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Tech It Out is the technology show where you don’t need to speak “tech” to get your questions answered and learn about the fast changing world of consumer technology. Host Marc Saltzman, a veteran in the tech world, breaks down “geek speak into street speak”. He is a technology columnist, author and TV personality. Each week, Marc discusses consumer technology topics, interviews compelling guests and addresses listener questions and concerns. He has contributed to more than 40 publications, including his syndicated column with USA TODAY. He is also a prolific 16-time author, radio and television personality, and public speaker. Marc specializes in consumer electronics, online technology, business tech, interactive entertainment and future trends.

Tech It Out tackles the latest news, reviews and how-to’s, to help your listeners gain a clearer understanding of what’s hot, what’s not and why. Make educated purchases. Learn how to master your existing gadgets. Find out what’s coming next. Ask questions, and get answers.


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TikTok on Samsung TVs, Nexit’s Nav App, Intel 12th Gen Processors, and Launchtrip!
Special Thanksgiving weekend show: Hot Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals
At-home COVID Test on Your Smartphone; Pre-Black Friday deals
Win a Lorex Video Doorbell! Also, LinkedIn, Carley Knoblock and Flipp
Flipp App Saves You $$$; a ‘Metaverse’ 101 Lesson; Driving With the Nexit Navigation App
Quick, Easy, Simultaneous: Scan Your Old Photos! Plus, a New ‘Temple Run’ Game & More
BitSight Talks Security Ratings with Third Party Trust, plus Slickdeals Rewards Unveiled
BitSight talks security ratings with Third Party Trust, plus Slickdeals Rewards is unveiled
R-U-A Content Creator? ASUS Has the Laptop for You
Home Smart Home: Chatting with Lorex About New Smart Camera Offerings
Have a math student in the family? Get free help with Photomath, an app that uses your phone’s camera to solve problems
The Electric Cadillac Sells Out! The iPhone 13, Home Depot & More!
Own a Pet? Be the First to Learn about Vetster for Virtual Visits to a Vet
"Hear" What’s New in Hearing Aid Tech with
How Tech Helps Those With Disabilities Find Gainful Employment
Consumer Reports (CR) Wants to Know What Your Broadband is Like
Western Digital Talks Storage for Students, and Carley Knobloch on Laptops
Tech for 'Skeeter-bites; Dating App for Gamers; Kobo’s Most Ambitious E-reader to Date
The World’s First 3-D Tablet and Tech for Your Pets
"Gadget Insurance"? Why Should You Care?
Sneak Peek! The New ASUS ExpertBooks Laptops Debuting Next Month
Get OnStar, Even if You Don’t Drive a GM (Works on Foot Too!)
Hit With Ransomware? DON'T PAY!
"Fake News"? What About Fake REVIEWS?
We Chat with Prez of Nintendo of America! Giveaway, E3 highlights & More
Our 200th Show! Hear How to Enter to Win an ASUS VivoBook Flip 14 Laptop!
One Week 'til E3! We Get Our Game On With the ESA & a Pair of E3 Hosts
The Future is Here: 3D-Printed Teeth ... Seriously!
Scan Receipts & Earn Gift Cards with Fetch Rewards
Protect Yourself Online with NordVPN, DeleteMe, and Stash Password Manager
Mother’s Day Gadget Gift Ideas with Amber Mac; Facebook Launches Neighborhoods
Epson Talks Receipt Scanners Ahead of National Small Business Week
Protecting kids Online with Circle; and the 4-1-1 on CarGenerator and LG’s 4K Projector
Earth Day Tips with Amber Mac & Pinterest Positivity
Buying a Dashcam? Look for These ‘Must Have’ Features
The Easter Bunny Brings a New Show! Including a ‘5G 101’ Chat with T-Mobile
Wage War Against Robo-Callers
Chatting with Brittlestar – the “Internet’s Favorite Dad” – About His Social Media Stardom
Catch Up with Actor Alan Ritchson on His New Sci-fi Action Dramedy
Singer Raine Maida on NFTs, ‘Hey Robot!’; Game Creator Frank Lantz; & a Pair of New Chevy Bolts
Cesar “The Dog Whisperer” Millan Chats With Us About Halo Collar
Try Some Awesome ‘Alexa’ Tips and Tricks
Yep, Sex Toys Can Be Hacked! Hear My Interview With an ESET Cybersecurity Expert
High-tech Toilets and Bidets . . . Wait, WHAT?
Holograms – From Your Smartphone! – Are Coming in 2021.
New ROG Gamer Gear, Phone Sanitizers and a Peek at the Samsung Galaxy S21
Highlights from the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
Robo-Lawyers, GoPro’s $1M Giveaway & Rockstar Bingo!
Our End of Year ‘Tech It Out’ Special With 4 GREAT Guests!
What’s Intel Evo All About? Tune In, Find Out, Geek Out!
Gift Guides Galore! We Talk to Tech Experts for Their Picks
Online Shopping Safety Tips with ESET’s Tony Anscombe
Thanksgiving Show: Cyber Monday Deals, Keychain Breathalyzers and COVID Tech
Don't Break the Bank on Holiday Tech Toys & Gifts
Distract Yourself from Post-election Drama With a New Episode of Tech It Out!
Xbox Series X vs. PS5: We Get Our Game On!
It’s Voting Time! Combat Election Stress with the MindValley Online Platform
The iPhone 12 Review is Here! We Chat with’s Daniel Bader
Score the Best Deals With the New Slickdeals Browser Extension
Ex-Googlers Create ‘Good Trust’ for Loved Ones Who Pass On
Amazon Unveils New Devices - Including a Flying Ring Camera!
Race As -- or Against -- Trump / Biden, in Free ‘Presidents Run’ Game
What’s with Elon Musk, Integrating Man and Machine? A Psychiatrist Nixes Neuralink
The New Peloton Bike+ is Here; Real-World Superheroes: and WD Drives for Students & the 'rents
Understanding Wi-Fi 6 – and Why You Want It - with NETGEAR
Recommended ‘Back to School’ Tech -- Part II
Learn What’s New in Laptops with ASUS
Back-to-School Tech That Makes the Grade
Tech to Keep Us Safe: Learn About Threat Detection Systems
Thanks for the Memory: Small Rugged 2TB SSDs from G-Drive
The Global Pandemic & the E-Bike Revolution ... Coincidence? Nope.
Summer Camps Go Online During the Coronavirus Crisis
How ‘Thermal Guard’ May Help Our Places Stay COVID-Free as We Get Back to Business
Happy 4th of July! Plug Into This ‘Tech It Out’ Long Weekend Edition
What’s a VPN and Why you Need One (Now More Than Ever)
SHOW #150 !!!
Camp Get Canceled? Let This Solar Camping Gear SUPERSIZE Your Excursion
Mental Health App Offers Free Sessions to Frontline Workers
ENCORE: Covid-19 Crisis: How is Your Mental Health?
Unlocking Your Family History with Ancestry DNA Kits
Intel: Working from Home and Your Next PC
Suffering from ‘Zoom Fatigue’? A New 3D Avatar of Yourself May Be the Solution
Twitter Talks About a New COVID-19 Portal
Intel Makes Massive $50M Donation to Fight COVID-19
ZOOMBOMBING: How to Avoid It
How ‘Nextdoor’ App Helps Neighbors During the COVID-19 Crisis
How Tech Can Help During the COVID-19 Crisis
COVID-19 Crisis: How is Your Mental Health?
Staying Connected While You're Self-Isolated
Don’t Fall for Coronavirus-Related Scams!
Love Old-Time Radio Plays? Carl Amari (and Some Tech) Keeps Them Alive
"GIF", or "JIF"? (Tomato, Tomahto...)
Cadillac’s President talks tech and the new 2021 Escalade
Samsung Bows FOUR New Smartphones!
Speaking with the Producers & Cast of Apple TV+’s new ‘Mythic Quest"
Orangetheory Fitness, Google Tricks & the ‘Uber’ of Movers
How will Apple do in 2020?
The Best of the 2020 CES Show (Part 2)
The Best of the 2020 CES Show (Part 1)
Cadillac Launches Digital Showroom: Cadillac Live
Cocktail Lovers: LG has a “Cool” High-Tech Fridge Just for You.
Stop ‘Porch Pirates’ With This One Anti-theft Solution
Tech Out Toyota’s 2021 Marai (which means “Future”)
Laptop Innovations from ASUS
Wanna Feel Old? Angry Birds Turns 10!
SanDisk: Rugged! Sonos: Portable! LG Bows a New Phone
Get a Taste of What’s New with OpenTable, and More!
Q&A with Ceridian on the Tech of H.R. and Payroll
Author Rich DeMuro Talks iPhone Tips & Tricks
Roku is Back with New Media Streamers
"Alexa ... Find Me a Job at McDonald’s"
Busy Parents & Bogged-Down Batteries
Winners Taking home $1M at Overwatch League Finals
Hands-on With iPhone 11; Also Google Stadia 101
LG’s Massive 49-inch Computer Monitor
A Chat with Eric Alper, Celebrated Music Publicist and Show Host
Win One of Eight $250 Gift Cards!
The Future is (almost) Here: Cisco Talks 5G & Gaming
Let's Go Hands-on with Samsung’s Galaxy Note10
16-Year-Old Wins $3M at Fortnite World Cup - What a Tough Life
At Last! The World’s First Self-cleaning, Self-changing Trash Can!
2nd Anniversary Show: The World’s First Virtual Reality Massage Center
Rebroadcast: ASUS Unveils New ROG (Republic of Gaming) Gaming Laptops
IBM Talks Women in the A.I. Space
The 3 TV Brands Recommended by Netflix
The FIVE Best Uses for Amazon Alexa
It’s Episode 100! And We’re Live at E3!
Diversity in Video Gaming: Look Who’s Playing Today!
Organgetheory Fitness: Talking Tech and Exercise
Highlights From the 2019 COLLISION Conference
Exclusive Chat with Collision Conference CEO & Founder, Paddy Cosgrave
Non-Secure Web Browsing? You Need a VPN!
Intel’s 9th Gen Processors Targeting PC Gamers & Content Creators
ASUS Unveils New ROG (Republic of Gaming) Gaming Laptops
A smart solution to distracted driving?
If IKEA and Sonos had a baby…
Spring Clean Your Tech with Best Buy
PLAY BALL! Step Up to the Plate with Our MLB "The Show 19" Interview.
New AirPods, Hidden Cameras in Hotel Rooms, and Gaming Monitors
Talking Tech with YouTube Celeb Molly Burke
Sleep Advice, Airline Tech & Empowering Women
Smart cars, travel apps, and more!
Poker Stars goes VR
Food Takes a Mega-"bite" Out of Tech!
Is Your Computer Hurting You? Heed These ‘Ergonomics’ Tips
Ring Talks New Video Doorbells, & More!
Tune up your TV for Super Bowl Sunday
Samsung talks TV tech for 2019, 2020
It's Vegas, Baby! The Coolest Tech from CES 2019
Happy New Year, from Tech It Out!
Microsoft, Intel, and Lenovo ... Oh My!
Can Video Games Help One Cope with Trauma?
Gadget Gift Ideas with Carley Knobloch
How to Save Money on Holiday Travel
Cyber Monday Shopping Tips
The One App You Need for Black Friday Deals
How to Spot ‘Fake News’ on Social Media
ASUS: a New "Twist" On Laptops
Comedian Jo Koy Shares His Top Tech
Truly Wireless Charging is HERE!
A New TiVo for Cord-Cutters!
We’re Addicted to Netflix ... You Won’t Believe HOW Much!
New Amazon products and a robotic bartender
The smartest way to trade in your old iPhone
SEPT 15-16: Rebroadcast of Aug. 4 Show
New Floor-vac Robots, Hotel Deals, and Laptops!
Walmart Inks eBook Deal With Kobo
How to Save on Your Mobile Phone Bills
T-Mobile Talks Top Travel Tech
AUG_11-12: New Samsung Galaxy Note9 unveiled!
Alexa Takes Over, Instagram Superstars, and More!
Famous Movie Screenwriters Use *These* Apps & Gear
OH MY, It's George Takei (and his new App)!
Our 1-Year Anniversary Show!
July 7-8 Independence Day Show
PC Shopping; and Your Doctors Online
Catching Up with ASUS; and "Dim All the Lights..." with Wi-Fi
Game On With E3! (The World’s Biggest Videogame Expo)
June 9-10: Fake News, Smart Showers and More!
Parenting in the Digital Age; & Backing Up Your iPhone
Arcade Cabs, iPhone Storage & Make $$$ While Shopping
e-Bikes, Be a Brand Ambassador, & Tech for Seniors
Western Digital's Private Cloud (and Other Topics)
New Content on ROKU and Other Topics
Creepy Webcam Hackers & a Two-Year Ink Supply
Flying Cars Are Finally Here!
YouTube Tricks and DIY Drones
Tax Time Is Coming! So is a New App
Meet Nora...Meet Monster... and Monitor Wi-Fi with Disney
Philips & a Good Night's Sleep
Pupster Trains Pets, & Printer Personas
Angry Birds Is Back! You Can "Bet" on That!
Mac Ports, Mobile Safety and More!
Wi-Fi in the Sky? "Aye!", Says Routehappy
Samsung Super Bowl! and 5G Cellular is Coming
Post-CES Observations, and Even More Cool Stuff
From the Floor of the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show!
Jan 2018: Best Games & Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality
Holiday Entertaining
Protect Your Digital World in the New Year
Can You Say "KAPCHR"? and Last-Minute Gift Ideas
(Mixed) Reality ... What a Concept!
The Best Galaxy Devices for 2017; the Flipp App; & Who's Yo' (Go) Daddy?
A Fitness Desk, the D-Link 'Deco' and a New LG Android Smartphone
Nov 11-12: What's HAPPN'in'?
Medication Dispenser for Seniors, Video for Babies, and TV for the Rest of Us
This Week in Tech: Pianos, Popsockets and Projectors
Oct 21-22 Sell your old tech, New Wearables, Protection from cyber threats
Oct 14-15: Drones, Headphones and free eBooks
OCT 7: Charging Your Phone Over Coffee, & Cool Tablet Accessories
Sept 30-Oct 1: Common Sense Media, Fujifilm's New Camera and Injustice II
Sept 23-24: Jackpot Blitz, Itty-bitty PacMan, The iPhone 8, and HiSense TV
Sept 17: Audiobooks, Cybersecurity, the Zero-Dollar Car, and the new iPhone
Sept 9-10: Charging Cables, Home Wi-Fi and BodyCams for Civvies
Sept 2-3: Disney's "World of Avatar" & and YouTube Celebrity iJustine
Aug 26: Parents, Get With the Program! / Crypto-Currency / The OrCam
Aug 19-20: Cash-Back Apps, Back to School Tech, and Millennial Safety
Aug 12-13: The Petzi Treat-Cam and Social Stepmom
Aug 5-6: Retro Gaming Consoles; Leapfrog Academy
July 29-30: Hi-Tech Treadmills, Cyber-Security and Travel Trends
July 22-23: Portable Android Projector & "Crash Bandicoot" is Back!
July 15-16: The SmartWallet and Waterproof e-Book

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