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The Best of Ricochet is a fast-paced digest of the Ricochet Audio Network’s bright and informative podcast streams. No orthodoxy, no party-line rants – we have a multitude of smart, engaging, iconoclastic thinkers who span the center-right spectrum. You’ll find college law professors, moms, libertarians, pop-culture addicts, vets, and the occasional note from the road from a truck driver.

Hosted by James Lileks, The Best of Ricochet is always intriguing, never predictable – right here on Radio America.

James Lileks began his writing career as a columnist for the Minnesota Daily while he was a student at the University of Minnesota. After college, he wrote for City Pages, a Twin Cities alternative tabloid. He served as a general columnist for City Pages until 1988, when he was hired as a columnist for the St. Paul Pioneer Press. This led to a columnist job with Newhouse News Service and thence The Washington Post for a period in the early nineties. In the mid- nineties, Lileks returned to the Twin Cities for a job with the Star Tribune.

James is also the long time co-host of the Ricochet Podcast (along side Peter Robinson and Rob Long), the author of several books (including the now legendary Gallery of Regrettable Food and has been the sole contributor to since 1997.

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