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Chad Benson doesn’t look or sound like a typical talk radio host. And that’s a GREAT thing. Conversational, informative, irreverent and very FUNNY. Chad’s take on the issues offers a refreshing sound that gives talk listeners the hard news and opinion that they need in a thoughtful, entertaining way that they CRAVE.

[Inside Radio – Talking the Talk Right Means More than Just Politics]

At 44, Chad is part of a New Generation of talk hosts that is able to connect with talk’s existing demo while bringing new and younger listeners into the format. Chad is an accomplished talk show host boasting over 22 years experience in the entertainment industry. He started in music radio in the 1990s at the legendary KRTH in Los Angeles as the Executive Producer of the Robert W. Morgan Show and has also been featured on Los Angeles radio stations such as KZLA-FM and KNCI-FM and KWOD-FM in Sacramento. Chad has also honed his skills as a voice artist for several Hollywood productions and has been the voice of several cartoon characters.

[Inside Radio – Syndication’s Next Generation: Chad Benson]

Chad’s sense of showmanship and entertainment, developed from years in music radio, has had a huge influence on him as a talk host, which is where his true passion lies. Using this creativity from the music side of the business, Chad honed his talk skills at Talk Radio UK as one of the first commercial talk hosts to take on the mighty BBC, boasting over a quarter million listeners per week. With success and experience abroad, Chad returned to the U.S. and hosted programs in Palm Springs at K-NEWS-FM and in San Antonio at KTSA-AM. “Chad Benson is not the usual talk host. His entertaining style, and passion for talk radio, helped develop him into a great talent.  He’s not afraid to go places the average talk host will not tread.  Very unique!”, says Greg Martin, Operations Manager / Program Director, Alpha Media San Antonio.

[All Access: 10 Questions with Chad Benson]

In his early years, fresh out of school, Chad left everything he knew at home in Southern California to play professional soccer in Europe and was talented enough to be signed onto the rosters of several teams including the Bristol Rovers, the Fallkirk Scotland and the Portsmouth Football Club.

Chad has a son named Jack, who has changed his world.

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Mixed reactions to Trump's first year in office
Jeff Flake compares Trump to Stalin in speech on Senate floor.
House may not have enough votes to avert government shutdown
Doctor confirms Trump is in good physical health
Martin Luther King Day
Greg Knapp filling in
Trump makes offensive comments in immigration meeting
Trump bullying to get things done
Trump holds bipartisan meeting to discuss immigration reform
Optimism up at the start of 2018
Explosive new book on the inside of the Trump WH
WH calls new book about Trump's White House "complete fiction
Trump says his nuclear button is bigger than North Korea's
The economy under Trump.
Greg Knapp filling in
Jim Kennedy filling in
Greg Knapp filling in.
Trump signs Tax Reform and Jobs Act
Dems still complaining about Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
Senate passes Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
House passes tax reform, Senate to vote next
Amtrak train derails in Washington State
GOP tax bill released
FCC removes net neutrality regulations.
Trump believes Congress is days away from making a deal on tax reform
Alabama Senate election pits Roy Moore against Doug Jones
Man botches terror attack at NY Port Authority
Trent Franks resigns immediately from Congress
Al Franken annouces his resignation from the Senate over sexual harassment alleg
Trump will move the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
Trump still praising tax bill.
SCOTUS rules Trump's travel ban can take effect.
Michael Flynn pleads guilty to lying to the FBI
Senate working to get a vote on tax reform.
Matt Lauer fired by NBC for sexual misconduct.
Trump meets with Senate GOP on tax bill
Black Friday shopping up
Thanksgiving eve
Trump stands behind Roy Moore's candidacy.
Charles Manson dies in prison
House passes Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
Al Franken accused of sexual assault
House Dems introduce Articles of Impeachment against Trump
GOP adding individual mandate repeal to their tax bill
Another woman accuses Roy Moore of sexual misconduct
Roy Moore accused of sexual misconduct
California NAACP wants to get rid of National Anthem
Dems win Govenors races in Virginia and New York
Harvey Weinstein could be indicted in NY next week
Gunman kills 26 in Texas church
NY looking to file charges against Harvey Weinstein
House GOP releases it's tax reform plan
Federal charges filed against NY terror suspect
8 dead in NYC terror attack
John Malcolm, Heritage Foundation, discusses charges against Paul Manafort
Redacted JFK assasination documents fuel further conspiracy theories
Trump declares Public Health Emergencey over opiod crisis.
Reports of both Dems and GOP using foreign sources in election
Jeff Flake will not seek re-election to the Senate
Widow of soldier killed in Niger thinks Trump owes her an apology.
Weinstein causing issues in rehab facility
Questions about soldier killed in Niger.
WH defends Trump's call to soldier's widow.
Bipartisan agreement on health care
Trump looking for short-term fix for health care.
Executive orders - Healthcare - Harvey Weinstein - California fires - Movies
Trump signs Executive Order to begin the repeal of Obamacare.
Girls to be allowed in some Boy Scout activities
Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment allegations grow.
Another week of NFL player protests.
Police confirm only 1 shooter in Vegas, but unsure if he had help planning
Police still looking into the background of Las Vegas shooter
Trump visits Las Vegas after mass shooting
More details of mass shooting in Las Vegas
Mass shooting in Las Vegas leaves 58 dead and hundreds injured
Oprah Winfrey being courted to run in 2020
Is there a fix for Obamacare?
Trump unveils new tax reform plan
GOP postpones vote on health care due to lack of votes
NFL protests of National Anthem grow
John McCain says he will vote NO on the GOP health care bil
GOP wants to shift health care costs to the States
Graham-Cassidy amendment to GOP health care plan
Trump gives speech at the UN, takes a firm stance against North Korea, Cuba and
Trump adressess the UN
22 injured in London subway attack
Trump visits Florida after hurricane
WH to push an agressive legislative plan
Trump approval ratings up, while media coverage remains negative
9/11 Anniversary
Hurricane Irma set to hit Florida on Saturday
Mandatory Florida Keys evacuation due to Hurricane Irma
Trump angers GOP with CR deal with Dems
Trump gets rid of DACA
Houston still recovering from Hurricane Harvey
Trump donates his own money to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts
Hurricane clean up in Houston continues
Trump visits Houston in wake of Hurricane Harvey
Hurricane Harvey causes widespread flooding in Houston
Hurricane Harvey hitting the coast of Texas
What will Trump's legacy be?
Trump rally in Phoenix
Trump holding rally in Phoenix
Solar eclipse across the US
Steve Bannon fired by Trump administration
13 dead in terror attack in Barcelona
Trump still facing criticism over his Charlottesville rally remarks
Trump defends his statement on the rally violence in Charlottesville
Violence at White Supremecy march in Charlottesville,VA
Trump says there will be big trouble if North Korea attacks Guam
Trump doubles down on his North Korea threats
North Korea issues response to Trumps "Fire and Fury" threat
Trump says any threat from North Korea will be met with fire and fury
Trump's 200th day in office.
Why being politcally middle of the road is good
RAISE Act includes requirement to speak english.
Grand Jury issues subpoenas in Russia probe
Mueller to look at potential financial ties of Trump to Russia
Immigration reform
Stock market tops 22,000
GOP introduces The RAISE Act.
WH ship will get righted.
Focus on the wins not the losses
Who will Trump fire next?
Trump says there is no chaos in the White House
Trump felt Scaramucci's rant was inappropriate.
Scaramucci out after only 10 days as WH Communications Director
Jim Kennedy, Kennedy Institute for Public Policy Research
John Kelly replaces Reince Preibus
Reince Preibus out as Trump's Chief of Staff
Casey Bartholomew filling in
Casey Bartholomew filling in
Casey Bartholomew filling in
Casey Bartholomew filling in
Casey Bartholomew filling in
Casey Bartholomew filling in
Casey Bartholomew filling in
Casey Bartholomew filling in
Casey Bartholomew filling in
Casey Bartholomew filling in
Casey Bartholomew filling in
Casey Bartholomew filling in
Nate Shelman filling in
Nate Shelman filling in
Nate Shelman filling in
Nate Shelman filling in
Nate Shelman filling in
Nate Shelman filling in
Trump calls Obamacare a big lie
CBO scores Senate health care bill
Trump meets with Senators to help pass health care bill
Senate can not please everyone with Health bill.
GOP losing votes for health vote
Senate GOP still can not pass health bill
Jim Kennedy, Kennedy Institute for Public Policy Research
John Cox, California candidate for Governor
Donald Trump Jr. still under fire for Russia meeting
Revised Senate health care bill
Trying to unite both parties on health care
Senate release revised health care bill
GOP still working to pass Obamacare repeal/replace
Joe Scarborough says he's leaving the Republican Party
Donald Trump Jr. defends his meeting with Russian
Congress delays summer recess to work on health care.
Special Counsel plans to examine Trump Jr. meeting
Donald Trump Jr. releases emails on Russian meeting
TIme for Congress to get something done
GOP struggling to pass health care reform
Now Donald Trump Jr. and Russia.
Jim Kennedy, Kennedy Institute for Public Policy Research
Putin and Trump hold 2 hour meeting at G20 Summit
Trump meets with Putin for 2 hours
Protests continue at the G20 summit
GOP is faltering
Protests at G20 Summit.
Trump tweets a vid of him body slamming CNN
Nikki Haley condemns North Korea missile test
North Korea launches another missile
Jim Kennedy, Kennedy Institute for Public Policy Research
Kate's Law passed buy the House
Mika Brzezinski fires back after Trump tweet.
Anniversary of the first iPhone
Travel ban to take effect tonight
Trump tweets anger Mika Brzezinski
Trump holds re-election fundraiser
CNN uses Elmo to attack Trump's travel ban
Trump says the Senate health care bill will be great
Senate delays health care vote
CNN fires producers over false story.
Senate health care vote delayed
Limited travel ban by Trump to be allowed
CBO scores Senate health care bill
SCOTUS to allow parts of Trump's travel ban to remain in place
Best of Chad Benson
Best of Chad Benson
Best of Chad Benson
Michael Bloomberg on The View, wants Trump to succeed
Trump says Health Care bill will be great with little negotiation
Senate GOP unveils their health care bill
Trump and Mueller's potential firing
Stabbing of police officer at Michigan airport
Handel defeats Ossoff in GA. special election.
Congress still battling over health care reform
Georgia special election.
Suicide attack thwarted in Belgium
Trump's lawyer says he is not under investigation.
Is Trump under investigation or not??
Otto Warmbeir dies after being released from North Korean prison.
Brian Levin:Director, Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism
Trump canceling Obama's deal with Cuba.
Woman convicted of manslaughter after encouraging her boyfriend to committ suici
James Comey defends his testimony before Congress
Motivations of Steve Scalise's shooter
No verdict yet in Bill Cosby trial
Where has Socialism worked?
Gunman shoots Congressmen practicing for charity baseball game
Shooter wounds Congressman and aides in Alexandria ball park.
Jeff Sessions denies meeting with any Russian officials regarding US election
Jeff Sessions accused of stonewalling
Jeff Sessions testifies before Congress regarding interactions with Russians
Chelsea Manning to give interview
9th Circuit Court strikes down Trump's travel ban
Jim Kennedy, Kennedy Institute for Public Policy Research
Trump meets at WH with Romanian President
Trump willing to speak under oath to refute Comey testimoney
Comey testifies before Congress regarding Trump and Russia
Theory of Russian collusion falls apart.
James Comey testifies before Congress regarding Russian collusion
Comey releases statement prior to appearing before Congress.
Trump asks staff for loyalty
Congress prepares for Comey testimony.
Jeff Sessions offered to resign
Is North Korea a threat?
James Comey to testify on Thursday
Trump will not use executive order to prevent Comey testimony
Becky Anderson,CNN calls those who carried out London terror attack "losers"
Terror attack in London
Jim Kennedy Kenndy Instuite for Public Politics Research
James Comey to testify before Congress
Kathy Griffin hires a lawyer amid photo backlash
Trump withdraws from the Paris Climate Accord.
Trump withdraws from Paris Accord
Trump withdraws US from Paris Climate Accord.
Kathy Griffin investigated by Secret Service for photo
Trump may pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement
Kathy Griffin apologizes for photo. Fired from CNN
White supremacist stabs 2 people on Portland subway
Trump and media coverage
WH calls Trump's trip to the Middle East productive.
Jim Kennedy and Chad political round-up
Bob Dvorchak,Author/Vet talks about his book-Drive On.
Greg Gianforte wins Montana Congressional seat.
GOP now fighting to pass AHCA in the Senate
Mick Mulvaney is trying to sell the budget
Court strikes down Travel Moritorium
Hillary Clinton speaks out against Trump budget.
6 arrests in Manchester terror attack
Democrats upset with Trump budget
Terror threat level in UK raised to highest level
People afraid to report suspicious activity fearing branded a rascist
UK raises terror threat after attack at concert
Numerous deaths after explosion at Arianna Grande concert in UK
Iran deal to stay for the time being
Netenyahu praises Trump's visit
Jim Kennedy, Kennedy Institute for Public Policy Research
Elizabeth Warren wants corporations to pay more in taxes
Trump called James Comey a nut job before firing him.
Trump believes he is subject of a witch hunt.
Nancy Pelosi wants facts before talking impeachment
Trump meets with President of Columbia
Rep. Al Green calls for impeachment on the House floor
Special Counsel named in Russia investigation
Paul Ryan says they are looking for facts in Comey memo
Comey memo says Trump asked him to stop Flynn investigation
Memo says Trump asked Comey to end Flynn probe
We deserve better than what we are getting from politicians
Donald Trump accused of leaking classified info to Russia
122 countries affected by ransomware attack
Rising cost of prescription drugs
Ransomware attack on British hospitals
Are there recordings of Trump's conversations with Comey?
Jeff Sessions restarting the "War on Drugs"
Protests over Comey firing
Trump interviewed by Lester Holt
Media frenzy over Comey firing
Does the firing of James Comey affect you?
It's not the lie, it's the cover up
James Comey firing has mixed reactions.
Obama gives lecture on democracy
James Comey fired as FBI Director
Trump fires FBI Director James Comey
Health Care battle continues.
French Election result.
Sally Yates testifies about Michael Flynn to Congress
Jim Kennedy, Kennedy Institute for Public Policy Research
Health care in US vs. Europe
Single payer in the future for the US?
Repeal of Obamacare passes first hurdle
House passes bill to dismantle Obamacare
House passes health bill

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