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Sara A. Carter is an award-winning investigative reporter who is taking back the story. Each week, Carter shares her unique perspective as a mom, a wife to a wounded war hero, and a reporter who’s told stories from the darkest corners of the world. Join her as she takes you on a journey taking listeners inside exclusive stories and interviews you won’t hear anywhere else.

This is where the story begins.

About Sara Carter

Sara A. Carter is a national and international award-winning investigative reporter whose stories have ranged from national security, terrorism, immigration and front line coverage of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Sara A. Carter is currently an investigative reporter and Fox News Contributor. Her stories can be found at She formerly worked as a senior national security correspondent for Circa News, as well as Los Angeles News Group, The Washington Times, The Washington Examiner and wrote numerous exclusives for USA Today, US News World Report, and Arutz Sheva in Israel.  

In 2008, Sara was awarded the Society of Professional Journalists nationally recognized Sigma Delta Chi award for her multiple-part series in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico that uncovered the brutality of the Gulf and Sinaloa Cartel wars along the border.

Rep. Jody Hice: Antifa are absolutely domestic terrorists

Rep. Jody Hice calls Antifa "absolutely" domestic terrorists. He also discusses mail-in voting in the upcoming November election, saying Democrats want to use it throw out the "validity" of the election.

RNC: We're not silent anymore

Sara talks everything from the March on Washington in DC this week to the Republican National Convention. She also brings on a special guest to discuss the swamp and its constant efforts to get Trump out of office.

Luis Elizando: What the Pentagon really knows about UFOs

Luis Elizondo, who worked on the UFO team at the Pentagon, doesn't hold back with Sara in this episode about the U.S. government's probe into UFOs. For decades, governments have known about unidentified aerial phenomena, but this is the first you'll hear about what they know.

Special: Sara & Liora Rez take an in-depth look at the alarming rise of hate in America

Sara discusses the rise of hate in America with special guest Liora Rez, the executive director of Liora tells Sara about some of the alarming trends that's made hate an "edgy" trend for young people.

Carter Page Responds to Clinesmith's Guilty Plea, Teases More To Come

Carter Page exclusively responds to ex-FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith's guilty plea before a federal court this week and teases that there's more to come. At the top of the show, Sara reacts to the dumpster fire that is the Democratic National Convention.

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