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On Air With Doug, Jen and Victoria

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On Air With Doug, Jen and Victoria. The daily morning program provides listeners with pure fun and positive conversation to start their days. The show airs live every weekday from 4 to 10 a.m. EST

On Air With Doug, Jen and Victoria delivers passionate discussions on items affecting listeners the most in their daily lives. Hosts Doug Stephan, Jen Horn and Victoria Keelan each bring a distinctive perspective to their highly entertaining conversations. Additional contributors round out each hour by providing listeners with news they can use on pop culture, entertainment, astrology, health, technology, pets, travel, finances, home improvement and much more. These benchmark segments also offer an opportunity for stations to generate local revenue with sponsorships.

“We are making radio great again,” Host Doug Stephan said. “It’s gonna be HUGE!”

On Air With Doug, Jen and Victoria is customizable by daypart to fit any station’s needs. Stations can localize the show by including their own content at designated points throughout each hour. It can also be tailored to fit multiple formats including talk, adult contemporary, classic hits, hot AC, oldies and more.

“Creating the show has been a labor of love and a dream come true! We’ve blended my background of pop culture, fashion and beauty with Jennifer’s vast knowledge of politics, world events and her incredible sense of humor under the guidance of our fearless leader Doug, one of the most highly-regarded and versatile radio personalities,” Host Victoria Keelan said. “Together we have created a totally unique listening experience. We cannot wait for the world to hear the fun!”

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Overcome your pets firework fears with Expert Warren Eckstein
Another death in the DR, Cam Newton's Viral flight and Michael Bloomberg's new Tech contest
Blinking lights in your house driving you nuts?? Fix them with DIY Expert Tom K!
Cell Phones are causing Millennials to grow horns, Summer solstice celebrations, Phoenix Airport TSA Attack
Fish Lovers - Beware! Huge Cocaine bust rocks Philly Port, Pepperoni tops favorite pizza list, Monsanto lawsuit update
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Can dogs tell when you're lying? Pet Expert Warren Eckstein shares the facts
Jon Stewart stands with 9/11 first responders, Vietnam's innovative new recycling plan, US Women's team dominates Thailand
David Ortiz shooting, 29th horse dies at Santa Anita track, FCC votes to end Robocalls
Suprising D-Day History facts, More deaths at Dominican Republic hotel, Amazon gets into Fashion world
Warren Eckstein on how you can help animals through your local Meals on Wheels!
Cutting Cooling Costs in the summer heat with Money Pit's Tom Kraeutler
Travel warning for Dominican Republic vacationers, AOC and Ted Cruz team up, Sephora closing 400 stores
New Electric Ferrari - better or worse than the Original? Auto Expert Nik Miles has the inside scoop
Delta airlines sued over Emotional Support Dogs, Alex Trebek almost in remission, UFO's spotted on East Coast
Does your DNA determine if you love dogs? Pet Expert Warren Eckstein has the answer!
In -N-Out beaten for best burger of 2019, 26th horse dies at Santa Anita Race track, Michael Avenatti facing 69 years in jail
Adam Levine leaving The Voice?? Find out why he's done with the show and who's replacing him
DIY Expert Tom K on Decorating your home to honor Memorial Day
Theresa May announces resignation amidst milkshake scandal, Midwest storms turn deadly, Michael Avenatti charged with identity theft
Why do people prefer cats or dogs? Pet Expert Warren Eckstein has the answer, and what it says about you!
Canine Cinemas hitting a city near you, Beverly Hills completely bans Tobacco sales, Jessica Alba's crazy reason that she stopped eating
New study says if you're sleep deprived, you're lonelier and less engaging - and it's contagious!
Game of Thrones finale - did we love or hate it? Plus, the sexiest accents in America, and CVS's "Self-Care" commitment
A screaming child tax in restaurants? Ireland becomes the first to make it a reality!
Deciding what car is best for your pet with Expert Warren Eckstein!
Pilots warned Boeing before second 737 Max crash, Burger King tests new delivery method, Game of Thrones fans sign petition
Eliminate your ant problem AND your dirty carpet with tips from Tom K!
Big losers in Uber IPO announcement, Tiger Woods wrongful death lawsuit, Felicity Huffman guilty in college admissions scam
El Chapo says he's unhappy in jail, Spielberg ditches Bull, Tyra Banks returns to Sports Illustrated
Having a pet is the #1 cure for loneliness according to Pet Expert Warren Eckstein
Maximum Security's owner appeals Kentucky Derby loss, Jarring Game of Thrones moment makes waves on social media
Auto Expert Nik Miles answers the biggest question consumers ask when researching cars
Handshakes being banned in the office, Bono partner busted in college admissions scam, NHL commissioner supports head contact
KFC has a HOT present to celebrate Mother's Day!
Are dog owners happier than cat owners? Warren Eckstein reveals whether a new study is true or false
Measles outbreak impacting the elderly - CDC says stay safe with a booster shot
New York Giants rookie to make full recovery, Avengers:Endgame breaks opening day records, Jussie Smollett prosecutor subpoenaed
Upgrade your lawn mower for summer with Home Improvement guru Tom K!
Auto Expert Nik Miles details new Self-Driving car factory coming to Detroit
Boston mourns Celtics star John Havlicek, James Bond Full cast revealed, Measles outbreak hits 2 CA Universities
Pet Expert Warren Eckstein - Tips for owners with too many rescue animals
24 year old hits the jackpot in Wisconsin, Court rules Tire-Chalking unconstitutional, Coachella Puppy Dumper arrested
Philly Flyers remove Kate Smith statue, Vans to release new Harry Potter shoes, Starbucks in big trouble with their employees
Is Wine Tasting a sport? HBO's Bryant Gumbel finds out this week
Celebrate Earth Day DIY Style - Environmentally friendly tips for cleaning your house with Tom K!
New York Auto Show with Nik Miles - Fords, Toyotas and a $3 Million sports car
Notre Dame fire cause announced, Kate Smith song Yanked from Baseball Games, Gronk dents Lombardi trophy
Binge Watching - just how bad for your brain is it?
Personal reflections on Notre Dame, Tiger Woods to receive Medal of Freedom, Nsync reunites at Coachella!
Help animals in your area with #MealsonWheels - for Pets! Animal Expert Warren Eckstein has all the details!
#TechTalk - Hulu Content seeing big changes, New Technology being used to save Notre Dame
Re-painting your neon colored kids room? Tom K says how to do it right!
Michael Avenatti, Julian Assange and Lori Loughlin all head to jail, a new Black Hole discovered, Gov't blocks free tax software
Are Amazon employees spying on your through Alexa? The answer is Yes
Celebrating National Hug Your Dog Day with Pet Expert Warren Eckstein!
Lori Loughlin says jail isn't an option for her, Austin named best city in the USA, April Blizzards hit the midwest!
Final details from Hart car crash case, Fleetwood Mac cancels Jazz Fest, Rob Gronkowski heads to the WWE
Replacing locks on your antique doors? DIY Expert Tom K says no way!
Auto Expert Nik Miles reveals a shocking vehicle taking over the slot for best hybrid of 2019!
Amazon's Jeff Bezos $137 BILLION dollar divorce finalized
Animal Expert Warren Eckstein's tips for preparing your pet for an emergency
California hospital caught filming patients, TSA announces faster screening process, Lori Loughlin likely to see jail time
Joe Biden apologies keep on coming, Big Hyundai and Kia recalls, Computer Glitches lead to more airport delays
Tom Kraeutler talks Roofing Projects - Fun DIY or Time to call in a Pro?
Auto Expert Nik Miles talks Tesla Test drives, Range Rovers in Greece and Manual transmissions becoming extinct
Wow Airlines Strands Thousands, Big Bang Theory Makes History, Jussie Smollett...guilty or not?
It's Opening Day! Jen talks who's playing when, History of the day and what games to watch!
Jussie Smollett case keeps getting weirder, Women headline WWE Wrestlemania, Wendy Williams goes back to rehab
Perfume...in a tattoo?? Jen would try the new fashion trend - would you?
Tom Kraeutler talks re-tiling your bathroom without a pro - good idea or big no no?
New Safety Warning for Pickup Truck Drivers and Good news for DSW Shoppers!
Mike Trout makes Baseball History, FAA gets a new Chief, Instagram launches new shopping feature
Dr. Jack Stockwell talks curing asthma and stopping pre-diabetes in its tracks
The college admissions scandal continues - William H. Macy in hot water for his comments!
Repairing Winter Weather damage with Home Improvement expert Tom K!
FAA may be at fault in Boeing Crashes, All Venezuela travel Cancelled, Wisconsin declares State of Emergency
Major Fiat and Honda recalls with Auto Expert Nik Miles
Boeing in trouble with the Air Force, New Nsync Documentary, Dicks Sporting Goods removes Guns
St. Patrick's Day Spending skyrockets and the DJV team celebrates Pi Day!
The best ways to help animal shelters with Pet Expert Warren Eckstein
Big Names post Big Bails in College Admissions Scam
Hardwood floor in the basement - Is it worth it? Money Pit's Tom K has the answer
Auto Expert Nik Miles on how Brexit will impact car prices in the US
American Airlines won't ground their Boeing 737s, JLo engaged with GIANT Ring, Inside Michael Cohen's prison
International Women's Day celebrations, Martha McSally's shocking announcement, Tim Mcgraw's new book
R. Kelly explodes in Gayle King interview - and it's not helping his case
Pet Expert Warren Eckstein answers your biggest questions about cats!
Girls Trips are the healthiest vacations for women, Billionaire jackpot winner comes forward, R. Kelly Explodes in Gayle King interview
Luke Perry memories and Stroke Awareness from the DJV team
AT&T Making Big Changes after Merger that could impact You in today's #TechTalk
Doug gives a #NationalGrammarDay Lesson, Amazon announces new grocery stores, Elon Musk fights the SEC
New study shows American's don't read privacy policies, Victoria's Secret closes stores, Netflix star gets a new lawyer
Auto Expert Nik Miles on Tesla closing retail stores and a new record high for monthly Car Loan payments
Who's playing the new James Bond villain?? Movie man Chuck Curry reveals the surprise casting
Is your pet food making your dog obese? Pet Expert Warren Eckstein knows how to stop it before it's too late!
Your cell phone is the dirtiest thing you own, Pizza becomes a new breakfast food and YouTube bans Anti-Vaxxers
Cookbook author Whitney Bond kicks off Spring with fun, healthy salad recipes!
Big day for Robert K's - Kraft charged with soliciting prostitution, R Kelly gets out of jail
Lady Gaga's $30 Million Oscar's Diamond, Adam Levine #NippleGate backlash and American Airline cameras - are they spying on you?
Home Improvement Guru Tom K tells how to remodel your laundry room without the hassle!
Auto Expert Nik Miles says Don't Wash Your Honda, It Could Catch Fire!
National Margarita Day, Michael Jackson Estate sues HBO, Florida Pet Shelter looks for human snuggle buddies!
Pet Owners Beware - FDA recalls pet food with toxic levels of Vitamin D
Lady Gaga breaks off her engagement, Manny Machado gets a huge paycheck, Jussie Smollett hires a new celeb lawyer
Why punishing your pet is NOT the answer with Animal Expert Warren Eckstein!
Did he or didn't he? More sources say that Empire star Jussie Smollett faked his attack
Diet soda shown to be deadly for women, Payless closing all stores, Jackie Kennedy's sister passes away
Replacing your driveway? Tom K talks about how to get started without breaking the bank
DJV Daily Update - Are you spending as much as other Americans this Valentine's Day?
Bob Costas reveals what forced him to leave NBC, Boston tops worst Traffic list, Democrat's suggest new national holiday!
Understanding your pet's psychological issues - and what to get them for Valentine's Day!
Jennifer Aniston reunites with Brad Pitt, Bacon Bouquets for Valentines, Haagen Dazs releases Boozy Ice Cream
Weather-proofing your roof and avoiding termites with Home Improvement Expert Tom Kraeutler!
Need a reliable car for bad, winter weather? Auto Expert Nik Miles has the latest for you, straight from the Chicago Auto Show
Amazon's Jeff Bezos threatens to release his own nude photos, The Rock passes over the Oscars hosting gig, Gronk decides whether or not to retire
DJV Daily Update - Meghan Markle's friends take on her Fame Hungry dad in new exposé
Would you end a relationship over your dog? Pet Expert Warren Eckstein says you're not the only one!
Liam Neeson Red Carpet cancelled, Lindsey Vonn crashes in her last ski race, Killer exploding E-cigarettes
DJV Daily Update - Was James Brown murdered? New shocking investigations open up into his cause of death.
Tuesday #TechTalk - Just how much is screen time hurting your kids?
The biggest Superbowl LIII flops, New Kids on the Block make a comeback on Broadway, Groundhog day - early spring or not?!
Lowering your Electric Bills the DIY Way with Home Improvement expert Tom K!
Netflix Warns female fans of Ted Bundy Doc, LA Rams Brandin Cooks does a good deed for fan, Rand Paul gets a big payout
This Week in Tech - Dangerous FaceTime bug affecting iPhone users, YouTube bans Conpiracy Theories, New Streaming services on the Horizon
Auto Expert Nik Miles tells us what Car Commercials you CAN'T MISS during the SuperBowl!
DJV Daily Update - Prince Philip makes amends after his crazy car crash
Empire Star sent to hospital, Midwest Temperatures hit record lows, FBI reveals more disturbing Las Vegas shooter
Big SAG Award Winners, Road Rage hits the Streets of Boston and will the LA Rams be facing a new Lawsuit?
DIY Expert Tom K tips for making your home Pet Friendly and Cost Efficient heating for winter!
Patriot's Robert Kraft fights for Prison Reform with Jay Z, Climate Change Impacting births in Japan, CA Teachers end Strike
Gov't Shutdown causing problems for the Super Bowl, 2019 Razzie Award Nominations, FDA wants to ban E-Cigarettes!
Bob Costas makes sad announcement, Hyundai recalls more cars, Trump's big letter to Pelosi
Bad news for Computer and Phone addicts, IRS Employees return to work without pay, Break in JonBenet Ramsey case
13 year old Jayme Closs found safe, Jeff Bezos divorce intensifies, Bernie Sanders named most popular Senator of 2018!
Jeff Bezos getting the most expensive divorce EVER, Joshua Tree National Park closes for good, Disney raises ticket prices AGAIN
Magic Mushrooms become legal in CO, What to expect in Pres. Trump's big announcement, Harley Davidson reveals new Electric Motorcycle
Big Lottery Winners in NY, Facebook Quizzes getting users Hacked and a new Pet Movie Theater in Texas!
AP's Top Stories of 2018, Uniforms lead to high graduation rates, Last Minute Christmas gift ideas!
Americans Biggest issue for 2019, Elon Musk's new commuter tunnel and Top Safety picks for 2019 vehicles!
Pantone announces 2019's Color of the Year, Cuba gets internet and Pet Expert Warren talks about the amazing bond between Guide Dogs and their owners
Can Pres. Trump actually fix the GM problem, OJ Simpson back on the big screen, Melania's White House Holiday Decorations
Fixing the Migrant Caravan problem, Big Cyber Monday Deals, Secret Santa Pays if Forward in Vermont
Big Turkey Trends this year, best Black Friday deals, and what you're doing wrong - with your pets POOP!
Big NHL concussion lawsuit news, Trump signs Bi-partisan Prison Reform bill, How to Donate to Charities for #GivingTuesday
Washington Caps donate thousands to Pittsburgh, Coffee may prevent Alzheimer's and Financial Updates for saving this holiday season
National Nacho Day, Nevada Eliminates "Pink Tax" in a win for all women, Warren Eckstein tells how to identify cancer in your pets
Gruesome details in White Bulger's death emerge, celebrating #NationalMenMakeDinner Day and tons of bizarre airline stories
Halloween must have treats, Witches Take over Portland, Whitey Bulger meets his end
National Mammography day, Must Have Holiday buys for your kids, China Tariffs hurting American Car Makers
Updates in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, Polio-like illness on the rise, How to Save your dog with CPR
Nikki Haley's replacement as UN Ambassador, Fleetwood Mac Feud, Boston Gas Explosions Cause revealed
Preparing for Hurricane Michael, World Mental Health Day, How using your Cell Phone could be ruining your pet relationships!
Bill Cosby Files Appeal, UFC Fight goes out of Control, Tropical Storm Michael Aims for Florida
Suspicious Packages at the Pentagon, Toys R Us makes a Comeback, Nude Recreation on the Rise
FDA rules that breast implants are A-OK, American Airlines raises price of wine, Amazon increases minimum wage for employees
Ford/Kavanaugh testimony overview, new study shows Millennials lowering Divorce rate, Toni Braxton talks chronic pain and Hemp
Bill Cosby handed jail sentence, the Presidential Limo gets a James Bond makeover, Dunkin Donuts makes big name change
Dr. Christine Ford upcoming testimony, Bill Cosby might lose his Hollywood Star, DIY Fall Home Improvement Tips
Freeze your credit for FREE starting today, Delta begins charging for baggage, National Museum Day this weekend!
Brett Kavanaugh sex assault testimony, Dale Earnhardt Jr. returns to Nascar, Warren Eckstein gives pet advice
Waffle House index reveals how bad Hurricane Flo will be, Pope Francis Sex Abuse summit, New iPhone 10's hit the market
New medical updates to help 9/11 Victims, Julie Chen leaves CBS, Backstreet Boy Nick Carter won't face charges
Les Moonves out at CBS, John Legend gets an EGOT, Ellen DeGeneres collabs with Walmart
Burt Reynolds Passing, Who is the NY Times Anonymous Source, and Paul McCartney New Album
Warning: Children's Advil Recall, Bees on the loose in NYC, and Aretha Franklin's funeral celebration
Celebrations of legends John McCain, Neil Simon and Robin Leach, Jacksonville Shooting details and Serena Williams "Catsuit" outrage
Hurricane hits Hawaii, Ben Affleck goes back to rehab, Warren Eckstein tips for your dog
Updates in the Mollie Tibbetts case, free Tuition from NYU, and shocking news from Aretha Franklin's lawyer
Aretha Franklin memories, Bud Light promises free beer to Cleveland, New security measures hitting Los Angeles
Matt Lauer hands over the cash in divorce settlement, University of Maryland Football outrage, and Southwest Airlines bans pets
Electric Scooter vandalism craze, Monsanto pays up, and Justin Timberlake releases new book
New York puts an end to Uber and Lyft, Lebron James launches a new show, Idris Elba to become new James Bond
New Dating Trends in Washington, DC, new updates in the Molly Tibbetts disappearance case, Howard Stern goes off on Les Moonves
Vaccine and Heart Failure drug recall, How to Make sure your Sunscreen really works, and a Major TSA Fail
Radioactive Wine in Napa, Millennial Night angers fans at an Alabama Ballpark, Important health info for all pet owners!
Epic Fail at a California DMV, Demi Lovato Relapse, Crazy Weather storms the US
Too many Conches, Papa John Schnatter digs a deeper hole, and Starbucks open a deaf friendly store in DC
Good stories of the day, Prime Day Fails, and Airforce One Updates
Georgia Teen survives 10 hours at sea, Stormy Daniel gets out of jail and the best tips and tricks for summer road tripping!
Dancing FBI Agent is Sentenced, Thai Soccer team gets a movie deal, and how to eliminate negative behavior from your dog!
President Trump heads to London, Thai Soccer Team gets rescued, Brits Destroy Ikea after World Cup Win, and Garth Brooks starts a new tour!
Best States for Kids to grow up in, Men are drinking more Rose than beer and a banana emergency is happening - they're going extinct!
Thai Soccer team rescue updates, More Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey Allegations, and a new PAW-ternity leave policy hits New York companies!
Lebron becomes a Laker, National UFO Day, the First Guinness Brewery comes to the US
Supreme Court Upholds Travel Ban, CTE hitting college footballers hard, and Warren Eckstein makes an extended visit to answer all of your pet questions!
Facebook is listening in to your conversation, Buzz Aldrin sues his family and Bad news for Coffee lovers in California
Italy Adventures, Royal Wedding Arrests and Tech News you Need to Know!
Oprah makes the Richest List, Barry Trotz resigns, and Starbucks closes stores
Megan Markles day with the Queen, Tom Brady to Retire and Springer gets canceled
Yankee Farm Team and iHOP both get bizarre new names, Warren Eckstein pet advice
Warren Eckstein answers Pet questions, New Paul McCartney music, Gronk wins big
New Clinton Book, Pat Sajak at Stanley Cup Final, Roseanne Spinoff on the way
Spelling Bee Winner, New Hacking Scam info, Surprising celeb supports Roseanne
Italy Adventures, Royal Wedding Arrests and Tech News you Need to Know!
Today's Trending Stories, Tech and Entertainment News
Big changes for Roseanne, Royal Wedding Countdown, tips to avoid Data Breaches!
Death by.... Keyless Car Entry, Royal Wedding Drama, Warren Eckstein Pet News!
National Women's Check Up Day, Cancelled Network Shows and Starbucks Controversy
WH Aide jokes about McCain, London Best City for Students, Hawaii Volcano update
Met Gala Reviews, NY AG Eric Schneiderman goes down, Boy Scouts Change Name
Melania Trump announces Platform, Hulk Hogan's return and fun GoT News!
Kentucky Derby news, Cinco De Mayo History and DNA Tests to Beat Breast Cancer!
Kanye West Rants to TMZ, Superbowl goes to London, Warren Eckstein Pet News
Golden State Killer Captured, Royal Baby name announced, American Airlines death
Trump State Dinner Wine controversy, New Nsync Documentary, Bob Dorough passing
Big Freebies from Fast Food Apps, New $5 wine from Target, and a New Royal Baby!
Tax Day 2018, Night Court Star passes, crazy Southwest accident leaves 1 dead
Farm Talk with the ladies, Carrie Underwood drops a new song, Sad News for Necco
Humboldt bus crash memorial, Zuckerberg Facebook testimony, #NationalPetDay
Big news from Chappaquiddick, Yodeling boy goes viral, Synthetic Pot on the rise
Chrissy Teigen saved by Samaritan, Bowie's statue defaced, Warren Pet News!
The Queen's birthday bash, Toys R Us shuts down, Fred Savage #MeToo Accusations
Renee Zellweger's amazing transformation, XFL makes a comeback, Warren Pet News
Trouble with the Royals, Big Papi on MLB Opening Day and #NewMusicMonday
Jen survives a ghost encounter, The Crown's BIG pay gap, and Gronk's next move
Royal Wedding opens to the public, Pizza Hut joins the NFL, CA fines pedestrians
Florida School Shooting Protests, Olympic updates and Entertainment News
USA wins at the Olympics, former LA Dodger gets busted, Amazon lays off hundreds
Trumps Military March, Olympic Village Shenanigans, Omarosa stars on Big Brother
Caitlyn Jenner pays out family, France goes crazy for Nutella and Pink Kit Kats
Pope flies Commercial, New Grammy Performers, Detroit Auto Show highlights
Bomb Cyclone hits East Coast, White house bans devices, Sessions Pot Mandate
Pot Brownies in the palace, CTE in Pittsburgh and Sephora beats the competition
Prince Harry gets engaged, Pizza Delivery saves lives and Al Franken Resigns
Thanksgiving fun, Record Black Friday, Holocaust survivors become Holograms
Rand Paul gets tackled, Hollywood's big implosion, Roy Halladay's tragic death
Extra holiday for non smokers, Dodgers lose to Astros, Weight Watchers Wine
France bans Catcalling, Dodgers to the World Series and in the best of DJV
Heroes in Vegas, skinny model bans and banana costume drama in best of DJV
Aaron Hernandez CTE lawsuit, bad news for Oyster lovers and more in best of DJV
PharmaBro goes to jail, study says sitting will kill you and more in best of DJV
Pumpkin Spice is back, Taylor Swift Booed by fans and more in Best of DJV
Houston Floods, New Fast Food Pizza Kiosks, Sears closes Kmart Stores
Celebs help in Houston, The Rock helps save boy, American is Air Guitar Champion
Lone Powerball winner surfaces, Jay Thomas death, Amy Schumer asks for fair pay
Princes bash Paparazzi, John Cena thanks fans, the Hashtag turns 10 years old!
Huge payout in baby powder case, PAWS act helps pets, MO halts death penalty
Eclipse highlights, How Heels are ruining your back, Derek Jeter becomes a dad
News In Holloway Case, Baltimore Takes Down Last Statues, Fuel From Feces
DiCaprio in Da Vinci, First Black Woman Leads West Point Cadets, Big Ben Silence
Kylie Jenner's Fame, John McCain's Political Past, The Job Problem
Charlottesville Riots, Boeing vs Russia for Air Force One?, Tom Cruise Injury
CEO Dies in Police Custody, NFL Teams Fight, CNN Cuts Ties with Jeffrey Lord
Kim Jong-Un Threatens Guam, King William And Queen Kate, Sarahah Cyber-Bullying
Trump's Reaction to North Korea Threats, Cynthia Nixon for Governor, Bolt's Loss
Amy Schumer Broadway Debut, Hawaii Five-0 Star Leaves, White House Renovations
Denmark Prince Gender Sensitive, Stallone On This Is Us, Smartphones Anti-Social
President Trump of Sharknado, Luke Duke's a Hazard, Text-Suicide Case Wrist Slap
Queen's Daily Diet Revealed, Alabama Inmates Nutty Escape, IPhone Case Recall
World's Oldest Family, Cheap Frontier Airlines Tickets, WI Company Chips Workers
Mooch Is Out, Christie's Nacho Tirade, Starbucks Knows You
Airplane Seats Shrinking, Big Ben Considers Retirement, Netflix While Exercising
Mysterious Death On Cruise Ship, McDonald's Moldy Ice Cream, Hotdog Recall
Scalise's Recovery, Roomba's Mapping Controversy, Girl Scout STEM Badges
Mark Zuckerberg on Defense, Young Lemonade Entrepreneur, Marriage Benefits
Charlie Gard's Parents End Legal Fight, Shark Week, Milan Bans Selfie Sticks
OJ Gets Extra Protection, NFL Threatens Fines, Paralyzed Olympian's First Steps
Baltimore Police Accusation, Chester Bennington Suicide, Wimbledon Fixed
Simpson Parole Trial, John McCain's Brain Tumor, Edelman Receives Apology Letter
West Coast Wildfires, National Hotdog Day, Vick's Advice For Kaepernick
Treacherous Fart Clears Plane, Minnesota Police Scandal, Female Doctor Who
Accidental Detrimental Emails, Ashley Madison Settlement, Gender Neutral Scent
Saint Maarten Tourist Killed By Plane, Stuck Inside An ATM, Emmy Nominations
Daring rescue saves swimmer, Granny flashes Dodgers, Huge Iceberg breaks away
Pro/Cons of LA Hosting Olympics, The Rock's Campaign, Cheap Krispy Kreme
Heat Causing Trouble for Cali, Harden signs big contract, $99 Pay Per View Price
Delta Airline Debacle, FL School Localizes Education, Peyton Manning Scandal
Poor Rest Leads to Alzheimer's, Spiderman Reviews, Amelia Earhart Conspiracy
Victoria's Wedding, Stop Bumper to Bumper Traffic, Brady Comments on Concussions
4th of July History, Christie goes the Beach, Kendall & Kylie Tshirt lawsuit
Independence Day, Venus Williams Car Crash, Old School Basketball
Australian Cardinal Sex Scandal, Apps to Save Battery, Trump's Travel Regulation
Rick Perry Takes Podium, 20 LB Lobster Found in Luggage, Dali's Body Exhumed
Tinder Becomes Political Player, Bill Cosby to Host Town Halls, Beyonce's Babies
New TSA Regulations, Naked Bike Ride in Portland, Tim Tebow Promoted
Georgia Inmates Save Deputy's Life, Sapp Donates Brain, Documentary on GMO Crops
Tesla Autopilot crash, How to look like the first lady, NFL star helps in Haiti
Pet Expert Warren Eckstein gets serious about puppy mills
Cubbies hot prospect and the Cavs say Sayonara to their GM
Amazon is coming to your closet in today's #TechTalk
NASA Finds 10 Earth-Like Planets, Barbie's New Ken, Rubio & Ivanka's Hug
Redskins Keep Their Name, Google Fights ISIS, Gronk's Bar Tab
Amazon Delivers Whole Foods, Putin vs. Gorbachev, Angry Alex Jones
Adam West Batman Tribute, new MLB uniforms and Chocolate milk...from Brown Cows?
Otto Warmbier update, Bachelor Franchise scandal, Pros and Cons of Trump policy
London Apartment Fire, Scalise Baseball Shooting, $5 mil. Pollock Painting
Bill Cosby Trial, Likes for Sale, A Tasty Tie
No Sand for Siri, Michael Jordan's Sneakers Sell Big, The Death of Batman
National Space Council Revived, RadioShack Closing 1,000 Stores, COPD Interview
Cell Phones and Privacy Rights, Tips for Dog Owners, FBI Violent Crime Report
Latest Apple News, Piers Morgan Scolds Ariana Grande, One Unhappy Golfer
Home Improvement Gifts for Father's Day with DIY Guy Tom K!
Tips for keeping your dog healthy in the summer with Warren Eckstein!
Paris Accord Pros and Cons, Halle Berry Pregnant, Wonder Woman Reviews!
Trump's Astrology Forecast, Catfish Throwing Hockey Fan, and Summer Beauty Tips!
Kathy Griffin Trump Photoshoot, Selfie Deaths Rising, and Pet News with Warren!
Memorial Day celebration, DC sniper gets a new sentence, and big Box Office News
Jen's Engagement details, Homer Simpson in the baseball HOF, and Food News!
Jen gets ENGAGED, Memorial Day, and an App to find the perfect weather!
Fri, 26 May 2017 08:03:21 GMT
Fri, 26 May 2017 07:05:21 GMT
Thu, 25 May 2017 09:05:18 GMT
Thu, 25 May 2017 08:03:21 GMT
Thu, 25 May 2017 07:05:20 GMT
How Waiter's get the best tips, Summer Beauty Trends and Justice League News
Melania won't hold Trump's hand, Raiders in Vegas, Warren Eckstein on Pet Health
Manchester vigil, Illegal Immigrants in the US and a health study on Instagram
Colin Kaepernick gets a 2nd chance, Mothers Equal Pay, and Chucker Movie News
More airline drama, Pippa Middleton's VIP wedding and health tips from Dr. Jack
Manchester Concert bombing, LGBT Hallmark Cards, and translating ear buds!
How to peel hard boiled eggs, the Bachelorette, and an Alien Covenant Review
Trump in the Middle East, Big Game Hunter dies and DIY Home tips from Tom K
Ringling Bros Circus ends, Avoiding Peer Pressure and Kobe Bryant saves the day!
A Surprising Way to Pass Kidney Stones, Disney Travel Deals, and Tom Brady news!
Dun dun dun... Trump Impeachment, Updates from Flint and this week's top tech!
Pulled McDonald's Commercial, Millennial Home Buying tips and Miss USA stops by!
The best age for women to have kids and Giselle Bundchen talks NFL Concussions
New head of the FBI, Chelsea Manning out of Jail, and new Tesla Roof Tiles!
Warren Eckstein on serving justice for animals and Dr. Goldstein on pet safety!
Superhero news, 14 year old graduates college, and Pet Expert Warren Eckstein!
Comey's Memo, Climate Change hurting Birds, and the best time to book flights!
Tue, 16 May 2017 09:05:14 GMT
Tue, 16 May 2017 08:03:18 GMT
Tue, 16 May 2017 07:05:15 GMT
Mon, 15 May 2017 09:05:16 GMT
Mon, 15 May 2017 08:03:17 GMT
Mon, 15 May 2017 07:05:15 GMT
Fri, 12 May 2017 08:03:16 GMT
Fri, 12 May 2017 07:05:16 GMT
ACLU: don't go to Texas, Beer is the best painkiller, and Chuck's Movie News
Free Chicken Nuggets, Credit Scores ruining relationships, and NFL Concussions
United Airlines flops, Sean Spicer hides in the bushes, New Apps for your pets
Warren Eckstein on fostering pets, Dove's "Real Bodies" fail, Credit Card Fees
May's Moving Month, Bees and Baseball, Warren Eckstein Pet Expert
Celebrating Cara's Bday, how to stop unnecessary worrying, and #TechTalk
Spirit Airlines brawl, American Idol, and who's the new James Bond?!
Women's Lung Health Week, Communism in CA, Coach takes over Kate Spade
French Elections, Actor Stephen Fry fined for Blasphemy, #TechTalk
Mon, 8 May 2017 09:05:15 GMT
Mon, 8 May 2017 08:03:17 GMT
Mon, 8 May 2017 07:05:16 GMT
Fri, 5 May 2017 09:05:14 GMT
Fri, 5 May 2017 08:03:15 GMT
Fri, 5 May 2017 07:05:15 GMT
Boston drama, Martin Bashir on Princess Di's last days, and World Password Day!
Crazy California laws, American Airlines and tourists - on Mt. Everest!
Brad Pitt opens up about his divorce, Jane Goodall on Ivanka Trump and Tech Talk
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Celebrity health news, Canadians sing the National Anthem, and more US Jobs
Trump on Andrew Jackson, Colin Kaepernick does good, and Tech Talk
Pope visits Egypt, Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa, and a Chess Tournament fiasco
Duterte comes to America, Coach Popovich gives back, and a border control mess
Wedding season, Extreme Weather hits Texas, and #TechTalk
Fri, 28 Apr 2017 08:03:15 GMT
Fri, 28 Apr 2017 07:05:15 GMT
Glitter Prosecco, Dessert at Chipotle, and the Greatest 2 Minutes in Sports!
Ivanka's fund for female entrepreneurs, Depp in Debt, and summer shopping tips
The Pope gives a Ted Talk, Comfy Balls underwear, and ESPN's major fail
Connecting with your pets, Tom Brady, and Madonna's movie rage
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Medical Marijuana, Stealing from Hotels, and ADORABLE animal news!
Doug's "Soft Wood," Preventing Strokes and raising kids with technology
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American Airlines, Tech Talk, and Cow Buying Adventures with Doug
Monsanto, Fox News, and a postponed tennis match....because of sex noises
Bad cooking, ghosts, and Monster Mashing with the Archbishops of Canterbury
Bill O'Reilly, Caitlyn Jenner, and how NOT to multi-task in the bathroom
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