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Michelle Jerson is a lifestyle expert and the founder, host and writer for Passport Mommy. Passport Mommy covers topics including family travel, health and wellness and innovative products for moms and families. She enjoys featuring mompreneurs and talking about what she’s currently going through as a parent to a toddler and newborn.

Michelle shares her experiences as a mom with listeners as a correspondent for local and national radio and television shows. She is a sought after spokesperson for travel, kids and wellness brands for Satellite Media Tours, local and national radio and television programs, videos and social media ambassador programs.

As a seasoned broadcaster, Michelle has also worked as an on-air personality for Nash FM 94.7 FM in NYC and a television traffic reporter for Spectrum NY1 News. She has hosted lifestyle and relationship talk shows on New Jersey 101.5 FM, IQ 106.9 Philadelphia and 106.7 WJFK in Washington D.C. As a reporter, she was a member of Howard Stern’s news team and has been an integral part of many morning shows. In television, she reported traffic for WCBS-TV in New York City and was the television and radio correspondent for

You can follow Michelle on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @passportmommy.

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Kenny Down's "The Mirror, The Window and the Wall;" Winter Wellness Tips; Nadia Davis' "Home Is Within You;" Staying Safe with Tech
Medicare Open Enrollment; Infertility and the ProteX Solution; Hottest Tech Gifts This Holiday Season
RZA Talks Plant Grants; Maximize Financial Rewards for Holiday Shopping; Danny Jordan and the Capables; Be Road Trip Ready
"Rural By Choice;" Accessing Affordable Insulin; Suddenly Single: Susan Warner; A Summer Classic: The Bew White Story, Holiday Shopping
The Conjuring House Halloween Event; New Testing for Breast Cancer; Loews Philadelphia Hotel; Benefits for Veterans
RSV Awareness Month; Celebrating Pharmacists During Covid; Women Business Owners Navigating the Current Landscape; Trip to Sesame Place
Stephanie Oswald Talks Travel; Medicare Advantage with Humana; Family Fall Safety Checks
Dr. Christopher Lee's Performance Conversations; The Importance of Covid-19 Vaccine; Customer Experience in Post Pandemic World
Baby Shark in Theaters! Operation Lifesaver; Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
Early Signs of Disabilities & N.O.T.E; Chef Alex Seidel Talks Beef; Christopher Gilbert's The Noble Edge; Roxè's New Music Video
Dance Therapy for MS; Train Safety; Dr. Ken Redcross And How To Prevent Heartburn
Importance of FICO Scores; Real Estate During Covid; Teaching Kids Financial Responsibility
The Importance of Covid Vaccines; Latest Diamond Trends; Zarina's 123 Baby Box ; Technology Keeping Kids Safe
Ben Levin's "In The Hole;" AI and Heart Disease; UFOs; Author Kevin Schewe's Bad Love; IBM's Digital Training ProgramUFO
Regan P. Watts and his Brushalot Tooth Fairy Kit!
Successful Post-Pandemic Retirement Tips; Mental Illness Rates in North Carolina
Pelvic Floor Disorders; Annessa Chumbley Talks Healthy Family Recipes
Joovy's Partnership with National Park Foundation; Four Year Old Friend Drama
Dr. Ryan Loss Talks Anxiety in Kids and Adults; Gohenry Teaches Kids About Money; Managing Your Weight for Good Health
Kids and Maternal Photography with Ashley Neilsen; Norman McCombs' Novel " A Reason to Be" Grilling Tips with Chef Josh Capon
Jellystone Park at Birchwood Acres; Running A Facebook Group; Hormone Intelligence; The Importance of 529 Plans
Profit from Your Blog; What's in the Dairy Aisle; Todd Parr's Inspirational Children's Books; Getting Rid of Bed Bugs
Back to Work? How's Your Pet Doing? GenYouth Talks Teens and Covid; Cycling and Bike Safety w/ Kate Macarelli; Child Cancer Survivors
Importance of Home Inspections; SkyBlossom, the film; Jellystone Park Camp Resorts; Mental Health and Medicaid
Bookish Broads, The Montessori Baby, Camp Hollywoof!
Younger Actors Star in Drawn Closer, PTA and the Pandemic, Perry School NYC, Sleep Apnea
Cleaning Naturally with Lemi Shine; Women Leaving the Workforce; Marshall and Michelle's Potty Talk
Tips for Home Buying, Spring Cleaning and Spring Travel + Positive Parenting - Can We Really Do It?
Icecream Emergency! Spring Into a Healthier You, The Rugged Entrepreneur, Finding Vaccination Sites
Eat Better, Hypnosis for Calmer Parenting, Children's Literacy and Mind Gym for Your Business
Smart Money Mamas with Chelsea Brennan
Your FICO Score, Charter Schools, Perry School and Think Tank, and Kidney Health
TakeLessons (like guitar and piano!) and Get Things Done Now! IBM Talks Tech and Retail
Supporting Your Body w/ Garden of Life: From Conception to Your Child's Teen Years
Animal Love on VDay! The Woman Behind Mielle Organics; Princess Parties for Kids! Innovations in Children's Cardiac Care
Kelli Hurley's Birth Story and Balancing Work/Motherhood; Valentine's Day Spending Tips
It's Puzzle Day! Your Health and Brain Injuries; Marketing Your Business; Wonderbread Turns 100!
"Completely Me" + Was Your Mom Emotionally Unavailable? You Can Break The Cycle For Your Kids!
Get To Sleep! + Talking to Your Kids About What's Happening in Washington + Fetal Surgery + How to Spend Wisely + Food Allergies
Get Your Business Started! Mean Girls on the Playground; New Year, New You!
Sweet Gifts and Fitness Goals to Burn Them Off plus "Best of" Segments
Financial Tips for the New Year; Health 101 (MAC Lung Disease); Resolutions with Garden of Life
Staying Healthy During Cold/Flu Season; Luxury Vehicles for 2021; Self Care with Garden of Life
Hacks for Holiday Survival, Avoid Online Scams with Facebook, Conquer Holiday Stress with Garden of Life
Holiday Gifting and Meal Ideas; Keep Your Family and Neighbors Safe w/ Ring, Combat Carbohydrate and Sugar Cravings w/ Garden of Life
Mompreneur Shana Shay; Avoidable Blindness with Orbis; The Benefits of Sleep and Rest with Garden of Life
Vrbo's 2021 Trend Report; Reduce Holiday Stress with Garden of Life! Benefits of Non Dairy Milk, Medicare Open Enrollment; Living with COPD
Stress free Holidays; Women Helping Women; Recycling Day Tips, Stay Strong and Healthy with Garden of Life!
Health Hacks for Our Aging Parents with Garden of Life (plus 25% off promocode!); Diversity in Media, Goodwill Helping Veterans
Guard My Vote!!
Destress! More Covid Tests with BioIQ; "I am Black" Campaign; , Your Immunity with Garden of Life
Goat Therapy! Stay Healthy During the Holidays, Beauty Hacks with Garden of Life
Virtual Preschool with Think Tank! Distance Learning Series with Virginia Union University; Your Husband's Health with Garden of Life
Vrbo Celebrates 25 Years! The Importance of a 529, Enhancing Your Child's and Your Immunity with Garden of Life!
Dr. Sheila Robinson and The 15th Annual Diversity Women's Business Leadership Conference
Go Travel with Vrbo! Women's Health with Dr. Alyssa Dweck; Raise Your Child's Immunity with Garden of Life
Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month, Kids and Medicaid/Chip, Kids Immunity with Garden of Life
Learn About Your DNA, Hair Coloring Tips, Taking Mommy Time with Garden of Life
Going Back to Preschool, Get Outside with Joovy, Healthy Hacks for Moms
Roadtripping with Loni Unser, Back to School with Dr. Loss, Testing for Covid When Going Into Work, Advances in Pediatric Cancer Treatment
Great New Corona Children's Book, Think Tank Preschool From Home, Corona and Flu Season
Navigating "Back to School" During Pandemic; Biking to school, School Culture and Victoria Rowell's New TV Show
Enrich Your Children with Music Together!
VRBO - The "Flexcation," IBM Recognizes 100 Top Hospitals, Michelle Uses Potty Training Toilet, Ancestry Health's New DNA Test
Camp TV, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Family Connections and PETA
How Covid-19 Is Affecting Our Sleep; College Board Scholarships; Nature's Bounty Promotes Summer Wellness
The Child Proof Coach - Jay Martel
Dr. Daliah and Michelle Chat About The Covid-19 Issues On Every Parent's Mind/What To Do If Your Kid Walks In On You and Your Partner!
Toddler Topics, Why You Should Eat After 7pm and USPS National Dog Bite Awareness Week
Positive Parenting with Debbie Godfrey
Keeping Your Small Business Thriving, Bebé Voyage - Traveling During the Pandemic
Etsy Business Owner Shares Her Story, How to Have a Healthy Home, You Can Help Fight Covid-19
Bike Safety with Topeak's Katie Macarelli, 7 ate 9's cute apparel, IBM Honors Women in AI
Toddler Topics with Marshall, Visiting the Dentist During Covid-19 and How Medicaid Can Help You During This Time
Public Service Recognition Week: Supplies for Success, Gary Sinise Foundation, Whose the Fun Parent?
Livermore Valley, Finding Jobs During Pandemic, The Importance of Play, PayActiv Helps You Get Paid Quicker
How Kids Can Stay Active at Home with Coach and PE Teacher Kevin Flynn, Marshall and Michelle Talk Toddler Memories, Taking AP Exams at Home
Lincoln Center at Home, Tiger King Tips the Legal Iceberg, Tips for Being Home During Pandemic, CareSTL Health Needs Supplies
Dr. Ryan Loss Talks About Work Life Balance During Pandemic, Chris Randall Takes Porch-Ritz and Mandy Hale, RN talks Kidney Health
YOTTOY for Learning and Bonding, Tracking the Coronavirus, PBS Kids Helps Educate, Recycling Dos and Dont's
Self Care While Quarantined with Kids, How Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Can Help Teach Kids About COVID-19 , Avoiding Home Repair Scams
Facebook's Response to COVID-19 and Michelle and Marshall Talk About Their New Normals
Innovative Brands Featured at the 2020 Toy Fair
Home Buying Advice, Food Allergies, Planning for Retirement, Keeping Skin Healthy
Michelle Broadcasts from The 2020 International Toy Fair
Flathead Lake Lodge, Sebring, FL and PETA's New Initiatives
Toddler Topics with Marshall, Epilepsy Management
Food and Fertility, Baby/Toddler Sleep Tips, Your Relationship with Money
Quorn's Plant Based Foods, A New Look for the SATs, Carnival Cruise Line, National Scorecard
Homeopathic Remedies for the Winter, Toddler Topics
My Gym, Toddler Topics and Fetal Surgery
Toddler Topics with Marshall Stevenson
A Mompreneur's Pajamas for Peace, A Scholarship for Childhood Cancer Survivors, Choosing the Right SUV for You, The Gifts People Value
Addie Gundry Talks Baby Food, Toddler Topics, Closing the Digital Divide
Kids Yoga Gone Awry; Balancing Motherhood and Broadcasting
Getaway to Vivo Resorts and S.W. Basics Skin Products
Fall and Winter Getaways with Travelzoo's Gabe Saglie
Toddler Topics with Marshall Stevenson
Cool baby shows and innovative products: Lincoln Center Kids, Naturepedic, Whiz Rider
Two Incredible Women Entrepreneurs!
Baby Soothe, Great Schools, Halloween Ideas
The Ultimate New Mom's Cookbook, A Family Trip to the Rocking Horse Ranch
Baby Says Shoes, KeeKee's Big Adventures
Luke Bryan's "Here's to the Farmer" Tour, Teaching Children about the Digital Space, Toddler Topics
Chiropractic Care in the Third Trimester and for Your Children; How to Keep Spice in Your Marriage After Kids
Bee and You, Family Friendly Travel in Boston, Toddler Topics
History and Fun at Lyman Orchards, Car Buying Tips, Toddler Topics with Marshall
WebUndies! Academic Performance & Student Health; Toddler Topics
Why Board Game Cafes Are Awesome For Your Kids; How to Avoid Show Biz Scams
Bella Baby Photography, Dawn Goldberg - Mom and Entrepreneur
All About Your V, Terrible Twos, Your Breastfeeding Rights
Grace Filled Parenting
Travel with toddlers; The legendary Quassy Amusement Park in CT!!
The new Honda Passport, Hamax Bike Gear, Family friendly hotels in Boston
Michelle and Marshall talk potty training, daycare drop offs and other toddler topics!
Back from Maternity Leave! Music and Kids with KHS America, Animal Packers
MATERNITY LEAVE SHOW! NY Kids Club, Giftcard Girlfriend, Evenflo Gold
Animal Friendly Vacations with John Di Leonardo
MICHELLE IS ON MATERNITY LEAVE! Best-of show from April 20-21
MATERNITY LEAVE: Best-of Show from April 14, 2019
MATERNITY BREAK - "Best Of" Show from April 6-7, 2019
The Honda CR-V, Vagina Pop-Up Book, Classic Kids Photography, Giving Back to First Responders
NY Kids Club, Giftcard Girlfriend, Evenflo Gold
The Benefits of a Doula, Childbirth Photography; Hot Toddler Topics with Marshall
Cold Bee Gone! EC Knox's Stylish Diaper Bag
Moving Tips with NY Nomads, Green Cleaning with Reds Gone Green, Talking Daycare with Comic and Dad, Marshall Stevenson
The Lexus for Families, Vacation Photos and Tips, Babyproofing a Home with Style, 529 Savings App
The College Admission Scandal; Schleich Toys, Baby & Toddler Sleep Tips, Egg Controversy
The Cher Show with Ashley Blair Fitzgerald; TGC Toys with Kelly Elwood
The Baby Bellyband, Leaving Kids For Their First Overnight
Suburban Jungle, Patch's Cool Ford Experience, Shira - children's performer and international recording artist
Lamaze Intimates, Bone Marrow Transplants, Magnetic Me, "Waitress"
Lion Country Safari, Taking Care of Kids When You're Sick, Lido Beach Resort, Babies and Heart Disease
Sarasota, The Resort at Longboat Key Club, Elite Family Care
The Willow Breast Pump, Kidmoto, Judging Parents, Safe Air Travel for Kids
Road Tripping, Pelvic Floor Health, Fetal Surgery, AP Classes
Vacation Rentals By Owner, Hands on Hoops, Juggling Motherhood with Jen Slaw, Benefits of Eggs
VRBO: Vacations for 2019; Marshall's New Year; Honda's Family Vehicles
Vacation Rentals with VRBO, NYE at Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay, Healthy Meals Delivered, Mompowerment
VRBO for Easy Family Travel, HALO and Baby Safety, PSAT Prep, Bank of America's Cultural Programs
Loving Babyganics, the Motherhood Deck, Yoga and Pilates with Kristin McGee, Mom Wellness
Working Moms, Broadway Moms, Pilates and MUTU for Pregnancy and Postpartum, Buckle Me Baby Coats
Fun holiday gifts for the kids, presents for toddlers, women choosing homes over men
Two Broadway Stars, Travelzoo's Gift Guide and Kids and Music
Your First Family Vehicle, Hip Dysplasia, Make My Belly Fit
(Rebroadcast of Oct 6-7) Postpartum Health and Wellness and more!
Benefits of a Doula, Family Ski Trips, Reveal Ideas
Great Sex, The Boobie Box, Easy Healthy Cooking, Pressure of Enrolling Toddlers in Activities
"Why Are Women Frustrated With Today's Men?", "Dear Evan Hansen," Holiday Shopping Trends
How to Travel with the Littles, Postpartum Health and Wellness and more!
Advice for Mompreneurs; Fall Travel Tips from Travelzoo; Maximizing Credit Card Points; Saving for College
Treating Diastasis Recti, Airport Concierge Services and Transportation, Woodloch Lodge, Women and Small Businesses
Club Med - A Great Family Getaway, A Dad's View on Parenting, Housewives in the City

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