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Three Martini Lunch is a funny, edgy and fast-paced podcast of the day’s major political stories, hosted by Radio America’s Greg Corombos and Jim Geraghty of National Review.

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GOP vs. Biden on Energy, Trump Indicted, CBS Silences Reporters
Battle Over Billionaires, America's Shrinking Navy, Biden's Tall Tales
Marshals Told Not to Arrest, Should We See the Manifesto? America's Spending Paradox
The Nashville School Nightmare
Athletic Sanity, America's Plummeting Values, The #NeverTrump Grift Continues
Striking Back at Iran, Politico Puff Pieces, Hillary's 'Running'
Biden's Sinking Polls, Dems Defending TikTok, Sinema's Curious Strategy
DeSantis Laughs Off Trump Insults, More Uvalde Frustration, Reparations Madness
Dems Sour on Abrams, China & Marijuana, Dem Demeans School Parents
Russia & China Grow Closer, Mexican President's Accusations, Trump Legal Drama
McCarthy's Energy Focus, Marianne's Temper, Barney Frank Gets A Pass
Biden's Weak Nominee, Tons of Missing Uranium, Emhoff's Asinine Analogy
New Texas Border Battle, Russia Targets U.S. Drone, Sister City Scam
Stronger Alliances, Moody's Downgrades U.S. Banks, Trump's Puzzling Attack
The SVB Collapse, Guess Who's Gonna Pay for It, China's Middle East Meddling
Youngkin Schools CNN, Twitter Files Facts vs. Unhinged Dems, Santos Accused Again
House Hearings Expose Infuriating Truths on COVID, Afghanistan
Hammering House Dems on Crime, The Left's DeSantis Derangement, Biden's Fentanyl Fiction
Masks Off, China's New Taiwan Threat, Pennsylvania Rerun?
Hogan Won't Run, Zeldin's GOP Pep Talk, Equality vs. Equity
Biden Ditches Dems Over D.C., Portland's Crime Problem, Manchin's Delicate Dance
Two Dems Defy Biden, Garland's Night Blindness, Kerry Disappointed In Us
Lightfoot Gets Stomped, Tucker & Ukraine, Total TikTok Ban?
A Lefty's Advice for the Left, A Vice Presidential Primary? Late Night vs. Reality
Lab Leak Momentum, Social Media Mayhem, Lower LAPD Standards?
Buttigieg's Bad Day, Consumer Spending Concerns, Marianne Williamson Is Back
Grand Jury Games, Vivek's Challenge, The Missing Santos Donations
And They Wonder Why We Don't Trust Government
House Dem Departing, False START, Don Lemon's 'Formal Training'
Hogan Flunks Education, Trump's Absurd Attack, Politico's Nauseating Tips for Journos
Natural Immunity Vindicated, Equity vs. Honors Classes, GOP Losers Running Again?
Toxic Train Disaster, Lemon's Prime Lunacy, Biden Backer's Bogus Claim
Senate Races; Good Riddance, Dianne; Spy Balloon
Nikki Haley For President; Inflation Numbers; Will Support For Ukraine Endure?
Shooting Down UFOs; Russia Targets Americans; Tim Scott For President
Exposing FBI Bias, Fetterman Health Falsehoods, Left Attacks Free Speech Again
Bipartisan Criticism for Buttigieg, GOP Murders in New Jersey, China's Balloon Strategy
Chicago Hope? Bipartisan Cowardice, Biden's Bizarre Challenge
Ignoring Entitlements, Trump Balloon Confusion, State of Boredom
Biden's Terrible Polls, Big Balloon Blunders, Buying Brady's Sand
Big January Jobs Jump, China's Spy Balloon, Stay Home to Save the Climate?
Blowing Up the Left's Border Narrative, Hunter Biden's Desperation, Feinstein's Waiting Game
More Classified Doc Drama, NIH Dereliction Exposed, GOP Field Growing
Justice Poised to Run, California Wastes Massive Rain, Dems' Suddenly Love Georgia
Bash Grills Booted Dems, Left's Disinformation Con Job, Trump's Shutdown Whiff
DeSantis Right on Crime, Western Water Woes, Flunking Constitution 101
Iowa Chooses School Choice, Adams' Border Complaints, Schiff's Senate Run
McCarthy Rejects Schiff & Swalwell, Santos Plays Victim, Pence's Classified Papers
Afghanistan Accountability, U.S. Arsenal Vanishing, Lightfoot's Crime 'Solution'
Dems Target Sinema, Klain Leaving White House, Tank Fight
SCOTUS Fails to Find Leaker, Debt Ceiling Drama, Biden's Absent Advisers
New Zealand Lockdown Queen Quits, 30 Percent Sales Tax? Gore's Climate Rant
Record Border Numbers? White House Silence, Kerry's Astronomical Arrogance
GOP Senate Jockeying, Choosing Feelings Over Merit, Davos Elitists Assemble
Lemon's Tough Questions, The Gas Stove 'Study,' Santos Must Go
Media Cover for Dems, Biden Doc Conspiracy Theory, Targeting Mitch Daniels
Another Biden Classified Document, The Left's Gas Stove Gaslighting, The Field of Insanity
GOP Targets IRS, The Gas Stove Backlash, Airline Agony
Russian Interference Debunked, Biden's Classified Papers, Dems' 2024 Fight
We Have A Speaker, Dems Feud Over Migrants, Biden the Moderate?
Decent Jobs Report, Biden's Border Deception, The 'Transage' Movement
Stabenow Won't Run, Principle vs. Preening, Swearing By Superman
Speaker Wars, Feds Suppressing Speech, DeSantis Shines
House GOP Chaos, Media Bury Times Square Attack, Short-Sighted Climate Logic
2022 Martini Awards Finale: Person of the Year, Turncoat of the Year, Predictions for 2023
2022 Martini Awards Part 6: Biggest Liabilities, Best Non-Political Story, Best Personal Story
2022 Martini Awards Part 5: Most Overreported Story, Most Underreported Story, Best Story of 2022
2022 Martini Awards Part 4: Best Idea, Worst Idea, Boldest Tactic
2022 Martini Awards Part 3: Biggest Lie, Best Political Theater, Worst Political Theater
2022 Martini Awards Part 2: Sorry to See You Go, Rising Star, Fading Into Oblivion
2022 Martini Awards Part 1: Most Overrated, Underrated, Honest Political Figures
The Ukraine Divide, GOP Embraces Earmarks, RNC Fight Intensifies
GOP Freshman's Big Lies, Taliban Bars Women from College, Stanford's Speech Police
Youngkin's Ambitious Agenda, SCOTUS Stays Title 42, Christmas Die Hards
Targeting TikTok, Americans' Economic Pessimism, Border Blame Shifting
Twitter Suspensions, School Mask Mandates Return, Buttigieg Bails Again
Trump's Head Fake, Biden's Border Madness, COVID & Car Insurance
GOP Spending Surrender, Redefining 'Man' and 'Woman,' Bankman-Fried's Bail Demands
The Sams Face the Music, Inflation Still Hurts, Bernie 2024?
Lockerbie Suspect to Face Trial, Buttigieg Double Standard, Fetterman's Strong Fashion?
Sinema's Party Split, Twitter's Shadow Bans, The Luggage Thief
Senate Shelving Amnesty? Biden's 'Infuriating' Prisoner Swap, Warnock's Suppression Allegations
Latest Twitter Laptop Bombshell, Warnock Beats Walker, LA's Disastrous DA
Avenatti Sentenced Again, Senate GOP Surrendering, Bolton 2024?
Twitter & The Laptop, Trump's Unhinged Response, Dem Double Standard
Dem Primary Fight, Another EV Failure, Kanye & the Nazis
Never Trumpers Shift Goalposts, Sam's Bogus FTX Excuses, Cochise County's Holdout
DeSantis vs. Apple, Biden's Haiti Problem, Will McCarthy Have the Votes?
Dems Clearing for Biden? Weak Western Leadership, RNC Leadership Fight
Widespread China Protests, Iran's Blinding Crackdown, Trump's Unappetizing Guests
Black Friday Gifts for Political Figures 2022
What We're Politically Thankful for in 2022
Encore: Making Sense of the Midterms
Iranian Courage, FIFA Corruption, Dems Boosting Trump
The Laptop is Real, Disney Lurches Left Again, Haley Hints Towards 2024
Kemp Boosts Walker, The FTX Fiasco, The Insane Twitter Death Watch
Pelosi Stepping Down, GOP Majority's Messaging, Feinstein Fading
Trump Launches 2024 Bid, DeSantis Deflects Trump Attack, Polish Missile Scare
Court Blocks Biden, Horrific Border Numbers, Why Would Pence Run?
GOP Projected to Win House, Leadership Fights, Does 2024 Start Tomorrow?
Arizona's Vote Counting Debacle, Trump Targets DeSantis, The Worst Promo Ever
Michigan's Midterm Mess, Radical Abortion Results, SNL Writers Snit
Making Sense of the Midterms
Left Turning on Biden, Election Day Problems, Early GOP Infighting
Midterm Preview and Predictions
Latest Polling in Nevada and Florida; Key Senate Races; House Seats
The Senate, Tactical Nukes, Paul Pelosi
More GOP Momentum, Iran's 'Imminent' Threat, Biden's Tired Act
Surging GOP Polls, Sununu Delivers Reality Check, COVID Amnesty?
America's Diesel Dilemma, The Ugly Pelosi Blame Game, Is Abrams Sinking Warnock?
Left's Musk Meltdown, Biden's Gas Price Lie, Bennet's Vindication
Why Lake's Lead Is Growing, Air Force Admits Political Leak, Desperate Dem Tactics
Fetterman's Debate Nightmare, Zeldin's Debate Dominance, NYC Vax Mandate Struck Down
DarkWars Trailer: The Border (Premieres 10/25)
Energy Industry Blasts Biden, Stacey's Shady Activism, Hillary's New Conspiracy
Michigan's Dead Heat, The Cost of COVID School Closures, New Russian Nuke Threat
Red Tsunami Warning Ahead
GOP Hopes Rising in New York, Chaos in the UK, and the Weird Non-Debate in Arizona
More Good National Numbers for the GOP, Biden’s Inability to Change Course, Abrams’ Abortion Answer
Good Debates for Republicans, Dealing with the Saudis and Mrs. Fetterman Works the Refs
More Bad Polls for Democrats, Kanye Is Nuts, and Biden Insists the Economy Is ‘Strong as Hell’
Red Wave Forming? Hobbs Keeps Ducking Debates, Fetterman's Medical Cover-Up
Grilling the Governor, Inflation Worse Than Expected, Politico's Putin Stunt
Inflation Sticking Around, The Media's Fetterman Facade, Questionable Quinnipiac Polls
GOP's Big Midterm Edge, The Mirage of High-Speed Rail, Tulsi Leaves the Dems
Pay Pal's Power Grab, New York's Crime Nightmare, Arizona's Really Weak Democrat
Youngkin's Smart Energy Plan, Biden's 'Armageddon' Blunder, CNN's Ham-Handed Suspension
GOP Plans China Focus, Trafalgar's Bold Theory, Twitter's 'Fact-Checking'
Great GOP Messaging, OPEC Rolls Biden, DeSantis Surging
Herschel Walker Accused, Biden's Latest Whopper, North Korea's Tantrum
GOP's Senate Momentum, Army's Dismal Recruiting, OPEC's Possible Price Hike
Feminists Quiet on Iran, Diplomat for Plants & Animals, From Latinx to Latine
Fetterman's Crime Problem, Our Preventable Economic Mess, Failed Spin on Biden Gaffe
Lemon's Hurricane Flop, More Climate Hypocrisy, Biden Forgets Lawmaker Is Dead
Nordstream Pipeline 'Leaks,' Hurricane Politics, A 'Conversation' on the Braves
Big GOP Edge in Competitive Districts, Economy Buckling, The Left & 'Fascism'
Abraham Accords Still Strong, Russia's Ominous Moves, Air Force Speech Police
Voters & the Border Crisis, Political Murder Ignored, Abrams' Abortion Ignorance
House GOP Agenda Coming, More Lab Leak Evidence, Putin Doubles Down
Low Election Night Expectations, Ugly Winter Energy Bills, Franken Accused
Rejecting the Left's Grade School Gender Agenda, Beto Way Behind, Biden Tone Deaf on Inflation
Improving GOP Senate Polls, Dems Ducking Debates, Anti-Capitalist Billionaires
Rail Strike Averted, Reality Check on Energy, Border Crisis Hypocrisy
Looming Freight Rail Strike, McMullin's Abortion Fraud, White House Border Blame
Kelly's Biden Stumble, Big DeSantis Donation, Inflation Still Raging
Russians in Retreat, Kamala's Border BS, Left's Nutty 9/11 Comparison
Fetterman Will Debate, Biden's Energy Lies, Ugliness Towards the Queen
Remembering Queen Elizabeth II
Strong DeSantis Ad, Editorial Hits Fetterman's Debate Dodge, California's Energy Mess
Truss Takes Over in the UK, Chile Chooses Freedom, Russia Restricts Energy
Labor Day Special: Answering Questions on the Midterms, Being Wrong, & Football
Check Out The Byron York Show!
Biden's Demonizing Speech, GOP Senate Infighting, Who Wanted Schools Open?
Biden & Iran, Alaska & Ranked Choice, Energy & Your Freedom
Gorbachev Dies, Walker Leads, Fetterman Ducks, Biden Lies
Masters Shifts on Abortion, The Looming Winter Energy Crunch, Woke Hollywood's Yawners
D.C. Delays COVID Mandate, Hochul's Horrible Performance, Hotels for the Homeless?
'Red Wave of Cash,' Fed Predicts More 'Pain,' FBI's Election Meddling
Iran Deal Delusion, California's Car Mandates, Biden's Student Loan Lies
'Fatalistic' Florida Dems, Biden's Class Warfare, Maloney Blames Loss on Sexism
#Resist Failure in Florida, America Rejects Recession Spin, Youngkin Hammers School Leaders
Fauci Finally Leaving, Ugly Dem vs. Dem Primary, Buttigieg Clueless on Flight Delays
GOP Chance in Oregon, Red State Jobs Boom, Stelter Out at CNN
Vance Leads Ryan, Fed Expects Stubborn Inflation, Gen. Hayden's Crazy Claim
Cheney's Odd Strategy, Dems Drop the Inflation Pretense, D.C. Schools' Dumb Mandate
Beto Still Behind, GOP's Slim Senate Hopes, Alaska's Odd Elections
Dems' Inflation Dodge, Atlantic's Abortion Insanity, Monkeypox Madness
Answering Your Questions, Part 2
Answering Your Questions, Part 1
Where We Stand in the 2022 Midterms
One Year Since the Afghanistan Debacle
Gathering Five Storms: Previewing Jim's New Novel
Good: The Economy; Bad: The Climate Bill; Crazy: The Ballot
Why Gas Prices Are Down, Businesses Bailing on Taiwan? Maloney's Mea Culpa
Schmitt Wins in Missouri, Kansas Abortion Vote, The One China Paradox
Zawahiri & 'The Flying Ginsu,' U.S. Tensions with Ukraine, Trump Endorses 'ERIC'
Pelosi vs. China, Krugman's Media Delusion, Watson's Suspension
Sinema's Curious Silence, Inflation Sticking Around, Dr. Oz Way Behind
Manchin Caves, Biden's Insane Prisoner Swap, Devaluing Marriage
Youngkin's Strong Start, FBI Plays Politics, Recipe for Election Chaos
Good News In Missouri; Peak Left-Wing Media Saturation; What Is A Recession Anyway?
Redefining 'Recession,' Al Gore's Ugly Analogy, Media Boost Beto Again
Biden's Bogus Climate 'Emergency,' Rep. Zeldin's Attacker Freed, Casual WH COVID Response
Wrong About Trump Voters, Wrong About Mitt's Dog, Wrong on Inflation
Senate Slams Pentagon, Kavanaugh's Fed Up Neighbors, De Blasio Drops Out
Gas Price Spin, Dems Insult Latinas Again, Can Ryan Out-Fox Vance?
Child Support from Conception, Border Prosecution Failure, Saudis Embarrass Biden
Manchin Buries BBB, Missing Secret Service Messages, Dems vs. Latinas
School Voucher Success, Whoa Canada, Georgia Ticket-Splitters
Inflation Gets Even Worse, Biden's Lame Excuses, Hope for Dems in Midterms?
Jill Biden's Pandering, The Very Odd Abortion Story, Tucker vs. Stewart?
Dems Bailing on Biden, Sri Lanka's Chaos Could Spread, Sullying Shinzo Abe
Shinzo Abe Assassinated, June Jobs Jump, NY's New Gun Hurdles
Boris Johnson Resigns, Biden's 'Strategic' Blunder, China's Troubling Plans
Economy Dominates Midterms, Florida Getting More Red, Philly Mayor's Odd Admission
SCOTUS Marshal Condemns Protests, Newsom Trolls DeSantis, Mass Shooter Warning Signs
What We Love About America
Reality vs. Gun Control, Greens Leaving D.C, Biden's Gas Price Problem
SCOTUS vs. The Bureaucrats, Dems Push Limited Filibuster, Kamala's Curious Clarification
Dems Waste Campaign Money, Conflicting Jan. 6 Accounts, Ghislaine Jailed But Clients Skate
Blue State Dems Worried, Hillary Demonizes Thomas, AOC's Abortion Plan
GOP Suburb Surge, USA Today Goes Woke, Gas Tax Hypocrisy
U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Roe v. Wade
2nd Amendment Win, Dems' Chilling Google Demand, FDA Bans Juul
Florida's Dodged Bullet, The Dem Touting Trump, Redefining 'Recession'
SCOTUS & School Choice, Biden & the Energy Crisis, Crazy Greitens Ad
Asian Voters Bail on Biden, Recession Coming, More Gas Taxes
Energy Reality vs. Biden, Whitmer vs. School Choice, Left vs. Pregnancy Centers
Rampant Pro-Abortion Violence, Dr. Oz's Awful Polls, 'Patriotism' & Gas Prices
Red Wave at Border, Black Guns Matter, Imaginary 'Whipping' Punished
Transparency on Transgender Athletes, Gannett Cuts Columns, Pregnancy Centers Bombed
SCOTUS & Double Jeopardy, Immigration Rulings, Pelosi's Partisan Show
Bye Felicia, Ugly Inflation, Another Impeachment?
Iowans Choose School Choice, Left Downplays Kavanaugh Threat, Grammys Get More Woke
Kavanaugh Threatened, Boudin Recalled & Caruso Advances, The Teetering 20's?
January 6th Circus, Threat to Democracy or Democrats? Washington Post Dysfunction
Voters Focused on Inflation, EV Exasperation. PA Senate Saga
Biden's Tired Blame Game, Sweet Talking the Saudis, Michigan GOP Mess
Calling out Biden's Lie, Dems' Absurd Economic Message, Boston Globe's Iran Insanity
Dems Fear Huge Latino Shift, DOJ & The Mask Mandate, Is Property Racist?
Bright Midterm Forecast, Biden Targets Handguns, Biden Tired of Staff Corrections
Memorial Day Special
Unpacking Hunter's Laptop, Red Flag Laws, Dems' Ugly Exhibitionism
Why Did the Police Wait? Beto's Pathetic Stunt, Is Sussmann About to Skate?
The Texas Elementary School Massacre
Dems See Midterm Doom, Chertoff & The 'Disinformation' Board, Pennsylvania Senate Chaos
Hillary's 'Russian Collusion' Role, Blackouts Are Coming, Biden vs. Biden Policy
Texas Border Rancher: Many People Crossing Are Not Workers, They're Criminals
Gas Price Pablum, De Blasio is Back, Schools Not Spending COVID Funds
Surprising L.A. Mayor's Race, Yellen Expects 'Stagflation,' Monkeypox
Disinformation Board Demise, Primary Takeaways, Huge GOP Turnout
Better NY House Map, Putin's NATO Flip-Flop, The Coming Diesel Distress
Mail-In Ballots Plummeting, Buffalo Bloodshed & Blame, Kamala Clueless Again
Biden's Polls Still Sinking, Primary Questions, Nina Wants to Edit Tweets
Senate Sinks Abortion Bill, Georgia's Record Turnout, Massive Producer Inflation
Three Martinis with New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu
Securing the Justices, The Baby Formula Crisis, Partisans as Press Secretaries
Putin Keeps Quiet, Biden's Weak Defense of Justices, Examining Dr. Oz
Dems Reject Lincoln Project, More U.S. War Admissions, Psaki's Bad Protest Advice
Abortion & the Filibuster, Killing Russian Generals, The Aggressive Green Agenda
Midterm Miscalculation? CDC's Lockdown Spying, #NeverConservatives & SCOTUS
Roe on the Ropes: The Leak, The Logic, & The Lunatics
Public Schools Shrinking, Infuriating Power Play, COVID Border Hypocrisy
Dems' Dour Senate Forecast, Sec. Mayorkas Has Failed, Disinformation Dystopia
Shrinking Economy, DHS 'Disinformation' Board, Escalating Russian Rhetoric
Iran Deal Imploding? Biden's Student Loans Stunt, 'Algorithmic Justice'
Musk Buys Twitter, Kerry's War on Gas, McMullin's Bogus Pledge
Hassan's Border Blunder, U.S. Military Dependent Upon China, Warren's Bad Math
Dems Ditching Iowa? Biden Denies Dems on Title 42, The Collapse of CNN+
Midterm Momentum, GOP Governors Compared to War Criminals, Bernie 2024?
Virginia Police Reforms, Biden Off Message Again, Kinzinger 2024?
Airline Mask Mandate Grounded, WaPo Targets 'Libs of TikTok', Beto's Border Flip-Flop
The Truth About Guns, Will Russia Use Nukes? Mall Shooter Back to Work?
Sinking the Moskva, Border Agents Vindicated, Another Absent Congressman
Musk Makes His Move, Feinstein's Mental Struggles, Behar Bungles Civics 101
Republicans Lead NV Senate Race, FBI Missed NYC Shooter, Pathetic Start for CNN+
Dems Flunking on Education, Biden Flails on Inflation, The Absent Congressman
Deep Disapproval for Biden, Our Teens in Trouble, Biden's 'Ghost Gun' Grab
Rep. Biggs: Democrats 'Don't Care About the Border Crisis, They Want This'
Bipartisan Border Bill, Psaki Is Clueless & Careless, NY's War on Natural Gas
Media's Hunter Biden Flailing, Don't Try to Be Europe, Palm Springs to Pay Trans People
Durham's New Russia Revelation, Biden's Curious Letter, Jackson Soft on Crime
Barrett Braces for Blowback, Radical Abortion Bills, Whitmer Won't Update Voter Rolls
Elon Musk & Twitter, Biden Nixing 'Remain in Mexico' Policy, Kamala's Voter ID Nonsense
Encore: 3 Martinis with Sen. Joe Lieberman
3 Martini Lunch Midterm Election Preview
U.K. Reopens Fracking, Collins to Vote for KBJ, Russia Lies on Withdrawal
China Closes for COVID, PPP Fraud, Another Biden Flub
Biden Plummets in Polls, Gaffes Galore in Europe, Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock
We Know UFO's Are Real, But What Are They?
DeSantis On A Roll, Biden's Deterrence Dodge, China's Smacked By COVID Reality
Ukraine Mounts Counter-Offensive, Clarence Thomas is 'Fine', Putin's Sailors Jump Ship
Jackson Won't Define 'Woman', Inflation Here to Stay, Putin Official Bolts
Greitens Needs to Go, Another Harris Flub, CDC Changes COVID Casualties
From Gas Pumps to the Polls, Kinzinger's Tired Act, Fauci's Back
Moderate Dem Slams Leadership, Another School Rape Cover-Up, Smollett Out of Jail
NYT Comes Clean on Hunter's Laptop, The Utterly Useless UN, Another Biden Gift to Iran?
New Polls Pound Dems, Maryland's Smart Hiring Change, Senate Wants DST Permanent
Manchin Denies Biden Fed Nominee, Dems Still Dismissing Parents, Libs Lob Treason Accusations
Latinos Dump Democrats, Biden's Weak Response to Russia and Iran, Pelosi's Inflation Lies
Exposing Biden on Energy, Jussie Smollett Sentenced, Nuke Clock Won't Budge
Israeli Spy Infiltrates Iran, Inflation Hits Hard, Lavrov Lies on Ukraine
Manchin Demands Domestic Energy, Gulf Nations Snub Biden, Buckeye Senate Brawl
Banning Russian Energy, NFL Player Caught Gambling, Partisan Divide on Defending the U.S.
Soaring Gas Prices, Harris Lies On Voting, Cuomo Won't Go Away
Russia's Tire Trouble, Putin's Evil Tactics, Capital Punishment Confusion
Putin's War Crippling Russia, Should We Bomb Convoys? Don't Pour Out Your Vodka
Biden's Stubborn Speech, Oil Prices Skyrocket, Chechen Assassins 'Eliminated'
Dems Defeated on Abortion, The Danger of a No-Fly Zone, State of the Union
Russian Economy in Shambles, A Cautionary Note on Sanctions, Democrats Cling to Green Energy
'We Were the Black Swan Event': Sara Explains How She and John Solomon Exposed the Russia Hoax
War in Europe, Pandemic Policies, Supreme Court Nomination
Russia Invades Ukraine, Putin Ignores Sanctions, NATO Feckless
COVID-19 is Over, U.S. Sanctions Lack Strength, A House Candidate's Rough Night
Nord Stream 2 Halted, Putin Undeterred by Sanctions, Abysmal Ratings for Beijing Olympics
Encore: America's Underappreciated Presidents
Fighting for Freedom, Skyrocketing Rent, Olympic Disgrace
Youngkin's Mask Victory, COVID Relief Triggered Inflation, Canadian Craziness
San Fran Leftists Recalled, Biden Has No Energy Answers, Remembering P.J. O'Rourke
DeSantis Dominating Florida Polls, D.C. to Dump Mandates, Sec. Granholm's Ethics Dodge
Dems Ready to Dump Biden? Russia May Not Invade Ukraine…Yet, Hillary Funded Surveillance of Trump
Biden & The 'Wise Guy', Biden's Afghan Blame Game, Loudoun's Latest Embarrassment
Departing Dem Slams Party, Terrible Inflation & Immigration Numbers, Beto Flips on Gun Control
Virginia Killing Mask Mandate, Dems Suddenly Moderate, Cuomos Won't Go Away
Americans Reject Genocide Olympics, Blue States Flip on Masks, Biden's Science Advisor Saga
Lockdowns Didn't Work, Russian Doubts on Ukraine, Redistricting Favors Democrats
Jobs Report Surprise, The 'COVID Relief' Canard, Pelosi's Pathetic Olympic Advice
ISIS Leader Killed, NYC Voting Fight, Cuomo & the Zucker Exit
California Rejects Single Payer, CNN Soap Opera, Lame Law School Demands
State Department's Dodge, COVID Concerns Easing, Manchin Quashes BBB
Joe Rogan vs. the Mob, 'Mother of All Sanctions,' Becerra Getting the Boot?
Canada's Freedom Convoy, U.S.-Ukraine Confusion, Biden's SCOTUS Timetable
Surprising Economic Growth, China Watches U.S. on Ukraine, Kamala for the High Court?
Fauci's COVID Lies Exposed, Democrat Exodus from Congress, More Bad Polls for Biden
Victory Coming on Masks, No Unity in EU, Bad News from Border
Midterm 'Shellacking' for Dems? Evacuation Crisis in Ukraine, Psaki Suggests Margaritas
Youngkin's Inauguration, Food Prices Record High, and One of The Chicks Mayyy Have Gotten COVID?
Independents Sour on Biden, Whitmer Hid COVID Deaths, Ukraine Evacuations?
Filibuster Saved, Ukraine Confusion, Biden Questions Elections
Three Martinis with Sen. Joe Lieberman
Shifting Party Allegiance, Indifference Toward Uighurs, Texas Gunman's Easy Entry
Youngkin Starts Strong, FBI Fuzzy on Hostage Crisis Motive, Vaccine Mandate Madness in Utah
Sinema & the Filibuster, SCOTUS & the Mandates, Russia & Ukraine
Americans See Through Biden, Pacific Coast Parking Lot, Kamala's Latest Flop
Whitmer's Lousy Polling, Inflation Worst in 40 Years, Biden's Ugly Race Card
Back to School in Chicago, Biden Bumbling on Russia, Supply Chain Still Choked
Senate Midterms, NYC Lets Non-Citizens Vote, Sotomayor Clueless on COVID
Dem Agenda Sinking, December Jobs Disappointment, Ned's Nursing Home Nightmare
Lefties Fight Over Schools, Russia Crushes Kazakh Protesters, The Big Jan. 6 Mystery
Chicago Teachers Flunk, Government's Accountability Crisis, Dizzying New COVID Rules
Redistricting Favors GOP, Cuomo Dodges Prosecution, Northam's Snow Job
Common Sense on Energy, Schumer's Latest Ploy, Teacher Unions vs. Kids
2021 Martini Awards Part 6: Person of the Year, Turncoat of the Year, Predictions
2021 Martini Awards Part 5: Most Overreported Story, Most Underreported Story, Best Story of 2021
2021 Martini Awards Part 4: Best Idea, Worst Idea, Boldest Tactic
2021 Martini Awards Part 3: Worst Scandal, Best Political Theater, Worst Political Theater
2021 Martini Awards Part 2: Sorry to See You Go, Rising Star, Fading Into Oblivion
2021 Martini Awards Part 1: Most Overrated, Underrated, Honest Political Figures
Mitch Courts Manchin, Hogan for Senate? Christmas Media Mayhem
Red State Growth, Will Russia Invade Ukraine? Biden's Incoherent Response
Dems Plot Against Manchin, COVID Test Shortages, Latinos Overwhelmingly Disapprove of Biden
Manchin Rejects BBB, De Blasio's Dictator Complex, Kamala Clueless on Variants
Dems Blocked Again on Amnesty, House Dem Infighting, Indoctrination Everywhere
Sinema Defies Dems Again, Pelosi Clueless on Crime, Warren Wants Court Packing
BBB Gridlock, Vax Mandate Defiance, Greedy 'Meat Conglomerates'
Why More Latinos Voted GOP, Biden's Ongoing Afghan Fiction, Psaki's CBO Nonsense
Senate Dems Still Stuck, Biden's Stunning Cowardice, Wallace Heads to CNN
Painful Inflation Report, Jussie Faces Justice, How Many Vaccinations?
Three Martinis with Bob Costas
Marxist Nominee Withdrawn, Missing Afghan Report, Secret School Vaccines
Minimum Wage Truth, Biden Wants Better Coverage, Cuomo Suing CNN?
Cuomo Fired, Ex-Staffers Savage Kamala, Psaki on Looting, Remembering Bob Dole
Costas & China, Stacey's Revisionist History, Desperate Dems
WTA Pulls Out of China, Stacey Abrams Runs Again, Inconvenient Court Cases
Cuomo Suspended, SCOTUS Abortion Battle, Dr. Oz for Senate, Hallmark Christmas
Public Rejects BBB Provisions, Chris Cuomo's Complicity, Troubling Twitter Policy
Defying Beijing, No Gov. McConaughey, WHO Bows to Xi
Black Friday Gifts for Political Figures
Encore: Remembering Big GOP Wins in Virginia and Beyond
Why We're Politically Thankful
Tlaib's Extremism Exposed, Biden's Desperate Energy Move, Grifters Galore
Shifting Senate Forecast, Wisconsin Parade Horror, Peng's Public Appearance
WTA vs. China, House Passes BBB, Left Still Sneering at Parents
Harris & the Border, FBI & Parents, Public Questions Biden's Health
Biden's Weak Blame Game, Kenosha Judge Threatened, 'Disappearing' in China
Adams Rejects BLM Threats, Biden's Diplomatic Boycott, The Kamala Wars
GOP's Midterm Momentum, Beto Runs Again, Dems Urge Lower Expectations
The Chicks Talk With Gov. DeSantis' Press Sec. Christina Pushaw on Florida's Low COVID Cases
Acknowledging Inflation, 4.4 Million Quit Their Jobs, More COVID Confusion
Biden's Marxist Nominee, Kerry Ignores Genocide, Honoring Veterans
Clock Wars, Inflation Gut Punch, Schools Not for Learning?
White House & Mandates, Biden's War on Energy, Where's Gavin?
Vax Mandate Blocked, Durham Keeps Digging, GOP Reps Bail Out Biden
Florida Politics; Escaping Afghanistan; COVID Infection Rates
GOP's Jersey Stunner, Reconciliation Chaos, Dem Finger Pointing
Youngkin Win Headlines Big Night for GOP
Manchin Still Says No, McAuliffe's Relentless Lying, Mandate Closes NYC Fire Stations
Voter Trust Shifts to GOP, Kerry's War on Coal, Lincoln Project's Ugly Theater
VA Polls; Government Plans to Spend Money; Meta
What Is And Is Not In The White House Framework; Vaccine Mandate Challenges; GDP
Dems Not Near A Deal, The 'Billionaire' Tax, State Department's Odd Priorities
Summers Sounds the Warning, House Reconciliation Headaches, Manchin Rejects IRS Snooping
Parents No Longer 'Terrorists', Recession Worries, McAuliffe's Laughable Hypocrisy
Polls Narrow in NJ, Colluding Against Parents, Legal Rights for Trees?
Sinema's Tax Demands, Left's War on Your Freedom of Movement, Virginia Dems' New Ballot Scheme
McAuliffe's Latest Mistakes, Dems vs. Reality on Energy, Dems Closing in on a Deal
Powerful Dems Retiring, Left Wants Lower Expectations, Psaki & China, Our 11th Anniversary
CNN Hears the Truth, Dems Campaign in Churches, Afghan Misery, RIP Colin Powell
Cartels Spill Secrets: They're In Our Cities, Trafficking Young Girls, & Bribing Border Agents
Travel Ban to End, Virginia Schools Disgrace Gets Worse, Buttigieg on Leave
Dem Agenda Unpopular, Biden vs. Reality on Energy, Couric & Ginsburg
Shatner in Space, Pelosi & the Press, Banning Idling Ships?
Dems & Free Stuff, China & Cybersecurity, School Board & A Big Scandal
Southwest Hits Turbulence, Global Corporation Tax, Virginia Dems Panicking
Schumer Infuriates Manchin, Weak Jobs Report, More Mandate Madness?
America Is Paying Attention, More Proof Biden Caved to China, Kerry's Curious Comments
Good GOP Polls, Chicago Won't Charge Murderers, Booster Shot Uncertainty
Taiwan Stands Firm, FBI Enters the School Board Wars, Fauci's Latest Flip-Flops
Public Sours on Biden Agenda, China Targets Taiwan, Invading Sinema's Space
Promising COVID Drug, Schumer's Lie, Education Secretary vs. Parents
Manchin vs. 'Fiscal Insanity,' Schumer Backs Down, Feds Blocking Afghan Rescues
McAuliffe's Major Admission, Dems Fight Over Spending, Biden's Pathetic Media Complaint
Generals Contradict Biden, Hochul's COVID Evangelism, Biden's Absurd Vaccine Goals
Taxpayer-Funded Reporters? Dem Spending Lies, Beto vs. Biden on the Border
Grassley Runs Again, U.S. Kids Hostage in Afghanistan, Biden's Ugly Border Lie
Hope for GOP in Virginia, Afghan Evacuation Disgrace, Psaki's Pathetic Excuse
White House Press Protest, Wide Open Borders, Dems Defund 'Iron Dome'
Biden's Credibility Crisis, Dem Agenda in Danger, Psaki's Border Blather
Israel's Hi-Tech Iranian Strike, Amnesty Push Paused, Pentagon's Shame
Clarence Thomas, Good; Border Situation, Bad; Jennifer Rubin, Crazy
The Chicks Talk About Vaccine Mandates, and React to the Met Gala
Confronting China, Durham Still Probing, FBI's Latest Disgrace
Biden Approval Plummets, Newsom Wins Easily, Thoroughly Misguided Milley
China Targets Taiwan, Blinken vs. Reality, Recall Fraud Allegations
Double Afghan Debacle, Dems' Big Tax Hikes, Warped Political Views
Biden's Craven COVID Speech, Left's Racism on Full Display, 9/11 Reflections
Same Old COVID Agenda, Blinken Projects Weakness, Biden's Dumb Travel Ban
Schumer's Lie, Horrific Decisions on Afghanistan, The Anti-Kavanaugh Crazies
Blumenthal's Frustration, Gain of Function Proof, Americans Still Stranded
Manchin's Spending Pause, Weak August Jobs Report, Autocratic Aussies
Sara Carter Shares Two Stories of Americans Desperately Trying To Leave Afghanistan
Responsible Media, Compliant Media, Insane Media
Biden's 'Appalling, Outraging, Dispiriting' Speech
Biden's Afghanistan Lies, Blinken's Weak Promises, Biden's Fleeting Empathy
Americans Stuck, How the U.S. Surrendered Kabul, Sullivan's September Delusion
Heroic Afghan Rescues, Handing the Taliban a 'Kill List,' Biden's Shaky Speech
Afghanistan Terrorist Attacks
Supreme Border Ruling, Afghanistan Keeps Unraveling, Biden's Chilling Word Game
Biden Bows to the Taliban
Pfizer Vax Fully Approved, At the Mercy of the Taliban, Biden's Big Dodge
The Incriminating Cable, The Stranded Americans, Charging for Evacuations
Biden's Terrible Interview, Insane Taliban Comparisons, Brits Denounce Biden
Dem Calls 'BS' on Biden, Sullivan's Terrible Answers, Vaccine Boosters
Biden's Dishonest Speech, Vet Calls Out 'Bold-Faced Lies', The UN Is Still A Joke
The Afghanistan Debacle
Afghanistan Nightmare, Border Crisis Worst Yet, Vaccine Mandate Madness
Biden Punts on Lab Leak, 'Screw Your Freedom,' Rent Relief Mess
Newsom's Big Gamble, Biden Praises Cuomo, Taliban Nightmare Returns
Cuomo Resigns
Top Cuomo Staffer Quits, Newsom on the Ropes, Obama Party vs. CDC
ATF Nominee Shot Down? Biden's Electric Vehicle Agenda, More "Free" Stuff
DeSantis Hammers Biden, California Recall Surprise, Dem's 'Defund' Hypocrisy
Dems Turning on Cuomo, Biden Ignores SCOTUS, Masking at Home?
Cuomo Harassment Report, China's New COVID Problem, Cloth Masks Don't Work
DeSantis Champions Parents, Federal Vaccine Mandate? Bowser's Mask Hypocrisy
Hong Kong Courage, Even More CDC Confusion, Bungled Federal Rent Relief
Sinema's Sanity, Playing Politics with Students, GOP Helps Bloated Infrastructure Bill
Inspiring Olympic Tribute, The Masks Return, Biden's Radical 'Prosecutor'
California Recall Momentum, Manchin's Laughable Threat, Cuomo's Deep Delusion
Dems' 2022 Damage Control, Americans Losing Optimism, Open Borders & Travel Bans
The Case Against Roe, Pelosi's Committee Radicals, Hunter's Art Shows
Infrastructure Roadblock, Pelosi's Political Games, Biden's Bumbling Lies
Cuomo's Dwindling Donors, FBI & the Whitmer Plot, Dems' Amnesty Scheme
Dems Pretend They're Not Dems, Inflation Will Linger, Biden's Border Disaster
Bumbling Texas Dems, China's Sinister Hacking, Psaki's Social Media Meddling, More Speech Police
Bad Baltimore Schools, WH Telling Facebook What to Flag, Harris Office Horrors
Disney CTU, Blocking Slave Labor Imports, BLM Defends Cuban Commies, Left's Book Banning
Texas Elections Bill Passes, Biden's Voting Malarkey, Dems' $3.5 Trillion Nightmare
Texas Dems Go AWOL, Government & Your Text Messages, WHO Does China's Bidding Again
Cubans Demand Freedom, Massive Master's Degree Debt, Kamala & Kinkos
Avenatti Sentenced, McAuliffe's Awful Week, Hunter Biden's 'Art'
Tlaib's DHS Insanity, Coddling Commies for Climate Change, Kerry's Latest Hypocrisy
Whitmer's Support Withers, Biden's Iran Weakness, Door-to-Door Vaccine Campaign
Kennedy Crushes CRT, Odd Afghanistan Withdrawal, Lincoln Project Lurches Left
NEA Flunks Again, Wolf Vetoes Voter ID, Independence Day
Arizona Election Laws Stand, SCOTUS Protects Donor Privacy, & Former Staff Bash VP Harris
Pelosi Nukes Infrastructure Deal, NYC Primary Quagmires Further, LA Pushes Masks Again
China's 'Wolf Warrior' Misfire, NYC's Delayed Democracy, Tucker Carlson's NSA Shenanigans
Federal Unemployment Benefits Decline, Biden's Infrastructure Gaff, Olympic Activist-Athlete Troubles
NYT's Lab Leak Deep Dive, Senate GOP's Lose-Lose Compromise, Unlikely UFO Skeptics
Harris Heading South, Biden Rants on Gun Control, China's Climate Cover-Up
Senate GOP Blocks Dem Power Grab, Free Press Dies in Hong Kong, NYC's Primary Debacle
Sinema Stays Consistent, Taliban Trouble Brewing, Dems' Voter ID Whiplash
Chinese Whistleblower, Senator "Whiteclub," Florida Gay Parade Fiasco
Yang Tells the Truth, Iran's New Radical Leader, Cruz Worried About McConnaughey
SCOTUS Sides with Freedom, Durbin's Dumb D-Day Analogy, Biden Redefines Title IX
Court Blocks Drilling Ban, Biden's Iran Blunder, Newsom Can't Let Go
Stewart's Lab Leak Rant, China's White House Influence, Microaggression Madness
CNN Cringes at Kamala, China's Nuke Coverup, Tom Hanks Not Woke Enough
Tlaib Joins Omar Battle, Kamala's Border Visit Mess, Toobin's Unwelcome Return
House Dems Rebuke Omar, Border Crisis Gets Worse, Inflation Expands
GOP Refuses Tax Hike, Virginia Dem Primary, Libs Nuke Friendships
SCOTUS & Green Cards, Kamala & the Border, NYC Voters & the Police
Dems Mad at Manchin, Granholm & the Power Grid, Stelter & Psaki Softballs
Chinese Repression, Job Report Overreaction, Worthless UFO Report
Abbott Acts on Border Crisis, Stunning COVID Cover Up, Oregon Counties Want to Secede
Senate Dem Setback, Iran's New Biggest Ship, Masks Gone & COVID Cases Fall
Texas Dem Walkout, Media's Wuhan Mea Culpa, COVID Variants Go Greek
1/6 Commission Drama, Inflation Rises Again, Bernie's Big Demands
Calling Out Insane Spending, Who's Really Coming to the Border? Politics of COVID Origins
Wuhan Lab Whiplash, Taliban's Troubling Talk, Newsom's Big Rebound
Biden's Ticking Clock, Cena's China Apology, Greene's Nazi Analogy
Shoplifting Softies, State-Sanctioned Hijacking, Four More for Cuomo?
Wuhan Lab Theory, More Than A Protest, The Brothers Cuomo
Feds Eye Gov Cuomo, Coronavirus Cases Fall, Forecast for 2022 Midterms
Calls for Olympic Boycott, A Biden Reversal, Gov Says UFOs Are Real
Back To School, Is It A Surge? Was It The Lab?
Mask Confusion, Border Problem, Vaccine Bounce
Masks Off, Edicts & Virtue Signaling, The Cyberwarfare Explosion
Dem Elections Bill Doomed, Exposing the Real Florida Fraud, The Grift Continues
Biden Blindsided By Reality
Can the GOP Win Virginia? Pipeline Problems Worsen, CDC Wrong Again
Texas GOP Success, Pipeline Shutdown, Cuomo's Latest Scandal, Remembering du Pont
Why the Georgia Boycott Failed, Stunning Jobs Report, 'Birthing People'
Biden's School Goal, Stiffing Vaccine Makers, Shaking Up the Primaries?
Crist Runs Again, Insane CDC Summer Camp Rules, Trump & Facebook
Dems' Legislative Failures, Liz Cheney's Fate, Masking the Science
Triumphs in Texas, Manchin Rejects D.C. Statehood Bill, Lefties Fight Over Menthol Cigarettes
First Quarter Growth, Biden on Schools, Biden's Mask Malarkey
Biden's Tired Spin, Great Scott, Media Malpractice
Growing Support for Guns, Biden's Endless Spending, Are Babies Environmental Vandalism?
The New Congressional Map, Kerry's Lame Denial, Cheney 2024?
Biden Gets One Right, Kerry's Loose Lips, Kamala's Gift
Kelly & Court Packing, 'Equity' in Math, Jenner Runs for Governor
GOP's Iran Plan, Biden's Meaningless Emissions Goal, Police & Foot Chases
The Chauvin Verdict, Disgusting Biden & Pelosi Comments, Christie 2024?
Judge Rebukes Rep. Waters, Media's Reckless Jury Reporting, Legalizing Incest?
Navalny Hangs On, The Pain of Rising Prices, Maxine Makes It Worse
Pro-Life Progress, Bogus Afghan Bounty Story, Markey's Massive Hypocrisy
Pelosi Pans Court Packing, J&J Vaccine Trust Plummets, Michigan's COVID Conundrum
Schools Are Opening, Leaving Afghanistan, Biden Team's Thin Skin
Harry Reid Is Right, The J&J Vaccine Pause, Another Minnesota Mess
Iran's Nuclear 'Incident', Biden's Inflation Arrogance, Kamala Ignores the Border
Michigan's COVID Relapse, Biden's Court Commission, Font Is Now Racist
Manchin & the Filibuster, Cuomo's Staggering Scandals, Virginia Dems Love Northam
Consistent Kyrsten, Crazy Kirsten, Jenner for Governor?
Biden's Border Wall? Infrastructure Bill Gets Big Boost, Biden's MLB Walkback
Truth Fights Back in Georgia, 'Democrat Outrage Complex', Dems Abandon Seat-Stealing
March Jobs Jump, Gaetz Under Investigation, Vaccines & Your Freedoms
Corporate America Plays Politics, Biden's War on Freelancers, Kids & COVID Vaccines
Biden's Bad Border Polls, The Infrastructure Trojan Horse, The Left's War on Biological Sex
Strengthening School Choice, Cuomo's New COVID Scandal, Race-Based Welfare
Suez Ship is Free, Vaccine Passports are Coming, The Voter Suppression Fallacy
Redfield's COVID Theory, Kamala 'Doesn't Care,' Biden's Rank Hypocrisy
Nearing Herd Immunity, Biden's FDR-Like Agenda, Stuck in the Suez
Teacher Union Insanity, Biden's Gun Grab, Racist Dem Senators
Defying Pelosi's Seat Stealing, Mass Shootings & Instant Blame, Powell's Weird Defense
Letlow Wins Big, Dems Plan to Dodge Filibuster, Sluggish Vaccine Pace
DeSantis vs. Critical Race Theory, Dems vs. the Filibuster, De Blasio vs. the Law
Voters Want Voter ID, Biden's Big Tax Lie, Psaki's Big Trump Lie
Newsom Braces for Recall, Biden Gags Border Patrol, Sheldon's Kavanaugh Obsession
Cuban Voters Staying with GOP, NY Dems Moving On? Europe's Vaccine Pause
Giving DeSantis His Due, Biden's Kids & Cages, Dumbing Down the Dictionary
Cuomo Impeachment Probe, Biden's Weasel Words, McConaughey for Governor?
Dems Finally See Debt, Cuomo's Six Accusers, Biden's Border Crisis
COVID Relief Con Job, CDC's Confusing Caution, Media's Texas Tantrum
Vaccines Crushing Variants, Dems' 'Democracy' Delusion, Vaccine Passports
Cuomo's New Problems, Manchin Wilting on Filibuster, Missouri's Open Senate Seat
The Cuomo 'Cult', Bad Vaccine Bureaucracy, The Dem Obama Really Wanted
Can Becerra Be Defeated? Cuomo's Weak Apology, FBI & the Capitol Riots
Tanden Fails, Texas Opens, Newborn Numbers Plummet
The Cost of Closed Schools, Warren Revives Wealth Tax, Dems Ditching Cuomo
Cuomo Under Fire, Crist for Governor? Hate Crime Insanity
No Minimum Wage Hike, Vaccine Bottleneck, Will Murkowski Save Tanden?
Becerra's Bogus Defense, New Accusations Against Cuomo, Amnesty Int'l Abandons Navalny
Another Vaccine Approved, Virginia's Parking Lot Politics, Hillary's Political Thriller
Equity Agenda Meets Reality, Dems Pressure Cable Providers, Garland & Terrorism
Neera Nearing Defeat, Khanna's Callous Business Attitude, Mask Confusion
Biden's Bad Economics, Variant Vaccine Needed? Cruzin' for Controversy
Vaccination Progress, Feds Probing Cuomo, Biden's Goal for Schools
Remembering Rush
DeSantis Right on Schools, Texas Power Problems, Bill Gates vs. Beef
Dems Turn on Cuomo, Biden Vaccine Blunder, Teachers' Unions Trump Science
Cuomo Scandal Explodes, Lincoln Project Lies, California's Progressive Failure
Covering Trump Like Omaha Beach? Lincoln Project Under Fire, Biden's China Shift
Dems Stiff Kids on Schools, Trump's Weak Lawyers, Cuban Nixes National Anthem
Tanden's Tantrums, WHO Gets Fooled Again, Tampa Mayor's Mask Madness
GOP Wins Last House Race, China's Dangerous DNA Plans, Omar's Shady Finances
Biden's Big Inflation Risk, Psaki's Shameless Spin, Hunter's Tell-All
Lefty Mayors Vs. Unions, What's Next for the GOP? Biden's Dumb Mask Plan
Lin Wood's Vote, Lefties Want 'Reality Czar', Elon Musk & Your Brain
Biden's Broken Promises, Lefties Targeting Moderates, Bernie's 'White Supremacist' Mittens
Dems Turning on Newsom, Bracing for the UK Strain, Lincoln Project Scandal
Fauci Wants Schools Open, Two More Vaccines, Biden's Burdensome Brother
Cuomo Scandal Gets Worse, Kerry's Callous Climate Talk, The GameStop Gamble
Biden Deportation Ban Shot Down, D.C. Statehood Push, Double Masks & Invasive Tests
Senate Filibuster Safe, Fracturing of the Right, Politico's Ongoing Revolt
Spending Restraint, Portman Retiring, CDC Number Games
Biden's Timid Goal, Starting from Scratch? Masking the Facts
Can We Deal with Antifa Now? Biden Rejoins WHO, MSNBC Attacks Free Speech
Declaring China's Genocide, Biden's Woke Economy, Curious Stimulus Timing
Cohen Tars Trump Voters, Biden's Identity Politics, Killing Keystone
Race & Schools, Weaving A Big Lie, CNN Encourages Censorship
Politico Resists the Mob, Biden's Minimum Wage Mistake, Lockdowns Failed
The Right Ideas, Bernie's Budget Committee, Disgusting Don Lemon
The Great GOP Divide, Did the FBI Drop the Ball? Chuck Norris & the Riots
Vaccine Sanity, Parler Games, Kamala vs. Vogue
Capitol Hill Hero, Newsom Recall Heats Up, Impeachment Patience
Another Vaccine Success, Capitol Police Casualty, Kamala's Racial Politics
Chaos on Capitol Hill
Painful Losses in Georgia, The Schumer Senate, Pence & the Electoral Votes
Escape from New York, Cuomo's Vaccine Bullying, Kamala & 'Fweedom'
Stopping Government Stupidity, The Trump Phone Call, 'Amen & A Woman'
2020 Martini Awards Part 6: Person of the Year, Turncoat of the Year, Predictions
2020 Martini Awards Part 5: Most Overreported Story, Most Underreported Story, Best Story of 2020
2020 Martini Awards Part 4: Best Idea, Worst Idea, Boldest Tactic
2020 Martini Awards Part 3: Worst Scandal, Best Political Theater, Worst Political Theater
2020 Martini Awards Part 2: Sorry to See You Go, Rising Star, Fading Into Oblivion
2020 Martini Awards Part 1: Most Overrated, Underrated, Honest Political Figures
Omnibus Disgrace, 3 Martini Lunch Tax Break, 'Die Hard' Capitalists
China's Deadly Propaganda, UK Strain Spurs Worry, Congress & Vaccines
Major National Security Hack, Biden's Hunter Problem, Letting Old White People Die
Biden's Unqualified Cabinet, Putin's Weak Denial, Lincoln Project's Lies
Consequences for Swalwell? AOC & Pelosi, Lefty Vaccine Accusations
Mitch Keeps Working, Insane Georgia Dems, Another Police Defunding Failure
Vaccines on the Move, April Fool's Day, Media Rally Around Cuomo
Radical Warnock, Texas & Guns, Shoving Feinstein
Feds Aim at Hunter, China's Spy Game, Left Pushing to Oust Feinstein
Yang for Mayor? McAuliffe for Governor? Rough Road for Gen. Austin?
Durkan Done Soon, 2024 Campaign Begins, Anti-Gun Santa
Bad News Becerra, Accusing Cuomo, Teacher Unions' True Colors
Supremes Side with Freedom, Absurd COVID Restrictions, Biden & Kamala
Georgia Runoff Probe, A Stupid Ultimatum, Lockdowns for Thee & Not Me
Barr Hopping, Minneapolis Carjackings Soar, Obama Rejects 'Catchy Slogans'
GOP Wins Iowa Squeaker, China's COVID Lies, 'Serial Killers' & COVID
Top Iranian Nuke Guy Killed, The Georgia Senate Mistake, Media's Biden Worship
Jim and Greg Give Their 2020 Black Friday Political Gifts
What We're Politically Thankful for in 2020
Kerry & Climate Change, Compulsory Voting? Pennsylvania's Alcohol Ban
Major Middle East Step? Vaccine Battles Loom, Trump Team Boots Powell
Kids & School, Election Fraud Allegations, Obama & the Middle East
Senate Dems Fuming, Biden's Bad Gun Plan, Cuomo Unhinged
GOP Unloads on Warnock, Staggering COVID Hypocrisy, Biden Goes Corporate
Sheriffs Defy Cuomo, College Loan Wars, 'Hunting Four Horsemen'
Moderna Vaccine Works Too, GOP Edge in Georgia, Abrams Running Again
Dems Stuck in the House, Legendary Bad Advice, Manchin vs. AOC
Big Stakes in Georgia, Ticketmaster's COVID Crackdown, Friedman's Georgia Insanity
Two GOP Senate Wins, Baker Bashes Pollsters, Georgia Recount
Manchin & the Filibuster, Libs & Their Lists, Dr. Emanuel & COVID
Big Vaccine News, Cuomo Plays Politics, Schumer & Georgia
House Dem Infighting, 'Put Up or Shut Up,' Ridiculous Gore Revisionism
GOP's Legislative Wins, Sowing Distrust in the System, Ready for Georgia Runoffs?
Presidential Cliffhanger, GOP Bright Spots, Pollsters Blow It Again
Jim & Greg Predict, Trouble in Philly, New Jersey Waits to Count
Campaign Almost Over, Lefties Ready to Riot, The Karens Love Biden
Police Chief Schools Blitzer, Nightmare Biden Cabinet, Girl Scouts Bullied Over Barrett
Gigantic GDP Jump, The 'Anonymous' Flop, Kanye in Third Place
Battle for the Senate, Media's Narrative Obsession, Newsom's Thanksgiving Rules
Barrett Confirmed, Philadelphia Mayhem, Left's ACB Tantrum
Barrett Confirmation Day, Biden's War on Natural Gas, Biden vs. George?
Much Better Debate, Biden's Many Lies, Libs & Coyotes
Biden Walking Back Court Packing? Rudy vs. Borat, Biden's Big Hunter Problem
COVID Deaths Plummets, Dems Target Right to Work, Left vs. Feinstein
Forest Fire Facts, Middle East Momentum, Public Backs Barrett
10 Years of Three Martinis!
Bipartisan Goodwill; Trump Unsure bin Laden is Dead; Biden Questions Shoot to Kill Policies
Good: Amy Comey Barrett; Bad: Facebook and Twitter; Crazy: Why Aren't We Having A Debate?
Good Polling Number for Barrett; Trump Struggling in Suburbs; A Misleading Headline
Good: Vaccine News; Bad: Court Packing; Crazy: Biden Being Biden
Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings; Vaccine Confidence Declines; Day of Rage in Portland
Whitmer Abduction Plot, Pelosi's Absurd Power Grab, Cunningham's Blame Game
Pence's Strong Night, Media Excuses for Harris, Trump Rejects Virtual Debate
Staffers Crush Katie Hill, Support Builds for Barrett, Clueless in Kansas
Rubin's Break from Reality, Cad Cunningham, Biden's Race Problem
Trump on the Mend, Medical Info Intrigue, Schumer's Pathetic Ploy
Trumps Test Positive for COVID
Improving Jobs Picture, Cuomo the Liar, New Debate Rules?
Dissecting the Debate
Fight Night in Cleveland, Election Incompetence, Harris & Court Packing
Bravo for Barrett, Trump's Taxes, Lefties vs. ACB
'Texas: Reloaded,' FBI's Russia Fiasco, Supreme Term Limits?
Biden's Obvious Weakness, Breonna & Bodycams, Political Arson
Dems Cooling on Court Packing? Louisville on Edge, Barrett Bashing Begins
Mitch Has the Votes, Dems Embrace Court Packing, Biden Won't Answer
Princeton & Racism, Mail-In Vote Loopholes, Biden's Fracking Doublespeak
Young Voter Surprises, Covering Up COVID Data, Kerry's Colossal Blunder
More Middle East Stability? China's COVID Whistleblower? Bungled Michigan Ballots
Big COVID Breakthrough, Anti-Vax Democrats, Kamala's Obvious Ambition
Major Middle East Progress, What Biden Won't Say, Libs & Wildfires
Remembering 9/11, Voter Registration Surge, Mueller Team Malfeasance, Teleprompter Tantrum
Dem Bashes de Blasio, Trump & Woodward, Trashing America with Your Money
Hispanics Trending Right, Media Coddling Elusive Biden, Jemele's Hill to Lie On
Big Labor's Big Gamble, Kamala's Fracking Hypocrisy, Gender-Reveal Wildfire
August Jobs Boom, Atlantic Storm, Biden's Endless Gaffes
NPR & Looting, Cuomo's Trash Talk, Pelosi Alleges Salon 'Set-Up'
Kennedy Gets Crushed, Pelosi's Privilege, Left vs. the Founders
Back to the Basement, Biden's Fracking Fiction, Real Cable News?
Defunding Rioters, Biden Blames Trump, Wheeler's Weakness
Dems & Rioting, Trump's Convention Speech, Fighting for Reagan
Powerful RNC Messaging, More Minneapolis Mayhem, NBA Protest Strike
RNC Strong Again, Kenosha in Chaos, Dems on Edge Over Riots
Punctuation Wars, RNC Starts Strong, Falwell Exposed, Pelosi's Extremism
Conways Head Home, Mandatory Vaccine Madness, Kamala's Comical Police Position
DNC Finally Done, Biden Speech vs. Reality, 'Fort Lori'
Kamala's Minimal Impact, DNC Deception, Bannon Indicted
Vandals Prosecuted, Kerry & Clinton at the DNC, Cancelling Susan B. Anthony
Cuomo's COVID 'Metaphor,' Kasich's Unconvincing Argument, College COVID Insanity
Fauci Backs In-Person Voting, The Postal Wars, Pardon for Snowden?
Oregon Police Punch Back, Biden's Mask Mandate, 9/11 Tribute Cancelled