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The What’s Cookin’ Today Show with host Michael Horn, is the nation’s food, wine, travel, entertainment, health and business show. It’s information flavored with fun and the only radio show you can sink your teeth into. What’s Cookin’ Today serves up the best trends in lifestyle from the celebrities and experts in the know!

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How To Eat Better On A Budget, How To Set Up Your New Devices Safely
Wines Under $20, How We Can Upgrade Our Movie Experience
Understanding Your DNA Can Help Improve Your Health, Help Save And Better The Lives Of Children Worldwide, FEMA And The Ad Council Urging Families To Prepare For Disasters
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How To Break Our Sugar Addiction And Improve Our Health, Consumer Electronics Show In Vegas
Why Small Business Owners Are Optimistic And Planning For Growth In 2020, Dining At The Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa
The Beef Quality Assurance Program, How To Eat Healthy In The New Year, CES Preview
Eat Like Walt: The Wonderful World Of Disney Food
The Wine Bible, 8th Annual Commitment Day, The Legendary Musso And Franks
Authentic Italian Food in the US
Handmade Pastries From Strudels To Stromboli, Empanadas To Knishes, Goldschmidt Vineyards
The Best Wine Travel Destinations Of 2019, The World Almanac, Unlock Your Genetic Potential To Ageless Strength, Health And Beauty
Healthy-Living Recipes And Tips, The Basic Art Of Italian Cooking, Maple Creek Winery
Temecula Valley Voted One Of The Best Wine Travel Destinations, The World Almanac, Box Office Report
Wines Under $20, Stay On Budget During The Holidays
Winter Car Care Tips, New Year's Resolutions For Small Businesses
2020 Food And Beverage Forcast
The Challenges Of Staying Fit After 40, Holiday Shopping Trends & Predictions, Box Office Report
Perfect The Art Of Gift Giving, Why Italy Is A Popular Travel Destinations Year Round, The Pros To Having High-Speed Satellite Internet
Exciting Medical Advances In Va Research, Holistic Guidelines To Follow If Your Child Is Ill, Last Minute Gift Ideas
Wines Under $20, Holiday Survival Tips, How To Keep The Holidays Festive And Safe
The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Everyone On Your List, The Medicare Open Enrollment Period Ends This Weekend, Box Office Report
Healthy-Living Recipes From The Blue Zones Kitchen, Why Homeowners Believe Owning A Home Has Changed Them For The Better
Why The Holiday Season Is Critical For Social Good Organizations, Tips For Family Holiday Entertaining
Wayne Brady Joins The Show, Food Safety Tips For Thanksgiving, The Maui Invitational

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