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For more than 15 years, Chris Markowski has imbued his vision of honesty and equality in hosting The Watchdog On Wall Street radio show. Each week, Chris explains the news coming out of the complex worlds of finance, economics and politics and the impact it will have on everyday Americans.

Chris Markowski’s history on Wall Street reads like a novel with suspense, intrigue, and corruption at the highest levels. Chris started his career by taking a job at an up-and-coming investment firm. Within two years, under his guidance, his initiatives helped increase sales by 1,500% and made the firm #2 on “INC Magazine’s” fastest growing privately held companies list. However, while working and spending significant time in the same water as some of Wall Street’s most notorious “sharks”, Chris discovered how corrupt Wall Street could be.

The fact that so many executives with fancy college degrees and glowing resumes had the capacity, with no remorse, to scam their customers and the public at large, was mind-boggling. The “respected” firm that he helped build was nothing more than an opportunity for insiders to get rich and investors to lose their shirts. Instead of accepting the culture of gluttony and deceit like many others on Wall Street, Chris went on to blow the cover off the charade, exposing the countless instances of lies, greed and manipulation. Chris exposed the villains and facilitated in bringing down the very firm that he helped build, sacrificing millions for honesty and integrity.

After that eye-opening, life-changing experience, Chris dedicated himself to making sure Americans received the truth regarding what was really happening behind the scenes on Wall Street; not the fabrications and half-truths that the big firms and financial media outlets were churning out on a daily basis. Chris’ task in “analyzing the analysts” has made him the chief thorn in the side of the Wall Street elite. Never afraid to take on a giant, Chris has gone head to head with the large brokerage houses, the dot-com scams, Enron, WorldCom and corrupt politicians. He has warned America about the largest scandals and corruption years before they made headlines. Always fighting against the lies, greed and manipulation that scarred him, The Watchdog On Wall Street has one singular concern & focus: To serve the American consumer & investor.

About Christopher Markowski

Born and raised in upstate New York, far removed from the hustle and bustle of New York City, is the unlikely starting point for one of Wall Street’s most sincere and unique individuals. Christopher Markowski has carried the titles of author, investment banker, equity analyst, muckraker, all around trouble-maker, and most importantly consumer advocate.

He is the founder of the financial planning firm Markowski Investments, an institution that provides the highest level of financial planning to all people regardless of their net-worth. Christopher is the antithesis of what Wall Street has become; he believes that financial planning is a profession, not a vehicle for selling as many ridiculous financial products as possible. His clear-cut, honest approach is in complete contrast with the fabrication and deception that individual investors are exposed to every day.

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Biden’s Open Border Crisis Is About to Get Worse with This New Order
Vegans GRILL Small Restaurant After Menu Change
The Media Needs the “Men in Black” Neuralyzer! 
Much Whining from the Social-Media Influencers!
Another EV Company Bites the Dust
Elder Abuse by Investment Crooks Skyrockets!
Trump’s Tip Tax Gimmick
A Progressive's Momentary Return to Reason
Deepfake Disaster!
The “Dark Side” of Exercise??
Tariff Indigestion!
Beware of Affinity Fraud
California is the Blackhole of Stupidity
Star Wars and Millstones
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Reason #10,474 on Why Our Legal System is Terrible!
Trump Tariffs on STEROIDS!!!
Liberals Waking Up to the Inflation Reality???
What is DESTROYING Social Security?
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of June 15 - June 16 2024
Cuomo: Blame it on the Intern!!
Penny Stocks for Sale!
Demonic Democracy??
This is Why Your Insurance Rates are Going Up
The Problems with Progressives
The Hunter Biden Photo Op
Climate Cartel Pump and Dump!
Inflation Leaves YOU Holding the Bag
Education and Mushroom Cultivation
How the Government Is Failing You
The “Climate Crisis” Has Always Been a Grift
"Is the Media Killing Us with Clicks?"
What’s the Problem with Morality?
Economists: Are They Clueless or Propagandists?
"Degenerate Trading" WILL NOT Create Wealth
Have You Seen Biden’s Pitiful Jobs Report?
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of June 8 - June 9 2024
Economic Reality Check
China and “I Am with Stupid" 
Congestion Pricing Called Off
Stop Making Fun of Biden?
Media Jihadists
Changing the Inflation Narrative
Yeehaw! Inside the New Texas Stock Exchange!
Has Biden Finally Lost It?
Here's What Biden's Immigration Policy Actually Does
The Fed and Obliviousity
Hunter Biden the Pazzo
“No One Is Above the Law.” and Other Lies We Are Told
I Wouldn’t Allow Pension Fund Managers to Babysit My Goldfish!
Really Dumb Stock Market Pundits
Republicans Stand for What??
Democrats Are Banking on Your Economic Ignorance
An Important Lesson from Sam Kinison!
The Real Consequences of Trump's "Guilty" Verdict
Who Is REALLY Celebrating This Trump Verdict?
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of June 1 - June 2 2024
California Orders Digging with Spoons
Change Schools!!
Axis of Evasion??
We Have Failed the Youth of America
Signs of Stagflation??
Send Biden to the Lego Store
Put North Korea on Double Secret Probation!
Please Stop the EV Insanity Now!!
How to Succeed on Wall Street Without Talent or Ability
Trump Case Conclusion
Musk Is Talking Sense on Trump's Terrible Tariffs
Digital Currency Debate
CBS Calls Out Mayor Pete!
Biden Wants to Plunder Your 401k
Equal Opportunity Bash of Chevy
Dr. Nick Rivera Went to UCLA
Rapacious Nation
WASTE: Joe Biden has ALREADY Burned Through ALL the CHIPS Act Money...
George Costanza at the Airport
Ford is for Soy Boys!
Your Tax Dollars at Work
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of May 25 - May 26 2024
Is Trump Going to Raise Taxes??
Hunter Biden’s Bad Netflix Movie
Biden’s Kid Logic
Biden's Incompetence in Gaza is WASTING Your Money
MSNBC: Wendy’s Saves Us From Inflation!
Sanctions Fail! Why China Is Still Beating Apple and Tesla
Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out, Klaus Schwab!!
Trade, Tariffs, Mercantilism, MAGA and Brigadoon
More and More Lies on Inflation
Lady Eloise for President
Incompetent Demons
How to Fix Department Stores??
Take a Wrecking Ball to Our Economy
COVID: We Can’t Handle the Truth?
Down on the Economy!
What is Behind Wall Street’s 100+ Hour Culture?
Commencement 2024: The Good the Bad the Ugly!
JetBlue Sucks! A Lesson in Business.
COVID and the Lies We Were Told
DEI Fails Again
Do You Need $177,000 to Live Comfortably
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of May 17 - May 18 2024
Howard Beale for Fed President!
Really Bad, Scary Democracy
Who Will Win the War of Attrition in Ukraine
Biden Is DEAD WRONG on His New EV Tariffs on China
Did You Hear About Kamala’s Classy Speech?
The Question Nobody Will Ask…
Wealth Building Cheat Code
Evolution of the Illegal Immigrant
Is There a MAJOR Real Estate Bailout on the Horizon?!?
Inflation Connect-the-Dots
Is Your College Degree REALLY Worth It?
What We Bought for $7.5 Billion!
Tariffs to Infinity and Beyond
Climate Professor Hopes We Have Another Pandemic
The REAL Reason GameStop Stock Is EXPLODING
The Progressive Borg Claims Another Victim Because Men Have Lost Their…
Have Democrats Totally Jumped the Shark on Lawfare Against Trump??
Death of the Tea Party??
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of May 11 - May 12 2024
Biden the Economic Buffoon!
Where Did All the Public Companies Go?
Trump DID NOT Drain the Swamp
Do Faceless Bureaucrats Know What's Best for You?
God’s Gift of Parenting, Not Worthy and FOMO for Family
Stupid EV Trucks!
Forever Wars
Retirement Delusions
Beware of Conservative Ghosts!!!
Underwater Car Loans??
Humiliation Porn vs. Merit and Policy
Dead Dogs and North Korea
Lessons from the Met Gala
Financial Parasites
Is Gen Z Totally Doomed Financially?
Why Biden Gets an “F” on the Economy
Clueless in Washington
Unsustainable Job Growth
Return of Government Motors??
Boeing Whistleblower Drama Is like a Bad Movie
Columbia Takes Pathetic to New Lows
Buffett: Your Taxes Are Going Up!
Free Netflix???
Planet of the Apes and Our Foreign Policy
Sisyphus, the Watchdog and Trump Media
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of May 4 - May 5 2024
Third World NYC
Higher for Longer?
Have Dog Killers and Trannies Taken over the GOP?
If you don't understand NFT's, don't buy them...
Outside Agitators???
The College Protest Truth!
Clemenza and the UniParty
Warmongers and Logical Fallacies
China, TikTok and EcoHealth
Election Integrity and Gambling
Inside WeWork’s Latest Grift
Much Ado About Enclaves
OnlyFans for Biden!
The Hunter Strikes Back!
China and the USA.  Which Is Dumb or Dumber?
Are You Ready to Pay for the Next Forever War?
Trump, Marxism and the UniParty
Bill Clinton and Catch and Kill
Time to Dust Off My Crystal Ball
FTC and the Handbag Wars!
Cowards of the Campus
“Show Me the Money” Is Back in Style!
Campus Protests: Go Gators!! 
Trump Takes Over the Fed??? 
Day Trading Isn't the Answer for Your Wealth Goals
Bragg Case Is Some 3D Chess
Welcome to the Trump Mailbag!!
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of April 27 - April 28 2024
Are Republicans the Definition of Stupidity?
McKinsey Helped to Sell the Opioids Killing America
Shut the TV Off! Free Your Mind!
Trump’s Really Bad Day!
BIGGER, LONGER, Unemployment Checks to Buy Votes
Investment Gurus Gone Bad
What Biden's New $44.6% Capital Gains Tax Means for YOU
More Lies About Afghanistan EXPOSED
Inflation vs. Supply and Demand
Biden Tells Business Owners: You Must Hire Felons
Renewable Energy Black Hole
How Do We Hold Universities Accountable?
Tom Brady, Larry David, and Crypto Fraud
Here Come the Peak and Bleak Boomers
How Unions Use Government Subsidies to Get Rich on YOUR Dime
You Got Tricked into more Ukraine Aid. Here's how...
Norway Shows Us How Good It Could Be
Speaker Johnson’s Ukraine Plea
The Federal Reserve Is FUBAR!
Free and Fair Trade!
Hannibal Lecter Claims Another Victim
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of April 20 - April 21 2024
Mike Johnson’s Ukraine Showdown
The Mayorkas Slow-Motion Train Wreck
Trade, Tariffs and Populist Bull-Excrement
Do You Want to Be Wealthy? Here's a Tip.
Economic Metaphors and Nature
Popping the Bubble: Everything You Need to Know About the Real Estate Crisis
Are YOU Financially Literate?
NPR Scandal: Lack of Accountability Breeds Liberalism
Debt Relief or Theft? Breaking Down Biden's Plans for Student Loans
The TRUTH About China's GDP
What Is Jay Powell Saying About Interest Rates Now?
Why Aren't We Building New Houses??
Allegedly Stabbed??
Big Brother Is Watching Your Portfolio
Will an Illegal Immigrant Cancel Out Your Vote?
Trump Trial Pt. 2: Inconsequential
Trump Trial Pt. 1: Everybody Wake Up!
Between the Lines on the Iran Attack
Student Loans…Biggest Taxpayer Scam Ever??
CNN Lies About Deflation!
What's the Deal with Truth Social?
The Trump Case and Pathetic New York Justice System
The FBI and the Monster Under the Bed
Dumb and Dumber Tax Filers
The Ukraine Draft
Morgan Stanley Going to the Naughty Chair
The TRUTH Behind the Rising Price of Auto Insurance
How OJ Simpson Destroyed the American Legal System
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of April 13 - April 14 2024
FISA, Terror and Kruger Industrial Smoothing
California Homeless Shame
Are You Paying for the Big Fat Green Energy Scam?
What Happened to Trump's Truth Social?
“Unlucky” College Graduates
SCAM: Taxes and the Vapid States of America
Do You Know Who to Blame for Inflation?
Covid Winners and Losers
Ukraine, DaVinci’s Woodpecker and the Cure for Everything
Connect the Dots to Our Demise
Make the Presidency Small Again!
Brain Eclipse
Ukraine and the Art of War
Economic Jedi Mind Trick
Biden Unveils His Latest Student Loan Cash Grab!
Intel Looking for More Welfare!
SHOCK: Ford Delaying EVs
Trouble in Retail
Biden's Buying Votes with Student Loan Forgiveness
Jobs Report: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of April 06 - April 07 2024
We Need More Rich People
Yellen Goes to China
Who Does the IRS Audit?
The Ugly Truth About the Minimum Wage
National Debt: Prediction Pain!
Foreign Policy and the Lies We Are Told
Biden: “I didn’t do that.”
Michael Jackson and the Welfare State
Fair Share Fallacy
The Media and the Conspiracy to Keep You Poor and Stupid
Beyond Stupid…Electric Truck Mandate!
DEBT BOMB: $1.6 Trillion in Interest Payments!
Boeing Shortcuts to Failure
Who's Planning World War 3?
Here's The Biggest Difference Between Trump & Biden
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of March 30 - March 31 2024
Are We Headed for a Student Loan Disaster?
FTX and Personal Responsibility
Trump Bible?? Yes, He Went There.
Can America Take Over if China Falls??
Ronna McDaniel Media Meltdown
Money, and the Lies You Are Told
Sweeping Problems Under the Rug at Boeing
Florida and Social Media
Decision 2024: Scene from an Elementary School Playground
Was Trump Just BAILED OUT By a Meme Stock?
The Question NOBODY Is Asking About the Baltimore Bridge Collapse
Did Yellen Just Reveal that Biden Has NO PLAN?!
Moscow Terror Attack…Believe Nothing
GOP Descends into Dysfunction... AGAIN
Trump Collection Day
Attacking America’s Strength…Were Politicians Always This Stupid?
Elephant Social Security Fight
Spending Bill: Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right!
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of March 23 - March 24 2024
Social Security Retirement Age Hike
Student Loan Handouts Roll On
Infinitesimal Incompetence in Government
Jay “Lightyear” Powell!
How to Avoid an Economic Hangover
Idiot Economists Were Wrong on Climate Change
Lead By Example!
Biden CHIPS Act Fraud!
28% of the Country Has Saved NOTHING!
Useless Consultants
Stupid in Seattle
Populist Stupidity and Steel
Trump Bond Failure and CRE
The Fed DID NOT Fix Inflation!
“Bloodbathgate” and Mike Pence
Is a 32-Hour Work Week REALLY a Good Idea??
This Week in Foreign Policy!
Biden’s 70% Tax Rate!
Stealing and Unauthorized Trades!
Have You Heard About Trump’s Pick for Treasury?
Remember COVID Lockdowns? Commemorating the “15 Days” Lie
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of March 16 - March 17 2024
The Boeing Horror Movie
Pink Slime and TikTok
WHAT Is Going on with Our Military?
The Fed's Bailout of Bad Banks Looks Like 2008 All Over Again
Financial Nihilism
An Economist Emerges from Plato’s Cave
Rotten Tomatoes SOTU Fail!
More Biden Budget Bull$%#&!
Are You “Bougie Broke?”
Should We Breakup Boeing??
Do YOU Want to Buy Ukrainian Pilots An F-16?
Hurr Testimony and Blind Justice
Are We an Ozempic Nation?
Return of the NINJA Home Loans
Can’t Kill Inflation!
Biden’s Red Tape Nation Goes After Fishing
The Truth About the Inflation Hamster Wheel
Trump Bombs on CNBC
Victoria’s Not So Secret Stock Plunge!
John Kerry Does Public Relations for Putin
Nancy Pelosi Is Not Happy with Biden!
The Jobs Report Is Lying to You
State of the Union Idiocracy!
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of March 9 - March 10 2024
Democrats Allow Violent Illegals to Free!
The Military Has Been Called in to Police the NYC Subway
Inflation and Stupid People
Will You Be Able to Count on Social Security?
State of the Union Bull-Excrement
Banning Chinese EVs Was a MASSIVE Mistake
Ripped From Atlas Shrugged!
Housing Inflation: Call Bob the Builder!
Dr. Strangelove is Out!
Nikki Bows Out
Banning Repairs on Old Cars??
U.S. Foreign Policy: Are You Tired of Being Lied To??
Who Is the World’s Richest Person??
Biden’s Cookie Monster Strike Force
California Mafia
Commercial Real Estate Needs a Wrecking Ball
NOT A PARODY: Pronouns Win Wars
Woke Evolving to Evil
Big Government Loves Big Business!
WIN: University of Florida FIRES Entire DEI Staff
National Debt Rising By $1 Trillion Every 100 Days
SCOTUS Puts Trump Back on Ballot
The GDP Number Doesn't Consider America's Crippling Debt
Get out the Dumb Vote!
Regional Bank Meltdown
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of March 2 - March 3 2024
None of the Above in Michigan
Free Speech Rejected??
Apple Scraps the EV
Baghdad Bob of the New York Times
Stagflation Is Here to Stay, Here's How to Protect Your Portfolio
Get Your Fingers off the Scale!
Media Rethink
Google Better Get Its Act Together
BuzzFeed and Vice RIP
Wall Street Sells an Oxymoron
Check Engine Light on for Republicans
How Can We Raise the Bar??
Is CPAC Already a Disaster?
Biden Wants to Send Money to the Palestinian Authority
2024 Year of Cost Cutting
Ron Burgundy’s Revenge
The Real Axis of Evil
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of Feb 24 - Feb 25 2024
Shutdown Showdown
Elite Ghouls
No Surprise at NVIDIA or Rivian
Woke AI
Scenes From a Trump Pep Rally
Parabolic Food Costs!
Harvard…Sorry, Not Sorry
The Fragility of Civilization
China Is Running Their Stock Market Like a Penny Stock Firm
Great Britain Is a Joke
The Pentagon and the Underwear Gnomes
Addicted to Trading??
Economic Misinformation and War
Houthis Giving Us a Beatdown
Illegals in NYC Are Getting CASH!
Sanctions Futility
Is the GOP Seriously on Vacation Right Now?
Blowing Bubbles
Biden’s Chips Ahoy!
Invest Like a Millionaire??
Real Estate and the American Phoenix
Air Trump!
The A-Team and Squatters
Dr. Strangelove and Friends
Biden’s Neighborhood of Make-Believe!
Why Is the State Department so Woke?
Michelle Obama for President??
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of Feb 17 - Feb 18 2024
COVID Jail Is Now Closed
Immigration Windfall???
The Real Housewives and the Republicans
The Magnificent Seven, Warren Buffet and the Bonsai Tree
Red Tape Nation
Russia Has Sharks With Laser Beams!
Republican Poop Storm
Algorithms and AI on Acid
Argentina Here We Come!
Inflation SHOCK and AWE!
The Slow-Motion Trainwreck That Is Commercial Real Estate
The Almighty Military Industrial Complex
You Have the Right to Be an Idiot
Layoffs Are Coming
Biden's Inflation Nation
Tax Dollars for Terrorists
GDP and the Façade of Wealth
Is Everyone Trying to Escape From New York?
Breaking: Senate Advances $95 Billion Bill for Ukraine
Regional Bank Time Bomb
Abe Simpson, Joe Biden and Shrinkflation
Michelangelo Was Racist??
Which Is More Shocking: Biden’s Mental Health or Tucker’s Interview With Putin?
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of Feb 10 - Feb 11 2024
Deficit Black Hole
Burning Books Is Never a Good Look
The REASON Why We Do Not Have Enough Affordable Housing
Fear and Government Meddling Destroy Innovation
There Is No Way Biden Is Running the Country
It’s a Big Country…MOVE!
Breaking: Cease-Fire Rejected
Inigo Montoya and Conservatives
Republicans Just Can’t Seem to Find “Rock Bottom”
Ted Cruz Thinks He Is Lord Farquaad
College Financial-Aid Follies!
Border Shutdown B.S.
The United States Continues to Pound Sand
Venezuela and Our Dumb and Dumber Foreign Policy
Somalia First Part II
Elephants: Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?
Wall Street Gets Laser Eyes for Bitcoin
The Biden Administration’s Fireworks Show
Border Deal Sellout
What the Latest From Jay Powell Means for YOU
75% of House Democrats Vote Against Deporting Illegals Who Rip-Off Senior Citizens
Polestar Loses Its Sugar Daddy
Peloton Fables and Tales
Welfare Nation!
Another Chips Plant Delay
Jobs Report Fugazi!
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of Feb 3 - Feb 4 2024
Congressional Grandstanding!
Biden Poll Shocker!
House Republicans Expand Welfare??
The Manchurian Candidate 2024
Border Facts and Border Lies
Venezuela Reneges on Deal
Somalia First??
Why Are Our Military Grade Weapons Being Used by Drug Cartels?
Massive Layoffs at UPS
Border Patrol Defies the Biden Administration
China Needs an Economic Lifeline
Our Tax Dollars Helped Pay for the October 7th Massacre
In Jordan: Biden's Weakness Gets Our People Killed
And the U.S. Is Getting Larger!!
Our GDP and Barry Bonds
The Elephant Inquisition
The Latest Move by the Biden Administration Is so Stupid I think it Is Impeachable
Biden Thinks He Is in Ocean's Twelve
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of January 27 - January 28 2024
YIKES: Tesla Meet Reality
Social Media Is the Pink Slime From Ghostbusters II
Sympathy for the Trump
Davos Says…No Coffee for You!!
A Taxpayer Funded Pandemic
Inequality Inc.
Decision 2024: You want to get nuts? Let’s get nuts! 
The Truth About Taxes
Not Boarding the Trump Train!
DEI, ESG, Marxism, and What It All Means for You
The Davos Bond Villains
Stupid Solar
Stupid Republican Business Populism
Useless Equity Strategists
DeSantis and the Election Industrial Complex
Hedge Fund University Beatdown
The $8 Trillion Question
Rodney Dangerfield Does Davos!
Robinhood Game Over
Speaker Mike Johnson and God’s Will
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of January 20 - January 21 2024
A Deal on the Border and Ukraine
Republicans Sell Out Again
Tax the Rich???
Have You Seen China's Latest Bait and Switch?
“We Spent It Into Existence!”
The Real Threat from a Commercial Real Estate Crash
Drizly, the Latest Delivery Casualty
Hunter Biden’s Paint-By-Numbers
Decision 2024 Reality Check: Don’t Doubt Me!
The Homeless Swindle
Climate Change Freeze Out!
MSNBC Has a Fascist Meltdown!
Decision 2024: Vote or Die??
NATO Deadbeats
Dumb and Dumber Economists
Conventional Wisdom Is Poison
Taxpayers Lose Again
Iowa Caucus and Corn Socialism
Blue Country Jeopardy!
EV Shark Jumping
Remote Workers Are Not Getting Promotions
Bull Markets Are Good. Bear Markets Are Great.
Biden Forgives More Student Loans
Musk in the Crosshairs
Houthi Beatdown??
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of January 13 - January 14 2024
Success vs. Retribution
Trump’s Deportation Fantasy
Decision 2024 Elephants Taking a Dump
As the Trump Turns
U.S. Banks: Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangster
Blue State Jeopardy
“My Truth,” Arrogance and Original Sin
Credit Card Debt Has Gone Parabolic
The Republican Party Is Going Broke
Mexico Slaps the Biden Administration Around
Is China About to Become the World's Biggest Auto Exporter??
Economist Convention. Yay!
Restaurant Rumble: Rep Bobert Goes to Fisticuffs with Ex-Husband in Latest Drama
Congressional Spending Package Moves Forward
Decision 2024: Not a Good Look America
The AARP Is Pushing Its Members to Get an 8th Covid Shot
Stupid College Covid Lawsuits
Commercial Real Estate and Greater Fools
Criminal Reality Check
Democrats Play Chess, Republicans Play Candyland
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of January 6 - January 7 2024
Jobs Number: Lies, Damn Lies, and Government Statistics
Liberal Exorcism
A Simple Recipe for Fixing America
The Statler and Waldorf Debate
Fire the Lazy Gen Zers!
The Truth About the Harvard Spectacle
Immigration and Assimilation
Commercial Real Estate and Risk Leading to Ruin
Biden and the Train to Nowhere
Boebert vs. Deadpool
FTX and the Department of Injustice
Resolution Reality
Lindsey Graham Got His Christmas Wish
Much Ado About Maine
Mexico Gives the Heisman to the Biden Administration
The Hamster Wheel Economy
California Pulls a Dr. Evil
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of December 30-December 31 2023
Boebert Is Pathetic
Killing Financial Parasites
Sanctuary Cities on the Brink
The Job Market 2024. Beware of the Bobs!
Democrats Putting the Full-Court Press on the Fed
Seriously?? You Took Advice From a “Financial Influencer”
Biden Is Turning Our Troops into Target Practice
CNN Business “Guru” Takes Issue with Hard Work
California Turns the Crazy Up to 11
I Don’t Want a “Proportionate Response” When We Are Attacked
See Trump Fix Healthcare
Chips Act Boondoggle
Rand Paul Gives Us Festivus!
Peace on Earth to Men of Good Will
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of December 23-December 24 2023
Biden and Yellen…Gaslighting America Tour
Proof that the Biden Climate Agenda Is a Fraud!
“Self-Executing” and a Christmas Miracle
Americans Over 70 Hold More Than 30% of Our Nation’s Wealth
U.S. Steel Is a Tariff Takeover
Trump and the Colorado Kangaroo Court
We Have No Foreign Policy Direction
Texas Immigration Bill Much Ado About Nothing
Communist Cancer Destroying America from Within
The Woke Hedge Fund University Dumpster Fire
The Importance in Owning up to Failure
You Never Go Poor Taking Profits
Wagging the Dog in Ukraine
Axis of Evil Goes After Musk
Debating the Merits of Donald Trump
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of December 16-December 17 2023
Reading Between the Fed’s Lines
Andrew Cuomo Micro-Doses the Red Pill
Breaking Down an ESG Scam
Ukraine Endgame
Government Bureaucrats Suck!
“Bring in Your Baby Day” and the Cure for Everything!
The Fallacy of Fat and Free
How to Get a Job Hack for 2024
Keep the Gummies Away from Janet Yellen!
WAIT, What Is Going on With Macy's?
The Dangers of “Lifestyle Creep”
The Man Who Invented the Internet Takes on Social Media
From Unicorns to Zombies
Debate Ratings Disaster
Republicans Can Be Bought Off by Teachers Unions Too
The Hypocrisy of Disney
Is Hunter Biden Finally Going to Jail?
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of December 09-December 10 2023
White House Interns Gone Wild!
Kevin McCarthy Shows His True Colors
Debate Smackdown
Nuclear Pivot
Either You Are for Limited Government or Not!
Our Leaders Need a Lesson from Sun Tzu
Trump Town Hall Drinking Game
Tariffs Are Taxes Paid by YOU!
Pentagon: Israel Faces “Strategic Defeat”
Student Loans and Our Nation's Kitty Cat Epidemic
The Truth About All the Gold Senator Menendez Is Hiding
$7.5 Billion for EV Chargers…Amount Built ZERO!
James Bond and the Climate Conference
Flushing $90 Billion Down the Toilet
The Latest Way the Climate Change Elites Are Robbing Us Blind
Ukraine Money for Border Reform Is a Bad Trade
Limousine Liberals Hate the Working Class
The GOP Dumpster Fire Burns On
King-Size Homer Returns!!
Trump Looks to Weasel His Way Out of His Oath of Office
Our Iraqi Failure Is Getting Worse
CIA Staff Have Social Media Accounts??
Fox News Books a Killer Rat Drug Dealer as a Guest
DeSantis vs. Newsom…The Most Useless Debate Ever
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of December 02-December 03 2023
If I Could “Short Sell” Colleges and Universities, I Would
This Is Why We Have a 2nd Amendment
Trump Attacks Obamacare…Again
Jamie Dimon Says Our Economy Is on Drugs
The Greatest Tesla Commercial Ever!
Hypocrisies of the Day!
Welcome to the Great American Economic Sugar High
I Want This Company to DIE!!
RIP Charlie Munger
Biden Blames the Private Sector for the Economy!
European Immigration Powder Keg
Mr. Miyagi and Your Portfolio
Our Incomprehensible, Inexplicable and Deceitful Foreign Policy
The Biggest Polluters Are…
Newsflash: Germs, Stress and a Little Pain and Discomfort Are All GOOD!
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The Pentagon Fails the American Taxpayer Again
A Little Economic Reality
We Need a Commercial Real Estate Flush
Did Libertarians Just Pull Off a Big Victory in Argentina?
How Americans Are Being Robbed by the "Green" Movement
China Hawks Gone Wild
Osama Bin Laden TikTok Influencer!
Will America EVER LEARN From Our Obvious Foreign Policy Mistakes?
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Another Progressive Media Outlet Collapses
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Decision 2024…DeSantis on China
“No Country for Creepy Old Men”
Congressional Highlights from Yesterday…Smurfs, Kitty Cats, Elbows to Ribs, and MMA
College Professors Gone Wild!
The Impeachment Circus Rolls On
Ramaswamy Says…"You’re Fired!!”
Stellantis Is Moving Out
Inflation, Recession, and What It All Means to You
Hats in the Ring…Hats Out
The Economy Stinks! Biden Blames the Media
Welcome to the FDIC Frat House!
Beware of Investment Buzzwords!
Could China Save Our Urban Decay
Speaker Johnson…Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss
Life Lessons from Monopoly
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Republican Party Dumpster Fire
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of November 11-November 12 2023
Climate Pledge Lies
Republican Debate Rundown
The Hidden Costs of EVs
The United States of Debt
Reining in Radical Rashida Tlaib
Wall Street Creates Another Weapon of Mass Financial Destruction
Are Republicans Tired of Losing Yet?
Should We Send All These College Socialists to China?
$11 Billion to Afghanistan
Thank You for NOT Voting!
Trump Is Going To Be a No Show at the Debate. Yes, I Have TDS!
President Trump's Epic Clash with the Kangaroo Court
Congress Is Stealing From Us Again
Don't Be A Victim Of An Investment Scam
The Truth About Campaign Finance Reform
The Many Villains of the WeWork “Pump and Dump” 
A Very Ugly Jobs Report
Sanctuary City Mayors Go Panhandling at the White House
We All Bought Crack Pipes!
More Signs of a Slowing Economy
Sam Bankman-Fried Convicted
The WSJ Is Dr. Strangelove’s Paper of Choice
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of November 4-November 5 2023
Target Warns on Consumer Spending
Don’t Fret the Recession
True Taxation Stories
A Random Act of Journalism in Ukraine
“The Biggest Blunder in the History of the Treasury”
The Gluttons of Washington D.C.
The United States and Global Wealth
Welcome to the Biden Dream House!
Biden takes on the Property Brothers
The Truth About the "Booming Economy"
Bidenomics and Food Insecurity
The Great American Schism
Our Big Fat Green Bailout
Scared Straight. The Public Needs To See.
War Is a Racket
America…Why Are We So Insecure?
Janet Yellen Insults Our Collective Intelligence Again
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of October 28-October 29 2023
Central Park Campground??
We Have a Speaker
Interest Rate and Inflation Drama
Political and Economic Reality!
War of Attrition Rolls On
Your Enemies Get Stronger on What You Leave Behind
Social Media and Ghostbusters II
Jamie Dimon Calls out Fed Incompetence
UAW Strike and Unintended Consequences
“So-Called Conservative Stars” and Their Advertisers Are Looking to Rip You Off!
Trust in the Media Is at Record Lows
Crime of the Century…Pandemic Relief
The Cardboard Conundrum
Business Is Leaving China
Net Zero Fools and the Power Grid
10-Year Treasury Breaks 5%. The Fed Is Losing Control.
Bidenomics, Congress and the Nowhere Man
Our Foreign Policy…No Plan. No Endgame.
My Fellow Americans…We Have Lost Our Way
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of October 21-October 22 2023
Venezuela and Sanctions Stupidity
Left-Wing Economists Are Stuck on Stupid
Jay Powell…We Need to Destroy the Economy in Order to Save the Economy
Health Care Inflation Is Insane!
Stock Market Assassins and Their Weapon of Choice
The Republican Circus Rolls On
We Are Perilously Close to Another Major War
MBA Job Offers in Short Supply
Retirement…Keep It Simple, Stupid! 
Mike Huckabee And All The Professional Gold Salesman Of The Right
What Kind of Person Do You Want To Be?
The Crypto Money Laundering Scheme
Immigration and the Importance of Assimilation
Day Trader Blow Ups Are Like Slasher Films And Here's Why
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Screw the Ivies…Go Gators!
Stop Sending Money and Start Sending Our Constitution
Capitalism Can Bring Peace
UAW Strike Turns Up the Volume
Bad Trump Poll
Rand Paul Pushes Back on the Neocon Strangeloves
CEO’s Pushing Back on Student Protests
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Birkenstock IPO Ugly…In More Ways Than One
Hamas…How They Did It
Interest Rate Reality (Rates Must Go Down!)
Russia and Sanction Futility
Free Speech and the Anti-Israeli Protests
Dumb Ideas From the Tariff Man
Death and All His Friends
RFK Jr. Ditches the Democrats
China’s Real Estate Market Is Imploding
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Biden and the Neocons Want to Give Ukraine an Additional $100 Billion
Border Insanity!
Dr. Strangelove for President?
How Will Markets React? War in Israel Pt. 6
The Oil Factor: War in Israel Pt. 5
Americans Killed and Captured: War in Israel Pt.4
Global Fallout: War in Israel Pt.3
Restraint Is Useless! War in Israel Pt. 2
Why Now? War in Israel Pt. 1
Speaker of the House Trump?
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Biden Is Building a Border Wall?
Wokeism Is a Mental Disorder
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Republican Dumpster Fire Pt.3 Donald Trump
Republican Dumpster Fire Pt. 2 The RNC
Republican Dumpster Fire Pt. 1 Short-Sighted Fools
Pirates of San Francisco Bay!
Lindsay Graham…Secure the Border ONLY if You Give Me Money for Ukraine
John Kelly Goes on the Record About Trump
The Most Important Lesson from the Demise of WeWork
The Latest from Our Ukrainian Proxy War
Office Space Armageddon
Student Debt Is Now a Multigenerational Problem
Sen. Tim Scott Speaks the Truth Therefore He Is a Racist??
Nobody Is Qualified for the Senate in the State of California
Student Loan Payments Are Back!
Shutdown Drama Is Pathetic and Sad
Cost of Living in America Has NEVER Been More Unaffordable
Homes Are Unaffordable in 99% of the Country
A Great Day for Robots…California Gov. Signs Fast Food Worker $20 Minimum Wage Bill
Much Ado About Immigration and Walls
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of September 30-October 1 2023
Food Stamp Program Losing a Billion Every Month to Fraud
Get Your Narcan Holster!
Decision 2024…Debate $%#@ Show
Here Comes the FTC Wrecking Ball
Trump Is Banned from Doing Business in New York
The President Looks to Bankrupt the Big 3 Auto Manufacturers
Businesses Go on Strike in Oakland
Scenes From a Biden Harris Rally in Philadelphia
We Are in a Riptide Stock Market
Our Border Is a Humanitarian Disaster
Biden Joins the UAW Strike
Woke Progressives = Chinese Communists
Footing the Bill for the Ukrainian Civil Service
Recession Is Here
Stock Market Performance and the Importance of Asset Rotation
The REAL Inflation Numbers
Bidenomics Is Just Another Version of 7 Minute Abs
Lessons From the 25th Anniversary of the Long-Term Capital Collapse
Every “Crisis” Is an Opportunity for Government to Take Our Freedom
Our Political Class of Deviants and Dirtbags
Anti-War Does Not Mean Pro-Putin
Janet Yellen Needs to Lay Off the Magic Mushrooms
Hold on to Your Wallets…Here Comes the Windmill Bailout
The ESG/Green Investment Bubble Has Burst
An EV Conspiracy Hiding in Plain Sight
The UAW Is Running Operation Chaos!
Merrick Garland Is Sergeant Schultz
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of September 23-24 2023
We Are Not Buying This “Hawkish Fed” Nonsense
Ukraine Is Turning Into a Giant Money Laundering Scheme
The Federal Reserve Did What??
Move the U.N. Out of New York
Another Biden/Big Government Boondoggle
The Justice Department Is Going After Musk Like Minority Report
Bidenomics, Unions, and the Unrelenting Decline of the American Economy
Everything You Wanted to Know About the Instacart IPO but Were Afraid to Ask!
Americans Are Getting Hit by the “Pig Butchering” Scam
Why Is it My Responsibility to Pay for Your Child’s Care?
Finding Opportunity in a Rapidly Declining China
Stop Making Excuses…MOVE!
Not a Parody…Chicago Wants City-Owned Grocery Stores
Elon Musk Is Drinking Detroit’s Milkshake
Cry Me a River…Student Loan Repayments Start Back Up in October
Fraudulent Pandemic Unemployment Fraud Hits $135 Billion
Government Shutdown Charade
Fat, Drunk and Stupid Is No Way to Go Through Life
UAW Strike…Get Ready for Another Auto Bailout
Socialism, Social Justice and the Destruction of America and the Middle Class
“What Is Going on with the President?”
The Only Way to Solve the Immigration Crisis
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of September 16-17 2023
SPECTRE (The Davos Crowd) Is Doing a Rebrand
Musk in the Media’s Crosshairs
Inflation Lies…Stop Insulting Our Intelligence
Inflation Is Not Going Anywhere
Average American Household Has $10,170 in Credit Card Debt
Europe Is Pushing Back China on EV Subsidies
The 25 Worst Stocks of All-Time!
The Latest Job Trend…”Boreout”
America Today…Homeless Baby Boomers
Disaster in Libya and the Obama Administration
Biden and His Handlers Are Lying to You…We Have a $2 Trillion Deficit for 2023
Zelensky Said What??
Google and the Biggest Antitrust Battle Since Microsoft
The New Mexico Governor Decides to Cancel the 2nd Amendment
Did We Fund Another Coup in Africa?
Joe Biden’s Strange, Incoherent, and Embarrassing Press Conference
Decision 2024…RFK Jr.
DeSantis Sticks It to Trump
The Lies the So-Called Experts and Elites Tell Us
Mayor Adams, AG James and the Many Clowns of New York
Apple Is Being Targeted in Our Trade War With China
70,000 Daycare Centers Shutting Down
Your Health Insurance Costs Are Going to Skyrocket
Is America Becoming a Feudal Society?
The Middle East Is Kicking Our Ass
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of September 09-10 2023
Food Truckers Warn…Grocery Prices Are Going Up
Wind Farms Blow!
Lina Khan is Captain Ahab
Student Loan Boycott is Coming
Oil Prices Going Up!
School Satisfaction at an All-Time Low
Will Airbnb Regulations Cause a Housing Bust?
YAY BIDENOMICS!! Credit Card and Car Loan Defaults Hit a Ten-Year High!
Do Sanctions Work?
Where the “Left-Wing” and “Right-Wing” Media See Eye to Eye…War
See, I Told You So…Mask Stupidity
Shocker! Ultra-Progressive University Is Going Bankrupt
Another Automobile Bailout
Decision 2024…Is This the Best We Can Do??
The United States Shoots Itself in the Foot
Vivek Ramaswamy and the Axis of Evil
No Elon…It’s Your Fault Your Daughter is a Communist
What if China Implodes?
Jobs Friday and Legend of Goldilocks
Green Dreams and the Neighborhood of Make-Believe
What the Hell Is a Neogender??
Dumb and Dumber in Washington D.C.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of September 02-03 2023
Bidenomics Is Turning America Into One of Trump’s “$#*!hole” Countries
Trump Says He “Caught a Fish THIS Big”
An Increasing Number of Homeowners Are Declining to Buy Insurance
Teachers Unions Are Evil Part 2
Unfortunately…We Are Back to “Bad News Is Good News”
Lions and Tigers and BRICS, Oh My!
Why I Will Never Retire
Cartel Inc. Business is Booming
Teachers Unions Are Evil
Are You Ready for the Massive Social Security Cuts?
Nikki Haley’s Post-Debate Bump
Hamster Wheels and the Decline of Civilization
Not a Parody…Another Vaccine
Mortgage Rates Hit Their Highest Level Since 2001
Mug Shots and Shame
The United States Is NOT a Capitalist Country
Inflation Lies and the Bare Necessities
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of August 26-27 2023
A Feisty Republican Debate on Issues That Matter
Housing Affordability Is Worse Now Than in 2006
Higher Gas Prices Are by Design
Dick’s Sporting Goods Blames Weak Earnings on “Organized Theft”
JP Morgan Gets in Trouble for “Spoofing"
Inflation is Good for the Government, Bad for Us
Inflation is Not a “Right-Wing” Talking Point
Wall Street's Mass Exodus
Bidenomics is Chinanomics Part 2
Automobile Prices are Insane!
China's Boom is Over. What’s Next?
Stock Market Gurus…DON’T EXIST!
Bidenomics is Making Inflation Worse
The CEO of Ford deals with EV reality
How a Woke Hawaiian government official made the Maui fire worse
Damn it feels good to be a political gangster
The Ten Commandments of Vivek Ramaswamy
Economists are Witch Doctors
Trump…Inflation was caused by energy
The most profitable company in the world is…
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of August 19-20 2023
Bidenomics…pain is on the way
Lack of leadership and accountability from the leading Presidential candidates on Social Security
Welfare for Harvard students
Vivek Ramaswamy gives a masterclass on handling an activist
Migrant shelter shutters two famed Manhattan restaurants
China…the bad, the worse, the ugly
Homebuilder sentiment crashes
Knowing what you know now…Why would you do business with these crooks?
The Lilliputians on steroids return
Catholics need not apply
Grim statistics on suicides and drug overdoses
Chinese Dragon on life support
Inflation forcing Americans to spend $709 more per month
Just keep working!
Cuba’s death spiral and why inequality is good
James Comer is right
The IRS Kabuki theater
Ukraine war spending blowout
A reform candidate for President is assassinated…who is to blame?
Trained seals applaud the inflation report
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of August 12-13 2023
Oakland Police tell citizens to protect themselves with airhorns
The Covid insanity continues...
Porsche goes Woke
Kyle Bass thinks China will attack Taiwan in 2024
The United States is bankrolling the Taliban
Fiscal disaster!
Shocker…WeWork is collapsing
U.S. Regulators issue a parking ticket to Wall Street Firms
It’s not just commercial real estate, apartment buildings are getting hit as well
EV losses continue to pile up
Big trouble in big China
College sports and Hedge Fund University
Republicans and the SALT deduction
Inflation lies and how we the people are being screwed!
The Secret To Problem Solving
Bombshell Study: Wall Street Stock Brokers are Psychos
Teacher Unions have gone full WOKE
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of August 5-6 2023
GEN X Is not Prepared to Retire
Understanding 'Too Big To Fail' Banks

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