wall Coverings | Best Flooring by Room
Episode #2040: Deer-Proof Landscapes | Draft-Stopping Window Shades | Hacks to Stop Wall Cracks
Episode #2039: Best Paint Colors for Home Value | Bright Choices for Bath Lighting Avoiding Hidden Costs for Home Remodels
Episode #2038: Switching to Fall Vegetable Gardens | Simple Energy Saving Solutions | Best Water Filters | Garage Organization for Fall
Episode #2037: Small Bath Solutions that Add Space | Kitchens that Cut Cleaning Time | Safer Space Heaters | Tips for First Time Renters
Episode #2036: Fun Fall Flooring Ideas | Secret to Finding Replacement Tiles | Storing Screens | Make Leftover Paint Last
Episode #2035: Non-Toxic DIY Lawn Care | Getting Driveways Ready for Winter | Preventing Cool Weather Allergies
Episode #2034: Garage Organization | Winter-Ready Fireplace | Best Replacement Furnaces
Episode #2033: Best Kitchen Lighting | Are Foreclosed Homes Worth Buying? | Insulation that Saves the Most Energy
Episode #2032: Planning a Perfect kitchen Makeover | Easy Fix for Concrete Cracks | Smoke Free Stove Hood Tune-Ups
Episode #2031: Easy Fix for Squeaky Floors | How to Know if Your Water is Safe | Best Floors for Bathrooms
Episode #2030: DIY or Go Pro? How to Know|Top Home Improvement Myths| This Insulation Checkup Saves Money
Episode #2029: How to Add Attic Flooring | Easy Way to Get Rid of Tree Stumps | New Service Provides Expert Help for DIYrs
Episode #2028: Low-Cost Kitchen Makeovers | DIY Ways to Resurface Concrete | Getting Gutters Ready for Fall
Episode #2027: Maintaining a Lush Green Lawn | Low Cost Ways to Keep Cool | Open Concept Living
Episode #2026: Garage Floor Do-overs | Make Your Own Outdoor Movie Screen | End of Summer Fix Ups | DIY House Painting
Episode #2025: Preserving Garden Veggies for Winter | How to Build-in a Grill | Easy End-of-Summer Fix-ups | Simple Way to Stop Slippery Sidewalks
Episode #2024: Pet Proof Décor | How to Add Pendant Lights | Stop Bathtub Caulk from Getting Gross!
Episode #2023: Fun Ways to Use Leftover Paint | 3 Ways to Stop Summer Break-ins | Save Money on Stone Countertops | Laundry Hazards that Hurt Kids
Episode #2022: Bath Updates Under $100 | Attic Remodeling | Mudroom Makeovers | Fix for Shaky Washers
Episode #2021: Home Inspections for Sellers | Refinishing Wood Floors | Improvements Earn Insurance Discounts | Finding Antique Hardware
Episode #2020: Spool Pool Solution for Small Yards | Best Storm Shutters | Top Painting Mistake | Cleaning Composite Decks
Episode #2019: Kids Home Alone? How to Handle Home Emergencies | Digital Tools for Home Projects | Simple Summer Electrical Updates | Hiring an Interior Designer
Episode #2018: Keeping Lawns Healthy in Summer | Solar Pool Solutions | How to Select Tile | Hacks for Ceiling Fans in Summer
Episode #2017: Building Amazing Sheds | Summer Projects for Kids | Easy Grill Cleaning | Stopping Storm Damage
Episode #2016: DIY or Go Pro? | Defeating Deer Damage | Easy to Install Motion Activated Lights | Easy Solutions for Hard Water
Episode #2015: Summer Energy Savings | Easy Green Remodeling | DIY Upholstered Headboard
Episode #2014: Lux Options for Small Patios | Low to No Cost Improvements to Lower Cooling Costs | Simple Home Security
Episode # 2013: Kitchen Renos Under $1,000 | Apartment Décor | Hands Free Ways to Save Water | Plus Your Questions
Episode #2012: Porch Popularity Surges | Keeping Lawns Healthy During Drought | Solution for Stinky Dishwashers | How to Find & Fix Roof Leaks
Episode # 2011: Tips for Tackling Multiple Projects | Energy Saving Windows | Uses for Leftover Paint
Episode #2010: Building Raised Garden Walls | Free-Up Sticking Doors | How to Finish Your Front Door | Upcycling Reno Leftovers
Episode #2009: Selling a Home During COVID-19 | Lawn and Garden How-to’s | Stopping Basement Floods | Kitchen Backsplashes with Tile
Episode #2008: Renting Tips for First Timers | Picking the Perfect Garden Shovel | ZERO Maintenance Building Materials | Quick Fixes for Concrete Cracks
Episode #2007: Preventing Summer Blackouts | DIY Stone Finishes for Worn Kitchen Countertops | Keep Kids Safe Around Electrical Outlets | Creating Beautiful Outdoor Rooms
Episode #2006: How-to Set Up Your Pool for Safety | DIY Tips for New Blinds | Easy Projects to Increase Home Value
Episode #2005: Most Violated Building Codes | Easy Fix for Cracked Walks | Spool Pools
Episode #2004: Right-Sized AC | Solutions for Smelly Water | How to Fly the Flag
Episode #2003 Best Backyard Deck Designs | Solving House Noises | Eco-Furniture from Reclaimed Lumber
Episode #2002: Build Your Own Fire Pit | Planting a Pollinator Garden | AC Tune Ups | Healthy Lawns in Hot Summers
Episode #2001: Easy Garage Organization | How to Hang Pictures Without Holes | 5 Questions to Ask a Contractor Post COVID-19 | Avoiding Home Repair Re-dos
Episode #2000: 30 Minute Home Improvement Hacks | Best Doggy Doors | Kid Safe Window Treatments | Your Questions
Episode #1999: Painting Plastic Playgrounds | Quick Fixes for Home Repairs | Cordless Chainsaw Reviews
Episode #1998: How to Grow Herbal Medicines | Buzz on Backyard Honeybee Hives | Resurfacing Worn/Pitted Concrete
Episode #1997: Why Quarantines Make Allergies Worse | Easy to Build Fire Pits | Tricks for Cleaning Shades
Episode #1996: How to Pick the Perfect Landscape Plants | Best Paint Sprayers | Fixing Plaster Cracks | Your Questions
Episode #1995: Small Space Veggie Gardening | End Dirty Dish Do-Overs | DIY Kits to Grow Lawns | How to Stop Dogs from Digging
Episode # 1994: Cooking Up Outdoor Kitchens | Spring Cleaning for Decks & Patios | Weekend Mailbox Makeovers
Episode #1993: New Spring Flooring Trends | Window Coverings Without Leaving Home | Natural Pest Control Solutions
Episode # 1992: Creating Kid Friendly Gardens | Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floors | Painting Hacks to Save Time & Brushes
Episode #1991: Spring Cleaning for Outdoor Furniture | Best Cleaning Tips for Wood Floors | High-Tech Paint that Wipes Clean
Episode #1990: Building a Garden Wall | Tips for Game Rooms | Cordless String Trimmers
Episode #1989: Deep Clean Tips for Washers | The Easy Way to Mow Lawns | EPA Bans Freon – How to Stay Cool
Episode #1988: DIY Pizza Gardens | Key Ingredient for a Healthy Home | Upcycling Redos
Episode #1987: DIY Landscape Plans for Instant Curb Appeal | How to Choose a Disinfectant that Works | Great Garage Storage Ideas
Episode #1986: Tiling Tips for Truly Waterproof Bath Walls | How to Fix a Sucky Vacuum | Best Smoke Detector for Families with Kids
Episode #1985: Pet-Friendly Back Yards | DIY Greenhouses | How to Plan the Perfect Deck | Easy Grout Cleaning
Episode #1984: Spring into Cleaning with Streak Free Windows | How to Hire a Contractor | When to Replace Your Electric Panel
Need-to-Know Advice for Buying Renters’ Insurance, Last-Minute Touches for Your Holiday Party, and DIY Tips for Watching Your Home When You’re Gone
Episode #1983: Keeping Kids Safe Outside | Earth-Friendly Disinfectants You Mix Yourself | Stopping Sun Damage
Episode #1982: 5-Step Deck Safety Check | Easy Spring Energy Savers | Preventing Basement Floods | Crack Repair 101
Episode #1981: 'Check Engine' Lights for Homes | Cordless Lawn Tools | Easy Screen Cleaning
Episode # 1980: DIY Mold Clean Ups | How to Kill Viruses at Home | Best Mulch for Your Spring Plants
Episode #1979: DIY Deck Projects | Decorating Long Rooms | Solutions for Small Electric Panels
Episode #1978: Decorating Kids Rooms | Fix for Soggy Yards | Best Way to Add Basement Floor
Episode # 1977: Eco-Friendly Floors | Fixing Wall & Ceiling Cracks | Cordless Lawn Tools
Episode #1976: Hardwood Access Walls | Tips to Keep Circuit Breakers from Blowing | How to Know Your House Age
Episode # 1975: Easy Kitchen Countertop Updates | Biggest Mistake in Bedroom Remodeling | New Phone Booths Offer Privacy & Comfort
Episode #1974: Worst Home Décor Choices Ever | Step Up to a New Deck | Best New Floors for Spring
Episode #1973: Garage Door Makeovers | Heated Driveways | Luxury Toilet Seats Under $200
Episode # 1972: 7 Home Remodeling Projects Under $1,000 | Quick Fix for Cracked Walls | Money Saving Heating Tips for Renters
Episode #1971: Easy Furniture Fixes | Bathtub Refinish or Replace | Best Bed Sheets for Comfort and Cost
Episode #1970: Kitchen Lighting Tips | Best Generators | 30 Minute Home Improvements
Episode #1969: High-Tech New Home Products for 2020 | Best Insulation to Cut Heating Bills | Fun Kitchen Backsplashes You Can DIY in a Weekend
Episode #1968: Cordless Lawn Mower Review | Tips for Stylish & Safe Stairs | Snow-Free Driveways & Walks
Episode #1967: Creative Kitchen Islands | Roof Color Trends | Easy Fix for Dusty House | Building a Driveway Marker
Episode # 1966: Pro Painting Secrets | Easy Ways to Downsize | Water Savings Made Easy
Episode #1965: Window Tips for Brighter Kitchens | Stopping Cable Clutter | Preventing Winter Emergencies
Episode #1964: Quick Closet Organization | Least Expensive Electric Heat | Fire Safety Solutions
Episode #1963: How to Budget for Home Projects | Low Cost Granite Countertops | Repurposing Old Furniture
Episode #1962: Best Ways to Insulate | Fix vs Replace Busted Appliances | Lighting to Beat Winter Blues
Episode #1961: Smart Space Heaters | Faux Stainless Steel | How to Grow Winter Veggies at Home
Episode #1960: Stop Roof Leaks | Fix for Ice Dams | Attracting Winter Birds | Creating Hobby Space
Episode #1959: Doggy Doors | Recipe for Sidewalk Salt that Won’t Destroy Concrete | $20 Solution to Increase Hot Water
Episode #1958: Low Cost to No Cost Remodels | Keeping Projects on Track | Best Way to Divide a Room
Episode #1957: Best Garage Heaters | Fix for Doors that Stick | Tips for Upcycling Furniture
Episode #1956: How to Avoid a Dusty House | Renters Insurance that Protects | Preventing Household Poisoning
Episode #1955: How to Add Vintage Charm | Best Attic Insulation | Is Design Build Better?
Episode #1954: Creating a DIY Home Theater | Avoiding Christmas Tree Bugs | Wallpaper Renaissance
Episode #1953: Holiday Décor for Doors | Handiest Tools | Fixing Steps and Railings
Episode #1952: DIY Disasters | Hanging Heavy Pictures | Winter Ready Checklist
Fix for Stuck Disposers | Smart Smoke Detectors that Talk | Picking Perfect Holiday Trees
How to Hire a Handyman | Electrical Mystery Solved | Tips to Buy Snow Blowers
Window Inserts that Stop Drafts | How-to Save on Carpet | Quick Crack Repairs
Prevent Frozen Pipe Breaks | Space Saving Bathrooms | Removing Wallpaper
Stop Chimney Fires | How-to Buy the Perfect Mattress | Thanksgiving Table Décor
Best Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors | Direct Vent Fireplaces | Hardiest House Plants for Winter
Simple Home Staging | Green Cleaners | Kitchen Fire Safety
Garage Door Do-Overs | Basement Fix-ups | Solutions for Stink Bugs
Drop Ceilings Deliver a Dramatic New Look
High-Tech Faucets That Help Keep Your Home Germ-Free
How to Hire Pro Surveyors
Fence Building Tips to Step Up Curb Appeal
Keeping Kids Safe Online
Perfect Fall Outdoor Projects
Now's a Good Time To Repair your Driveway
Are heating costs sending a chill down your spine
Preventing Heating Snafus
Fall is Fire Season: Here’s How to Stay Safe
Home Improvement You Must Do Right Now
Fast Free Energy Saving Tips
Smart Heating Tune-Ups for Seasonal Savings
Big Tips for Small Baths
Money Saving Painting Tips for Fall
Simple Hurricane Survival Tips
Best Fall Flooring Choices for Your Home
How to Mold-Proof and Clean Outdoor Furniture
Fast Fixes to Step Up Home Value
Smart Ideas for Saving Money with Smart Homes
Easy End of Summer Projects
3 Ways to Extend the Outdoor Living into Fall
Budget Bathroom Remodels
Break Stuck Windows Free without Breaking Windows!
How to Prevent Pet Damage to Your Lawn
How to Make Dirty Grout Disappear
Secrets to Summer Lawn Care
Staying Safe from Summer Ticks
How to Hire a Great Designer
Summer Storm Safety
Easy Lighting Updates for Kitchens
Low-Water Lawns that Survive Drought
Cool Solutions for Sizzling Summers
How to Get Rid of Bees and Wasps with Getting Stung!
Homemade Tick Repellants to Keep Kids Safe
Kid’s Home Alone? What They Need to Know First
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Grill Secrets to Step up the Sizzle
How to Avoid Summertime Electrical Dangers
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Don’t Let Furnishings Fade Away
Money Saving Tips for Thirsty Lawns
Stop Summer Electricity Fails and Keep the AC Flowing
Stopping Summer Power Outages
Living Big in Small Spaces
Cooking up a New Kitchen for Inside and Out
Great Garden Ideas for Early Summer Planting
Make sure your home stays safe and secure
How to Contract with a Contractor
Water Quality How-To’s, Natural Pools and Keeping Wildlife out of Gardens
The Money Pit Broadcasts from the Top Products Pavilion at the 2019 National Hardware Show
The Money Pit Broadcasts from the 2019 National Hardware Show
Water Saving Solutions in Time for Summer
Toughest Easy-Clean Kitchen Countertops & More
5 Fast Ways to Add Instant Curb Appeal & More
How Save Money Moving & More
Earth-Friendly Home Improvement Ideas
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Fastest Way to Get Bright Spring Blooms
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Porches Become Popular Again
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Affordable Apartment Décor
Super-Efficient Heating and Cooling
Downsizing for Empty Nesters
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Secret Sauce for Laundry Room Remodels
Getting the Perfect “Light-Scape” for Your Home
Mixed Metal Design Trends for Kitchens
Tile Trends from Gritty to Chic
Least Expensive Way to Heat a House
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Silencing Noisy Houses
NASCAR Legend Jeff Gordon Talks About His Home Improvements, Keeping Termites Away, Choosing the Right Vacuum and more
How to Stop House Fires for Good
Take a Shock Out of Electricity Bills
Big Storage Tips for Small Space
Is Your Mattress Making Your Sick
Feed Your Creative Spirit: Tips to Find Hidden Studio Space
How to Stop Ice Dam Damage Cold
Protect Pets from Frigid Temps
DIY Solar Systems that Save
How to Get Ready for Any Storm
New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home
How to Save Money Heating Your Apartment
Protecting Kids from Identity Theft
Apps to Help with Quick Holiday Decluttering Tips
Space Heater Solutions for Safety & Efficiency
How NOT to Do-it-Yourself
Home Repairs for New Homeowners
How to Burglar Proof Your Home for the Holidays
3 Smart Heating Solutions
Amazing Holiday Parties on a Shoestring
Repair or Replace? How to Know if Your Roof Needs to Go
How to Hide Cords & Wires, and Your Calls
Weakest Link in Home Security & Your Calls
Picking out The Perfect Paint Brush & More
Easy Ways to Stop Tub & Shower Leaks, and More
Avoiding Poison Paint Strippers
DIY Tips to Clean Mold
How to Hunt Down Drafts
4 Things to Know Before Building a Shed
Live from This Old NET-ZERO House – Part 1
Fall Design Trends
Live from This Old NET-ZERO House – Part 2
How to Dry Up Damp Spaces
Easy Tricks for Picking Paint Colors
Home Décor for Homework Spaces
How to Stop Drafts Cold!
Kid Proof Floors & More
How to be Storm-Ready for the Storm-Season
Best Options for Good Gutters
Solutions for Squeaky Floors
Laundry Room Remodels
Décor Planning for a Kid’s Room
Do-Overs: Solutions for Potholes, Cracks and Stains
Smart Smoke Detectors Save Lives and Play Music!
Affordable Hardwood Flooring
Garage Door Do Overs
Turning Summer Gardens into Fall Vegetables
How to Plan the Perfect Addition
Make Room for Mom, Boomerang Kids & More with Multi-Generational Housing
Eco-Friendly Features to Shop For in a New House
Tasty Tips for the Buying the Best Gas Grills
Garage Sales: Tips for Fun and Profit
Home Security for Summer Travelers
Smart Drowning Prevention Tips for Kids & Pools
Water-Saving Showerheads, Faucets & Toilets that Really Work
Preparing to Sell Your Home
How to Find and Fix Leaks Fast
How to Stop Summer Storm Damage
Best Screens to Keep Biting Bugs at Bay
How to Mosquito-Proof Your Yard
How to Avoid Painting Disasters
Stop Shocking Electricity Bills
How to Read a Lease Before You Sign!
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DIY Tips for Discovering Uncomfortable Drafts #0911872
DIY or Get a Guy? How to Know When You’re in Over Your Head - #0911171
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Live from New England Part 1
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Make Drafts Disappear #1003162 -
Gutter Cleaning Made Easy #1003161
Energy Saving Tips for Renters, Lighting for Improved Sleep and Home Improvement Projects for Kids
Tax Credit for Home Improvements, Best ROI for Green Upgrades and Fireplace Safety Redo
Easy Vacuum Repairs, High Tech Lighting that Improves Sleep and Avoiding Accidental Poisonings
Most Valuable Home Improvements, Heat Pumps that Save Energy and Water Saving Tips for Bathrooms
Easy Improvements in 30 Minutes or Less, Cutting Down on House Dust and Allergens and How to Plan a New Kitchen
How to Clean Outdoor Furniture, Finishing an Attic and Avoiding Ladder Injury
Tips for Painting Ceramic Tile, Apps that Help in Disasters and Tips to Keep Mold Away
Homework Spaces for Kids, Preventing Concrete Cracks and Avoiding Hail Damage
Lowering Electricity Costs, Garage Door Improvements and Dorm Room Decor
How to Extend the Summer Outdoor Living Season, Advice for Planting Sod and the All Natural Way to Unclog Drains
Sod Secrets to a Beautiful Lawn, Fixing Rooms that Won’t Heat or Cool and DIY Energy Audits
How Much Insulation is Best, Do Energy Efficient Washers and Dryers Save Money and How to Flood Proof Your Home
No Cost to Low Cost ways to Keep Cool, Saving Heat Damaged Lawns and Tips to Stop Mold from Growing in Your Home
Best Way to Clean Screens, Easy to Build Masonry Projects and How to Create a College Toolbox
Stop Deer From Damaging Your Landscape, How to Install Motion Detector Lights and Tips for Picking the Best Grill
Avoiding Summer Storm Damage, Using Reclaimed Wood for Projects and Building Solid Deck Footings
Tips to Avoid Ticks, Refinishing Hardwood Floors and Staying Cool Through the Dog Days of Summer
Keep a Green Lawn through Hot Summers, Home Inspection Tips and Low Cost Ways to Stay Cool
How to Host a Garage Sale, Tips to Build the Perfect Patio, and How to Silence Noisy Air Conditioners
Stepping up to a Stylish Garage Door, Picking the Best Concrete Mix for Posts, Patios and Steps, and Bleach-free ways to Kill Mold
Home Safety for Kids, Handy Tool for Electrical Repairs and Preventing Injuries in the Yard
Preventing Burglars from Ruining Your Vacation, Home Inspection Tips for Buyers and Sellers and Easy A/C Install Tips to Keep Cool in Summer
Best Apps for Home Improvement Projects, Clean Up Tips for Big Renovations and How to Add Wainscoting
The Return of Porch Life, Best Mosquito Trap and Tips to Make Window Air Conditioners More Efficient
Summer Storm Repair Tips, Picking the Perfect Gardening Tools and 3 Free Ways to Cut Cooling Costs
Sleek Kitchen Designs, Easy Ways to Refinish Furniture and How to Test Your A/C System
How to Size a Room Air Conditioner, Tamper Resistant Outlets and Ways to Go Green with Grilling
How to Size a Room Air Conditioner, Tamper Resistant Outlets and Ways to Go Green with Grilling
Keep Home Furnishings from From Fading in the Sun, Fixing Smelly Water and Tips to Get Your Grill Ready, and more
Drought –Resistant Lawns, Quietest A/C in America, Tips for Basement Remodeling and more
How to Cut Pool Heating Costs, How to Build a Pollinator Garden and Tips to Prevent Slippery Sidewalks
How to Stage Your Home for a Fast Sale, Tips on the Next Generation of Smart Home Products and Ideas for Kitchen Counter Makeovers
Dress Up a Boring Garage Door, Install a Pet Door to Make Life Easier and Tips to Remove Mold and Mildew From Your Home
Top Gift Ideas for Father’s Day, Picking the Perfect Mattress and Keeping Dangerous Radon Gas Away
Stain Tips for Decks and Fences, The Buzz on Backyard Bee Hives and Tips for Screening Porches and Patios
Finding Hidden Storage Spaces, Fresh Filtered Water from Your Fridge and How to Stop Mold, Mildew, Algae and Moss
How To Protect Your Home from Storm Damage, Tips on Trouble Free Plants and How to Contract with Your Contractor
Building Blocks for Backyard Projects, Ideas for Easy Appliance Cleaning and How to Spot Termites Before they Dine on Your House
Fixing Stuck Windows, Replacing Your Fence and Tips on Choosing Colors
Bath Updates to Cut Water Costs, Getting Grills Ready for Summer, Best Home Improvement Projects for House Value and More
Keep Home Furnishings from From Fading in the Sun, Fixing Smelly Water and Tips to Get Your Grill Ready, and more
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Fixing Flooded Yards, Easy Cleaning Tips, Adding Outdoor Lighting
How-to Get the Look of Wood without the Maintenance, Tips for Building Fences and How to know if a Home is Worth Fixing
Tiny Home Revolution Goes DIY, Stone Walls That Stand and Tips to Keep Your Home Water Tight Through Spring Storms
Spring Cleaning Hacks, Tips to Make Soggy Yards Disappear and How to determine if a home is Green
Insuring Your Contractor, Designer Deck Ideas, Ventilation for New Homes and more
Patio Design and Installation Tips, Cottage Style Painting Techniques, What to Look for in an AC Checkup and more
How to Keep Wildlife Out of Your Yard, Tips on How Much Mulch to Use, Advice for Storing Flammable Liquids and more
Spring Cleaning Things that Never Get Cleaned, Using Kitchen Items as Organizing Tools and more
How to Trouble Shoot Your Vacuum Cleaner, What You Can Do to Avoid Shower Shock, When is it Time to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel and more
Why You Need a Soil Test, Tips on Apartment Gardening, Advice to Avoid Accidental Poisoning and more
Smart Tips for Saving Electricity, Spring Cleaning in the Garage, Five Signs that Signal a Deck Collapse and more
DIY Pendant Lighting, Backsplash Design Trends, Flooring Choices and more
Post Home Inspection Steps for House Sale, Yard Drainage Solutions, How to Clean Window Screens and more
How to Make Sure Your Drinking Water is Safe, Steps for Installing a Drip Irrigation System, Call Before You Dig and more
How to Find out About Home Related Tax Deductions, Circuit Breakers and Other Electrical Safety Tips, Adhesives for your DIY Tool Box and more
Get Ideas for Home Improvements that Pay Off, New Kitchen Trends, How to Clean Overlooked Areas of Your Home and more
Advice on Spring Project TO-DO List, Baby Proofing Tips, How to Know When to Use a Heat Gun, Soldering Iron or Torch and more
Home Investments Can Pay Off, Tips on a Building Fence, Perk Up Your Home for Spring and more
Life Expectancy of Household Appliances, Home Energy Audit to Save Money, New Furnace Checklist and more
How to Divert Water from Your Home with Proper Drainage, Winter Storm Survival Kit, Insulating Your Attic Stairs and more
How to Repair Cracks in Plaster Walls, Easy DIY Projects for Beginners, Improve Indoor Air Quality and more
How to Repair a Jammed Disposer, Tips on Oven Temp Troubleshooting, Ideas for Refacing Cabinets and Furniture, Info on New Federal Energy Standards and more
Affordable Home Makeovers, Choosing the Right Generator Before the Next Power Outage, and How Renters Can Save on Heating Bills
Creating Cutting Edge Walls From Wood Scraps, Closet Organization Tips That Actually Work, and Be the First to Decorate With This New Tile - 30 Years in the Making!
Adding Insulation for Added Warmth, the Home Appliance to Splurge On, and Sheet Shopping 101 for a Better Night's Sleep
Maintaining Your Hot Water Heater, Paint Colors That Raise Your Spirits, and the Laundry Room Organization Tips You’ve Been Waiting For
How to Quiet a Loud House, Spotting Termites in Winter, and DIY Master Bedroom Ideas - In Time for Valentine's Day
The Loophole That Can Cost Renters Big, and Learn Which Old-Fashioned Housing Style Offers Big Energy Savings
Money-Saving Alternatives to Tiny Houses, Installing Pendulum Lighting, and What You Need to Know Before Adding Electric Heat
5 Reasons Your Electric Bill is So High, The Hidden Hazard of Chemical De-Icers, and The New Way to Go Green – And Save Big!
Blackout Survival Tips, What You Need to Know Before Adding a Below-Grade Bathroom, and 2016 Outdoor Living Trend
How to Hang a Flatscreen TV, Tips for Removing Snow From Your Car, and How to Keep Harsh Sunlight From Fading Carpets and Floors
Keeping Trees Alive Through Winter, How to Make Sure Your Mattress Isn't Making You Sick, and Adding Pro Ranges to Your Home Kitchen
The Added Benefit of 2016’s Color of the Year, Affordable Bathroom Trends, Clutter Control Tips and more
Hot Colors to Watch in 2016, Tips for Hanging Artwork and Frames, and How to See - And Talk To - Strangers on Your Doorstep From Anywhere in the World!
Baby Boomer Home Renovation Trends, the Latest in Kitchen Backsplashes, and How to Create Your Own At-Home Wine Cellar
Choosing the Best Snow Blower, How to Save on Hot Water Bills , and Creating a Space at Home for your Hobby - or Resolution
New Years Resolutions for Your Home, The Design Tip That Can Save a Child’s Life, and Must-Know Information About Home Automation
How to Prevent Pipes From Freezing, Wallpaper Removal Tips, and the Easiest Way to Remove Holiday Decorations - While Also Finding Savings For Next Year
Small Smart Home Upgrades for Big Convenience and Savings, Choosing the Best – and Safest - Firewood, and the Easiest, Cheapest Trick for Saving on Hot Water
The Perks of Fireplace Inserts, Packing the Biggest - and Easiest - Holiday Decorating Punch, and How to Save Big AND Improve Your Home's Lighting
Affordable Home Gadgets that Impress, Money-Saving Heating Tips for Renters, and the Pros and Cons of Real and Fake Holiday Trees
Choosing a Snow Blower, Smart Home Technology That Can Save Your Life, and Fire Prevention Tips For the Most Dangerous Season
Quick Fixes for Holiday Lights, The Best - and Worst - Floors for Pets, and Fun, Educational Ways to Introduce Kids to DIY
Keeping Burglars Out During Peak Break-In Season, Get a Crackling Fire Without a Chimney, and When to Buy – and NOT Buy – Product Warranties
HGTV Rehab Addict Host Nicole Curtis Talks Renovation and Restoration, the Perks of Switching to LED Lighting, and Smart Home Technology That Saves You Big
Advice on Making Your Home Smarter, Turning Your Basement Into Living Space, and How to Get Hot Water From Any Faucet Right Away
Tailgating Tips, Pricey Holiday Decoration Mistakes, and Getting Your Chimney Ready for Santa – and Colder Temperatures
The Money Pit is on the road this week - coming to you from Belmont, Massachusetts
THIS OLD HOUSE is celebrating three words today “IT’S A WRAP”…
Hacks for Holiday Hassles, Garage Heating Options, and the New, Easy Way to Keep Your Car's Tires Shining
Microwave Cleaning Made Easy, Home Automation Tips and Simple, Wallet-Friendly Guest Room Facelifts
How to Stop Vinyl Siding Leaks, Getting Your Car's Tires Cleaner Than Ever, and the Hottest New Kitchen Countertops
Saving Money with LED Holiday Lights, What You Need To Know Before Considering an Outdoor Spa or Hot Tub, and Need-to-Know Tips for Hiring a Qualified, Reliable Contractor
Home Automation, Fall Leaf Collection Tips, and Oven Maintenance Tips That Spare You Hassles – and Pricey Repairs
Slash Monthly Spending With Garage Efficiency Tips, Energy Star 101, and Advice for Stress-Free Holiday Prep
Cut Shocking Electric Bills with LED Bulbs, Reducing Heating and Cooling Costs, and How to Keep Stink Bugs Out of Your Home
The Secret to Avoiding Contractor Horror Stories, How to Care for Leather, and the Scary Details of Child Car Seat Safety
Home Fire Hazards You're Overlooking, Planning Now for a Better Garden Next Spring, and How to Get Your Car Cleaner Than Ever Before
Proper Care for Your Disposer, Top Trends in Hardwood Flooring, LED Lighting Options for your Home and more
Choosing a Gutter Guard, Patio Heater Options, and the Most Effective Soap for Washing Your Car
Fall Home Improvement Projects, and Home Technology That Alleviates Hassles
Broadcasting From New Britain CT,The Home Of Stanley Tools.
Coming To You From New Britain CT, The Home Of Stanley Tools.
Tips to Keep Your Dishwasher Clean, Small Bathroom Space Savers, Car Care Tips and more
Insulation Tips to Help Cut Heating and Cooling Costs, How to Make Use of Empty Nest Space, Fall Chores to do Now and more
The Website - and App - every DIYer needs, Keeping Seniors Safe in Extreme Weather Emergencies, and Projects To Complete Before Winter
Keeping Mice and Critters Out as Weather Cools, DIY Storm-Proofing for Your Home, and Avoid Pricey Repairs Simply By Knowing What Year Your House Was Built
Creating a Homework Station, Alternatives to Traditional Grass, and Avoiding Break-ins
The mattress you can test drive, the resurgence of bedroom soaking tubs, and an easy-to-install outdoor fire pit that’s big on charm - but low on installation cost
Smart Homes On A Budget, Cleaning And Disinfecting Your Dishwasher, And How To Keep Concrete From Cracking As Temperature Change
Memory Makeover Tips From Actress/Self Help Guru Marilu Henner, DIY Home Security, And Money-Saving Tips For Closing And Winterizing Your Pool – And Making It Safer In The Process
DIY Home Security, Shopping Stainless Steel Sinks, And Cleaning Relief For Neat Freaks
The Easy-To-Install Paver That Increases Your Home’s Look And Value, Designing A Bedroom That Grows With Your Child, And Swimming Pool Safety
Security Advice To Prevent Break-ins, Tips For Turning Your Summer Vegetable Garden Into A Fall Vegetable Garden, And How To Get – And Keep – Older Windows From Getting Stuck
How To Check For Risky Radon Gas, Tips For Saving Water And Saving Big On Your Water Bill, And Researching Your Home’s History
Get A Cleaner House By Learning Your Cleaning Personality Type, Save Money By Building A Fence On Your Own, And Find Out Whether Your Home Is Secure From Anywhere, Anytime
Burgular Proof Your Home, Extending Use Of Your Yard And Patio Into Autumn And Winter, And The Trick To Preventing Falls On Walkways, Driveways And Concrete Stairs
Get Rid Of Garbage Disposal Odors, Cut Cooling Costs With Awnings, And How To Build A DIY Terrace In Your Yard
Discover - And Learn From - Your Cleaning Personality Type, Discover The One-Touch APP With Answers To Every Home Improvement Question, And Find A Roof That Is As Safe As It Is Stylish
Get Home Security Without A Long-Term Alarm Contract, How To Design And Install A Kitchen Backsplash, And Protecting Your Yard Against Pet Damage
The Plastic Welder Of The Future, Grilling SafetyTips, And Paint Colors You'll Never Forget
How DIY Projects Are Putting Your Home At Risk, What Your Weeds Are Telling You, And Garage Organization Tips
Check Your Home's Doors And Windows From Any Location, Deer-Proof Your Plants And Shrubs, And The Questions To Ask Yourself Before Installing A Pool
Decoding the Noises Your House Makes, Diagnosing Common Air Conditioning Problems, and Deck Cleaning That Kills Mildew Without Killing Your Weekend
Eco-Friendly Lawn Watering Options, New Looks in Vinyl Siding, Home Design Trends that Are on Their Way Out, DIY Home Security and more
Adding Pass-Throughs Between Rooms, Accessing Project Help Info In One Easy Touch, and Ladder Safety Tips
Smart Windows for Comfort and Security, the New Product that Prevents Dryer Fires, and Dishwasher Rules You’re Probably Breaking
A New Generation of Shakes and Shingles, Sheds 101 and How to Make Sure Your Dishes Are Clean
Choosing New Kitchen Countertops, Adding a Skylight that Won't Leak, and Design Trends to Avoid
Siding Options for Your Home, Tips for Drywall Repairs, New Advances in AC and more
Advice on Easy and Inexpensive Appliance Maintenance, Take Camping to Another Level with a Vacation Home on Wheels, Advances in Outdoor Lighting Technology and more
Breathing New Life into Old Kitchen Cabinets, Diagnosing and Overcoming Common Lawn Problems, and the Best Car and Boat Cleaning Tool Yet!
Jump-Starting Your Car Battery On Your Own, Home Security Tips for Vacation, and Creating a Salvaged Wood Accent Wall
Standby Energy for Summer Storms, the Lawnmower of the Future, and Summer Safety Tips for Kids
Cooking with Induction Heat, Jump Your Car’s Battery Without Help from Another Driver, and Mold Inspection That Won’t Break Your Budget
Save Your Home – and Life – With One Inexpensive Device, Adding an Outdoor Kitchen, and Ladder Safety Tips
A Roof That Adds Style and Value, How to Get Some Rugged R and R on a "MakeCation," and Tips on Planting a Cocktail Garden
Repairing Granite Countertops, Dealing with Termites and Rot and How To Update Your Air Conditioner
Prevent Dogs from Digging Holes in Your Yard, How to Determine the Maximum Wattage When Shopping for Light Bulbs, and Trendy New Colors Now Name After Cartoon Characters
Save Time On Outdoor Cleaning, Go Natural With Your In-Ground Pool , and Keep Ticks – and Their Diseases – Away.
Getting Rid of Bedbugs, Top Products from the National Hardware Show, and the One Thing You Should Do Before Moving Into a New Home
The Money Pit Broadcasts from the Top Products Pavilion at the 2015 National Hardware Show
The Money Pit Broadcasts from the Top Products Pavilion at the 2015 National Hardware Show
Where To Find Top Contractors, Natural - and Cheap! - Pest Control Solutions, and Making Used Paintbrushes Like New
Saving On Homeowners Insurance, Adding Low Voltage Lights, and How to Decode Window Rating Labels
Updating Kitchen Cabinets on a Budget, Creating Natural Sound Barriers, and a Ladder That Raises the Bar on Comfort and Safety
How to Clean Paintbrushes, What Prospective Homebuyers Need to Know, and a New Use for Greenhouses
DIY Drywall Repairs, Germs You Might Be Missing, and Getting to the Bottom of Cracks in Your Home’s Foundation
Prep-Free Painting, The Perks of Porches, And Bringing Spring Cleaning Outdoors For Big –and Profitable– Results.
Spring Gardening Basics, How to Lay a Stepping Stone Path, and Outdoor Living Trends for 2015
Spring Deck Checkup, Bat a Thousand with Bold Paint Colors, and Prep-Free Painting
Hidden Household Hazards, DIY Arbors and Pergolas, and Mulching 101
Earth-Friendly Countertops, Yardwork Safety Tips, and 21st Century Cedar Shakes and Shingles
Take Advantage of the Starbucks Affect, Using Flowers to Create an Entranceway, and an All-Purpose Paint That Packs a Punch
Take the Bite out of Backyard Fun with Screens, Planting an Edible Garden, and Bathroom Remodeling for Under $100
Easy Ways to Make Your Home a Smart Home, Tile Grout Cleaning, and Spring Lawn Care Tips
Energy Efficient Home Improvements, Home Monitoring Systems, And Who To Call Before You Dig
Entryway Organization, How to Remove a Chain-link Fence, and Finding High-End Appliances for Small Spaces
The Cool New Take on Man Caves, Your Spring Air Conditioning Check, and Multi-Generational Homes
Household Noises Decoded, Buying the Right Garage Door, and Springtime Home Improvement Safety Tips
Energy-Efficient Dryers, Your Spring Home Checklist, and Keeping Warm-Weather Bugs Out of Your Home
Spring Cleaning Tips, How to Fix a Sagging Gate, and Easy Curb Appeal Pick-Me-Ups
Clean Windows Like a Pro, 2015 Flooring Trends, and How to Break Even on Home Improvements
The Hidden Risk of Power Tools, Making Sure Your Tap Water’s Safe
Garage Heating Tips, Luxury Toilet Upgrades, and Advice for Preventing Appliance Fires
Avoid Losing Money on Home Improvements, Toss This Habit That's Sending Houses Up in Flames, and Hang Up That Snow Shovel Once and For All
Keep Your Family Safe with Winter Survival Tools, Discover the High-Tech Bathrooms of the Future, and Stop Your Home’s Water Lines from Freezing
Roof Color Trends, Tips for Your Kitchen Cabinet Makeover, What Your Front Door Says About You and more
High-Tech Tools for Keeping Seniors Safe, Pick the Right Paint Color the First Time and Send Sparks Flying this Valentine’s Day with Romantic Mood Lighting
Fall Back In Love With Your Home, Keep Ice Dams From Causing Damage, and Get a Leg Up on Spring Cleaning
The Dos and Don’t of Downsizing, Tips for Chimney Safety, and Up-and-Coming Home Trends for 2015
Take Home Hassles Off Repeat, Get Painting Done in One Day, and 2015’s Color of the Year
Repair, Refinish or Replace a Hardwood Floor, How to Organize Your Closet, How to Hang a Flat Screen TV and more
Electrical Outlet Safety Check, Smart Kitchen Upgrades, Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder and more
Find Hidden Storage Space, Take the Chill Out of Cold Rooms, and Make Life Easier with Home Improvement Hacks
Settle Domestic Design Disputes Once and For All, Discover Simple Pick-Me-Ups for Winter Blues, and Keep Pets Safe Through Winter
Get the Hot Home Trends of 2015, Learn How to Refinish Your Basement, and Know When to Repair – and when to Replace – Broken Appliances.
Eliminate Squeaks and Creaks, Learn How to Clean Bathroom Grout, and get Insider Tips on Protecting Against Cold Winter Damage
Get the Latest Trends in Bathroom Design, Learn to Silence Faucet Leaks and Discover the Hot Colors for 2015
Garage Safety Check, How to Find Where Mold Hides, Tips on Returning Electronics, Post-Holiday Cleanup and more
Get Snow Removal Relief, Find Out Which Essential Tools You’re Missing, and Start Off the Year Right with January Home Improvement Projects
Learn Which Home Improvements Pay Off Big at Tax Time, Find Space in the Smallest Rooms, and Complete Your Half-Finished Projects Once and For All
Avoid Bed Bugs During Holiday Travel, Learn Where to Find Domestically-Manufactured Tool, and Make Sure Your Gas Fireplace is Safe
A Hot New Remedy for Cold Showers, Keeping Track of Valuables, and Picking Out the Perfect Christmas Tree
Preventing Ladder Injuries, Reducing Clutter from Device Chargers,, and Keeping Your Driveway Safe from Winter Wear and Tear.
Holiday Electric Bill Savings, Preparing Your Lawn and Garden for Winter, and Safeguarding Your House Against Holiday Hazards
Gifts for Gadget-Lovers, Help Your Home’s Exterior in One Fell Swoop, and Add Productivity and Relaxation to Your Holiday Season
Take Holiday Entertaining Up a Few Notches, Make Your Home Senior-Friendly, and Never Worry About an Open Garage Door Again
Revisiting Your Recyclables, Real Estate Trends You Need to Know, and Advice for Installing Wainscoating.
Save Money on Water, Kitchen Cabinet 101 and Score Big on Tailgating
How to Hide Flatscreen TV Wires and Cables, Must-Know Risks About Flame Retardant Chemicals, and Never Hang a Crooked Shelf of Piece of Artwork Again
Sell Your Home Fast By Appealing to Younger Buyers, Eliminate Plumbing Odors on Your Own, and Learn How to Up Your Recycling Game
How to Pick the Perfect Paintbrush, Affordable and Energy Saving Custom Window Treatments, Learn What Household Trash You can Recycle, Tips to Help Your Refrigerator Run Efficiently and more
Four Flooring Trends for 2015, Fireplace Safety Tips, How Trees Affect the Soundscape, Holiday Kitchen Safety and more
Fixing Drafty Windows, Bringing the Outdoors Inside, Range Vent Safety Tips and more
Adding Value Before Selling, Raising Your Home, Going Greener in Your Garden
Winter Fire Safety, How to Increase Outdoor Lighting, Create a Comfortable Guest Space, How to Build Your Own Retaining Wall and more
Hands-Free Faucets, a New Dawn for Awnings, and Getting Rid of Things That Go Bump in the Night
Learn How to Save on Energy Bills, Halloween Dos and Don’ts, How to Avoid Emergency Plumbing Calls During the Holiday Season and more
Halloween Home Safety, Keeping Vacation Properties Mold-Free, and Getting Rid of Drafts Once and For All
Making the Most of Unused Space, Getting Rid of Unwanted Noise
The Money Pit Helps This Old House Wrap Up Season 35, How an Architect Can Help with Any Home Renovation, How to Bring an Old House Up to Date with the Right Mechanical System Upgrade and more
The Money Pit Joins This Old House for the 35th Season Wrap Episode, How to Use Salvaged and Reclaimed Items in Your Renovation, Replacing Outdated and Unsafe Building Materials and more
Open House Pitfalls to Avoid, Money Protection Tips for Weather Emergencies, and Bathroom Lighting Tips That Will Lift the Room’s Look – and Your Spirits.
How to Avoid Gutter Cleaning, Get a Garage Door Makeover, Rid Your Home of Mold without Bleach and more
The Benefits of Standby Home Generators, Money-Saving DIY Plumbing Repairs, and Getting Rid of Mold Once and For All
Budget Friendly Kitchen Renovation Materials, Fire Resistant Insulation to Protect Your Home, How to Get Rid of Spiders and Keep them from Coming Back and more
How to Find and Shut Off Utilities in an Emergency, How to Repair Cracked Tile, Making Your Garage Door a Focal Point of Your Home’s Façade and more
Home Maintenance Projects to Tackle This Fall, How to Avoid Gutter Cleaning for Good, Discover Ways to Clean and Green Your House and more
Pack and Emergency Kit for Severe Weather, How to Perk Up a Boring Ceiling, Tips to Seal and Protect Patio Pavers for Long Lasting Look
How to Clean Grill and Store for the Season, Get Rid of Spiders, Think Outside the Box Kitchen Design and more
How to Pack an Emergency Kit for Work, Home and Car, Water Saving Toilet Installation, How to Get Rid of Allergens at Home and more
How to Organize a Homework Zone, Learn to Prevent and Get Rid of Rodents
Extend the Use of Your Outdoor Space, Tips to Quiet Yard Noise, Operate Your Garage Door from Your Smart Phone
Sump Pump Maintenance, Fall Fix Ups, DIY Hardscaping and more
How to Incorporate the Latest Trends in Bathroom Design into Your Bathroom Makeover, How To Create Your Own Vessel Style Sink with Found Objects, The Resurgence of the Porch and more
How To Use Concrete Confidently, Tips on Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Your Home, Advice on Reducing Humidity in Your Home and more
How to Coordinate Your Buying and Selling Real Estate Transactions, Weather Resistant Building Materials, Dorm Room Design Tips and more
Five Smart Outdoor Summer Projects, How to Extend Your Swimming Pool Season, Advice on Preparing for Severe Weather and more.
Create a Living Privacy Screen, Back to School Tool Box, National Garage Sale Day and more
Tips to Keep Ticks Away, Summer Vacation Season Security Advice, How to Pick the Perfect Chainsaw and more
How to Care for Natural Stone Counters, Advice on Pest Control and Prevention, Tips on Patio Pavers and more
Choose the Right Paint Color for Your Kitchen, How to Bring a Faded, Weather Beaten Deck Back to Life, Is Your Child Old Enough to be Left Home Alone, How to Find Hidden Spaces for Storage in Your Home
How to Resurface Concrete instead of replacing it, Create Your Own Decorative Driveway Marker, Yard Work Safety Tips and more
How to Create an Outdoor Kitchen on a Budget, Tips on Staining a Wood Deck or Fence, Smart Home Technology that is Affordable and Easy
How to Build a Kitchen Island, Five Resolutions for First Time Homebuyers, Sleek, New Kitchen Cabinet Trends, and more
DIY Wainscoting to Add Elegance to Any Room, Online House Hunting Tips, Best Flooring Options for Basement Rooms, Instant Backyard Ambience with Torches and more
Cooling Tips to Help Save on AC Costs, Handy Tool Organization Ideas, Home Buying How-To: House or Neighborhood?
How to Water Your Lawn Efficiently, Keep Kids Safe from Summer Drowning, Create a DIY Paved Walkway and more
How to Beat the Heat, Skylight Innovations, Container Gardens and More
Property Brothers Host Jonathan Scott, Universal Design Ideas, Tips for Staging Your Home So it Sells and more
How to Give Your Central AC a Tune-up, Create Instant Drama with Ceiling Embellishments, Learn Why a Standby Generator is Essential and More
How to Properly Refinish a Deck, Give Your Home a Pre-Storm Check up, Fourth of July Fireworks Safety
How to Create Your Own Backyard Water Feature, Summer Storm Prep Tips, Using Concrete Stain to Spruce Up Outdoor Spaces and mo
How To Choose the Right Kitchen Cabinets for You, Get Advice on the Best Options for TV service in Your Home, Learn Why a Safe Is Important and more
Storm Prep Checklist, How to Build a Fire Pit, Options for Refinishing or Replacing a Worn Bathtub and more
Steps to Having a Successful Open House, Weighing the Pros and Cons of Different Flooring Options, How to Fix Cracks in Walls
What to Do AFTER You Sell Your Home, Storm Coming? Get a Go Bag Ready, Which Historical Paint Colors Will Tell the Story of Your House?
How to Measure Quickly and Easily, App that Opens and Closes Garage Door, Track Lighting Tips and American Standard Delivers Flush for Good Campaign
Real Estate: Buy or Sell First? How to Clean and Prevent Mold, How to Prepare for Hurricane Season and more
How to Organize Your Garage, Ideas for Creating Stone Project for Your Outdoor Spaces, Why a Standby Generator is a Good Idea, How to Remove Picnic Stains from Fabrics and more
Get Outdoor Spaces Ready for Entertaining, How to Clean Your Wood Deck, How to Find and Fix Rotted Wood, How to Fly the American Flag and more
Learn How to Clean Mold, Get Prepared for Hurricane Season, Eco-Friendly Grilling Options, Repurpose Unusual Items for Outdoor Furniture and more
The Money Pit Broadcasts from the Top Products Pavilion at the 2014 National Hardware Show
The Money Pit Broadcasts from the Top Products Pavilion at the 2014 National Hardware Show
Planning Your Move, Should You Invest in an Underground Sprinkler System?, New Spring Trends from the National Hardware Show and more
Spring Real Estate Tips for Buyers and Sellers, High Efficiency Toilets Save Water and Money, Deck Design Ideas for Problem Outdoor Spaces and more
How to Pick a Light Bulb, Keeping Humidity Low at Home, Mother’s Day Home Improvements and more
Best Home Improvements to Make and How to Finance Them, Prevent Accidental Poisonings at Home, Tips on Cleaning Mold, How to Paint a Faux Outdoor Rug and more.
How to Take the Work Out of Lawn Mowing, Prevent a Common Type of Toilet Leak, Outdoor Spring Checkup Checklist and more
Lush Lawn Secrets, Hidden Home Health Hazards, How to Stop Dog Digging in Yard and more
New Trends in Outdoor Living, How to Prune a Hedge, Must Have Tools for Vegetable Gardening and more
How to Reduce the Risk of Electrical Fire, How to Use a Rainwater Collection System, Discover a Faux Cedar Siding That Won't Rot, Warp or Crack, How to Plant a Tree for Arbor Day and more
How to Troubleshoot a Broken Vacuum Cleaner, How to Avoid Shower Shock: Too Cold or Too Hot Water, New Uses for Old Plumbing Fixtures and more
Lawn Makeover: Sod or Seed?, How to Make What's Old New Again with Paint, How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs, Gardening Tips for Small Spaces and more
Safe Playground Tips, How to Install Pendant Lighting, How to Set the Sale Price of Your Home and more
How to Plant a Shrub, Save Energy and Money with One Simple Step, How to Decorate Your Walls with Photos and more
Spruce Up Any Room with Wainscoting, How to Give Your Roof a Spring Check Up, Use Paint to Give Items New Life and more
Replacement Window Efficiency Guidelines, Caring For Trees in Spring, Getting a Better Night's Sleep, How to Get Product Safety Recall Information and more
Spring Maintenance Checklist, How to Avoid Electrical Fires, Dispose of Hazardous Waste Properly and more
How to Get Payback on a Bad Contractor, Outdoor Lighting Design, Ideas for Woman Caves, How to Clear Clutter and Make Money and more
How to Build a Brick Paver Patio, Spring Cleaning Dos and Don'ts, How to Prepare Your Home for Sale and more
Avoiding Termite Infestations, Outdoor Entertaining Ideas, Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day, Forgotten Cleaning Tips and More
Home Improvements Skyrocket, How to Repair Broken Sash Cords, How to Budget for a Move and more
Lighting Design Ideas for the Kitchen, How to Go Green at Home Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, The Best Way to Build a Fence and more
How to Get Organized by Tossing What You Don’t Need, How to Maintain Your Septic System, How to Determine the Value of Your Home, How to Prevent Frozen Pipes and more
Top Trends from the International Builders Show, Getting the Most Return on Your Home Improvement Investment, Setting a Home Maintenance Budget, Going Green in a Few Easy Steps and more
Top Five Home Improvement Mistakes to Avoid, Cut Down High Hot Water Bills, Learn About the Warm Color Hues that Will Chase Away Winter Blues and more
How to Make Your Own Compost, Why Garage Doors are Now a Big Part of Your Home’s Curb Appeal, Breaking Down the Cost of Painting the Outside of Your House and more
Garage Heating Options, How to Frame a Partition Wall, Energy Saving Projects Under $50 and more
Easy Tips on Good Lighting Design, Light Bulb Options from the EPA, Red Carpet Makeovers, Winter Pet Care Advice and more
Garage Heating Options, How to Frame a Partition Wall, Energy Saving Projects Under $50 and more
Easy Tips on Good Lighting Design, Light Bulb Options from the EPA, Red Carpet Makeovers, Winter Pet Care Advice and more
How to Free Yourself from Frozen Locks and Doors, DIY Safety Tips, Home Improvement Life Hacks and more
The Benefits of a Home Sprinkler System to Protect Against Fires, How to Get Organized for the New Year, Learn to Make Your Home Safe for People of Every Age and more
Black Out Survival Tips, Should You Go Solar?, How to Organize Your Home and Create Clutter Free Landing Zones and more
Electricity Use is DOWN Among Homeowners, Learn How to Find and Eliminate Mold, Get Winter Safety Tips for Clearing Your Car of Ice and Snow and more
2014 Color of the Year, Create a Hobby Room for Your Favorite Pastime, Hot Water Baseboard or Forced Air: Best Heating Option for You and more
Super Bowl Party Tips for a Great Game Day, How to Buy a Foreclosed Home, Fire Safety Tips for Homeowners and more
How to Choose a Paint Color That’s Right for You, Fire Prevention Month: Smoke Detector Choice Can Save Lives, Roof Replacement Tips and more
Bold, New Paint Color Choices for the Front Door, Dispelling Mortgage Myths, Eco-Friendly Kids Room Options and more
Should You Purchase an Extended Appliance Warranty?, How to Choose Replacement Faucets, Creating Extra Storage in a Small Bathroom
UnDecking the Halls after the Holidays, Safety Check for Corrugated Steel Tubing in New Home Construction, How to Get a Granite Look without a Luxury Price Tag
Home Improvement Tax Tips, Steps to Simplify Floor Refinishing, Kitchen Redesign Ideas
How to Recycle Your Electronic Waste, Winter Tree Care Tips, How to Avoid Ice Dams
How to Cut Down on Household Holiday Waste, Learn to Fix Your In-Sink Diposal, and Pick the Perfect Paint Sheen plus more
How to Make Your House Easily Identifiable for Emergencies, Turn your Formal Living Room into an Everyday Space, Get Tips on Lighting for the Holidays and more
How to Clean Your Stove’s Vent Hood, Increase Your Water Pressure, Update and Color Coordinate Light Switches in Time for Holiday Celebrations and more
How to Find Out if Your Home is Unhealthy, Install Radiant Heat for Warmth, How to Choose a Snow Blower and more
Home Security System, Energy Efficient Tax Credits, Decorating Your Windows and More
Energy Efficient Holiday Lighting, Ladder Safety, How to Avoid Roof Collapse from Heavy Show and more
Create a Home Theater for Holiday Entertainment, How to Unclog a Drain, Safety Tips for Preventing Residential Fires and more
Chimney Safety Tips, Keeping Your Fresh Christmas Tree Healthy All Season, Save on Holiday Utility Bills and more
Keeping Pets Safe and Warm in Winter, How to Diagnose a Roof Leak, Homebuying Trends, Flooring Options and more
Winter Fire Prevention, Holiday Safety, Choosing Between a Fake or Fresh Tree and more
Planning now for Spring Gardening, Jersey Shore Rebuilds, New Garage Technology and more
Sandy Episode 7: Tragedy Strikes Twice and Recovery Renewed
Winter Storm Preparation Tips, Holiday Door Decorations, How to Save Time on Painting Projects and more
How to Use Wall Covering to Add Drama to Your Living Spaces, Keep Your Fridge Running Efficiently, Jersey Shore Recovery after Sandy and more
How to Shop for a New Mattress, Save on Lighting with Dimmer and Sensors, Where Your Recycled Plastics End Up and more
Sandy Episode 6: New Flood Zones Aim to Keep Homes High and Dry
Creating a Warm and Dry Basement Living Space, Install a Tankless Water Heater for Energy Savings, a Survivor Story from Hurricane Sandy and more
How to Avoid Holiday Plumbing Emergencies, Step-by-Step Upholstery Tips, Save Money on Lighting Bills, Be Ready for an Evacuation and more
Sandy Episode 5: How to File an Insurance Claim (The Hard Way)
How to Seal Drafts to Save Energy Dollars, How to Find Uncommon Sources for Air Leaks, Why Modular Home Construction is Helping Jersey Shore Rebuilding Efforts and more
How to Repair Trip and Fall Hazards before Halloween, Learn How Plastic Can be Green, How to Winterize Your Garden, Tips to Make Sure Your Windows are Working Properly and more
Sandy Episode 4: Prefabs Deliver Hurricane Proof Possibility
Energy Efficient Washing Machines Save Energy, How Plastic Makes Insulating and Sealing Your Home Easier, The Jersey Shore after Hurricane Sandy and more
Attic Insulation Basics, How to Protect the Outside of Your Home Against Severe Weather, How to Avoid Energy Vampires, Repair Cracks in Your Walls and more
Sandy Episode 3: Stories of Survival
Safer, Softer, Greener Attic Insulation, Remote Garage Door Access from Your Mobile Device, Jersey Shore Recovery and more
How to Clean Outdoor Furniture Before Storing it for Winter, How to Winterize Including Insulating Drafts, Great Ideas for Halloween Decorating and more
Sandy Episode 2: The Rebuilds Begin
DIY Attic Insulation, Must-Do Fall Chores, Hurricane Sandy Recovery and more
Garage Organization, How to Avoid Fall Pests, Easy Ways to Prep for Painting Projects and more
Jersey Shore Rebuilds, Fighting for a Fair Insurance Claim, How to Save Energy with the Right Lighting and more
Jersey Shore Rebuilds, Quick and Easy Paint Prep, New Insulation Options and more