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Now in its twelfth year, Animals Today covers all things related to animals worldwide, with an emphasis on their welfare.

Different than other animal programs whose focus is solely on pets, Animals Today covers and explores the wide range of topics and issues concerning all animals, including animals in agriculture and in the wild, while promoting increased respect, compassion and kindness toward them. Lori, along with husband and Producer Dr. Peter Spiegel, interview animal protectors and rescuers, legislators and lawyers, and filmmakers and authors from around the globe about the latest animal topics and issues. Commentary, news and more lighthearted features round out this fast-paced and thought-provoking show.

Recent segments have focused on such diverse subjects such as the dangers wind farms pose to eagles, shark conservation efforts, language and communication research in non-human animals, and marijuana for pets.

A few of Animals Today’s noteworthy guests have included Bob Barker, author Dean Koontz, Actress Tippi Hedren, US Representative Tom Marino, CA Assembly member Richard Bloom, award-winning independent journalist Will Potter, and President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Dr. Neal Barnard. Lori and Peter have covered The Best Friends Animal Society National Conference, the FARM animal rights conference, toured the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary, and have broadcast from other events and locations of interest.

Praise for Animals Today:

“I thank you so much for this show, Lori, you’re a shining light out there – this is spectacularly good and I really appreciate it. The Humane Society of the United States admires you so much in your work, and thanks you.” Dr. John Grandy, Senior VP for Wildlife and Habitat Protection, HSUS.

“I want to thank you for what you do, it’s a pleasure for me to be on your program, and I’m really glad we can get behind something as positive as this bill…” Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger, speaking about pet devocalization ban legislation.

“Lori and Peter, I am a big fan of Animals Today and deeply appreciate your work to cover the important issues concerning the treatment of animals in all sorts of venues all around the world. Anyone who cares about animals should listen to Animals Today.” Marc Bekoff, author and Professor Emeritus, University of Colorado.

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Animals Today December 16, 2023: Lori gets real (mad) about the American Kennel Club. The Whale Sanctuary Project.
Animals Today November 18, 2023. Hot news! The miraculous microchip. The Mexican rescue, Isla Animals is building a new home and you can help! Helping community cats in the cold weather.
Animals Today October 28, 2023. Captain Paul Watson and the book, Hitman for the Kindness Club. Adventures in cat shaving. Memorable dogs of the big and small screen.
Animals Today September 24, 2023. Captive orca Lolita (Tokitae) has died. Is a pet pig a good idea? PETA undercover work nets animal cruelty convictions.
Animals Today September 16, 2023. Does the American Kennel Club help or hurt dogs? The Book Beloved Beasts, by Michelle Nijhuis
Animals Today Sept 4, 2023. Ensuring Your Pets’ Future. Choosing Safe Dog Toys & Treats. The Official Animals of the 50 States.
Animals Today August 20, 2023. Wind farms vs: whales. Bats, rabies and you! Wild and wonderful animal adaptations. Hot news.
Animals Today August 17, 2023: Mosquito musings. Bee and wasp stings. Animal Trivia.
Animals Today August 5, 2023. There is no longer any justification for horse racing. What happens in industrial pig farming? Koalas exposed.
Animals Today July 31, 2023. Negative consequences of dog breed stereotypes. Dogs rescued from the Yulin meat festival flown to their new lives. Names of groups of animals.
Animals Today July 21, 2023: How to rescue a pet trapped in a hot car. Risks of blue-green algae to dogs. Rhinoceros protection and facts.
Animals Today June 24, 2023. Hot news update! Giraffe conservation facts and challenges. What defines a dangerous or vicious dog? Tough question!
Animals Today June 3, 2023: Acclaimed animals, imaginary and real. Early days of the Audubon Society. You can help dogs, cats and horses in Africa with Animal-Kind International.
Animals Today May 14, 2023: The dark side of wind energy. Hail, amazing microchip. War dogs. Marsupial madness, feat. koalas.
Animals Today March 26, 2023. Law breaking in animal activism: The Direct Action Everywhere and Smithfield Foods episode. Frog conservation. Pet safety and pesticides.
Animals Today March 22, 2009. Steve Hindi of SHARK. Top reasons for vet visits. Feline diabetes. Understanding microchips. Why did 2 bull mastiffs kill their owner?
Animals Today January 15, 2023. History of the animal rights movement. Pet care coverage in case of emergency at home. Please don’t adopt or buy a wolfdog. The Beatles had many songs about animals. Vertebral disc disease with a veterinary neurologist.
Animals Today December 4, 2022. NYC Squirrel alert! Hitchcock’s birds. Toxoplasmosis update. Hazards of pet foods. Koalas rock!
Animals Today November 11, 2022. Helping Orangutans and the problems with palm oil. Good company: Paul and Cindy Rodgers’ impressive work as animal advocates. What’s a zoologist, anyway?
Animals Today – October 15, 2022: Green energy is killing eagles. Is the term “crazy cat lady” fair? The working dogs of WW I. Keeping track of people convicted of animal cruelty.
Animals Today September 27, 2022. Ethical and practical considerations of breeding dogs. This AP level animal quiz has teachers crying.
Animals Today August 25, 2022. It’s a tough road for owners in possible veterinary malpractice cases. Are you afraid of sharks quiz?
Animals Today August 3, 2022. How to rescue a pet trapped in a hot car. Risks of blue-green algae. Rhinoceros protection and facts.
Animals Today June 26, 2022. Update on breed specific legislation. More animal news stories. Wabbits.
Animals Today June 12, 2022. Hot news with Peter. Frogs in decline. High velocity animal quiz. Pesticides around the house.
Animals Today Radio May 21, 2022. Chickens are very smart and have individual personalities: Celebrating a special day for chickens. Animal knowledge challenge.
Animals Today April 30, 2022. Do rats deserve their own special day? Is sleeping with pets disruptive or helpful? Avoiding rabies.
Animals Today April 23, 2022. Latest difficult news from Ukraine. Dog Bite Prevention Week.
Animals Today April 2, 2022: Ukraine war update from Paws of War. The cruelty continues at Alaska’s infamous sled dog race. More animal adaptations.
Animals Today March 26, 2022. Toxin and poison hazards for pets. Delight in zebras
Animals Today March 12, 2022. The captive orca Lolita at the Miami Seaquarium is “retiring”. Ukraine animal report. Dogfighting goes on. Bunnies and rabbits in popular culture: a quiz.
Animals Today Feb 20, 2022. Support the FDA Modernization Act! What can and should shelters disclose about the history of their adoptable dogs?
Animals Today Feb 13, 2022. Honoring Cecil, the gentle giant. Oral health in pets. Trivia quiz.
Animals Today February 5, 2022. First pig to human heart transplant spells trouble. Truck carrying 100 macaques crashes, releasing animals onto the frigid highway. Hot news. Dementia in dogs. Famous dogs of Hollywood.
Animals Today January 15, 2022. Leaving animal testing behind. Should you worry about rabies? MRI scans on dogs? Is sleeping with your pet disruptive? Saving the Saola. Hot news.
Animals Today January 8, 2022: Home invader killed by owner’s pet dogs – who is responsible? The miracle of the microchip. Eight big cats in zoo get sick after getting COVID vaccine. Hot animal news to kick off the new year.
Animals Today Dec 30, 2021. Aggressive squirrels in NYC. Hitchcock’s The Birds. Feline toxoplasmosis. Tainted pet food harms and kills hundreds of dogs and cats.
Animals Today December 4, 2021. Citizens revolt against Oakland’s aggressive killing of free roaming cats. Golf courses still want to shoot migratory birds. Is your dog or cat getting a bit fat? Bodacious bison. California has a fabulous donkey rescue.
Animals Today November 23, 2021. Wild elephants captured to become zoo exhibits. Growing use of comfort dogs in court. Animal facts you need to know.
Animals Today August 28, 2021. Mosquitoes, malaria and DDT. Protecting dogs from bee and wasp stings.
Animals Today September 18, 2021: Hot animal news. History of the first animal shelter. Keeping pets save from encounters with snakes.
Animals Today August 14, 2021: Coexisting with coyotes with Dr. Robert Reed. Our most beloved animated animals. Successful and safe road trips with cats.
Animals Today July 30, 2021: Top ten pet toxins and poisons. Another insane animal quiz.
Animals Today July 17, 2020. Tips on rescuing overheated dogs from locked cars. Unsuspecting tourists aid the abuse of pack animals in Arizona. Should we worry about toxoplasmosis?
Animals Today July 10, 2021. Hazards of so-called blue-green algae to dogs. Medicated lotion for people poses toxic risk to pets. Using simulations to train law enforcement on dog encounters. Know your A, Bee, Cs!
Animals Today June 20, 2021. A dark side of shelter operations. Potpourri quiz.
Animals Today July 2, 2021. Celebrating the American eagle. Is xylitol toxic to dogs? Risks of blue-green algae to your dog.
Animals Today June 6, 2021. Lotsa animal news! Bee and wasp stings. Famous dogs of the big and small screen.
Animals Today May 1, 2021. A condensed history of the animal rights movement. Free roaming cat issues. Pet obesity epidemic. Pro safety tips for choosing treats and toys.
Animals Today April 24, 2021: Is there meaningful recourse in cases of veterinary malpractice? Rhino challenge.
Animals Today April 10, 2021: Hot animal news! It’s World Rat Day!
Animals Today March 27, 2021: Top ten pet toxins and poisons. Another insane animal quiz.
Animals Today March 13, 2021: Wolf massacre in Wisconsin: So many mistakes! Does animal assisted therapy help children?
Animals Today March 6, 2021. Visiting the dog park. Cold weather advice for dogs. Wonderful bees.
Animals Today February 28, 2021. Hot animal news. Protecting Orangutans and their ecosystem. Pet products industry growth. Zoology challenge.
Animals Today February 20, 2021. Ethical considerations of breeding dogs. Canine dental hygiene. Rapid-fire quiz.
Animals Today February 6, 2021. Australian pigeon avoids death sentence. The cruelty of pigeon racing. LA’s effective and groundbreaking animal cruelty task force shut down by Chief of Police. Hippo hilarity.
Animals Today Jan 30, 2021. Aggressive squirrels in NYC. Hitchcock’s The Birds. Feline toxoplasmosis. Tainted pet food harms and kills hundreds of dogs and cats.
Animals Today January 17, 2021. Hot animal news. Obesity epidemic in dogs. Emotional support animals lose airline privileges. Famous dogs of film and TV.
Animals Today Jan 9, 2021. New rules to limit Emotional Support Animals on planes. Hot news. Operation Baghdad pups. Know your koalas.
Animals Today Jan 3, 2021. The move away from animal testing continues. Hot news. Canine cognitive dysfunction. What’s in a meow?
Animals Today December 19, 2020: Hot end of the year news. BLM to try sterilization surgery instead of medicine on wild horses – good idea?
Animals Today Dec 12, 2020. New rules to limit Emotional Support Animals on planes. Hot news. Solving challenging cat behaviors.
Animals Today November 21, 2020. Helping birds around the home. Wolfdogs. Animal abuse registries. Pet loss and kids. Cheetahs! Tropical reef fish.
Animals Today Nov 1, 2020. Trump’s historical endorsement of the PACT Act.
Animals Today September 19, 2020. Farm animal protection. Operation Baghdad Pups. Know your koalas.
Animals Today September 12, 2020. Movement toward stronger animal cruelty laws. Animal abuse in medical training. Changing times in pet industries. Trivia challenge.
Animals Today September 5, 2020. Mosquitoes, malaria and DDT. Protecting dogs from bee and wasp stings.
Animals Today August 29, 2020. The rise and fall of Joe Exotic. Federal legislation to end big cat ownership. The dogs of WW II. We love sharks.
Animals Today August 15, 2020. Updating an ancient Jewish holiday that will benefit animals and the environment. Challenges abound in managing animal hoarding.
Animals Today August 8, 2020. International Orangutan Day is August 19. How to help orangutans. The evils of palm oil. Vervet monkey conservation. Some pet owners really annoy us: Here’s why.
Animals Today July 29, 2020. Summer health and safety guidelines. Respecting frogs. Incredible animal adaptations. Safe use of pesticides in and around the house.
Animals Today July 19, 2020. Why should I switch to a plant-based diet? What will happen to your pets if you pass away?
Animals Today July 4, 2020. Celebrating the American eagle. Is xylitol toxic to dogs?
Animals Today June 20, 2020. Tips on rescuing overheated dogs from locked cars. Unsuspecting tourists aid the abuse of pack animals in Arizona. Should we worry about toxoplasmosis?
Animals Today June 13, 2020. Is blue-green algae harmful to dogs? Medicated lotion for people is a toxic risk to pets.
Animals Today May 24, 2020. The history of the animal rights movement. Dogs of WW I. Famous dogs we all love.
Animals Today May 21, 2020. How animals think and feel with Professor Temple Grandin
Animals Today May 9, 2020. How to keep your pets safe and happy during the coronavirus. What are some interesting facts about sharks?
Animals Today May 2, 2020. Pet adoptions and fostering during COVID-19. What’s happening at shelters and at rescues during this lockdown?
Animals Today April 25, 2020. US funding Chinese virus labs! US live animal markets under scrutiny. What are the chances of zoonotic diseases breaking out?
Animals Today April 22, 2020. What should shelters tell potential adopters about dogs who have bitten in the past?
Animals Today April 5 2020: Can pandemics be avoided? The problem with animal agriculture
Animals Today March 28, 2020. Can pets get the coronavirus disease? Animal welfare and investing
Animals Today March 7, 2020. China has banned the trade and consumption of wild animals. Faux or fur? Rodenticides.
Animals Today February 22, 2020. Animal rights and welfare. Health benefits of pet ownership.
Animals Today February 19, 2020. Is breeding dogs unethical? Don’t forget to brush your pet’s teeth!
Animals Today February 15, 2020. Why is the egg industry cruel? What is the healthiest food to feed my cat?
Animals Today February 2, 2020. How zoos harm elephants. Legal help for animal advocacy.
Animals Today January 18, 2020. Stolen dog reunited with family. Meth in horse racing. Dog ownership benefits. Dog parks.
Animals Today December 28, 2019. Top animal stories of the year.
Animals Today December 14, 2019: The American Bald Eagle in our culture and why animals are like humans
Animals Today December 7, 2019: Passing the PACT Act and choosing the best pet sitter services
Animals Today November 30, 2019. Why breed-specific legislation is not the answer & being a foster parent for animals
Animals Today November 23, 2019. Victory for whales held in Russia! The Challenges African Elephants face
Animals Today November 16, 2019. Dog nutrition controversy, mutton busting and sea turtle poachers arrested!
Animals Today November 2, 2019. Should animals be used in dangerous jobs? Animals with the strongest bites.
Animals Today October 26, 2019. Medical testing on animals. Dogs detecting cancer.
Animals Today October 5, 2019: The history of the animal rights and welfare movements. Risks of rabies.
Animals Today September 28, 2019: The ban on trophy hunting of endangered wild animals- has it ended? Best Pet Friendly Cities.
Animals Today September 14, 2019. Elephants in Captivity and CITES: Banning the export of wild elephants from Africa.
Animals September 7, 2019: Risks of blue-green algae to dogs. Exposing and closing cockfighting operations.
Animals Today August 31, 2019: Will cruel cyanide bombs be banished? Liability and safety tips for dog owners.
Animals Today August 24, 2019: What did Trump do to the Endangered Species Act? Miniature horses as service animals.
Animals Today August 17, 2019: Finding shelter and homes for ALL animals
Animals Today August 10, 2019: In defense of pit bulls. Alternatives to Animal testing.
Animals Today August 3, 2019: Why is the amphibian population declining? Choosing toys and treats for dogs.
Animals Today July 27, 2019: Why should almond milk not be called milk? How can we save orangutans from extinction?
Animals Today July 13, 2019. Should otters be kept as pets? Will the cat declawing ban become law in New York?
Animals Today June 29, 2019: Why exotic animals should not be pets and trap, neuter and release programs for feral cats.
Animals Today June 22, 2019. The cruelty of horse racing. Legal animal news. Cats in popular songs.
Animals Today June 15, 2019. National Pet Preparedness Month. Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act (PACT).
Animals Today June 8, 2019: What to do if you see a dog in a hot car. Laws about emotional support animals
Animals Today May 25, 2019. Stopping puppy mills. Pets for Vets. The American Eagle. The complexities of domesticated sheep.
Animals Today May 18, 2019. Farewell Doris Day. Update on rabies. Ultra potent rodenticides are harming wildlife, pets and children.
Animals Today May 11, 2019. Why are so many animals endangered? The PETA International Science Consortium. Tips on adopting abused animals.
Animals Today May 4, 2019: Another season of seal killing in Canada is here. How do I take my dog to the dog park safely?
Animals Today April 27, 2019. The Iditarod sled dog race must end. Horse, donkey and mule abuse in the Grand Canyon.
Animals Today April 20, 2019: Do rabbits make good pets? How do you stop illegal dog fighting? Preventing dog bites.
Animals Today April 6, 2019: High blood pressure in dogs and cats. Ways to reduce stress in shelter dogs
Animals Today March 30, 2019: Visual identification of dog breeds. New animal provisions in the 2018 Farm Bill.
Animals Today March 23, 2019. Why are frogs important to their habitat? Going undercover at an animal research lab. The first animal shelter in the US.
Animals Today March 16, 2019: What is the purpose of microchipping a dog? Legislation to help horses. A rescue and sanctuary for foxes.
Animals Today March 9, 2019: The illegal trade of African Grey Parrots. Saving frogs. Best and worst states for animal protection laws.
Animals Today February 23, 2019: Helping vervet monkeys. Fun hippopotamus facts
Animals Today February 16, 2019. Suspicious activity at the Safari Club International hunters’ convention. Caring for community cats in cold weather.
Animals Today February 9, 2019: Is fur losing its popularity? What is special about whales?
Animals Today February 2, 2019: Live animal markets in US. Dolphins are dying at Dolphinaris Arizona. Polar Bears.
Animals Today January 26, 2019: Dental issues in dogs. What is animal hoarding?
Animals Today Jan 19, 2019: Pigs as companion animals. Penguin update. A new vegan mentoring program.
Animals Today January 5, 2019: Japan quits International Whaling Commission. Profile of animal advocate, Lori Marino, PhD.
Animals Today December 22, 2018: PETA’s Ingrid Newkirk. Striking at the Roots, by Mark Hawthorne.
Animals Today December 15, 2018: Resolve to help animals in the New Year. Diabetes in dogs. Reindeer games.
Animals Today December 8, 2018: Animals and mandatory evacuations in natural disasters. The dangers of raw meat pet food
Animals Today December 1, 2018: Fur farming in Europe. Is your city friendly for pets? Encouraging cats to stay hydrated.
Animals Today November 17, 2018: Greyhound racing to end in Florida. California Prop 12 passes, easing cruel conditions for some farmed animals.
Animals Today November 10, 2018: What dogs can’t have on Thanksgiving? Incredible animal adaptations.
Animals Today October 17, 2018: Can climate catastrophe be averted?
Animals Today November 3, 2018: Police are using training simulators for dog encounters.
Animals Today October 27, 2018. Who gets to keep the dog after a breakup? Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner Resigns Amid Criticism
Animals Today October 18, 2018: The connection between dog breeding and dog euthanasia. What are the symptoms of a cat with allergies?
Animals Today October 13, 2018. What are the benefits of quitting dairy? Who gets to use the term, milk?
Animals Today October 6, 2018. Helping animals affected by Hurricane Florence. Dogs and cats living together.
Animals Today Sept 22, 2018. Reflections on the private ownership of wild animals. All you need to know about rabies. A new life for former research chimpanzees. Iguanas, red pandas and detection dogs.
Animals Today September 15, 2018: Cosmetic testing in California. Allergies in cats. Paul Rodgers, animal advocate. Hot animal news.
Animals Today September 8, 2018: The strongest animal bites. Swim with dolphin programs losing appeal. Highly trained detection dogs are helping conservation efforts. Save the Koala month!
Animals Today September 1, 2018: Fighting consumption of dog meat in Asia. Animal Crackers gets a new box. Scottsdale is the most pet friendly city. Allergies in dogs, with Dr. Doug Kunz.
Animal Today August 25, 2018. Controversies in wild horse management. Pesticide and weed killer news. How palm oil infiltrated our food supply. Why did a shuttered circus send its elephants to the Memphis Zoo?
Animals Today Aug 18, 2018: Progress and challenges in solving pet overpopulation. Orangutans in peril. Giant African rats are detecting land mines. Dangerous bacterium resides in the saliva of healthy dogs and cats. SuperZoo 2018 – first impressions.
Animals Today August 4, 2018: Animal news roundup. Colorado’s Wild Animal Sanctuary and the captive wildlife crisis. Toxoplasmosis risks.
Animals Today July 28, 2018. Helping pets stay safe and cool in summer. Jaguar escapes zoo enclosure. A prisoner is paired with a pit bull, and both lives are transformed. The first animal shelter in the US.
Animals Today July 21, 2018. Illegal trade of smaller wild cats. Do you live in a pet friendly city? What does the law say when a dog bites a trespasser? Coral Reef Awareness Week.
Animals Today July 14, 2018. Helping thoroughbreds. Amazing bees. A new shark book from National Geographic Kids. Pet peeves about our pets.
Animals Today July 7, 2018: Antibiotics in animal agriculture. Fascinating giraffes. Ecotourism may harm animals. Managing pesticide risks to our pets.
Animals Today June 30, 2018. The eagle in American culture and history. Yes, we are crazy about our dogs. Summertime brings special hazards to dogs. Happy fourth to all pets and people.
Animals Today June 23, 2018: Try a plant-based diet! Heartworm update. Helping the pets of homeless people. So you think you know about sharks?
Animals Today June 16, 2018. The amazing Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary. Remembering Leona Helmsley’s dog, Trouble and other more serious estate planning concerns. Interior department proposes a cruel rule change in Alaska – now is time to act! Our pet peeves about pet owners.
Animals Today June 2, 2018. Monkey selfie settlement nixed by court, presenting new challenges for expanded rights for animals. Driving safely with dogs. Attend the 2018 Animal Rights National Conference in LA. All about bees.
Animals Today May 26, 2018. “Feeding two birds with one scone.” Humane animal idioms. Emotional support animals at Yale. Canine Confidential, by Marc Bekoff. Preventing dog bites. Differences between dog and cat people.
Animals Today May 19, 2018: Caged animals at a high school prom. Captive tigers in the US. Elephant protection in Africa. Annoying things people do to their animals.
Animals Today May 5, 2018: Adventures in cruelty free shopping. Applying science to dog training. Seizures in companion animals. Animals in popular song titles.
Animals Today April 28, 2018: Estate planning with pets in mind. Creating an elephant sanctuary in Myanmar. Close encounter with javelinas.
Animals Today April 21, 2018. Known and hidden risks of dog parks. Nineteen US states now say feral cats are an “invasive species.” How dog people differ from cat people. Cesar Chavez was an animal advocate.
Animals Today April 14, 2018. The connection between dog breeding and dog euthanasia. Educating the public about animal fighting. Preventing dog bites.
Animals Today March 31, 2018: Please don’t buy a wolfdog. The groundbreaking Food for Thought program. Texas Beef Council employing questionable promotional practices.
Animals Today March 24, 2018: The Canadian seal hunt goes on. Cownose ray killing contests. Helping children cope with pet loss. The origins of Earth Day. Children’s book reviews.
Animals Today March 17, 2018. Puppy dies in overhead bin of United flight. Remembering Snickers, who perished after a 2011 Delta flight. Appreciating snakes. More animals in song titles. What’s wrong with plastic straws?
Animals Today March 10, 2018: The California Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act, and other hot news stories. Opponents of African trophy hunting protest in front of apartment of Eric Trump. Snakebites and dogs. Learn about butterflies.
Animals Today March 3, 2018: Overweight dogs and cats. Microchip your pets. The first elephants in America. International Society for Animal Rights.
Animals Today February 24, 2018. Illinois law elevates pets’ legal status in divorce actions. International Polar Bear Day! New airline policies on flying with service animals and emotional support animals. Animals in popular song titles.
Animals Today February 17, 2018. Safe choices for dog treats and toys. Oral health for dogs. Rescued pit bulls are serving as detection dogs. The 10 most lethal animal venoms and poisons.
Animals Today February 10, 2018: Canine influenza. Plastic straws and the oceans. Swim with dolphin programs losing popularity. Rabbit welfare and pet rabbits.
Animals Today January 27, 2018. The strongest ten animal bites. February is pet dental health month. The Nonhuman Rights Project seeks to secure more legal rights for animals. Tracking animal abusers with statewide registries.
Animals Today January 20, 2018. The ten worst zoos for elephants. Updating California’s Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act. Top bird watching sites worldwide.
Animals Today January 13, 2018. Our national emblem, the bald eagle. DDT, eagles, mosquitos, malaria, and Zika. Canned hunting of specially bred species with unusual features.
Animals Today January 6, 2018. Ideas to help dogs and cats for the New Year. Aiding wild animals near the home. The continued growth of the plant-based diet. Reviewing Earthlings. Risks from rabies.
Animals Today December 9, 2017. Legal analysis of the shooting death of an innocent woman by a hunter. Understanding the mind of the cow. Exploring Nat Geo’s Encounter Ocean Odyssey. Pets and stereos: Can we all get along? Marin County’s humane approach to managing wildlife / livestock conflict.
Animals Today December 3, 2017. Reining in Animal Services. Chris Delforce’s upcoming film, Dominion. Legal status of pets continues to expand. It’s International Cheetah Day! Photographing fascinating reef creatures.
Animals Today November 25, 2017: Big game trophy decision: What will the Trump administration do about this explosive issue? Holiday safety for pets. Most popular dog and cat names of the year.
Animals Today November 18, 2017: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society update. What happened to Ringling Bros’ tigers? Ronnie Lee discusses his biography, The Animals’ Freedom Fighter.
Animals Today November 4, 2017: Thanksgiving eats for pets: what’s ok? Turkey traditions and the Presidency. Heartworm update. Favorite products of 2017, part 3.
Animals Today October 28, 2017: California makes a strong move against puppy mills. Overweight dogs and cats. Protecting Manatees. Favorite products of 2017, part 2.
Animals Today October 21, 2017: Who should be permitted to have Emotional Support Animals? Is it time for cannabinoids for pets? Long sentence for police dog killer. Top pet products 2017 part 1.
Animals Today October 7, 2017: Sea Shepherd reacts to Japan’s aggressive tactics. The origins of Animal Law. Protect the Endangered Species Act. Oh, how we love our dogs. Sloths.
Animals Today September 23, 2017: Hurricane and flood updates from Florida and Texas. Shark photography and conservation. Coyotes.
Animals Today September 16, 2017: All about rabbits. Divorce and companion animals. Settlement reached in the “monkey selfie” lawsuit.
Animals Today September 9, 2017: Animal idioms. Ending cownose ray killing contests. Dementia in dogs. Will SeaWorld survive? A rescue and hospice for homeless senior dogs.
Animals Today September 2, 2017: Preparing for Natural Disasters. American Bar Association supports TNVR programs. So ya wanna bring your emotional support animal to Europe? Can music soothe our pets?
Animals Today August 26, 2017: World Mosquito Day. Please don’t visit the dolphin park in Arizona! Another SHARK victory: Senator Inhofe’s canned pigeon shooting events have ceased. Best pet-friendly cities.
Animals Today August 19, 2017. SuperZoo 2017, Part 1. Coverage from Las Vegas. Cognitive dysfunction in dogs. Genetic testing for breed and disease.
Animals Today Aug 12 2017. Deceptive and fraudulent labeling of faux fur: learn how to ensure the products you buy are cruelty free. Bad flu affecting dogs.
Animals Today August 5, 2017: Try a plant-based diet! Heartworm update. Animal advocates are now in Connecticut courts, an important milestone. Rescuing animals and kids from hot cars: new laws apply in California
Animals Today July 23, 2017. Utah ag-gag law ruled unconstitutional. Coral reefs. Is the Pet Effect real? Arachnids, serpents and us.
Animals Today July 1, 2017 Blowing the whistle on wildlife abuses. Surviving another summer in the desert. Independence Day tips for easing stress in pets.
Animals Today June 24, 2017: It’s American Eagle Day and we celebrate eagles. Update on sulfoxaflor, bees and pollinators. Protecting elephants with technology. Bats and their viruses. Robot falcons and more animal news.
Animals Today – June 10, 2017. Is horse urine in your pills? Emotional Support dog bites airline passenger. Delaware rejects breed specific legislation. Seizures in companion animals.
Animals Today June 3, 2017: Dogs, hot cars and the law. Another twisted twist on game hunting. Adventure Cats with author Laura J. Moss. Know the risks of pesticides to your furry family members.
Animals Today May 13, 2017: What makes a great animal sanctuary? Micro chipping and estate planning. Dog bite liability. Disaster planning after Katrina.
Animals Today April 29, 2017. Adopting baby turtles confiscated after LA bust. World Turtle Day. Critically endangered animals. Dog cloning. Educating about animals and nature. Vaccines for cats: what’s needed?
Animals Today April 22, 2017. Animal assisted therapy: fact and fiction. Human hormone therapy poses risks to pets. It’s kitten season again!
Animals Today April 15, 2017: Appreciating Beavers. Do cats need more respect? History and value of micro chipping. Estate planning. Legal news. Would you share a spoon with your dog?
Animals Today April 8, 2017: Wolfdogs. Early days of the Audubon Society. Scorpions. Cesar Chavez, animal advocate.
Animals Today March 25, 2017: USDA removes critical animal welfare information from website. Save The Frogs Day will soon be here. A novel program to rehabilitate animal abusers. Fascinating bats.
Animals Today March 11, 2017. Obesity in dogs and cats is getting more common. Neat products reviewed. Toxicities of rodenticides. Manatees! Dolphins!
Animals Today March 18, 2017: Choosing dog toys and treats wisely. Driving the Southwest US with dogs. Genetic testing on dogs, with our dogs’ results.
Animals Today March 4, 2017: Special update: USDA removes animal welfare information from website
Animals Today February 25, 2017. What are the best ways to train dogs? Dental hygiene tips for dogs. Relief for itchy dogs. The Iditarod sled dog race is animal exploitation.
Animals Today February 11, 2017. Alaska elevates legal status of companion animals. Would you clone your pet? Ecotourism may harm animals. Use care with pesticides when dogs and cats are around.
Animals Today February 4, 2017: Exposing taxpayer funded vivisection. Diabetes in cats. The pets of the Presidents.
Animals Today January 28, 2017. Ringling Bros. to close! Cannabis products for pets. Dogs protecting the President. Cat scratch disease.
Animals Today January 14, 2017. Adopt a rescue bird month. Helping injured birds. Protecting nesting petrels on Hawaii. Elephant Sanctuary Brazil. Synthetic dog models for training. A sanctuary for senior cats.
Animals Today January 7, 2017: The Bald Eagle: American icon and conservation success story. Ending captive lion hunting in Africa
Animals Today Dec 24, 2016: Most important animal stories of 2016
Animals Today December 17, 2016: Myths surrounding plant-based diets. How to move toward a plant-based diet. Expert Vet tips for holiday pet safety. Challenges of coping with the loss of pets around the holidays.
Animals Today December 12, 2016: Animals and religion: An in-depth discussion with Frank Hoffman. Keeping companion animals safe during the holidays.
Animals Today December 3, 2016: Myths surrounding plant-based diets. How to move toward a plant-based diet. Expert Vet tips for holiday pet safety. Challenges of coping with the loss of pets around the holidays.
Animals Today – November 19, 2016: Animals and religion: An in-depth discussion with Frank Hoffman. Keeping companion animals safe during the holidays.
Animals Today Election Report: The hunting activities of Donald Trump’s sons.
Animals Today Nov 6, 2016: Who should be permitted to have Emotional Support Animals? Swim with dolphin programs losing popularity. Helping youth grieve the loss of pets. Backyard ingestion hazards for dogs and cats.
Animals Today October 22, 2016: Wild and exotic animals as pets. Zika spraying kills millions of bees. All about back disease in dogs.
Animals Today – October 15, 2016: Planes and birds in conflict: Making the skies safer for us all. Petition to end horse slaughter. Will California protect good Samaritans who break into hot vehicles to rescue animals?
Animals Today October 8, 2016: Disaster preparedness for pets. Sloths! Canine heartworm disease. Ending horse slaughter. Appreciating bats.
Animals Today September 17, 2016: The film, The Champions. What breed is that dog? Looks are often deceiving! Problems abound with breed specific legislation. Iguanas, red pandas, xylitol, and explosive-sniffing dogs.
Animals Today September 10, 2016: Helping Koalas. Expanded legal rights for animals in Oregon. Worst enclosures for cetaceans. Too many stray dogs in Dallas.
Animals Today August 20, 2016: Mosquito alert and the threat of Zika: World Mosquito Day. Recalling Lori’s childhood trip to Africa. America’s newest juvenile hunting celebrity. Mental health risks to those who work in the animal welfare field. Toxoplasmosis in cats and people.
Animals Today July 30, 2016. Humane animal idioms. Rays slaughtered for sport. Criticizing the functions of contemporary zoos. International Society for Animal Rights.
Animals Today July 16, 2016: Spanish Bullfighter killed on live TV. Coral Reef Awareness Week. What a Fish Knows, by Jonathan Balcombe. The first US animal shelter.
Animals Today July 9, 2016. Critiquing Captain Paul Watson’s statements about the shooting of the Cincinnati Zoo’s Gorilla, Harambe. Innocent jaguar killed at Olympic ceremony in Brazil. Respecting and loving cows – and not because they are milk factories. Fake service animals.
Animals Today June 25, 2016: Will the film, Finding Dory, harm fishes and reefs? US government is killing cormorants. Veganism’s rise in Israel. Developing whale sanctuaries.
Animals Today June 11, 2016: Who’s to blame for the death of Harambe? California desert bighorn sheep need better protection. New animal cruelty legal unit in San Bernardino.
Animals Today May 21, 2016: Moving away from animal testing in drug development. Trained rats detecting TB. All about heartworm disease. What we do for our cats! Wildlife now thrives in Chernobyl radiation zone.
Animals Today May 7, 2016: Progress and challenges at SeaWorld. No, a vegetarian diet will not hurt you. Stiff penalty given for killing a police dog. Animals thriving after Chernobyl.
Animals Today – April 23, 2016: Zookeeper killed by Malayan tiger: This should never happen. Giant rats at work detecting land mines. All you need to know about kitten season.
Animals Today April 9, 2016: The insanity of the Canadian seal hunt. Can a drug extend dogs’ lives? Amazing penguin adventure. Is your neighbor’s dog soiling your lawn? Mass killings of native snakes are not needed. Illegal Ivory trade through Hawaii.
Animals Today April 2, 2016: Stealing Elephants from Africa. Avoiding brain disease with diet. Pet product industry update. Fake service animals under scrutiny.
Animals Today – March 26, 2016: Mink liberator receives long prison sentence. Origins of the Audubon Society. Suing the Cricket Hollow Zoo. Too many dog and cat photos? Cesar Chavez, animal advocate.
Animals Today – March 19, 2016: Ending the killing from the illegal animal trade. Debating feral cat management. From cattle ranch to vegan farm animal sanctuary.
Animals Today March 12, 2016: SeaWorld admits spying on PETA. Aardvark week. PawPAC. More on disease prevention through diet. What mountain lions eat. Suing for the elephant, Lucky.
Animals Today: March 5, 2016: Exposing and opposing slaughter of horses in the US. International Polar Bear Day. Scalia the hunter. Plant based eating for kids.
Animals Today – February 20, 2016: Protecting pangolins. Animal abuse at Riverside County fair. Shark fin ban legal battles. Eating to prevent disease. Helping the animals of the homeless people.
Animals Today February 13, 2016: What’s causing whale strandings in the North Sea? Trump’s sons are hunters. Dental hygiene for dogs. So you’ve found some cats: now what? Bad flu affecting dogs.
Animals Today – January 30, 2016: Wolf-dog hybrids. The dollar value of dogs. Dog bites and the law. More on salamanders.
Animals Today January 23, 2016: Kangaroo product ban in California. Ringling Bros. elephants to retire early. Wolves in conflict with ranchers. Helping children cope with the loss of pets. Highly contagious strain of flu affecting dogs.
Animals Today – January 16, 2016: Child killed by pit bull. Why laws aimed at certain breeds may not be the answer. Microchip your animals. Estate planning for your companion animals. Protecting manatees. Ranking states for animal cruelty laws.
Animals Today January 9, 2016: Protecting the seas with Sea Shepherd’s Captain Paul Watson. Animal protection law survey. The book, Larry Saves the Prairie.
Animals Today December 26, 2015: Top Animal Stories of 2015. Elephant trivia. Avoiding animal hazards during the holidays.
Animals Today December 19, 2015. Holiday safety tips. Animal news. Would you rescue a tortoise? Take the animal holiday challenge!
Animals Today December 12, 2015: NIH retires Chimps. Vertebral disc disease in dogs. How well do dogs really smell? Helping animals without going crazy. California hotel supports military dogs.
Helping Animals Without Going Crazy: Strategies for Effective, Joyful Advocacy
Animals Today November 21, 2015: Ag-gag laws under scrutiny. Seizures in companion animals. Cuddling with scorpions. The bats of Catalina Island.

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