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The What’s Cookin’ Today Show with host Michael Horn, is the nation’s food, wine, travel, entertainment, health and business show. It’s information flavored with fun and the only radio show you can sink your teeth into. What’s Cookin’ Today serves up the best trends in lifestyle from the celebrities and experts in the know!

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Health Benefits Of Vitamin D, The Ultimate Insider’s Tour Of Italy, Wine Shack Visits At Chenoweth Wines
Steve The Movie Guy, How Families Can Enroll For Health Coverage Any Time Of Year
Ways To Help Americans Accelerate Their Careers, Wines Under $20
How To Build Mental Strength, California Wines “Down To Earth Month”
13-Time World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani, Highly-Processed And Sugary Foods Can Cause Tobacco-Like Addiction
Financial Changes People Making Post COVID-19, Amerse, Cook Real Hawai’i
Steve The Movie Guy, Hot Dogs And Baseball 2021
Wines Under $20, Emily Metz, America’s Egg Farmers Landmark Pledge
What To Do With Stimulus Funds, Parkinson's Foundation Aware In Care Campaign
Spring Road Trip Travel Trends, Simple Ways To Be Healthier In The Spring
Hassle-Free Ways To Get More Nutrients, How Financially Prepared Americans Are In The Wake Of The Pandemic
Spring-Season Household Tips, Steve The Movie Guy, Healthy Solutions To Combat Isolation
Wines Under $20, Spruce Up Your Home This Spring
Shake Off The Extra Pandemic Pounds, Kazuyo Sushi Food Truck
“Medical Mondays” With Dr. Jeff Barke, Upgrading Your Home Internet
Supporting Women-Owned Small Businesses, How To Add Style & Safety To Any Home
How To Fix The Nation’s Broken Medical Supply Chain, Steve The Movie Guy, How To Look And Feel Great This Season
Wines Under $20, Irish Cuisine And Traditions
Actor And Country Music Singer John Schneider Talk New Projects, The Importance Of Sleep On Our Mental And Physical Health
“Medical Mondays” With Dr. Jeff Barke, Wine Shack Visits At Chenoweth Wines
Words For Warriors by Sam Sorbo, Recipes For Baked Scallops Day
Steve The Movie Guy, Nutrients That Can Help Defy Age
Wines Under $20, Beauty Overhaul Fit For Spring
7-Time James Beard Award Winner James Peterson, Keeping Kids From Falling Behind During Critical Learning Window
Guide To Conquering Burnout And Increasing Energy, “Medical Mondays” With Dr. Jeff Barke

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