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For more than 15 years, Chris Markowski has imbued his vision of honesty and equality in hosting The Watchdog On Wall Street radio show. Each week, Chris explains the news coming out of the complex worlds of finance, economics and politics and the impact it will have on everyday Americans.

Chris Markowski’s history on Wall Street reads like a novel with suspense, intrigue, and corruption at the highest levels. Chris started his career by taking a job at an up-and-coming investment firm. Within two years, under his guidance, his initiatives helped increase sales by 1,500% and made the firm #2 on “INC Magazine’s” fastest growing privately held companies list. However, while working and spending significant time in the same water as some of Wall Street’s most notorious “sharks”, Chris discovered how corrupt Wall Street could be.

The fact that so many executives with fancy college degrees and glowing resumes had the capacity, with no remorse, to scam their customers and the public at large, was mind-boggling. The “respected” firm that he helped build was nothing more than an opportunity for insiders to get rich and investors to lose their shirts. Instead of accepting the culture of gluttony and deceit like many others on Wall Street, Chris went on to blow the cover off the charade, exposing the countless instances of lies, greed and manipulation. Chris exposed the villains and facilitated in bringing down the very firm that he helped build, sacrificing millions for honesty and integrity.

After that eye-opening, life-changing experience, Chris dedicated himself to making sure Americans received the truth regarding what was really happening behind the scenes on Wall Street; not the fabrications and half-truths that the big firms and financial media outlets were churning out on a daily basis. Chris’ task in “analyzing the analysts” has made him the chief thorn in the side of the Wall Street elite. Never afraid to take on a giant, Chris has gone head to head with the large brokerage houses, the dot-com scams, Enron, WorldCom and corrupt politicians. He has warned America about the largest scandals and corruption years before they made headlines. Always fighting against the lies, greed and manipulation that scarred him, The Watchdog On Wall Street has one singular concern & focus: To serve the American consumer & investor.

About Christopher Markowski

Born and raised in upstate New York, far removed from the hustle and bustle of New York City, is the unlikely starting point for one of Wall Street’s most sincere and unique individuals. Christopher Markowski has carried the titles of author, investment banker, equity analyst, muckraker, all around trouble-maker, and most importantly consumer advocate.

He is the founder of the financial planning firm Markowski Investments, an institution that provides the highest level of financial planning to all people regardless of their net-worth. Christopher is the antithesis of what Wall Street has become; he believes that financial planning is a profession, not a vehicle for selling as many ridiculous financial products as possible. His clear-cut, honest approach is in complete contrast with the fabrication and deception that individual investors are exposed to every day.

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Flushing $90 Billion Down the Toilet
The Latest Way the Climate Change Elites Are Robbing Us Blind
Ukraine Money for Border Reform Is a Bad Trade
Limousine Liberals Hate the Working Class
The GOP Dumpster Fire Burns On
King-Size Homer Returns!!
Trump Looks to Weasel His Way Out of His Oath of Office
Our Iraqi Failure Is Getting Worse
CIA Staff Have Social Media Accounts??
Fox News Books a Killer Rat Drug Dealer as a Guest
DeSantis vs. Newsom…The Most Useless Debate Ever
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of December 02-December 03 2023
If I Could “Short Sell” Colleges and Universities, I Would
This Is Why We Have a 2nd Amendment
Trump Attacks Obamacare…Again
Jamie Dimon Says Our Economy Is on Drugs
The Greatest Tesla Commercial Ever!
Hypocrisies of the Day!
Welcome to the Great American Economic Sugar High
I Want This Company to DIE!!
RIP Charlie Munger
Biden Blames the Private Sector for the Economy!
European Immigration Powder Keg
Mr. Miyagi and Your Portfolio
Our Incomprehensible, Inexplicable and Deceitful Foreign Policy
The Biggest Polluters Are…
Newsflash: Germs, Stress and a Little Pain and Discomfort Are All GOOD!
Is The Supreme Court Finally Cutting Through Washington's Red Tape?
Is Black Friday Over?
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of November 25-November 26 2023
What the Hell Is a “Personality Hire”
Biden’s Spin City
The IRS Backtracks!
Much Ado About Debt and Taxes
The Pentagon Fails the American Taxpayer Again
A Little Economic Reality
We Need a Commercial Real Estate Flush
Did Libertarians Just Pull Off a Big Victory in Argentina?
How Americans Are Being Robbed by the "Green" Movement
China Hawks Gone Wild
Osama Bin Laden TikTok Influencer!
Will America EVER LEARN From Our Obvious Foreign Policy Mistakes?
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of November 18-November 19 2023
Another Progressive Media Outlet Collapses
Donkeys Are Throwing in the Towel on “Bidenomics"
Tales From the Biden/Xi Summit
Decision 2024…Haley Forgets About the Constitution
Decision 2024…DeSantis on China
“No Country for Creepy Old Men”
Congressional Highlights from Yesterday…Smurfs, Kitty Cats, Elbows to Ribs, and MMA
College Professors Gone Wild!
The Impeachment Circus Rolls On
Ramaswamy Says…"You’re Fired!!”
Stellantis Is Moving Out
Inflation, Recession, and What It All Means to You
Hats in the Ring…Hats Out
The Economy Stinks! Biden Blames the Media
Welcome to the FDIC Frat House!
Beware of Investment Buzzwords!
Could China Save Our Urban Decay
Speaker Johnson…Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss
Life Lessons from Monopoly
Trump/DeSantis and the Social Security Neighborhood of Make-Believe
Republican Party Dumpster Fire
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of November 11-November 12 2023
Climate Pledge Lies
Republican Debate Rundown
The Hidden Costs of EVs
The United States of Debt
Reining in Radical Rashida Tlaib
Wall Street Creates Another Weapon of Mass Financial Destruction
Are Republicans Tired of Losing Yet?
Should We Send All These College Socialists to China?
$11 Billion to Afghanistan
Thank You for NOT Voting!
Trump Is Going To Be a No Show at the Debate. Yes, I Have TDS!
President Trump's Epic Clash with the Kangaroo Court
Congress Is Stealing From Us Again
Don't Be A Victim Of An Investment Scam
The Truth About Campaign Finance Reform
The Many Villains of the WeWork “Pump and Dump” 
A Very Ugly Jobs Report
Sanctuary City Mayors Go Panhandling at the White House
We All Bought Crack Pipes!
More Signs of a Slowing Economy
Sam Bankman-Fried Convicted
The WSJ Is Dr. Strangelove’s Paper of Choice
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of November 4-November 5 2023
Target Warns on Consumer Spending
Don’t Fret the Recession
True Taxation Stories
A Random Act of Journalism in Ukraine
“The Biggest Blunder in the History of the Treasury”
The Gluttons of Washington D.C.
The United States and Global Wealth
Welcome to the Biden Dream House!
Biden takes on the Property Brothers
The Truth About the "Booming Economy"
Bidenomics and Food Insecurity
The Great American Schism
Our Big Fat Green Bailout
Scared Straight. The Public Needs To See.
War Is a Racket
America…Why Are We So Insecure?
Janet Yellen Insults Our Collective Intelligence Again
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of October 28-October 29 2023
Central Park Campground??
We Have a Speaker
Interest Rate and Inflation Drama
Political and Economic Reality!
War of Attrition Rolls On
Your Enemies Get Stronger on What You Leave Behind
Social Media and Ghostbusters II
Jamie Dimon Calls out Fed Incompetence
UAW Strike and Unintended Consequences
“So-Called Conservative Stars” and Their Advertisers Are Looking to Rip You Off!
Trust in the Media Is at Record Lows
Crime of the Century…Pandemic Relief
The Cardboard Conundrum
Business Is Leaving China
Net Zero Fools and the Power Grid
10-Year Treasury Breaks 5%. The Fed Is Losing Control.
Bidenomics, Congress and the Nowhere Man
Our Foreign Policy…No Plan. No Endgame.
My Fellow Americans…We Have Lost Our Way
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of October 21-October 22 2023
Venezuela and Sanctions Stupidity
Left-Wing Economists Are Stuck on Stupid
Jay Powell…We Need to Destroy the Economy in Order to Save the Economy
Health Care Inflation Is Insane!
Stock Market Assassins and Their Weapon of Choice
The Republican Circus Rolls On
We Are Perilously Close to Another Major War
MBA Job Offers in Short Supply
Retirement…Keep It Simple, Stupid! 
Mike Huckabee And All The Professional Gold Salesman Of The Right
What Kind of Person Do You Want To Be?
The Crypto Money Laundering Scheme
Immigration and the Importance of Assimilation
Day Trader Blow Ups Are Like Slasher Films And Here's Why
Stock Market Volatility and My Crystal Ball
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Needs a Vocabulary Lesson
Not Even Economist Paul Krugman's Bold Lie About Inflation Can Save Bidenomics
Biden Insults Our Intelligence on the Economy Again
Does John Kirby Realize We're Running Out Of Money For Ukraine?
Donald Trump and the Men in the White Coats
Screw the Ivies…Go Gators!
Stop Sending Money and Start Sending Our Constitution
Capitalism Can Bring Peace
UAW Strike Turns Up the Volume
Bad Trump Poll
Rand Paul Pushes Back on the Neocon Strangeloves
CEO’s Pushing Back on Student Protests
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of October 14-October 15 2023
Birkenstock IPO Ugly…In More Ways Than One
Hamas…How They Did It
Interest Rate Reality (Rates Must Go Down!)
Russia and Sanction Futility
Free Speech and the Anti-Israeli Protests
Dumb Ideas From the Tariff Man
Death and All His Friends
RFK Jr. Ditches the Democrats
China’s Real Estate Market Is Imploding
More EV Fables and Tales!
Biden and the Neocons Want to Give Ukraine an Additional $100 Billion
Border Insanity!
Dr. Strangelove for President?
How Will Markets React? War in Israel Pt. 6
The Oil Factor: War in Israel Pt. 5
Americans Killed and Captured: War in Israel Pt.4
Global Fallout: War in Israel Pt.3
Restraint Is Useless! War in Israel Pt. 2
Why Now? War in Israel Pt. 1
Speaker of the House Trump?
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of October 7-October 8 2023
Biden Is Building a Border Wall?
Wokeism Is a Mental Disorder
The U.S. Economy…Stuff Is Starting to Break
Republican Dumpster Fire Pt.4 Defining Deviancy Down
Republican Dumpster Fire Pt.3 Donald Trump
Republican Dumpster Fire Pt. 2 The RNC
Republican Dumpster Fire Pt. 1 Short-Sighted Fools
Pirates of San Francisco Bay!
Lindsay Graham…Secure the Border ONLY if You Give Me Money for Ukraine
John Kelly Goes on the Record About Trump
The Most Important Lesson from the Demise of WeWork
The Latest from Our Ukrainian Proxy War
Office Space Armageddon
Student Debt Is Now a Multigenerational Problem
Sen. Tim Scott Speaks the Truth Therefore He Is a Racist??
Nobody Is Qualified for the Senate in the State of California
Student Loan Payments Are Back!
Shutdown Drama Is Pathetic and Sad
Cost of Living in America Has NEVER Been More Unaffordable
Homes Are Unaffordable in 99% of the Country
A Great Day for Robots…California Gov. Signs Fast Food Worker $20 Minimum Wage Bill
Much Ado About Immigration and Walls
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of September 30-October 1 2023
Food Stamp Program Losing a Billion Every Month to Fraud
Get Your Narcan Holster!
Decision 2024…Debate $%#@ Show
Here Comes the FTC Wrecking Ball
Trump Is Banned from Doing Business in New York
The President Looks to Bankrupt the Big 3 Auto Manufacturers
Businesses Go on Strike in Oakland
Scenes From a Biden Harris Rally in Philadelphia
We Are in a Riptide Stock Market
Our Border Is a Humanitarian Disaster
Biden Joins the UAW Strike
Woke Progressives = Chinese Communists
Footing the Bill for the Ukrainian Civil Service
Recession Is Here
Stock Market Performance and the Importance of Asset Rotation
The REAL Inflation Numbers
Bidenomics Is Just Another Version of 7 Minute Abs
Lessons From the 25th Anniversary of the Long-Term Capital Collapse
Every “Crisis” Is an Opportunity for Government to Take Our Freedom
Our Political Class of Deviants and Dirtbags
Anti-War Does Not Mean Pro-Putin
Janet Yellen Needs to Lay Off the Magic Mushrooms
Hold on to Your Wallets…Here Comes the Windmill Bailout
The ESG/Green Investment Bubble Has Burst
An EV Conspiracy Hiding in Plain Sight
The UAW Is Running Operation Chaos!
Merrick Garland Is Sergeant Schultz
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of September 23-24 2023
We Are Not Buying This “Hawkish Fed” Nonsense
Ukraine Is Turning Into a Giant Money Laundering Scheme
The Federal Reserve Did What??
Move the U.N. Out of New York
Another Biden/Big Government Boondoggle
The Justice Department Is Going After Musk Like Minority Report
Bidenomics, Unions, and the Unrelenting Decline of the American Economy
Everything You Wanted to Know About the Instacart IPO but Were Afraid to Ask!
Americans Are Getting Hit by the “Pig Butchering” Scam
Why Is it My Responsibility to Pay for Your Child’s Care?
Finding Opportunity in a Rapidly Declining China
Stop Making Excuses…MOVE!
Not a Parody…Chicago Wants City-Owned Grocery Stores
Elon Musk Is Drinking Detroit’s Milkshake
Cry Me a River…Student Loan Repayments Start Back Up in October
Fraudulent Pandemic Unemployment Fraud Hits $135 Billion
Government Shutdown Charade
Fat, Drunk and Stupid Is No Way to Go Through Life
UAW Strike…Get Ready for Another Auto Bailout
Socialism, Social Justice and the Destruction of America and the Middle Class
“What Is Going on with the President?”
The Only Way to Solve the Immigration Crisis
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of September 16-17 2023
SPECTRE (The Davos Crowd) Is Doing a Rebrand
Musk in the Media’s Crosshairs
Inflation Lies…Stop Insulting Our Intelligence
Inflation Is Not Going Anywhere
Average American Household Has $10,170 in Credit Card Debt
Europe Is Pushing Back China on EV Subsidies
The 25 Worst Stocks of All-Time!
The Latest Job Trend…”Boreout”
America Today…Homeless Baby Boomers
Disaster in Libya and the Obama Administration
Biden and His Handlers Are Lying to You…We Have a $2 Trillion Deficit for 2023
Zelensky Said What??
Google and the Biggest Antitrust Battle Since Microsoft
The New Mexico Governor Decides to Cancel the 2nd Amendment
Did We Fund Another Coup in Africa?
Joe Biden’s Strange, Incoherent, and Embarrassing Press Conference
Decision 2024…RFK Jr.
DeSantis Sticks It to Trump
The Lies the So-Called Experts and Elites Tell Us
Mayor Adams, AG James and the Many Clowns of New York
Apple Is Being Targeted in Our Trade War With China
70,000 Daycare Centers Shutting Down
Your Health Insurance Costs Are Going to Skyrocket
Is America Becoming a Feudal Society?
The Middle East Is Kicking Our Ass
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of September 09-10 2023
Food Truckers Warn…Grocery Prices Are Going Up
Wind Farms Blow!
Lina Khan is Captain Ahab
Student Loan Boycott is Coming
Oil Prices Going Up!
School Satisfaction at an All-Time Low
Will Airbnb Regulations Cause a Housing Bust?
YAY BIDENOMICS!! Credit Card and Car Loan Defaults Hit a Ten-Year High!
Do Sanctions Work?
Where the “Left-Wing” and “Right-Wing” Media See Eye to Eye…War
See, I Told You So…Mask Stupidity
Shocker! Ultra-Progressive University Is Going Bankrupt
Another Automobile Bailout
Decision 2024…Is This the Best We Can Do??
The United States Shoots Itself in the Foot
Vivek Ramaswamy and the Axis of Evil
No Elon…It’s Your Fault Your Daughter is a Communist
What if China Implodes?
Jobs Friday and Legend of Goldilocks
Green Dreams and the Neighborhood of Make-Believe
What the Hell Is a Neogender??
Dumb and Dumber in Washington D.C.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of September 02-03 2023
Bidenomics Is Turning America Into One of Trump’s “$#*!hole” Countries
Trump Says He “Caught a Fish THIS Big”
An Increasing Number of Homeowners Are Declining to Buy Insurance
Teachers Unions Are Evil Part 2
Unfortunately…We Are Back to “Bad News Is Good News”
Lions and Tigers and BRICS, Oh My!
Why I Will Never Retire
Cartel Inc. Business is Booming
Teachers Unions Are Evil
Are You Ready for the Massive Social Security Cuts?
Nikki Haley’s Post-Debate Bump
Hamster Wheels and the Decline of Civilization
Not a Parody…Another Vaccine
Mortgage Rates Hit Their Highest Level Since 2001
Mug Shots and Shame
The United States Is NOT a Capitalist Country
Inflation Lies and the Bare Necessities
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of August 26-27 2023
A Feisty Republican Debate on Issues That Matter
Housing Affordability Is Worse Now Than in 2006
Higher Gas Prices Are by Design
Dick’s Sporting Goods Blames Weak Earnings on “Organized Theft”
JP Morgan Gets in Trouble for “Spoofing"
Inflation is Good for the Government, Bad for Us
Inflation is Not a “Right-Wing” Talking Point
Wall Street's Mass Exodus
Bidenomics is Chinanomics Part 2
Automobile Prices are Insane!
China's Boom is Over. What’s Next?
Stock Market Gurus…DON’T EXIST!
Bidenomics is Making Inflation Worse
The CEO of Ford deals with EV reality
How a Woke Hawaiian government official made the Maui fire worse
Damn it feels good to be a political gangster
The Ten Commandments of Vivek Ramaswamy
Economists are Witch Doctors
Trump…Inflation was caused by energy
The most profitable company in the world is…
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of August 19-20 2023
Bidenomics…pain is on the way
Lack of leadership and accountability from the leading Presidential candidates on Social Security
Welfare for Harvard students
Vivek Ramaswamy gives a masterclass on handling an activist
Migrant shelter shutters two famed Manhattan restaurants
China…the bad, the worse, the ugly
Homebuilder sentiment crashes
Knowing what you know now…Why would you do business with these crooks?
The Lilliputians on steroids return
Catholics need not apply
Grim statistics on suicides and drug overdoses
Chinese Dragon on life support
Inflation forcing Americans to spend $709 more per month
Just keep working!
Cuba’s death spiral and why inequality is good
James Comer is right
The IRS Kabuki theater
Ukraine war spending blowout
A reform candidate for President is assassinated…who is to blame?
Trained seals applaud the inflation report
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of August 12-13 2023
Oakland Police tell citizens to protect themselves with airhorns
The Covid insanity continues...
Porsche goes Woke
Kyle Bass thinks China will attack Taiwan in 2024
The United States is bankrolling the Taliban
Fiscal disaster!
Shocker…WeWork is collapsing
U.S. Regulators issue a parking ticket to Wall Street Firms
It’s not just commercial real estate, apartment buildings are getting hit as well
EV losses continue to pile up
Big trouble in big China
College sports and Hedge Fund University
Republicans and the SALT deduction
Inflation lies and how we the people are being screwed!
The Secret To Problem Solving
Bombshell Study: Wall Street Stock Brokers are Psychos
Teacher Unions have gone full WOKE
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of August 5-6 2023
GEN X Is not Prepared to Retire
Understanding 'Too Big To Fail' Banks
This Is How To Save The Country
Rhode Island forces Independent Contractors to pay the state
California has a Homeless Epidemic
Disney's Woke Culture is ruining its Brand
Trans Women (Men) Shouldn't compete with Biological Women
Post-Vxxcine Blood Clots and Heart Problems
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of July 29-30 2023
1 in 5 Americans say they will never be able to retire
The Stock Market is Unpredictable
The Truth about what Money actually Is
American Hustle: How 'public servants' become ULTRA Rich
CNBC’s list of “America’s Top States for Business” is a fraud
The FTC issues new guidelines on mergers
Biden is as corrupt as they come!
Inflation is a Wildfire that The Fed can't put out!
Biden wants to run against Trump
RIP Chief Diversity Officer
The Biden Clown Show is Embarrassing
Trump and Kissinger's Views on China
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of July 22-23 2023
Massive media deception on COVID
Senators Propose BAN on Members Owning Stock
VC's and Silicon Valley are using use as pawns
Ford Reduces Price of Lightning EV
Larry Fink says ESG has become 'Politicized'
Russia Exits Black Sea Grain Deal
Urban Cities are Declining Fast
China's Economy is declining
Russia Terminates Black Sea Grain Deal!
Biden's Economy is not doing so good
Hollywood Will Collapse
Jamie Dimon: Hero or Hypocrite?
America's Gun Violence is Cultural
Hollywood actors go on STRIKE
The South is not just the leader in Football…GDP as well.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of July 15-16 2023
Secret Service ends investigation into Cocaine in the White House
Bad Policies are ruining American Industries
Xi Jinping is OUT OF CONTROL!
Zelensky wants to be in NATO now!
Leftists don’t like kids, but they LOVE Teachers Unions
Trump and the art of pandering
TOP States to Live in to Make A lot of Money
Joe Biden is Lying: The Economy is Horrible
Wall Street is confused and bewildered
Disney Theme Parks are taking a hit
The latest term-limit proposal is an insult.
We have too many rules and regulations
The Truth about College: Money, Lies and Deception
Bidenomics is Chinanomics
EV Sales are Slowing
Kamala Harris the VP of Word Salads
Immigration Reality: E-Verify & Florida Immigration Law
Elon Musk SCAMS New York with failed Solar Factory
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of July 08-09 2023
Housing Affordability Plummets!
Job numbers DOUBLE but the Stock Market is DOWN
The Strings that are attached to the Chips Act Money
Our Air Travel problems are another massive fail by our government
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of July 01-02 2023
Biden's Economic Report Scorecard: Full Breakdown
Supreme Court CANCELS Affirmative Action
TSA shortage is causing massive flight cancellations
Congress continues to ignore stock trading rules
Strategies to survive a Bear Market
Trump Defends Bombshell Recording in Classified Documents case!
Beware of golden shovels
Unbiased take on the Trump “highly confidential” tape
Would you like a side of vaccine with your order?
Commercial Real Estate takes massive hit due to Remote Working
Biden's Economic Policies are Anti-American
Russia will get worse
Streaming Services: Their flawed business model and how they destroy Cinema
American Cities are being Destroyed
We are NOT in an Economic Bubble!
The Federal Reserve cannot fix inflation: Here is why!
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of June 24-25 2023
The Tesla Vs Ford Truck Wars is heating up!
State Controlled Capitalism: The Ugly Truth
FTC & Lina Khan goes after Amazon
China CAUGHT Supplying Drugs to Cartels
Generation X is failing to save for Retirement
SVB and First Republic collapsed, so did their employees’ investments
The Homeless Population is GROWING Exponentially!
Trump TELLS ALL on Bret Baier: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!
America Is Not NUMBER ONE Anymore
The Fed completely outdoes itself in its latest nonsensical statement
Phillip Morris has a higher ESG rating than Tesla
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of June 17-18 2023
Social Security and why the media sucks
The Fed admits to spending $3 TRILLION in 'Improper Payments'
Ann Coulter on Trump: "Double Standard is Not A Defense!"
My problem with alternative flags
Sisyphus and the Watchdog
China's Recovery is Not happening: Here's Why
Fed Meeting: Beware of Idiots Raising Interest Rates
We are Officially in a Bull Market!
The Trump Indictment Paradox: The Truth
The Buy, Sell, Hold hamster wheel.
Free healthcare for illegals!
Remote work has created a Real Estate Black Hole
The Trump and Biden clown show is pure buffoonery
Instagram's Algorithm is caught promoting P*dophilia
The world is much bigger than most Americans realize
J&J Covid vaccine gets pulled by the FDA
SEC comes after Binance and Coinbase in explosive Lawsuit!
The Truth about Trump's Indictment: What you need to know
Climate Change and The Wildfires: What we need to know
Vivek took my idea…sort of
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of June 10-11 2023
California Senate passes a bill to stop employees from confronting shoplifters!
America is Emulating China's Economy: Command and Control!
Confessions of an Economic Terrorist!
The TRUTH about China
PGA Tour MERGES with LIV Golf!
Americans are NUMB to Corruption
It is not voter suppression, it is candidate suppression that we need to worry about.
General Motors to spend 1 billion on plants for DIESEL Trucks
Corporate America and The Culture War: What you need to Know!
Apple Unveils New AR headset - Apple Vision Pro
The elite class fail forward
The debt ceiling deal and liquidity
The evils of censorship, cancel culture and its path toward a truly dystopian future
America needs to be energy independent!
How to prepare for retirement the RIGHT way
Lessons from "Succession"
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of June 3-4 2023
AI and Nvidia: What investors need to know!
Our Debt is being paid for WITH DEBT!
The Federal Reserve is NOT needed
The Truth about our debt, DeSantis, Trump and the Republican Party
Elon Musk and Jamie Dimon visit China to bolster business relations
U.S. Corporations are filing for Bankruptcy at fastest pace in over a decade
The Debt Ceiling deal is a farce
There was no way Epstein was surviving prison
Going Green in a responsible manner
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of May 27-28 2023
Ownership in Commodities is powerful
Ron DeSantis announces he's running for president on Twitter Spaces!
Companies are rapidly buying back their shares
Defaulting on our debt: What it means for the Stock Market
The current state of Inflation and what we need to know
We're too stupid for Aliens to want to contact us
Lina Khan and the FTC should be coming after Washington not companies!
McCarthy has "productive" talk with Joe Biden about the debt ceiling
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of May 20-21 2023
TikTok BANNED in Montana
Our nation is pushing a very dangerous drug…dependency.
Retail Crime and Inflation: The overlooked connection
Investing in AI: What you NEED to know
What in the world is going on with all this tipping nonsense?
Fund managers have the lowest exposure to stocks relative to bonds since 2009!
Fox News changes its prime-time lineup
Silicon Valley Bank’s CEO testimony before congress was a game of blame
Elon Musk's interview with CNBC is explosive!
ESG Investing is for losers, not a viable investing strategy!
Durham Report concludes Trump DID NOT collude with Russia
Biden's bicycle border control!
Do not fear the recession monster
WEF wants to 'democratize' the Stock Market
Able bodied adults should work to receive government benefits!
Could the Hunter Biden scandal actually help Joe Biden?
FDIC wants Big Lenders to pay more!
EPA to Regulate Power Plant emissions for first time ever!
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of May 13-14 2023
You must have a real solid investment strategy!
Market volatility is not going anywhere, anytime soon.
Teachers Unions are the most dangerous institutions in America!
Robinhood to launch 24 HOUR TRADING: A Deep dive
Influence Peddling & The DEEP State: How they maintain power
U.S. on edge of a Recession warns Sam Druckenmiller
DHS tips off illegal criminals of their plans to stop them
California to give $800 Billion in Reparations: The Reality
Gallup Poll: Americans have no Confidence in our Economic Leaders
Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting: Key Takeaways
The emergence of AI and what it means for Jobs: An alternative perspective
April's Jobs Numbers are here!
Regulators favor Big Banks, Small banks are in trouble!
The Biden Border Crisis: El Paso Texas is like a third world country
Florida Democrat CAUGHT Insider Trading!
The Federal reserve builds and destroys!
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of May 5-6 2023
They're coming after Regional Banks! Is your money safe?
Government Subsidies waste taxpayers money!
The biggest risk to your portfolio is government
Warren Buffett's Investing Secret that made him Billions!
The Epstein Connection: Evil Elites control big business, politics and media
Vivek Ramaswamy to shrink The Fed if Elected!
We've got to save small businesses!
Regional Bank stocks plummet!
Bernie Sanders: No one should be a Billionaire!?!?!?!
New housing rules are unbelievable!
First Republic Bank Sold to JP Morgan Chase!
GDP numbers show the stupidity of our monetary policy
Tucker Carlson Post-Firing Video Breakdown
Joe Biden is not running the Country, he's just the face
The Roadmap to success and investing!
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of April 29-30 2023
Tucker Carlson Fired from Fox News!
Inflation causes Americans to stop saving
GM ends production of it's EV, the Chevy Volt
Bed Bad and Beyond Files for Bankruptcy!
Yellen talks about China
Joe Biden is Pro-Government Spending!
Government is Responsible for Inflation
70% of Americans think Biden shouldn't run again!
California's bullet train
The Biden family cover up put into perspective!
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of April 22-23 2023
Biden to require chip companies receiving government funding to pay up!
Homebuyers with Good Credit are forced to pay higher mortgage rates!
Fox News SETTLES with Dominion for $787Million!
Kevin McCarthy proposes Spending Cuts
America has abandoned the virtues that made us great
America's Pessimism on the Economy is at ALL-TIME HIGH!
Macron shows LEADERSHIP: Signs into law pension reforms
The TRUTH about taxes
The Biden Administration & Mainstream media are working together
Countries are moving away from the U.S. Dollar: How we got here
21 year old Pentagon Leaker ARRESTED!
How to solve the Trans people in sports issue
Biden & Trump agree on Social Security
JPMorgan executives knew about Jeffrey Epstein's "lifestyle"
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of April 15-16 2023
Congress is a threat to our national security
BUD LIGHT GATE: Politics, stupidity and destruction
Republicans pull an Alvin Bragg! & EXPELS Tennessee lawmakers!
Our national Fiscal Policy is horrendous!
CPI NUMBERS ARE OUT - 4/12 - Full Breakdown
The Fed & the truth about rate increases & decreases
Pentagon intelligence documents LEAKED
Auditors are not auditing
VC Funding has fallen dramatically
The Fed is failing America
Victor Davis Hanson's daunting warning of the left's end game
How to deal with China: Don't complain, compete!
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of April 8-9 2023
Dem's want Trump to get the Nomination!
Chicago's new mayor Brandon Johnson is Lori Lightfoot 2.0
Republicans need radical change of direction
The Federal Reserve is broken
The United States of China: Influence, power, politics
FTC overruled its OWN JUDGE - Unconstitutional Power
The Trump Circus: How this indictment is all a distraction
Experts say our military is in DECLINE
Social Security getting CUT in 10 years
OPEC cuts production & China pushes Yuan as dollar alternative
Lindsey Graham cries over Trump Indictment!
Trump Indictment: He's a pawn in a game of 3D Chess
Joe Manchin's WSJ op-ed reveals he was tricked by Biden
Pete Buttigieg and prices of flights going UP!
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of April 1-2 2023
Latest IRS reporting - Who pays the fairshare?
The RESTRICT act is the Patriot ACT 2.0
Lucid Motor lays off 1,300 workers!
Lessons from the SVB collapse
Credit Suisse Whistleblowers EXPOSE Swiss Banks!
Major Companies ABANDON the Metaverse!
Defaulting on our debt is unconstitutional
Matt Taibbi visited by IRS after 'Twitter Files' Testimony
SVB is not a bank, it's a hedge fund in drag!
Joe & Hunter Biden: Influence Peddling
Going green is a highway to debt
Real estate & Banks: The ugly truth
Relationships over Regulation: The game of our financial system
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of March 25-26 2023
Major Market Sell OFF after Janet Yellen's hearing
TikTok's CEO LIES to congress during hearing
The REALITY of Real Estate
Joe Biden VETO's legislation to protect ESG (woke) investing!
The Fed is completely oblivious to the reality of most Americans
FED MEETING - MARCH 22 - The reality & what to expect
Paying executives in stock grants is wrong!
No more BAILOUTS - Break the Big Banks up!
Trump to be arrested?!?! How this came about & what happens next
The HYPE cycle is over: Bank Sell-off rolls on
Goldman Sachs tries to save SVB from collapse with last minute capital raise
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of March 18-19 2023
France's President Emmanuel Macron raise retirement age!
Big Banks come in to RESCUE First Republic!
Regulators can't regulate because they're compromised!
Surviving a Financial Crisis 101: Principles & a Solid Foundation
SVB's collapse may signal the Death of Start ups?!?!?
The perils of trying to get in at the bottom and out at the top
Bank bailout's are nothing but corporate welfare
ESG investing is madness
Duration Risk and what it means for YOU
Silicon Valley Bank goes down! The details
Biden's Budget plan is RIDICULOUS
SVP Collapses and the FED's wrecking ball continues to swing
Compounding is the royal road to riches!
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of March 11-12 2023
The TRUTH about Taxes
CRYPTO COCAINE!?!?! - Addiction, Guilt and Remorse
China, Russia, Ukraine, and the epic mismanagement of our defense.
Jay Powell's Fed Testimony was full of lies!
The difference between good stock buy backs and bad stock buy backs
Perspective shift: Think in terms of investing in good companies, not stocks
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of March 4-5 2023
Reasons for buying today.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of Feb 24-25 2023
Our debt blackhole and the donkeys and elephants that refuse to do anything.
Making sense out of economic crosscurrents and our market “prediction!”
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of Feb 18-19 2023
Embrace the suck!
Hal 9000, WOPR, Skynet…Microsoft Bing.
This is what happens when “life's losers” get in positions of power.
Hey economists…put up or shut up!
Retirement Raid.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of Feb 11-12 2023
The endless loop of government incompetence.
The Watchdog explains the Streaming Wars!
State of the Union dog and pony show.
This is the future of American healthcare…
Popped balloons. The geopolitical risks to our financial markets.
Fantastic January Jobs Number! Why good news is ACTUALLY good news!
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of Feb 04-05 2023
Economic data dump.
What will our fearless, yet clueless overlords at the Fed do next?
More Americans delaying retirement…Could this be a great thing?
The biggest threat to the markets IS NOT earnings, the Fed nor recession!
Can ChatGPT beat the market?
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of Jan 28-29 2023
Economic MythBusters!
Sisyphus and the Watchdog…the never-ending barrage of rip-offs scams!
Big Pharma is not the problem, Big Government is.
Market volatility is not going anywhere, anytime soon.
Et tu, Google? Alphabet lays off 12,000.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of Jan 21-22 2023
The Securities and Exchange Commission conundrum.
Microsoft job cuts hit 10,000.
Welcome to Davos! The Official James Bond Villain Summit.
It’s beginning to look a lot like earnings season!
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of Jan 14-15 2023
Inflation numbers, the Fed and why it is inherently stupid to pay attention to yesterday's weather report.
New leadership in the House. Is it meet the new boss same as the old boss?
Breaking down Jobs Friday. Is the BLS report BS?
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of Jan 7-8 2023
Good news is NOT bad news!
More Tech layoffs! Salesforce fires 10% of the workforce.
To all the traders that got crushed… Pick yourself and invest properly!
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of December 31- January 1 2023
Market manipulation. This is how they do it.
Embrace the suck! Now is the time to be FOMO!
Baby it's cold outside and our electrical grid cannot handle it.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of December 24-25
Budget insanity!
Recession reality and going to battle with the bear.
Getting paid not to work in the U.S.A.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of December 17-18
Market sell-off!
Get ready…we are breaking out our Jay Powell/Federal/Reserve decoder ring.
NO! We do NOT need Crypto regulations.
Welcome to the Crypto Three Ring Circus!
Beware of the Wall Street chattering class…their mouths keep moving while saying nothing.
The latest inflation numbers and the inability of Jay Powell and company to channel their inner McGuyver.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of December 10-11
Will the Republicans control government spending?
Don’t feed the Bears!
Stop fearing the recession monster!
Hype cycles, greater fools and the conspiracy to keep people poor and stupid.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of December 2-3
Economic data dump.
Student loan debt and Hedge Fund University.
Civil unrest in China. What are the possible outcomes?
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of November 26-27
The scams never seem to stop.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of November 19-20
The Federal Reserve…a day late and a dollar short.
A deep dive into the economic numbers and retail numbers from today.
G20 and China.
The world’s second oldest profession…Get rich quick con-artists.
Markets off to the races.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of November 12-13
CPI Breakdown.
See…I told you so.
Everything I needed to know about politics I learned in the 6th grade.
Election Eve…Choose your own adventure.
Jobs Friday.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of November 5-6
Fed Follies.
To raise or not to raise…that is the question.
Economic ignoramuses.
Grow or die.
Economic whiplash and market mayhem!
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of October 29-30
Much ado about Meta.
Tech earnings bonanza!
Investing is simple yet not easy. Speculating is just plain dangerous.
Big Government Destroys Everything!
Will Central Banks Destroy Us All?
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of October 22-23
Government workers and Gordon Gecko.
Global Economic Whack-a-Mole
Markets looking like Bjorn/McEnroe at Wimbledon in 1980.
Global economic picture darkens.
What in the world is going on in the UK and why it is important.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of October 15-16
Boo! More bad news on the inflation front.
I am trying not to be Debbie Downer but there is not much confidence in leadership in this county.
Another Watchdog Halloween Special...more spooky economic and market news.
Some really spooky economic things are happening right now.
They are lying to you about the jobs numbers and inflation.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of October 8-9
Americans received the biggest pay cut in 25 years.
Trillions in interest payments destroying our potential
How are you doing market timers??
News from the Sunshine State.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of October 1-2
Stay the course during periods of economic whack-a-mole
Anarchy in the UK.
Judy Shelton knocks it out of the park on CNBC this morning.
Siegel, Shelton and Markowski agree, the Fed knows nothing and is making matters worse.
A market, geopolitical and economic mess.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of September 24-25
Inflation speak and a trapped Fed.
Had to change the channel today.
What could they possibly be talking about for two days at the Fed meeting?
Crash protection.
FedEx bombshell, what could happen next??
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of September 17-18
Sternlicht gets it.
Don't panic at the disco.
Buster Poindexter says inflation is...Hot, Hot, Hot!
Ukraine mounts an offense.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of September 10-11
Another terrible news morning.
When bears attack.
Stop worshiping political parties and politicians!
Killian is lying to you.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of September 3-4
No bid market.
What we see moving forward.
Listeners comments and the backstory.
When WOPR and Skynet take over...
Energy crisis is getting worse by the day.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of AUGUST 27-28
More student loan fallout.
Global economic slowdown, where do we stand.
Market moves. Narrative nonsense.
Change the stock photography!
Caution: I don't pull punches today!
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of AUGUST 20-21
Real estate numbers and reality
Cheap gyro, cheap beer
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of AUGUST 13-14
Pig in a poke
The Trump raid and a government that has gone rogue
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of AUGUST 6-7
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of July 30-31
Biden meme fail
A PSA from me
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of July 23-24
Gaffe police
Market up's and down's
The latest economic numbers
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of July 16-17
JP Morgan numbers translated.
Inflation...Hot, Hot, Hot!
Biden has lost the New York Times and the Washington Post
Economic news, market predictions and the futility of it all
Shinzo Abe assassinated
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of July 9-10
Rising interest rates and the federal budget
Americans have had it with inflation
Economic growth is needed to curb inflation
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of July 2-3
Worse first-half since 1970!
GDP print down again.
Inflation and secular stagnation
Court ruling
The Jay Powell Show rolls on
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of June 25-26
5 weeks until vacation
Volatility will continue
Policy error and inflation.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of June 18-19
Fed decision day.
So, when does it end?
Don’t do stupid stuff!
Did you really expect the inflation number was going down?
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of June 11-12
Use your eyes, use your head.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of June 4-5
More cultural rot
Economic pessimism is growing.
Biden sounds off to the WSJ.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of May 21-22
Fed inflation gauge slows a bit.
Reaction to the Federal Reserve.
I can't make sense out of the senseless.
SNAP, Zoom and the tech shakeup.
Stock market blues.
China cuts rates.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of May 21-22
The beatings will continue until morale improves.
Walmart, Target and inflation.
Musk sends a poop emoji.
In or out? What should you do?
More on the Crypto crash
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of May 14-15
Reality check
The crash we called.
Market slide.
Jobs number
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of May 7-8
Market whiplash.
Supreme fiasco.
News from Omaha.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of April 30-May 1
GDP concerns
GDP goes backwards.
Market rant
Free Beer
Stupid energy tricks
Powell speaks
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of April 23-24
Reason #418 why Netflix stock dropped
Lower taxes, higher revenue.
No more masks...Yeah science.
No vision.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of April 16-17
Musk attempts to save free speech!
PPI pain.
The over/under on recession.
Fix the problem.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of April 9-10
What would Warren do?
Inflation and recession narratives.
Master of the obvious award goes to...
Price controls and taxes won't fix inflation!
Regime change follies
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of April 2-3
Ready set panic!
Inflation and recession.
Stupid Tax Tricks.
Handling and managing Biden.
57% of taxpayers paid no federal income tax in 2021.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of March 26-27
Thoughts on the record low jobless claims.
Nickel and Meme stocks
Climate policy and financial regulation don't mix.
Energy stupidity
The lunacy and power of our tax code.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of March 19-20
Fed Talk
Zelensky's address to Congress.
Latest Economic news and the Fed.
Traits that you need to acquire to be a successful investor.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of March 12-13
The future of globalization.
Mearsheimer and Kissinger on Ukraine/Russia
Faux Tough Guys
Fox Business appearance.
Fair and balanced on everything.
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of March 5-6
Nuke Scare
Markets during crisis situations
Missing the mark.
Whitewashing History
Ukraine/Russia narrative
Watchdog on Wall Street: Podcast for Weekend of Feb 26-27
Freedom Being Flushed Down the Toilet; Wall Street is NOT Fair, and More
Russia, Russia, Russia
Gas tax holiday gimmick.
Economic reality
Sopranos returns!
Zombification of America, Jobs and So-Called Wage Inflation, & More
The Watchdog on Wall Street Radio Show 2/5/22
Latest economic news
Econ 101
BLS changing the metrics.
Jobs numbers...a different take.
Facebook bombs
Tech Titans
Perspective on the Russia/Ukraine/US/UK crisis.
Benjamin Graham wisdom.
To Sell or Not to Sell, What if There's a Recession?, SPAC & ESG Crap, and More
GDP and wasted talent.
Fed talk continues to bore me.
Retail traders lose their shirts again.
Explaining the inexplicable.
The 10% percent rule.
Market action
More Scams: I Wish People Had Listened; Celebrities Pitching Crypto, and More
Press conference decoder ring
Business bits
Florida Freedom
Performance Chasers. Student Loan Lies and More
Wholesale prices skyrocket
Inflation Monster
College Collusion
We don't speculate.
2021 Rundown: a Year of "See I Told You So", and Other Topics
The Divider and Chief
Day that will live in infamy???
The great resignation.
Entitlement Nation
The changing narrative of Covid.
Omicron freak-out
Merry Christmas!
Musk Tax Bill
Hey Elephants...Don't spike the football!
Greatest Auto-Advertisement Ever!
Omicron Panic Porn Heats Up
The narrative is shifting.
Tragedy strikes and our fragility
New Covid Symptom: Crime?? Don't Get Ripped Off at Church, Putin Has a Point & More
Plato's cave and Covid.
Dr. Strangelove returns
Must Read: Dr. Scott Atlas new book, "A Plague Upon Our House."
Omicron head-fake
Dialed up inflation
Jobs Friday
Profile in courage.
Fine line between being an idiot or being a sociopath.

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