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The American Family Farmer Show is the weekly voice for small, independent farm owners, as well hobby farmers and all of those interested in eating natural foods that make as few stops as possible from the farm to the table.

The weekly program is packed with information and advocacy for the beleaguered family farmer, as well as those who support these farmers and the food that they produce, as an alternative to the  processed food options that occupy most grocery stores.

American Family Farmer is hosted by Doug Stephan, lifelong broadcaster and a dedicated lifelong family farmer! Stephan is the owner/operator of several dairy farms in the Boston suburb of Framingham, MA under the umbrella of Eastleigh Farm.

“I have been around cows all my life,” said Stephan. “I spent all my free time around the animals as a young boy.” Stephan continues, “I have become more involved on a wider scale, to the point now where I have several hundred Jersey dairy cows, which provide us with the raw milk we sell, along with cheeses, ice cream and various other diary-related products that have meaning to those in the locavore movement [people who choose to eat food locally grown and raised].” Stephan is a tell-it-like-it is advocate for the political and economic interests of the farmers this program is designed to serve.

American Family Farmer is a targeted revenue generator for stations, geared to a wide variety of advertisers specifically interested in reaching the farming community and the growing natural foods market.

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05/19/22 - Meet 5th Generation Farmers Who Stay In Touch With Market Needs
05/12/22 - Restoring Native Graslands
05/05/22 - Control Irrigation From Your Cell Phone
04/28/22 - Every Can Of Beer Supports 4 Square Feet Of Local Farmland
04/14/22 - A Holistic Approach To Covering Ag, Food And Energy Policy News
04/07/22 - Agriculture, Powered By Data-Driven Strategies
03/31/22 - Farm Sales Up Dramatically In 2021
03/24/22 - Help For The Small Dairy Farmer
03/17/22 - Local Farmers Take Center Stage In Santa Monica, CA
03/10/22 - Overnight Guests Make Us Special
03/03/22 - Are Toxic Chemicals Contaminating Your Drinking Water?
02/24/22 - Maximizing Cover Crop Strategies - Free Conference
02/17/22 - Why You Should Attend The New York Farm Show
02/10/22 - USDA Fails To Protect Organic. Fails Farmers, Fails Eaters
02/03/22 - Do You Know The Difference Between A “Commodity Cow” And A “Forage Based Cow”?
01/27/22 - Time To Replenish The Nutrition In Our Food
01/20/22 - Regenerative Agriculture And The Family Farm
01/13/22 - Farming Is Never A One-Woman Job
01/06/22 - Eyes Wide Shut On China
12/30/21 - 2021, In Review
12/23/21 - Professional Farm Management
12/09/21 - Protecting Rights Of Farmers To Sell Their Products Directly To Consumers
12/16/21 - Managing Risk With Futures And Options
12/02/21 - Take Your Soil Health To The Next Level
11/25/21 - Winter Wonderland On The Farm
11/18/21 - Meet A Family Owned Consulting Firm, Dedicated To Increasing Your Profits
11/11/21 - 89% Of America's Bumblebee Population Is Gone
11/04/21 - Bringing Farmers And Customers Together
10/28/21 - Farmer's Revenue Protection Insurance Is On The Way
10/21/21 - Is There Really A Turkey Shortage This Year?
10/14/21 - Meet A Group Whose Goal Is To Help Keep Farmers Farming
10/07/21 - 200-Year-Old Farm Gets A New Life
09/30/21 - The Fairness For Farmers Campaign
09/16/21 - The Collapse Of Our Farming Infrastructure May Be Eminent
09/09/21 - Farm To People, An Alternative Way To Sell Your Goods
09/02/21 - The State Of Mental Health Among Farmers
08/26/21 - The Vital Role That 4-H Plays
08/19/21 - Solar May Be Worth Considering On Your Farm
08/12/21 - Do You Know Who Controls Most Of The Grocery Stores?
08/05/21 - Beans, The Perfect Food
07/29/21 - Farm Aid Comes Back To The Northeast
07/22/21 - Helping Farmers Learn About Selling Their Products To Schools
07/15/21 - There's More To 4H And FFA Than Raising Animals For Show
07/08/21 - Meet An Inspirational Farmer Who Lost It All, But Wouldn't Give Up
06/30/21 - The Most Successful Crops In Maine
06/17/21 - From Leasing Farmland, To Buying, In Just Two Years
06/10/21 - Legacy Taxes Could Rob You Of Your Family Farm
06/03/21 - Hurdles Faced By American Indian Farmers
05/27/21 - Removing Barriers To Good Health In Communities With Limited Resources
05/20/21 - Get Out Of The Way And Let Nature Do Her Thing
05/06/21 - A Salute To Loving And Respecting Animals
04/28/21 - Podcasts Are Here To Stay On The Family Farm
04/22/21 - Meet Broadcasters, Dedicated To Serving The Agricultural Community
04/15/21 - Inmates Growing Their Own Food
04/08/21 - Challenging The Root Causes Of Unjust Food Systems
03/18/21 - Discovering An Indoor Urban Farming Company
03/11/21 - Meet A Family Dairy Farmer, Now Vice President of National Farmers Union
03/03/21 - Learn About A Wonderful Place That Meets Cruelty With Kindness, Daily
02/24/21 - Who Says That Maple Syrup Can't Come From The West Coast?
02/18/21 - How Do Farmers Along the Keystone XL Pipeline Feel?
02/11/21 - Meet A 40-Year Organic Potato Farmer, On A Mission
02/04/21 - Meet The John Deere of Oyster Aquaculture
01/28/21 - Fresh Seafood at Reasonable Prices, for Everyone
01/21/21 - Starting An International Non-Profit Farm for Veterans
01/14/21 - The Character of American Democracy
12/31/20 - Where The Cream Comes From in Baileys Irish Cream
12/17/20 - Have More Fun on Your Farm
12/10/20 - The First Black-Owned Cider Mill & More
12/03/20 - How To Get Started on Regenerative Ag
11/26/20 - A Visit to A Minority Woman-Led Farm
11/19/20 - 5th Generation Farmer Focusses on Growing Hemp
11/12/20 - Get Salmon Direct from The Fishermen
11/05/20 - A New Farm Rescue Benefit Concert
10/29/20 - Pigs As Pet's Pandemic
10/22/20 - What Will Agriculture Be Like in Outer Space?
10/15/20 - Discovering Ozark Cuisine
10/08/20 - Visit A Place Where Forgotten Farm Animals Are Loved
09/22/20 - Getting More Farmers on More Land
10/01/20 - Time to Check Your Horse Consciousness
09/17/20 - How To Improve Soil Health & Honeybee Venom Found to Fight Breast Cancer
09/03/20 - Meet Two Farmers That Willie Nelson Asked to Transform Their 500 Acre Ranch
08/27/20 - Establish Regenerative Farming Practices on Your Farm
08/20/20 - Endangered Workers Produce $1.5-Billion Dollars A Year In Crops, But They're Not Human
08/13/20 - The Power To Grow Your Food Safely
08/05/20 - How Badly Has The Recent Excessive Heat Effected Soil?
07/30/20 - Balancing Family and Faith
07/23/20 - How Misfit Produce Reduces Waste And Provides A Great Product
07/15/20 - How To Survive as an Organic Grower
07/09/20 - Fed Ordered One-Pay Price For Milk is Abominable
07/02/20 - Using Perfumes to Kill Insects
06/24/20 - Changing Business Plans To Survive In These Tough Times
06/18/20 - From City Girl to Farm Mom
06/11/20 - Racism Is Prominent in Agriculture
06/06/20 - Putting A Stop To Factory Farms
05/27/20 - Family Dairy Farm Finds Ways Around Coronavirus Restrictions
05/21/20 - $16-Billion Aid To Farmers
05/14/20 - Why The Lawsuit To Get Financial Aid To Farmers?
05/07/20 - Wendy's Is Running Out of Burgers!
04/30/20 - Home Milk Delivery Makes A Comeback
04/23/20 - Why Are We Giving Aid To The Chinese?
04/16/20 - Doug Vows Not To Buy Chinese
04/09/20 - Keeping Farm Animals Free From Coronavirus
04/02/20 - Farmers & Distillers Working Together
03/26/20 - Vodka From A Creamery???
03/12/20 - Does Food Cost More at Farmer's Markets?
03/05/20 - From English Major to Cattle Rancher
02/19/20 - Going Beyond Grass Fed
02/13/20 - Milk From A Banana?
02/05/20 - Drones Replacing Bees for Pollination
01/22/20 - Chickens That Will Change The World
01/15/20 - The Power of Hemp
01/08/20 - How Cows Can Save The Planet
12/04/19 - Is Your Drinking Water Killing You?
11/27/19 - Learn Farm-to-Table Cooking
11/20/19 - Only 12-Cents of Every Thanksgiving Food Dollar Goes to The Farmer
11/13/19 - Globe Entering a Cooling Phase
11/06/19 - Small Group of Fishermen Make it Big-time!
10/30/19 - Are You Drinking "FAKE MILK?"
10/23/19 - How Doug Stirred Up A Recent Hearing on Hemp
10/16/19 - Are Broadband Issues Hurting Your Business?
10/09/19 - Get Big or Get Out
10/02/19 - Celebrating Worm Poop
09/18/19 - Is China Focused on Controlling Our Food Supply?
09/11/19 - All About Farm Aid 2019
09/04/19 - Treating Hens Like Royalty Pays Off
08/28/19 - Why Are Rich Mega-Farms Getting All The Aid?
08/21/19 - Hardship Subsidies For Refineries???
08/07/19 - Farmers More Confident About the Future
07/31/19 - Why Monsanto is Suing Farmers
07/24/19 - Moos Are Changing to Clucks
07/17/19 - EPA Lifts Ban On Pesticide That Kills Bees
07/10/19 - Wrangler Jeans From Family Cotton Farmers
07/03/19 - Is A Solar Array Right For Your Farm?
06/26/19 - China's Link to Swine Flu
06/19/19 - Farmers Refusing to Plant
06/12/19 - The Lie About the Organic Label
06/05/19 - Soybeans are Suffering
05/29/19 - Who Owns American Farm Land? - SURPRISE!!!
05/22/19 - Chickens & Cows Can Save The Planet
05/15/19 - White House Tariffs Having Big Effects on The Family Farm
05/08/19 - Beware of the Almighty Woodchuck!
05/01/19 - Sheep Farming in Ireland
04/24/19 - Census Shows The Number of Farms Fell by 4%
04/17/19 - More Americans Getting Involved With Gardening
04/10/19 - Family Farmers Are Tired of Being Told to Tighten The Belt
03/27/19 - Is The Organic Label Fraudulent?
03/20/19 - Organic Food Industry is Booming
03/13/19 - Will The 15% Budget Cuts The President's Requesting Affect Your Family Farm?
03/06/19 - Have you Considered Orange Corn?
02/27/19 - Know Your Rights to Clean Water
02/20/19 - New Dating App for Cows?
02/13/19 - New Help is Available For Young Farmers
02/06/19 - Becoming A Successful Ranch, by Doing Things the Old-Fashioned Way
01/30/19 - Women In Agriculture, Springing Up In Record Numbers
01/23/19 - The President Recently Promised to Increase Annual Farm Net Income by $4-Billion
01/16/19 - Who's Getting A Portion of The $60-Million Aid, Included In The New Farm Bill?
01/09/19 - Learn All About Hemp, As A Cash Crop
01/02/19 - Dogs Help Handicapped Farmers
12/26/18 - What is Farm To Fork?
12/13/18 - Meet Country Artist and Family Farmer, Ben Rue
12/05/18 - Suicide Prevention For Family Farmers
11/28/18 - People Are Moving Closer To Their Sources of Food
11/21/18 - Meet a Woman Who Sang and Danced Around Her Beef Cattle, But Never Took Them to Slaughter
11/14/18 - Robots May Soon be Harvesting Your Crops
11/07/18 - How The Midterm Election Will Affect The Family Farm
11/01/18 - Learn How to Charge The Prices You Want For Your Farm's Yield
10/24/18 - Which Fast Food Restaurants Use Meat Containing Growth Hormones?
10/17/18 - Drug Addiction, Rising on the Farm
10/10/18 - New Opportunities For American Farmers in England, Scotland and Ireland
10/3/18 - Good News For Family Farmers From New Tariffs
9/26/18 - Can You Answer The Question: What Is Real Meat?
9/19/18 - Why Does One Family Now Control 80% of USA Milk Production?
9/12/18 - Suicide Prevention For Family Farmers
9/5/18 - Grow Non-GMO, Organic, Tasty Crops, Year Round
Has Your Family Farm Been Harassed by The Federal Government?
Farmer Wins $289-Million in Lawsuit Against Monsanto
It Is Possible To Run A Successful Family Dairy Farm
Where Will The $12-Billion Dollars In Aid Go That's Earmarked For Agribusiness
"AGRI-HOODS" - People Are Moving Closer To Their Sources of Food
How Are The "Trade Wars" Effecting Your Family Farm?
How to Make More Money with Your Ranch or Farm
Hidden Dangers of Severe Weather
Everything You Should Know About Pollination
Putting The Consumer Back In Charge
Family Dairy Farmers in Danger of Becoming Extinct
How Much Do Farmers Actually Make?
What Is Harvest-To-Harvest Fertilizer And How Can It Increase Farm Productivity?
Escaping The Stranglehold That Monsanto Has On Farmers
New Tools and Equipment For The Medium Size Family Farm
Addressing The Growing Suicide Rate With Small Farmers
Are You Being Squeezed Out by Agribusiness Monopolies?
What Do You Do When You're Told Your Contract to Supply Milk Has Been Terminated
Everything About Dairy Farming - Thomas Monteith of Woodland Farms
Martha Boneta, Policy Adviser for America First Policies
Wendy Johnson talks sustainable farming at Joia Food Farm
Live from the Central US Hemp Growers Conference & Expo
Doug Fine, Hemp Farming Expert, on the increasing market in the US
Tyson Nekirch talks "Learning to Farm" at the Farm School in MA
Brendan Davison on the nutritional benefits of Microgreens
Mary Kimball on educating new farmers at the Center for Land-Based Learning
Eliza Maclean talks veterinary practices & raising livestock at Cane Creek Farm
Small Batch Maple Syrups at Zoar Tapatree Co.
Roger Johnson talks 2018 Expectations for the National Farmers Union
Javier Ponce and the Smart Floating Farms project
Brett Bullock talks about six generations of family farming at Bullock Farms
Jack Algiere talks about farming in cold weather and recruiting young farmers
Daniel De Carvalho talks Mootral and tackling greenhouse gas emissions
Josh Hendrix reveals the Facts about Hemp Farming and Hemp Oil
Pamela Rickenbach on saving retired horses at Blue Star Equiculture
John Squicciarino talks Rolling Hills Farm CSA
Dena Hoff on the National Family Farm Coalition
Jackie Allenbrand talks helping disabled farmers with our four-legged friends
Jesse Laflamme, Pete and Gerry's CEO, dispels egg labeling confusion
Wes King on the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
Melissa Miller on the NFU's Beginning Farmer Institute
Phil Noble on Sage Mountain Farm and food diversity
Ricki Carroll and The New England Cheesemaking Supply Company
USDA's Anne Hazelett on Helping Farms in Rural Areas
NFU's Roger Johnson on using ethanol and advanced biofuels
Val Dolcini and The Pollinator Partnership
Bill Tomson on Cheese Naming Rights, Sarah Walter on Centre County Farm Tours
Jonathan White on dairy farming, cows and autism at Bobolink Farm
John Crooke and Stefan Streit talk about their work with Tinicum CSA
NFU's Rob Larew on Biofuels
John Wesley Boyd Jr. on the Bayer/Monsanto Merger
Scott Henry on Millennials in Farming
Bob Garver talks WICKED JOE Organic Coffee
Jim Goodman on replacing NAFTA, not Just Renegotiating it
Gay Gordon-Byrne talks about the uphill Battle to Repair Tractors
Emily Meredith on National Milk Producers Federation
Kevin Skunes on The Crop That Ate America
Dannele Peck on how Climate Change Research affects Farmers
Chris Holman on "Full Throttle Agriculture"
Michele Payn on her book "Food Truths: From Farm To Table"
Jolene Brown's Top Ten Mistakes That Break Up A Family Business
Dino Giacomazzi on Dairy Farming in California
Pete Kennedy on how the Trans Pacific Partnership will affect farmers
Celeste Longacre on growing and storing fresh produce, no matter where you live!
Sally Fallon Morrell on why We Need Animal Fats For Health & Happiness
Food Writer Julie Kelly Talks GMOs
Mitch Hunter talks about doubling food production by 2050
Eileen Gordon talks about founding BarnRaiser
Barb Shatto talks about the Shatto Milk Company
Dr. Dickson Despommier on Vertical Farming
Robin Way on Organic Farming at Rumbleway Farm
Audra Mulkern on the Female Farmer Project
Allen Lash talks AgriSolutions and the FamilyFarms Group
Roger Johnson on the National Farmers Union
Meghan Nichols talks High Hopes Farm
Johnny Fonteyn on Rio Gozo Farm
Tom Hanson talks Hansons Farm
Jana Linderman on the Iowa Farmer's Union
Sharon Caswell on Pony Up Technologies
Kriss Marion on Circle M Market Farm
Marc Santucci on Saving the Cherry Crop
Ethan Farrell talks Sunset Farm
Mark Schneider on Living Water Farms
Vernon Seipt on Freddy Hill Farms
Stacy and Tenzin Botsford on the 5-State Family Farm Leadership Program
Roger Allison on the Missouri Rural Crisis Center
Jesus Cuezzi on Mentoring Young Farmers
Andrea Hazzard and the Hazzard Free Farm
Timothy Gertson on growing Organic Corn
Linley Dixon talks organics and Adobe House Farm
Michael Harrison on creating the American Family Farmer
Melissa Tashjain on Composting
Brett Tolley on the connections between Family Fisherpeople and Family Farmers
Ken Dunn talks Urban Composting, Recycling and Urban Farming in Chicago
Tom Driscoll on Conservation and Climate Change
Renee Randall talks Willow Ridge Organic Farm
Lindsey Lusher Shute on the National Young Farmers Coalition
Terry Spence on the Socially Responsible Agricultural Project
Daniel Teague on the Mississippi Association of Cooperatives and Black Farmers Cooperatives
Marty Mesh talks FOG - Florida Organic Growers
Ellen Moyer on the DARK Act
Betty Grotophorst on Defending Farmland
Kristina Ralph on Organic Farms and CSA'S
Chandler Goule on Country of Origin Labeling
Chris Prchal on Knowing Your Local Farmer
Renee Randall on Organic Farming at Willow Ridge Farm
Beth Osmond on Making A Living From Local Foods
Wes King on The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
Joel Salatin on the Polyface Farm
Kendra Kimbirauskas on the Socially Responsible Agriculture Project
Jim Kleinschmit on the Rural Climate Network
Tom Spaulding on the Angelic Organics Learning Center
Bill Niman: Eat Like it Matters continued
Bill Niman: Eat Like it Matters
Phil Lempert Continued
Phil Lempert on Smarter Shopping, Better Eating and Healthier Living
Roger Noonan on Safe And Accurate Food Labeling, continued
Roger Noonan on Safe And Accurate Food Labeling
Mark Schatzker on The Dorito Effect
Nicolette Hahn Niman on Defending Beef
Roger Johnson on Beef Importation, continued
Roger Johnson on Beef Importation
Erin Brennerman on Antibiotic Stewardship
Stephanie Mercier on Bee Mortality
Kerissa Chapman of the International Agri-Center
Paul Shapiro on Costco and their egg suppliers
Cathy Merlo Interview, continued
Cathy Merlo talks Dairy Farming in the US
Joel Salatin of the Polyface Farm
Joel Salatin of the Polyface Farm, continued
Rachel Armstrong talks about Farm Commons

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