Radio America Transitions to Wegener

Dear Affiliate,

We are pleased to report that you will now see individual program names for Radio America shows (with RA- prefixes), when scheduling your Wegener Receiver. You may still program under the general network label: “Radio America 24/7”, should you choose to do so (based on the network air time of the show). If you have already programmed your receiver this way, this label will remain intact & you are not required to make any additional changes.

Westwood One is moving all programming delivery from the XDS platform to the Wegener distribution platform. Radio America programming is now available via Wegener. If you have an active Wegener receiver, all shows are available to schedule via ShowDirector at:

(See tech site below for instructions.)

If you do not have a Wegener receiver, Westwood One will be shipping one soon and we ask that you install and call or email Westwood One to activate the new receiver upon receipt.

Here are the relay conversions:

Local Break T48 = Wegener Relay K1
Rejoin Liner T50 = Wegener Relay K3
Legal ID T49 = Wegener Relay K13

Again, you may now program our shows in by title (with an RA- prefix), or by the times we broadcast the shows under the “Radio America 24/7” label. The choice is yours!

If you have any technical questions, installation questions, need relay information, or scheduling help documentation, please visit:

If you do not find the answer to your question(s) or need to activate a receiver, please call the Westwood One 24/7 support line at 888.435.7450, options 1 then 2 or email: Call volume will be high during this transitional period.

Please note that Westwood One will continue to air our programming on the XDS Receiver, in tandem with the Wegener Receiver, until all affiliates have been transitioned. You will not be without programming and will not have dead air. WW1 is still in the process of distributing receivers to affiliates.

Please email us to confirm that you have programmed in your Radio America shows on your Wegener Receiver:

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