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Three Martini Lunch:

Three Martini Lunch is a funny, edgy and fast-paced podcast of the day’s major political stories, hosted by Radio America’s Greg Corombos and Jim Geraghty of National Review. During this daily snapshot each day of the news, listeners are treated to a Good, Bad and Crazy Martini, giving fans a lunch time treat without the late afternoon hangover.

Tune in for what some call “the best 20 minutes of the day.”

Florida School Choice Soars, Gaza Pier Collapse, Buttigieg's EV Bluster

Hillsdale College Radio General Manager and Radio Free Hillsdale Hour Host Scot Bertram is in for Jim. Join Scot and Greg as they discuss Florida's rising enrollment numbers in public school alternatives, the disastrous situation on the Gaza pier, and Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg's lackluster explanation for the mere seven EV charging stations that took a $7.5 billion in taxpayer investment to produce.

First, they take time to appreciate the fruits of Florida's school choice policies, as more and more parents choose charter schools, private schools, or homeschooling for their children. They point out that this will force public schools to up their game in order to compete, as many Florida public schools face the threat of closure.

Next, they lament the collapse of the Gaza Pier. They also discuss how this policy always seemed doomed from the moment it was announced. Scot notes that there are still five Americans held hostage by Hamas, and they examine the failure of the Biden administration's foreign policy in the Middle East.

Finally, they laugh right alongside Margaret Brennan at Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg's verbose yet milquetoast response to her question about the $7.5 billion spent on the production of EV charging stations, an effort which has produced a grand total of seven charging stations across the country. They observe that consumers are not rushing to buy EV's, and that the government, along with automobile producers, will have to reckon with that.

Reflections on Memorial Day and an Inside Look at How We Do the Podcast

Today, Greg and Jim take time to honor those who gave their lives for our great country. They also give you a look behind the scenes of the Three Martini Lunch podcast.

First, they pay tribute to the heroic men and women who paid the ultimate price to defend our liberty throughout our history.

Next, they pull back the curtain to show you how they plan each episode of the Three Martini lunch and select their stories.

Finally, they discuss how each episode organically unfolds.

GOP's Big Voter Gains, Is Russian Encroaching on Estonia? Illegals Stunned By Lax Border

Today, Greg and Jim dissect the positive trend of Republican voters registering in encouraging numbers in several key battleground states, the concerning impingement of Russia on the Estonian border, and a reality at the border that's so alarming that even illegal immigrants are concerned about it. Plus, some fun with outgoing New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu's unvarnished opinions of other governors. 

First, they analyze the data showing that Republicans are registering voters in higher numbers in battleground states. They consider what the causes of this trend might be, pointing out how anti-establishment young voters might be rebelling against the left, which they see as the establishment.

Next, they raise their eyebrows at the news that Russia has moved buoys along the Narva River that distinguish its territory from Estonia. They wonder why the US has so far refrained from commenting on the situation, though Estonia and NATO seem to be on high alert at this encroachment.

Then they highlight the testimony of an illegal immigrant from Turkey, who expresses shock at the lack of security at the U.S. Border.

Finally, they wrap up the episode with a good laugh courtesy of Gov. Sununu, who does not mince words about the two governors that no one likes.

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Leftist Lies Exposed: Kerry Protected Terrorists, NIH Cover-Up, More Hunter Lies Revealed

In this episode of the Three Martini Lunch, Greg and Jim have trouble separating the good, the bad, and the crazy from each martini as more details come out about John Kerry blocking the FBI from arresting terrorists, the NIH evading FOIA requests during the pandemic, and Hunter Biden lying under oath three separate times.

First, they slam former Secretary of State John Kerry for running interference for Iranian terrorists, as FBI whistleblowers have brought to light. They also note the positive aspects of having a Republican House which can investigate such shady dealings in the State Department.

Next, they are exasperated with the testimony of former NIH official Dr. David Morens, as he plays dumb about what it means to delete federal records and insists that his references to communicating with Dr. Anthony Fauci through "back channels" were intended as jokes. They observe that you know the situation is dire when even Democratic Rep. Kweisi Mfume takes Morens to task for his behavior during the testimony.

Finally, they find themselves not so shocked to learn that Hunter Biden has lied under oath three separate times about matters such as his communications with a Chinese Communist Party official and his involvement with procuring visas for foreign nationals. They wonder whether Hunter will face jail time for his refusal to cooperate with the subpoena, the way that former Trump advisor Peter Navarro did.

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Woke Portland DA Dumped, Michigan GOP's Petition Mishaps, College Students Resist Reading

Greg and Jim dive into the latest conservative victories in the justice system, the Michigan GOP's latest trouble with accusations of  fraudulent signatures, and the rise of college students' mulish insistence on not completing assigned reading.

First, they kick off the episode with a double fisted martini: woke Portland DA Mike Schmidt looks like he will be ousted from office for his soft-on-crime policies. Additionally, Georgia Supreme Court Justice Andrew Pinson successfully fended off the challenge of former Rep. John Barrow, who campaigned primarily on a pro-abortion platform.

Next, they sigh and shake their heads at the Michigan GOP, which never seems to learn its lesson, as candidates are coming under fire for allegedly committing ballot signature fraud once again. They examine the poor condition that much of state-level GOP management has fallen into, in Michigan and beyond, and why gathering petition signatures is one of the most basic parts of politics.

Finally, they find themselves bewildered by the latest trend among college students, who are constantly demanding that professors lower coursework expectations and workload. They point out the paradox that, while Ivy League schools are getting more and more selective, college students across the board are learning less and show poorer work ethic than past generations.

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