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The Pat Miller Show is not a typical radio “business show”. Pat invites entrepreneurs and experts to share strategies and tactics to help grow their businesses and find satisfaction, while they build their dreams.

According to Pat, the recipe to win while building a small business is to “Get Clear, Work Hard and Never Quit.” The camaraderie and support on the show is important, as 82% of businesses are non-employers. They’re solopreneurs that are working alone and the conversation this show offers will keep them inspired, motivated and moving forward towards their goals.

The Pat Miller Show wants to engage America’s small business conversation by uniting the millions of entrepreneurs that feel isolated and left behind. 99.9% of businesses in the US are considered “Small” by the Small Business Administration and there are more of them now than ever before (32.5 million in 2021). Most business news is dominated by coverage of Fortune 500 companies and the search for the next technology “unicorn.” The people behind small businesses deserve to be recognized, led, and reminded that they don’t have to grow their small businesses on their own.

The Pat Miller Show could be a local revenue stimulator. Offering a program that is focused on entrepreneurs will appeal to CPAs, Lawyers, Accountants, hometown banks, and local insurance agencies, to sponsor. Pat is willing to help with sales calls to close presenting sponsors, brainstorming calls with sales leadership, and participating in market events, to engage listeners and sponsors.

About the host:

Pat Miller has been a small business advocate for over 20 years. First through his roles in local radio as a morning and afternoon host, Program Director and Marketing Manager and now through The Idea Collective — his international membership community of 1300 small business owners that spans four countries. Now, Pat is bringing the Pat Miller Show to the radio to host “America’s Small Business Conversation.” Pat’s gift is to create big ideas and solve problems that help small businesses grow, and he is extremely passionate about helping entrepreneurs lean into their passions — professionally and personally — to make it happen.

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