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Popular Technology Radio provides you with the most authoritative insight and information on today’s emerging technologies and products in a fast paced and entertaining two-hour weekly show.

Your weekly hosts Gregg Stebben and Jason Masters bring you a wide array of topics the latest news and information in home and hand-held technology, music, photography, entertainment, gaming and more. Get expert advice on stereo components, home recording equipment, smart phones, e-readers, digital imaging, dashboard apps, innovations, social networks, industry buzz, rumors and the cold hard facts.

Travel with us from our studio in downtown Los Angeles to national events and Music, Photo and Tech Industry trade shows. POP TECH RADIO helps you make sense of the barrage of choices available in the marketplace. Whether you need a new television, game console, camera or smart phone; or even if you just want the latest game or app to add to your device, Pop Tech Radio provides you with vital, comprehensive advice from leading experts.

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Black Friday Deals, Automobility LA, Tesla Cybertruck | #219
New Mini-LED Tech From TCL, Disney+ Enters Streaming Wars | #218
Amazon Announces a Bevvy of New, Awesome Products | #217
Understanding Cyber Security and How to Protect Ourselves | #216
Porsche Taycan, Electric Vs Hybrid, Rivian, Ford, EV Bikes | #215
The Battle for Music Streaming Supremacy Continues | #214
Nate Mitchell Exits Facebook, AR/VR Update, Oculus Rift | #213
Mergers, Tornadoes, and Keeping Your Ears Safe at Concerts | #212
T-Mobile/Sprint Merger, Its Wacky Facets, and Travel Plans | #211
Bose's New Headphones, Android's Agent Smith, and Streaming | #210
Jony Ive and His Contribution to Product Design and Tech | #209
E3 Wrap Up, Cyberpunk 2077, and Cloud Based Gaming | #208
iTunes, Streaming, iPod, and the Future of Digital Music | #207
A Critical Look at Cable Internet and Streaming Industry | #206
How to Navigate Buying a TV and Associated Hardware | #205
The Big Four Of Cellular Plans and Their Inner Workings | #204
Spotify, Streaming Battles, Huawei TV, Summer is Coming | #203
Amazon, Facebook, and Others Constantly Abusing Consumer Trust | #202
AI Scaling, True Wireless Headphones, and Geoff's Undersea Adventure | #201
Content Creation Freedom, Video Games, and Game of Thrones | #200
Apple Announcements, Subscription Fatigue, IKEA Sonos SYMFONISK | #199
Google Stadia Makes Huge Splash at Game Developers Conference | #198
Cutting the Cord and TV Entertainment Freedom with Luke Bouma | #197
Harman, Festival Sound, Bohemian Rhapsody, NAMM 2019 Wrap Up | #196
Engadget, Matias, Parachut, and Paris Region Entreprises at CES | #195
Dennis Houlihan and Audio-Technica's Gary Boss at NAMM 2019 | #194
OMRON, Harley-Davidson, Audio-Technica, and TechDen at CES 2019 | #193
Morris Hayes and Tom Waterman Talk Music Tech at NAMM 2019 | #192
Sound Bars, Streaming Services, and Trends at CES 2019 | #191
Miracle-Gro and New Headphone Tech at Record-Breaking CES 2019 | #190
Television Innovations, DJI Drones and Cameras at CES 2019 | #189
New Television Technology and Rivian at Upcoming CES 2019 | #188
Understanding 5G, Automotive Autonomy, and VW Dieselgate | #187
Automotive Technology at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2018 | #186
Holiday Shopping and Digital Voice Assistants Trend Upwards | #185
Evolution of Sound, Headphones, and the Holiday Shopping Frenzy | #184
TV Prices Drop and 360 Cam Tech Advances Before Black Friday | #183
Apple's World Wide Developers Conference and HDR Televisions | #182
Augmented World Expo and Jamstik | #181
Lux Products Kono, Cibus and Gene Editing, and 1MORE Headphones | #180
360 Made Easier by Insta360 and Online Marketing Explained by 4-Tell | #179
Orbi, Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE, and Intel Studies Whales | #178
SleepScore Max, Phone Usage Habits, and SHARP | #177
Motiv Fitness Tracking Ring and Online Danger | #176
Smart Nora, ASTI, EchoBox, Bitdefender, and FarmBot | #175
Viome Returns to Save Your Gut, Health, and Money | #174
Old History and New Tech at NAMM 2018 | #173
Omron, Sniffy, TCL, Kids Connect, and ChiliPad at CES 2018 | #172
New and Improved Tech from the Floor of CES 2018 | #171
Augmented Reality Glasses, Smart Home Trends, and PowerVision | #170
CES 2018, Morphcooker, Net Neutrality, and the First Powered Flight | #169
CES Pre-Game, Bitcoin, and Why Cloudcoin is the Future | #168

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