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Byron York is chief political correspondent for the Washington Examiner, a Fox News contributor, and host of The Byron York Show podcast. He has covered the Bush, Obama, Trump, and now Biden administrations, as well as Congress and each presidential campaign since 2000. He is the author of two books — The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy, an account of liberal activism in the 2004 election, and Obsession, an account of Democratic efforts to remove President Donald Trump from office. Formerly White House correspondent for National Review, his work has been published in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Atlantic Monthly, Foreign Affairs, and the New Republic. A graduate of the University of Alabama and the University of Chicago, he lives in Washington, DC Subscribe to the newsletter here:

Trump gets played in Mar-a-Lago dinner with Kanye West, Nick Fuentes, and Milo Yiannopoulos

What is sure to be one of the weirder moments of the 2024 presidential campaign has just taken place before the campaign is even fully underway.

In quest to get Trump, secrecy strikes again

Think back five years to the frenzy of news reporting and commentary over what was called Trump-Russia "collusion" — the allegation that the 2016 Trump campaign conspired with Russia to fix the presidential election. Most of the coverage, and especially the commentary, seemed predicated on the belief that collusion did, in fact, take place. But later, in one of history's great never minds, the extensive investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller was unable to establish that Trump-Russia collusion — prosecutors called it conspiracy or coordination — ever occurred at all. The Mueller team spent years investigating an alleged crime and in the end concluded it could not establish that the alleged crime even took place, much less who did it.

The needless act to 'protect' marriage

There are two things to remember about the Respect for Marriage Act. One, it is unnecessary. And two, it's going to become law.

Trump promises restoration — and that's the problem

Former President Donald Trump wanted to announce his 2024 candidacy at a rally in Ohio on the evening of Nov. 7, the night before millions of people voted in the midterm elections. A lot of advisers in Trump's large, informal circle strongly opposed the idea. It was too early, they said, and nobody knows how the elections will turn out. Better to wait. But a few in Trump's orbit argued a glorious red wave was on the way and that Trump should be out in front, taking credit for it.

Trump obsession clouds midterm analysis

Remember when the conventional wisdom was that abortion would be a huge issue in the midterm elections? Then the election came, and a lot of data pointed to the fact that yes, abortion did indeed play a big role. But now, the subject most people are talking about is...former President Donald Trump.

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