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Special Prosecutor with Larry Klayman
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In a media landscape where real Investigative Journalism is regrettably a thing of the past, Larry Klayman and his team of lawyers and investigators have brought to light some of the most high profile legal cases and biggest news stories of the last 20 years. Each week, Special Prosecutor takes listeners on an exclusive trip inside multiple cases and investigations, providing the audience with first hand details of cases and news stories that the mainstream media, and in some instances even the conservative press, have completely ignored. In addition, the program features insights from celebrity conservatives (Yes, they do exist.) about undercurrents inside the Hollywood left that every American should know about.

Unlike other programs, the news coming out of Special Prosecutor each week is first hand, exclusive evidence and information not found on other news and talks shows in any medium.

Among his investigative and legal breakthroughs, Klayman has worked to reveal: mass NSA and CIA unconstitutional surveillance of prominent Americans including the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the sale of government services for bribes and other illegal gratuities during the Obama administration by government officials, the wrongful death of Navy Seals caused by former Afghani President Hamid Karzai and other scandals. During the Clinton Administration, Klayman investigated and triggered the Clinton-era fundraising scandal known as Chinagate and also represented Gennifer Flowers, who was one of Bill Clinton’s mistresses, in a defamation suit against Hillary Clinton. Klayman also represented the other Clinton women, Dolly Kyle Browning, Kathleen Willey, Paul Jones, and Juanita Broadderick, who were his paramours of or were sexually harassed by President Bill Clinton. He exposed that then first lady Hillary Clinton ran a “War Room” with George Stephanopoulos and James Carville to smear and destroy these women to pave the way for her husband’s and later her candidacies for the presidency.

Today, Klayman’s recent cases have included: Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi and emails scandals; a class action suit against Black Lives Matter over allegedly inciting and financing threats and violence against law enforcement; President Obama’s illegal amnesty orders and the unconstitutional ratification of the Iranian nuclear treaty.

Klayman’s cases and investigators expose corrupt organizations, institutions, judges, politicians and governments. Special Prosecutor serves as the voice of citizens across the country that want the stories of corruption brought to light and those held responsible brought to justice.

Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, is known for his strong public interest advocacy in furtherance of ethics in government and individual freedoms and liberties. During his tenure at Judicial Watch, he obtained a court ruling that Bill Clinton committed a crime, the first lawyer ever to have done so against an American president. Larry became so famous for fighting corruption in the government and the legal profession that the NBC hit drama series “West Wing” created a character after him: Harry Klaypool of Freedom Watch. His character was played by actor John Diehl.

The author of two books, Fatal Neglect and Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment, Larry has a third book, “Essays of a Mad Man,” is in the works dealing with the breakdown of our political and legal systems. His current book, Whores, is on now sale at WND.com, Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Borders.com, and all major stores and booksellers.

Larry is a frequent commentator on television and radio, as well as a weekly columnist, on Friday, for WND.com and writes a blog for Newmax.com.

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Help Me Sue ‘CHICOMS' Over Coronavirus! China Must Pay!
Deep State Coronavirus Cover Up! Bernie and Squad Trashed!
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President Trump Wake Up: Coronavirus Perceptions Are Now A Reality
Golf's Integrity Example For The Nation
Sanders & Communist Radical Black/Palestinian Threat to America!
Coronavirus Lawsuits; Sanders/ Dream Defenders' Anarchy!
Freedom Watch to Bring Crooked & Dumb Joe Biden to Justice!
I Will Bring Biden & Other Political “Whores” to Justice !
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Sheriff Arpaio and More Politics by Federal Judges!
Pelosi Stoking Stock Market CRASH!; Corsi Joins Trump vs. NYT!
Remove Immunity & Life Tenure for Federal Judges!
Our Nation Needs STRONG Trumpian Non-Communist Leadership!
Jews Must Fight Bernie Sanders, Anti-Semitism and Communism!
Mayor Pete & Eliz Warren: Larry's Coming & He Means Business!
Buttegieg/Warren Sued by George Zimmerman; Is CoronaVirus War of the Worlds?
The Corona Virus: Gov't Needs to COME CLEAN!
Buttegieg & Warren Wrongly Play the Race Card on George Zimmerman. NO!
It's Time To Raise The Barr! #YoureFired
Roger Stone Misinformation; He Should Do Some Time! Justice Dept. CORRUPTION!
Roger Stone Should Do Time ... but Not 7-9 Years
Roger Stone Was NOT Wrongfully Convicted!
Trump intervening for Stone and Not Cliven Bundy & Sons an Outrage!
Who is The Worst Democratic Presidential Candidate? Drumroll ......
My Client Will Be Suing Mayor Pete and Pocahontas for Slander
NEWS FLASH!: Hot War with Left Breaks Out! Support Freedom Watch!
Low-Class Left Wants to Tear Down America
Rabid Leftists STILL Want Trump Removed!
Nancy Pelosi: Wicked Witch of BOTH East & West!
Best Wishes to Rush Limbaugh; and Fighting Corruption
Fox News' TREACHERY to Continue After Trump Acquittal!
Here Comes the Acquittal!
Chief Justice Roberts: Part & Parcel to *ALL* the Corruption!
Hillary Clinton: Still as Crooked as Ever!
Kobe Bryant Was a Principled Person
Hell Hath No Furry Like a John Bolton Scorned
Political Masturbation: Trump Impeachment and its Deep Intel State!
LARRY, DAILY: "Who's REALLY Being Harmed Here?"
'Kangaroo Court' Impeachment Trial!; Chief Justice Roberts Danger for Trump!; Bundy Outrage!
AG Barr Takes Another Dive w/ Clintons! Hollywood Flip Side of Corrupt D.C.!
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Mueller's Crimes! Sheriff Arpaio Sues Leftist Media! Racist Omar!
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CRISIS!: 2019 Independence Day: Join the NEW REVOLUTION!
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CORSI/ KLAYMAN Leading the Charge For Justice and NOT A.G. Barr!
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Bill Barr's Deception!; UFO Gov't Cover-Up!; Freedom Watch Fights On!
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Roy Moore v. Sasha Baron Cohen: Fox News Implodes; Leftist Media Strike Force!
FOX News Sex Scandal & Cover-Up!; Hollywood Left Off Rails!
Corsi's Prosecution of Mueller and DOJ Criminals!
Bill Barr's FRAUD: No DOJ Indictments Over Trump "Spying"; Bundy OUTRAGE!
Bruce Ohr EXPOSED by Peter Paul! Fox News Cover-Up of Female Sexual Abuse!
Corsi & Klayman to "CONVICT" Mueller and Leftist Criminals!
Traitor Rosenstein & Jihadist Omar To Be Indicted!; Fox News Going Left!
Sexual Tyranny & Cover-Up at FOX News; Pelosi Lies About Impeachment
TRUMP Must Legally Hit Back to Avoid Impeachment!; ISRAEL, Land of Jews/Christians!
Traitorous Dems Kill Peace with NOKO! Trump Betrayed Not Just By Cohen! College Basketball Corrupted!
SCHIFF Investigation!; Deportation Petition Vs. Rep. Ilhan Omar; Trump Impeachment Likely!
FBI/DOJ Coup D'etat!: Indict McCabe, Comey &, Rosenstein!; Deport Muslim Rep. Omar; Investigate Adam Schiff!
CORSI Sues Stone For Threats; Gov't Appeal of Bundy Dismissal; Investigation of Adam Schiff!
Stone Attacks On Corsi Digging Stone A Bigger Ditch!; Judicial Gag Order Likely!
Corsi Analyzes Stone Indictment!; Trump Cave on Wall?
William Barr & Giuliani Statements "Green Light" Mueller/Congressional "Witch Hunts"; Second Amendment Defenses!
Mueller/Pelosi War On Trump!; Mexican Police Shoot TX. Ranger!; Border Wall Politics!
Corsi Cases Vs Mueller Move Forward! & Winning the War Vs The Left!
Impeachment On The Horizon!; Pelosi's Christmas Present To Trump! More BUNDY Gov't Tyranny!
Jerome Corsi & Klayman Take On Mueller and His Criminal Leaks; Jan 3 Hearing Before Judge Leon!
Will Mueller & Dems Trigger a REVOLUTION? Judge Lamberth RIDES AGAIN!
IMPEACH Chief Justice Roberts!; Politics on Fed Bench!; Tex. Ranger Shot By Mexican Police!
BETRAYAL: Trump Judge Flouts Law and His President!; NO to Mueller's Questions!; "You're FIRED!"
Florida Election FRAUD! Benghazi Legal Outrage! Bob Barr As A.G.!
How to Legally Fight the Left; More On the Bundy Saga! Freedom Watch Update!
ARPAIO-KLAYMAN Takedown of NY Times!; Stopping Migrant Caravan; Mueller's Criminal Leaks!
Clinton Murders? How to Defeat Dangerous Left?; Choosing Better Judges! Support Freedom Watch!
Kavanaugh To Sit On SCOTUS Benghazi Case!; Judges As "Politicians In Robes"!
TRUMP On Brink of Impeachment Due to Giuliani Incompetence; How FREEDOM WATCH Will Save the President!
Judge Moore Sues Sacha "Moron" Cohen; KAVANAUGH Charade!; Leftist Social Media Coup!
Class Action Lawsuit v. Google/YouTube, Facebook & Twitter to Prevent Leftist Takeover; NEW SESSIONS SCANDAL!
Indictments of Sessions, Mueller, Comey, Brennan, Clapper & Obama IMMINENT! PEOPLE RISE UP!
Trump's Lawyers Lead Him to Impeachment!; New Case v. Bundy Prosecutors; Alex Jones Outrage!
"Death Of A Nation!; Sessions Must Go!!; Kavanaugh UNQUALIFIED!!
SHAM Rosenstein 'Impeachment!'; Open Trump Letter!; Prepare for Leftist Violence!
US Intel Traitors, Not Trump!; Continued Bundy DOJ Persecution!; Join "FW Justice League!
July 14: Collapse of Justice!, U.S./Israel in Grave Jeopardy!; People Rise Up!
Citizens Grand Juries To Indict Mueller, the Clintons, Obama & Others, Join Freedom Watch's Justice League!
Jail Rosenstein & Other Criminals; Bob Barr Endorses Citizens; Kavanaugh is Unqualified
Klayman to Indict Hillary Clinton; Join Freedom Watch's Justice League!
IG Cover-up and Revolution; Urgency for Citizens Grand Juries; AT&T Merger Outrage!
I.G. Report A Sham!; DOJ/Sessions Cover-Up Continues; Mueller's Unbridled Power!
Removing Sessions! ;Trump Pardons for Flynn Manafort & Others?; Bundy for Gov.!
Mueller's End! Inside Mueller's Grand Juries -- Who Will Be Indicted?
$$$ Reward for Mueller Crime Evidence! Judicial Corruption! McCain Hypocrisy!
Anti-Trump Treason! Deep State Out to Get Trump! Flawed Cosby Verdict!
Mueller & Co. Triggering Revolution! FaceBook Leftist Censorship! Syrian Danger!
Help Me Destroy the Deep State! Terrorist Acquittal Outrage! Judicial Tyranny!
Sessions Must Be Fired! Bar Complaints Vs Hillary & Lawyers! #MeToo Going Wild!
Sign Petition to Make Larry Klayman Special Counsel Before Trump is Destroyed!
Save Trump! (&) Destroy the Dem-Repub Establishment, Ryan Bundy for Nevada Gov.
Save The Nation! Appoint Me Special Counsel; Trump Our Last Hope
CRISIS: Eliminate Mueller-Obama-Clinton Deep State; Gun Rights; CPAC Duplicity
Mueller's Jihad; Corruption on the Judiciary; Make Klayman Special Counsel!
Prosecuting Mueller & the Clintons; Bundy Trial Update; More Salem Witch Trials!
Nunes Memo Legal Ramifications; Trump Must Fire Rosenstein; Illegal Spying
Mueller "Firing"; More Mueller Corruption; & Bundy Land Fight
Freedom Watch: "Remove Mueller!"; Assault on Mueller Critic; Unethical Judges
Major Victory in Bundy Prosecution! (Guests Ryan & Cliven Bundy)
Appoint Klayman Spec. Counsel! Sham Justice Investigation! Sessions Must Resign!
More Mueller outrages
How To Save Our Country; Bundy Whistleblower; UFOs; Holiday Greetings
Help Legally Stop Mueller NOW, End Bundy Prosecution, Fight Illegal Surveillance
Urgently Support Mueller Removal! / FBI Corruption / Land Rights & Bundy Case
Flynn Criminal Charges, Mueller Removal Urgent! & Bundy Trial: Outrageous!
Help Me Remove Mueller, More Hillary Crimes & Kaepernick's Thanksgiving Follies
Hillary Lies, Removing Mueller, Bundy Update and Sexual Harassment Hypocrisy
Bundy Lawsuit v Sessions; Salem Witch Trials v Roy Moore; Make Me Spec. Counsel
Total Breakdown of U.S. Legal System, Corrupt Judges, and Bundy Persecution
Appoint Larry Klayman as Special Counsel: Bring H.R.C. and B.H.O. to Justice!
W's attack on Trump, Radical Black Racism, Hollywood's Sodom and Gomorrah
Sex Perverts & Hillary; Despicable Hollywood Left; Takedown Dual Justice System
Vegas Terrorist a Leftist?; NFL Players Support Soros; & Pray for Cliven Bundy
Prosecuting Hillary; History & Importance of Bundy Case; "Essays of a Madman"
Worse Than Watergate?; Mueller Criminality; the Bundy Trial & Government Tyranny
Defeat Leftist Violence; Time to Remove Mueller; Hillary's Benghazi Criminality
Atomic Holocaust? -- Complaint to Remove Mueller -- Bundy Trial Consequence
Hillary Coverup; Comey Obstruction of Justice; a Bundy Update & Corrupt Judges
'Creepy' Hillary, Arpaio Pardon, Case of the Clapper & Refighting the Civil War
Civil War Statue Outrage; Update on Bundy Persecution; and Sheriff Arpaio Pardon
Trump NoKo Blunders; Mueller Tyranny; and Why I Am Your Special Prosecutor!
Aug 5-6: Arpaio Travesty; Dept of INjustice; and The Corrupt US Legal System
July 29-30: Sessions Resignation? McCain Treason? FBI Corruption!
Petition to Free Cliven Bundy; & O.J. Outrage and Privacy Rights
July 15-16: Cliven Bundy: Russian Collusion; & "Extortion 17"(Military Mission)
July 08-09: New Developments - Comey, NSA and Bundy Cases
June 24-25: Comey, FBI and Surveillance
June 17-18 - Comey, Mueller Corruption , Left Ignites Civil War, Bundy Update
JUN 10: Larry's case against Berkeley, Comey. Bob Barr on Cliven Bundy case
June 3-4: Landgrab Standoff and Kathy Griffin's Troubles
Mueller Investigation, President Trumps Foreign Relations Stance and Seth Rich
Robert Mueller, Seth Rich murder and the Russians w guest Gennifer Flowers
Comey's Exit, a Berkeley Beating, & Dallas Police Shootings
Guests: Government Whistle Blowers & Enemy of The State Writer

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