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Behind the Curtain with Jack Burkman
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Meet Jack Burkman, a K street Lobbyist and strategist like no other. Beholden to no one, Behind the Curtain with Jack Burkman stops at nothing to get to the stories that nobody is talking about but everyone needs to know. 

With 25 years experience in the bowels of Washington, Burkman maintains an impressive intelligence network made up of insiders in the highest corridors of power. Now for the first time, your listeners will be privy to this information, the kind of details that before now have only been available to the true insiders who personally benefit from it every day.

Each week, Burkman focuses on news stories that are under the surface or are not being covered at all by the mainstream media. Featuring strong investigative reporting and analysis, Burkman uses his experience to reveal the secrets that K Street tries to hide from the public.

Over the last decade, the size and scope of government has grown exponentially, starting with the Bush Administration and continuing at a daunting pace with the Obama Administration. Helping to the fuel this growth, is a lobbying industry that uses member of Congress to fund programs that the country does not need and can not afford. Driven by the revolving door between K Street and the government, this epidemic crosses party lines and has infected both parties and is threatening the financial stability of the nation.

Burkman is a powerful conservative voice, but doesn’t work for the GOP establishment and his pursuit of the truth doesn’t stop at the party line.

Behind the Curtain goes beyond politics, covering key social debates of the day, as well as legal controversies and other issues.

Join Burkman on his weekly journey to pursue the truth and expose the dark secrets of K Street.

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The Trump-Hating Left Has Lost Its Mind
NAFTA, Iran and Omarosa ... Oh My.
"Best Of Summer" Labor Day Show
The 2018 Midterms
The Trump-Omarosa Feud, and the Media Portrayal of POTUS 45
Midterms, Alex Jones, and Chicago Politics
Trump and the Shutdown; & Selling Your DNA
July 28: Banning Plastic Straws, Trump & Iran
Trump, Putin, North Korea and More
July 17: SCOTUS Nom, China Tariffs, and the VA
Independence Day 2018 "Best Of" Show
Amnesty & Illegal Immigration
Immigration in 2018; and Trump's New American Army
Trump & Kim: an Unlikely Duo; and Tough Talk at G7
Talking Trump & Manafort, and the War on Bureaucracy!
Bye Bye Roseanne, SpyGate, and Sanctuary Cities
Hidden Taxes: YOU LOSE! (Also) Safer Schools, and Seth Rich
The Politics of Korea; Mueller Shutdown, & Black Unemployment
Mo' Mueller! The State of Journalism; and Primary Results
North Korea, Immigration, Iran, and "The Devil"
ALL THINGS: Cohen, Pompeo, and Seth Rich
Syria, James"The Devil" Comey, & Putin's Mind
The Mueller Investigation Continues; Tariffs; and Chappaquiddick
The 2018 Midterms; Sinclair's Soldiers; China Trade War and the 2020 Census
George Soros, Robert "The Devil" Mueller and The Great John Bolton
Jack's Assault, and the 2018 Elections
State Dept Shake-up & Trump's Judicial Nominees
2018 Elections, Tariffs, and Trump Plays Chess
Feb 24-25 Guest Host Greg Corombos
Medicaid Recipients, Republican Spending, & Kim Jong Un's Sister
The Nunes Memo, Elon Musk and Space, and the Stock Market
SOTU: Where Do We Go From Here?
"Another Shutdown Showdown" & "Corrupt FBI"
Shutdown Theater; Trump & The Media; & Jack Gets 'Jacked'
"ELECTION 2020: More Celebrities?" and Other Topics
Election Day 2018: Oh, Too Soon?
Congress Delivers a "Big Bee-Yoo-Tiful" Christmas Present
Not a Good Week For Conservatives; Bitcoins; and California Wildfires
Robots & Computers; Al Franken; and The Tax Bill
Shutdown Showdown, The Tax Bill, & Roy Moore
Nov 25-26: Best-Of Show for Thanksgiving Weekend
Nov 18-19: Tax Bill, The NSA Breach and Roy Moore
Nov 11-12: Virginia Elections, Project Veritas and Bumpy Tax Reform
Serving Hillary; NYC Terror Attack; and Manafort is a JOKE!
Oct 28-29: "This Week in Trump" and "One Big Mess"
Trump/Iran Nuclear Deal, Could Vegas Massacre been prevented?, Tax Reform
Trump and Everything in Between; Giving Up Your Online Data
GOP Tax Bill, the NFL Saga and Government Eavesdropping
Alabama Senate Race; NFL, Money-Bombs & Benghazi
Sept 23-24: Trump's Big U.N. Scene; Korean Nukes; and Race Riots
"DACA: What's Next?", "Hillary's Blame Game", and "Avoid the Red Cross"
Sept 9, 2017: North Korea, Taxes and Dreamers
Free Speech Oppression, Hurricane Harvey, and Christian Group = Hate Group?
Aug 26: Afghanistan, McConnell VS Trump, & Charlottesville
Aug 19: Charlottesville, The Korean Crisis and All Things Political
All Things Taxes, All Things Mueller, and Seth Rich
Who's Next As WH Communications Director; Big Brother & Taxes: & 2018 Elections
July 29-30 -- Sessions: In or Out? and The Senate & Health Care
July 22-23: "The Cashless Society"
July 15-16: "No Summer Slowdown Here!" North Korea, Russia, and DJT Junior
Trump: "More Domestic Energy!" and Korea: "Duck!"
July 1-2: Dodging Donald, Millions for Ossoff, & Health Care
JUNE 24-25: Cosby, Comey and Creative Gerrymandering
Jun 10: Comey & Trump; and London Terrorism
June 3-4: "Olympics? No Thanks" & New Twists in the Russia Investigation
President Pence, Special Prosecutors and Seth Rich
May 20-21: Trump's Flipping Strategy & Worldwide Computer Hacks
May 13, 2017: James Comey for President!
Donald Trump Hits 100 (days), & Are Robots Replacing You?
Bye-Bye Bill O'Reilly; French Elections; & Selling Out Our Servicemen
April 22-23: Georgia on Jack's Mind; Goodbye NY; Hooray for Trannies!
April 15-16: Trump's 1st Hundred Days; and "Save The Bees!"
April 8-9: All Things Russia
April 1 Show: Brexit, Healthcare and Paul Ryan
Behind The Curtain With Jack Burkman - March 25-26 2017
Guest Host: Greg Corombus
Behind the Curtain with Jack Burkman - Feb 18, 2017
Behind the Curtain with Jack Burkman - Feb 11, 2017
Behind the Curtain with Jack Burkman - Feb 4, 2017
Behind the Curtain with Jack Burkman - MAR 04-05, 2017
Behind the Curtain with Jack Burkman - Feb 25-26, 2017

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