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The What’s Cookin’ Today Show with host Michael Horn, is the nation’s food, wine, travel, entertainment, health and business show. It’s information flavored with fun and the only radio show you can sink your teeth into. What’s Cookin’ Today serves up the best trends in lifestyle from the celebrities and experts in the know!

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The Dangers Of Wildlife Trafficking, The Benefits Of Playing Outside
Kaylin + Kaylin Pickles, American Farmers Are Advancing Long-Term Energy Solutions, Insider Tips For Smart Holiday Spending
Wines Under $20, Thanksgiving Food Safety Tips
The Joyful Experience Of Real Christmas Trees, Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List, Covid Numbers Rising in LA County
Healthy Holiday Meals, How Families Can Minimize Risk During Flu Season, Workplace & Hiring Trends
The Wine Bible, The Butterball Turkey Talk-Line Is Open For The Season, Holiday High-Tech Gifts For Fun And Safety
Gearing Up For The Holiday Travel Season, Spending Tips For A Financially Strong Start To 2023
Hawaii Food & Wine Festival 2022: Best-Of Show
RSV Cases On The Rise, Creating Fun & Memorable Holiday Crafts, Factors That Might Affect Our Thanksgiving Spread This Year
Organize and Transform Your Garage, Avoiding Financial Stress This Holiday Season, This Year’s Hottest Toys For Any Wish List
New Technology Making Operating Rooms Smarter, Groundbreaking Experience At The National WWII Museum, Resources For People With Parkinson’s Disease & Their Caretakers
Creating A Tasty Thanksgiving Feast On A Budget, Unique Travel Destinations And Adventures Around The World
Wines Under $20, New Treatment Options For Psoriasis
Holiday Cleaning, Foods For Gut Health
Navigating The Holiday Dessert Table, Self-Care Rituals That Keep Your Body Working, This Year’s Hottest Picks For Any Wish List
The Impact Climate Change Is Having On Trees, What Shoppers Want this Season, How To Stick To Your Wellness Routine While On The Road
Convenient And Festive Holiday Meal Suggestions, This Year’s Hottest Picks For Any Wish List
The Affordable Wine Report, "Be The One” To Stop Veteran Suicide, The Importance Of Early Screening To Detect Lung Cancer
How To Identify And Reduce Stress, Community Aid & Real Estate
The History Of Halloween Candy, Ultimate Holiday Grazing Board
Disney History And Iconic Experiences, How Technology Is Influencing Public Safety Operations, Pets & The Pests That Bug Them
Trending Electronics This Holiday, Helping Senior Pets Find Forever Homes
The Affordable Wine Report, How Personal Loans Can Help Relieve The Stress, The Power Of Music
How Cybercriminals Are Getting More Devious Than Ever, New Platform Is Helping Connect Those Facing Fertility Struggles, Tips For Planning Your Next Social Media-Worthy Vacation, Earning College Credit From Real Life Experience
Hawaii Food & Wine Festival 2022: Broadcast 5

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