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Mayo Clinic Radio

Mayo Clinic Radio began broadcasting the latest medical and research information 25 years ago, and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Tom Shives has been hosting the program from the beginning.

“When I designed the format, I tried to figure out what the public wanted and how we, as medical professionals, could help. I believe the public has an almost insatiable desire for medical news and information, and it’s important to provide the appropriate context and perspective, so listeners can make sense of it,” says Dr. Shives.

Co-host Tracy McCray is a 25-year radio veteran, and together they interview Mayo Clinic physicians and researchers every week. McCray brings the layperson’s perspective, helping the audience understand these subjects. “I’m not a medical professional, but I like to ask questions. I learn something each week from Dr. Shives and our guests. Hopefully, the listeners feel that way, too,” says McCray.

Experts provide perspectives on important topics, such as cancer, heart health, transplant, neuroscience, research and healthy living. Mayo Clinic Radio is broadcast weekly on nearly 100 stations in the U.S. and Canada, and is easily accessible for consumers through social media and mobile platforms.

Mayo Clinic Radio is based in a new facility on Mayo Clinic’s Rochester, Minnesota, campus.

Tom Shives, M.D.

A Mayo Clinic orthopedic surgeon, is the host of Mayo Clinic Radio. For more than 19 years, Dr. Shives hosted a weekly radio call-in program known as Healthline on KROC-AM in Rochester, Minn. The format was simple: interview a Mayo Clinic specialist on an interesting topic, and provide listeners with in-depth information from someone with particular expertise in the subject. Out of Healthline grew Medical Edge Weekend, and now, Mayo Clinic Radio, bringing those same valuable insights to a potentially global audience.

Tracy McCray

A long time radio talk show host in Rochester MN, is the co-host of Mayo Clinic Radio.  For nearly 20 years, Tracy has been an on-air fixture at KROC in Rochester both as co-host of the Early Morning Show on KROC-FM and The Tracy McCray Show on KROC-AM.   Starting in 2009, Tracy also began writing the Talk of the Town lifestyle column for the Rochester Post Bulletin newspaper.  Through both radio and print, Tracy displays a knack for moderating interesting conversations and a capturing her unique take on life as a Midwestern woman.  As a 25 year cancer survivor, Tracy has always held an intense curiosity about medicine and how patients can be their own best advocate when it comes to their health.

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