XDS Receiver Info

Dear Affiliate:

All Radio America programs are available via your XDS receiver, you must have Radio America programmed in your XDS schedule in order for audio and Netcues to work properly. Stations must wire Netcues for Radio America from the same receiver they are getting audio from. So, if your station is using the XDS receiver for audio you MUST also receive Netcues from the XDS receiver.

For XDS quick start, relay assignment and pinout information please visit http://myxdsreceiver.cmneng.com. The pinout and quick start info is in the Help area (no login necessary).  If you need assistance please call Westwood One.

XDS Technical Services Desk 9AM-7PM ET Monday-Friday:

  • 914-908-3210 or techservices@WestwoodOne.com

Westwood One 24/7 TOC can be reached at:

  • 914-908-3220 or toc.purchase@westwoodone.com

Questions concerning Radio America programs, please contact the Radio America Affiliates Department:

  • 1-800-807-4703 ext. 250.

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