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Episode 130: “Refounding America” with Mercy and Matt Schlapp

This show first appeared on CPAC Now last night and we thought you might enjoy hearing from Matt and Mercy in a wide ranging conversation that's very much like our informal get togethers. Please join me for this powerful and personal conversation with Mercy and Matt Schlapp.

Episode 129: "Weighing the Cost of Panic" with Jay Richards and John Tamny

In this episode, Bill talks with Jay Richards and John Tamny about the Covid-19 pandemic and the trade-offs between freedom and government mandated “safety.”

Episode 128: "The Bard and the Bible" with Bob Hostetler

For the past year or so, I’ve been reading in a daily devotional titled the The Bard and The Bible. Each day a quote from Shakespeare, a related passage from the King James Bible and a reading of how they might relate to us today-it is a surprising antidote to today’s toxic politics

Episode 127: "An Actor's Craft: A conversation with Tony LoBianco"

During the last several years, I have had the great pleasure of getting to know a wonderful actor, Tony LoBianco. It’s the 50th anniversary of his iconic movie “The French Connection” where he played Sal Boca, and a perfect occasion to invite him on the show to talk about the acting craft and working with other creatives. This is a truly fun and fascinating behind the scenes look at the movie industry of the 70s and since. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Episode 126: “The Unsettling Truth About Green Energy” with Mark Mills

In this episode, Mark Mills, Energy & Tech expert at the Manhattan Institute, and I go in-depth about the perils of so-called “green energy.” Case in point: February's deadly blackout in Texas. Texas, with the most wind farms in the country providing 25% of its energy, learned what happens when the weather gets cold and the wind goes away. Just when you need electricity the most, it’s not there. If you want to truly understand why depending on green energy is a terrible idea, start here.

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