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There was a time, not long ago, when wine tasting was regarded as something done by people with specially trained palates and sophisticated sensibilities. Today, wine is being consumed by hundreds of millions of people who drink it simply because it is what they like. Grape Encounters is about the colorful people, the places, the ambiance and the passion that makes wine drinking one of the world’s most popular pastimes.

The Central Coast of California is the home of Grape Encounters Radio. This exciting region provides endless content for the show, but we enthusiastically take listeners to the four corners of the world on a regular basis.

Hosted by David Wilson, Grape Encounters is an audio guide to special wine-related discoveries and memorable experiences. The program is lighthearted and interactive, taking listeners out of the studio and into the vineyards and tasting rooms. Grape Encounters not only talks to the experts, but also to the everyday people who are in the midst of enjoying wine and having an exceptionally good time.

Nothing Pretentious Here

Grape Encounters is not a program for wine snobs. The show is designed for everyday people who are eager to discover what wine has to offer. It is about the people, the places, the visitors, the ambiance and the passion that brings great wines to life. Grape Encounters respects the experience of the winemaker as well as the inexperience of many of the listeners, making the show popular among everyone who has an interest in wine.

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Episode #663 – Allison Jordan is the Queen of Wine Sustainability and Guide to April Celebrations!
Episode #662 – Katerina Axellson’s Computer Has Perfect Taste in Wine!
Episode #661 – Classical & Wine Make Bubbly Divine! Plus, Hammond B3, Red Wine and Me!
Episode #660 – What You Need to Know About 2022 Wine Travel
Episode #659 – Can Wine Reunite Our Nation? Featuring Christopher Sawyer, Somm to the Stars!
Episode #658 – Adventures! Amphoras! Abruzzo!
Episode #657 – From Bad Company to Gourmet Experiences That are Must-See!
Episode #656 – Our Very First News Segment From Our Italian Studio!
Episode #655 – The Wait for Normal is Almost Over; Wine World News With Wes Hagen
Episode #654 – Oh No! Where’s All the Merlot?
Episode #653 – Senior Editor MaryAnn Worobiec presents Wine Spectator’s all new “10 Best Wine Values” list!
Episode 651 – Sharing a Life-Changing Reveal With the Wisest Wine Guy We Know!
Episode #650 – Outside Influences Can Spoil Your Food & Wine Fun!
Episode #649 – ENCORE! Swirling With the Shark, Kevin O’Leary!
Episode #648 – San Lorenzo and Ausonia: The Broad Range of Fine Italian Wine
Episode #647 – The Irresistible Allure of Her Abruzzo Family’s Business
Episode #646 – ENCORE! When We Loved the Ads as Much as the Wine!
Episode #645 – ENCORE! How to Become a California Wine Expert!
Episode #644 – It’s a Mr. Wonderful Life, Swirling With the Shark, Kevin O’Leary!
Episode #643 – The Foot Race That Brought Winemaking to the Himalayas!
Episode #642 – A Big Pain in the Glass and Other Surprising Wine News Featuring Wes Hagen!
Episode #641 – Radio Icon Explains How a Bomb Cyclone Abruptly Liquidated Wine Country Fire Season!
Episode #640 – A Salute to Farmers and Farmworkers With Secretary of California Department of Food and Agriculture, Karen Ross
Episode #638 – What Wine Enthusiasts Can Learn From Ted Lasso, Queen’s Gambit & A-Typical
Episode #637 – Introducing the Fastest Way to Become a California Wine Expert!
Episode #636 – Muse While We Cruise Through the Latest Wine News!
Episode #634 – How a Foot Race Through the Himalayas Took Winemaking to a Higher Level
Episode #633 – How a Grief-Stricken Family is Turning Wine Into Suicide Awareness
Episode #632 – The Peculiar Intersection of Fine Wine Making and World News Breaking!
Episode #631 – Wine Festivals, Vineyard Events are Back as California and Oregon Celebrate the New Normal!
Episode #630 – Grape Smoke Taint: Purfresh’s Remarkable Second Chance for Winemaking
Episode #629 – Pairing: It’s All About the Spice!
Episode #628 – Somm to the Stars and a Star Willamette Winery GM Talk Daring 2021 Wine Choices
ENCORE: Episode #627 – Chef and Author Vanessa Seder is The Queen of Cool!
Episode #625 – Remembering the Good Ol’ Days When Wine was Paired with Cheesy Adverting!
Episode #624 – Don’t Let Outside Influences Ruin Your Food and Wine Experiences
Episode #623 – Grape Encounters’ Fave, Oregon Wine Experience, is Back!
Episode #622 – John Munch’s Long and Wine-ding Road to Le Cuvier
Episode #619 – Encore: Pleasing the Palate in Allison’s Wonderland!
Episode #618 – Chef and Author Vanessa Seder is The Queen of Cool!
Episode #617 – WineAPawLooza is How Napa Cares for 4-Legged and Feathered Friends!
Episode #616 – Uncorked on Broadway With Ferdinando Mucerino
Episode #613 – Jean-Charles Boisset Brings a Passion for Fashion to Sustainable Winemaking!
Episode #612 – The Wine Institute’s Allison Jordan Brings Wine Down to Earth!
Episode #610 – But, Can You Resist the Temptation to Liquidate? (#699 Encore)
Episode #609 – Wine Adventures: It’s Time to Find Fantastic!
Episode #607 – We Have Great News for You, Whether You Drink Wine or Not!
Episode 606 – Weird Wine Can Be Wonderful! Just Ask Wes!
Episode 605 – Pleasing the Palate in Allison’s Wonderland!
Episode #604 – Sipping with the Godfather of Sustainable Seafood; Rick Moonen
Episode #603 – Paul Kalemkairiam is the King of Clubs!
Episode #602 – Commentator, Educator and Coordinator: Senior Editor MaryAnn Worobiec is More Than a Spectator!
Episode #601 – Are You Taking Your Love Affair with Wine for Granted?
Episode #600 – Wine Tariffs: The Latest Attempt to Spoil Our Wine Enthusiasm!
Episode #599 – From Cellar to Seller: Investing in Liquid Assets
Episode #598 – Lodi Builds Its Reputation of Old Vine Preservation
Episode #596 – The New Wine Normal is Coming Soon. This ISN’T it!
Episode #595 – Otherworldly Monolith Attracts Droves of Masked Visitors to Wine Country
Episode #594 – Good Wine Times and Great Wine Gifts During a Challenging Holiday Season
Episode #593 – Consumer Wine Habits – Are Outside Influences Keeping Us from Enjoying Food and Wine to the Fullest?
Episode #592 – Going East for Wine, Hospitality and Other Religious Experiences
Episode #591 – Chef Charlie Palmer; an Intimate, Deep-dive Into the Unconventional World of an Ultimate American Original
Episode #590 – The 2020 Election Night Wines – Blues, Reds, Whites, Sparklings and More!
Episode #589 – Wine Genealogy: The Family Trees of Our Favorite Vines!
Episode #588 – Politics and Wine: Do You Vote Your Favorite Varietal?
Episode #587 – Determined to Preserve the Historic Old Vines of Lodi Wine
Episode #585 – Wes Hagen – Finding Your Wine Happy Place Despite All the Heartache
Episode #584 – How an Act of Defiance Gave Birth to Two Rock Stars!
Episode #583 – Two Women in Wine Offer Much-needed Guidance
Episode #581 – Perfectly Paired Part 2. Life, Love and Lessons Learned Under the Silver Oak
Episode #579 – The Unimaginable Road Trip That Ended 6 Months of Solitary Confinement
Episode #578 – When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Go Barefoot. A Covid-Era Conversation with Michael Houlihan
Episode #577 – Take a PEAKE at One of America’s Hottest Fledgling Wineries!
Episode #576 – ArteVino… Where Fine Art and Fine Wine Collide in a Beautiful Way!
Episode #575 – Virtual Wine Dating, The Covid Loss of Wine Taste Curse and More!
Episode #574 – How Tasting Rooms, Wine Bars and Awesome Events Like The Oregon Wine Experience are Finding Ways to Carry On
Episode #573 – Checking in on East Coast Faves; Will Ouweleen of O-Neh-Da Vineyards and Bad Company Bassist Turned Musical Chef, Paul Cullen
Episode #572 – Jancis Robinson and Chef Rick Moonen
Episode #571 – Adjusting to Wine Appreciation in a Pandemic Place and Time
Episode #570 – World Affairs and What They Mean to Wine
Episode #569 – SOBAR: The Science of Sobriety and a New Product to Take on Alcohol Absorption
Episode #568 – A Virtually Incomparable Rose Day with Jon McDaniel
Grape Encounters #565 - Ancient Italian Winemaking - Vinum Hadrianum Episode #566 – A Huge Step Forward in Sonoma and a Huge Step Back in Italy!
Grape Encounters #565 - Episode #565 – Cooking, Vacation Planning and Experiencing the Napa Valley Virtually… From Home!
Episode #564 – The Mondavi Light Shines Bright at the Napa Valley’s Oldest Winery
Episode #563 – How COVID-19 is forcing Boutique Winemakers to Sink or Swim
Grape Encounters #562 - Winery Weddings and Wine Tastings Get Walloped by Coronavirus Episode #562 – What Happens When Winery Weddings and Wine Tastings Get Walloped by the Corona Conundrum?
Episode #561 – What Hops, Quacks and Pairs Perfectly With Fermented Grapes?
Grape Encounters #560 - Honey Wine Episode #560 – Why Lament Together When We Can Ferment Together? The National Honey Wine Project!
Grape Encounters #559 - Two Stories About Innovating Beyond the Quarantine’s Confines Episode #559 – A Renowned Chef. A Beloved Winemaker. Two Stories About Innovating Beyond the Quarantine’s Confines
Grape Encounters #558 - Wine Enjoyment While Sheltering in Place Episode #558 – Creative Wine Enjoyment While Sheltering in Place
Episode #557 – The Economics of Wine, Sustainability in Place, Plus a Honey of a Surprise!
Episode #555 – HOME SWEET HOME! Grape Encounters Returns to its Roots!
Episode #554 – Jancis Robinson: The Reigning Queen of Wine Meets the Often-Irreverent Wine Maverick!
Episode 553 – Meet the Renaissance Man of Wine, Music and Art!
Episode #552 – Wine and Food Pairing is for Real People, Not Just an Elite Class!
Episode #551 – Where Will All That Grape Juice Go? Are We Facing a Glut?
Episode #550 – If Your Dream is Owning a Winery or Vineyard, You’re in Good Company!
Grape Encounters #549 - A Georgetown Rendezvous With the Best of Bordeaux Episode #549 – A Georgetown Rendezvous With the Best of Bordeaux!

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