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The What’s Cookin’ Today Show with host Michael Horn, is the nation’s food, wine, travel, entertainment, health and business show. It’s information flavored with fun and the only radio show you can sink your teeth into. What’s Cookin’ Today serves up the best trends in lifestyle from the celebrities and experts in the know!

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Important Vaccinations For Meningitis, Quick And Delicious Recipes, Tips For Protecting Your Pups Paws
The Importance Of A Good Night’s Sleep, The Impact Of Distance Learning
Why Our Diet Is So Important To Oral Health, Tips For Fall Home Improvements
History Of Fermented Foods And Their Health Benefits, Energy Alternatives For Fall & Winter, Increase In Severe Common Cold In Kids
Freshening Up Your Home For Fall, National Pancake Day
Chenoweth Wines & Farm, How To Prevent A Repeat Heart Attack or Stroke
Chocolatey Crafting Ideas, Upcoming Shows And His Annual Fall Fundraiser, How To Live With Wildfires
How Small Businesses Thrive, The Affordable Wine Report
The Dangers Of Tap Water, Trending Toys For The Holiday Season
9/19 - Fun And Offbeat Facts About The Animal Kingdom, Healthy Snacks For Kids, How People With Weakened Immune Systems Can Protect Themselves
The Impact PTSD Service Dogs Have On Veterans, How To Beef Up Mealtime Plans
The Great Age Reboot, How To Have A Financially Rewarding School Year
Celebrity Chef's Food Safety Tips, Game Day Food Prep for Pups
Health Benefits Of Eggs, Lysol Laundry Challenge, Nighttime Beauty Secrets
Bucher Wines & Dairy Farm, The Benefits Of A Fiber Rich Diet, Therapies For Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Creating Clean Classrooms, The Latest Moblie Trends, Tips and Treatment Options for GERD
New Survey On The State Of Small Business, Fall Beauty Finds, Easy & Budget-Friendly Meals
The Affordable Wine Report, National Cholesterol Education Month
Update on New Covid-19 Boosters, Discover The Beauty And Versatility Of Madeira Wines
Sonoma County Wine Auction, The Royal Lahaina Resort & Bungalows
National Mushroom Month, Online Resources to Help Students And Families Plan For College, Disneyland Foodie Guide
Wines Under $20, Health Benefits Of Nuts
Herbal Supplements And Their Side Effects, How To Save Money (And Sanity!) On Your Next Open Road Adventure
About Dobbes Family Estate & Wine By Joe, Two Easy Steps To Save A Life
Bucher Wines & Dairy Farm, Safe Car Travel With Pets

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