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VoteCast is brought to you by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission. Join EAC Commissioner Don Palmer (@VotingGuy) to learn about the security and integrity of the 2020 elections. VoteCast is a #TrustedInfo2020 series of podcasts.

Episode 10: The Intersection of the First Amendment and Election Administration

Don welcomes former Federal Elections Commission Chairman Lee Goodman to discuss what sort of speech is permitted at or near the polls on Election Day, what is against the law, and the gray areas in between. How may courts review election laws in the future? You've probably seen campaign supporters outside as you approach your polling place. Are poll watchers allowed to advocate for their candidates in the room where the voting occurs? Are voters allowed to engage in political speech? Can they wear shirts or buttons promoting a particular candidate or a general political message? And what freedoms and limitations do members of the press have at polling places? Goodman walks us through years of court cases and policy decisions that spell out what you can say on Election Day and where you can say it.

Episode 9: The Election Must Go On: Election Heroes in the Midst of Destruction

Don Palmer of the Election Assistance Commission welcomes Louisiana Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin to discuss how he and his team managed to hold successful elections during a pandemic and then in the aftermath of three devastating hurricanes just a year later. Secretary Ardoin discusses some of the major logistical hurdles his office faced and how people pulled together to protect the right to vote. Palmer and Secretary Ardoin also discuss Louisiana's commitment to new and improved voting systems and how supply chain problems could have a big impact on this year's elections.

Episode 8: Voting Expectations and Preparation in 2022: A Conversation on Election Integrity with Florida Secretary of State Laurel Lee

Florida's Chief Election Official Laurel Lee joins EAC Commissioner Don Palmer to discuss the state's extensive preparation for the #2022elections and how the past informs the present. Secretary Lee details her coordination with local officials well ahead of the elections; the work she does to make sure the process works properly on Election Day; and the procedures in place to ensure election results are timely and accurate.

Episode 7: Election Security is National Security: Interview with Jerome Lovato, Director of the MITRE National Election Security Laboratory

Election technology security is a critical component of holding successful elections and building the public's confidence in the process and the results. Accredited EAC and trusted third party laboratories such as MITRE are able to conduct cybersecurity assessments and testing to secure election technology that provide services to America's voters. Enhanced Security standards with election technology are essential to secure and accessible elections. In this edition of Vote Cast, EAC Commissioner Don Palmer speaks with Jerome Lovato, director of the National Election Security Lab for the MITRE Corporation about the cutting-edge developments in protecting your vote.

Episode 6: Making Elections Work in a National Crisis

Regardless of what else is happening in their neighborhood or around the United States, election officials know the vote must go on. But what does that look like in the wake of a major crisis like a terrorist attack or a natural disaster like a hurricane, earthquake, or flood. Election Assistance Commission Chairman Don Palmer welcomes John Fortier of the American Enterprise Institute to discuss how election officials can be prepared for worst case disaster scenarios, overcome significant disruptions, and continue with the electoral process in this edition of "Vote Cast."

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