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Executive Leaders Radio provides business leader interviews to give listeners a good sense of “what makes success.” Herb Cohen has fine-tuned the art of connecting CEOs’ yesterdays to today’s success. Each show includes interviews with 4 prominent business leaders for listeners to learn what makes them tick, how they were able to build their enterprises, their personal secrets of success, management style, industry trends, challenges and opportunities ahead. Listeners will appreciate connecting to these relatable role models.

Host Herb Cohen has fine-tuned the art of drawing out guests so that they feel comfortable sharing their stories, including the long road that led them into the corner office. Listeners particularly appreciate being able to relate to their life stories and struggles along the way, as well as their personal secrets of success, leadership styles and opportunities. This has made the program popular with non-business listeners, who find the stories fascinating, as well as with other CEOs and business leaders.

Executive Leaders Radio has been featured in internet business magazines SmartCEO (Smart Ideas) and SmartBusiness (Journal for Corporate Growth). Executive Leaders Radio is packed with wisdom straight from those that have done it. executiveleadersradio.com

Herb Cohen: Host and Co-founder of Executive Leaders Radio

Herb Cohen, host and co-founder of Executive Leaders Radio, has a recognized gift for connecting with CEOs, which helps explain the program’s success. As a co-host, he meets more than 900 CEOs each year. A down-to-earth host, Cohen has fine-tuned the art of connecting CEO’s life stories with their successes, a key ingredient with helping listeners relate and appreciate them as potential role models. An active entrepreneur in his own right since the age of 19, Cohen has co-founded several small-businesses and organizations including, QuiqMeds, Pennsylvania Private Investors Group, The Pros Video and The Pros Entertainers. His academic innovations include co-founding the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Entrepreneurial Network, Fairleigh Dickinson Entrepreneurial Center, and the Center for the Advancement of Study of Entrepreneurship at Temple University.

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