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Three Martini Lunch is a funny, edgy and fast-paced podcast of the day’s major political stories, hosted by Radio America’s Greg Corombos and Jim Geraghty of National Review.

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Mitch Has the Votes, Dems Embrace Court Packing, Biden Won't Answer
Princeton & Racism, Mail-In Vote Loopholes, Biden's Fracking Doublespeak
Young Voter Surprises, Covering Up COVID Data, Kerry's Colossal Blunder
More Middle East Stability? China's COVID Whistleblower? Bungled Michigan Ballots
Big COVID Breakthrough, Anti-Vax Democrats, Kamala's Obvious Ambition
Major Middle East Progress, What Biden Won't Say, Libs & Wildfires
Remembering 9/11, Voter Registration Surge, Mueller Team Malfeasance, Teleprompter Tantrum
Dem Bashes de Blasio, Trump & Woodward, Trashing America with Your Money
Hispanics Trending Right, Media Coddling Elusive Biden, Jemele's Hill to Lie On
Big Labor's Big Gamble, Kamala's Fracking Hypocrisy, Gender-Reveal Wildfire
August Jobs Boom, Atlantic Storm, Biden's Endless Gaffes
NPR & Looting, Cuomo's Trash Talk, Pelosi Alleges Salon 'Set-Up'
Kennedy Gets Crushed, Pelosi's Privilege, Left vs. the Founders
Back to the Basement, Biden's Fracking Fiction, Real Cable News?
Defunding Rioters, Biden Blames Trump, Wheeler's Weakness
Dems & Rioting, Trump's Convention Speech, Fighting for Reagan
Powerful RNC Messaging, More Minneapolis Mayhem, NBA Protest Strike
RNC Strong Again, Kenosha in Chaos, Dems on Edge Over Riots
Punctuation Wars, RNC Starts Strong, Falwell Exposed, Pelosi's Extremism
Conways Head Home, Mandatory Vaccine Madness, Kamala's Comical Police Position
DNC Finally Done, Biden Speech vs. Reality, 'Fort Lori'
Kamala's Minimal Impact, DNC Deception, Bannon Indicted
Vandals Prosecuted, Kerry & Clinton at the DNC, Cancelling Susan B. Anthony
Cuomo's COVID 'Metaphor,' Kasich's Unconvincing Argument, College COVID Insanity
Fauci Backs In-Person Voting, The Postal Wars, Pardon for Snowden?
Oregon Police Punch Back, Biden's Mask Mandate, 9/11 Tribute Cancelled
Israel-UAE Peace, Dems' Maine Problem, Jobless Numbers Drop Again
Biden Chooses Kamala
Waiting for Biden, McGrath's Missed Taxes, Russian COVID Vaccine?
College Football Cancellation, Chicago Rioting, Willie's 'Advice' for Kamala
Another Jobs Jump, New York vs. NRA, Cuomo's School Surprise
Encouraging Job News, Trump's Debate Demand, Revenge Against Rhode Island
Biden's Bad Interview, Behind the Beirut Blast, The Karen Bass Experiment
Beirut Blast, Trump & Axios, Judge Flouts Election Laws
Microsoft & TikTok, Government Power Grab, Scrap the Debates?
Americans Sour on China, Exposing Epstein's Friends, Flag Foolishness
EU Sanctions China, The Vote By Mail Fight, COVID Goggles Now?
Biden's Cognitive Slide, COVID & the 2024 Campaign, Kennedy's Ironic Complaint
Barr Brings the Truth, Kamala's Big Blunder, Second Home Suffering
Sandmann's Latest Settlement, Vaccine Progress, COVID vs. Sports
Politics of Portland, Another COVID Shutdown? Washington No-Names
Closing the Consulate, Police Replacement Problems, Biden's Bad History
Greens Come Clean, Cuomo's Refugees, Berkeley's Absurd Police Alternative
Cancelling Margaret Sanger, Portland Riots, Biden's Long Shot
Vaccine Progress, Extreme Teachers' Unions, Kasich to Speak at DNC
Setting the Barr, COVID vs. Jobs, Dems' Mini-Convention
A Whole Lot of Hacks
Lincoln Project Leveled, Tapper Crushes Cuomo, Sunset for Sessions
Torching the Times, Biden Morphing Into Bernie, Poster Child of Hubris
Seattle Recall, Fauci vs. Trump, 'Redskins' Retired
Biden's Leftward Lurch, De Blasio's Hypocrisy, No Football?
Aussies & Hong Kong, Biden & Debates, Don Lemon & Jesus
School Wars, Explaining John Roberts, Kanye 2020
Increasingly Contagious COVID, Biden vs. Right to Work, Trump vs. NASCAR
Supremes & Faithless Electors, China & the Plague, NBA & Free Speech
Three Good Martinis to End the Week
Has the Apocalypse Ended in Seattle? What Is A Reverse Square Root Economy? Why Can't We Go to the Beach?
School Choice Victory in Supreme Court
SCOTUS Rulings and Rumors About the Presidential Election
Scott Tells the Truth, Latest COVID Craziness, Stimulus Checks for the Dead
Businesses Sue Seattle, Anti-Trump Plot Unfolds, Cultural Anarchy
No NASCAR Hate Crime, Pelosi's Appalling Accusation, Primary Concerns
Rioters & Churches, Police & Statues, De Blasio & Fireworks
Rough Ride for Roosevelt, DOJ Legal Drama, Favre Far Off Target
Klobuchar's Savvy Exit, Demings 'Not Black,' Cancelling Conservatives
Great Scott, Roberts Rules Wrong Again, Trump vs. Bolton
Hawley Hammers Lawmakers, NBC's Ugly Hit Job, NFL Courting Kaepernick
A Win for Free Speech, Retail Sales Soar, Playground Politics
Minneapolis & Police, Schools & Police, Double De Blasio Insanity
Actual Police Reforms, Durkan's Delusion, Ozark Overreaction
Hickenlooper's Hapless Defense, Inslee's Obvious Lie, Politics of 'Paw Patrol'
Mitch & the Bill of Rights, Bernie & Police, Destroying COVID Test Sites
Trump & Twitter, Police & Vandalism, WHO's on First
Defunding the Police, Woke Health Experts, The New York Times Surrenders
Stunning Jobs Report, NYT Pandering, Dismantle the Police?
Mattis vs. Trump, The NYT Revolt, Burying Drew Brees
King & Plame Lose, Politics of the Lockdown, WHO Knew China's Lies
DeBlasio's Debacle, Dems & Riots, Back to Kaepernick?
SpaceX Success, Arrivederci Corona, Carnage in Our Cities
The Minnesota Mess
The Floyd Consensus, Cuomo's Craven Lie, Blind Eye at CBS
Trump vs. Twitter, The Death of George Floyd, Central Park Showdown
More Michigan Mayhem, Trump's Twitter Rant, Dems' Big 2020 Fear
Michigan Madness, Biden & Black Voters, Trump Targets Fox News
DeSantis Fights Back, Guns & Votes, Kamala's Pandering
Mika's Meltdown, Lauer's Lame Defense, The Absurd Veepstakes
Courts Rule for Freedom, Trump & HCQ, The Left's #MeToo Inconvenience
Reasons for Optimism, Newsom's Ugly Politics, Frustrated by Freedom
Pelosi's Problem, Media 'Mean Girls,' More Bumbling Biden
Burr Under Fire, Biden Keeps Lurching Left, Lousy COVID Tests
Good Night for GOP, LA's Lost Summer, CNN's Latest Embarrassment
Cuomo & Nursing Homes, Fauci & Schools, China & the Truth
Three COVID Bright Spots, The China-WHO Cover-Up, Football This Fall?
Defending DeSantis, Crushing Job Losses, COVID Trends Improving
Forcing COVID Patients Out of Homes, Biden's Brazen Hypocrisy, Taxing Good Samaritans
Abrams Not Serious VP Option, Media Bias Confession, SWAT Teams & COVID-19
Questions for Cuomo, Slumping Senate Polls, Worries for Wendy's
Virus Likely from Lab, Lightfoot's Heavy Footprint, Libs Scold Jordan
Mika's Tough Questions, Biden's Bungled Answers, The Delusional Hillary Dream
Milano & Biden, Trump vs. Polls, Prisoners & COVID-19
Progress Against COVID, De Blasio's Latest Disaster, Suspend the Election?
Abbott's Re-Open Plan , Politico's Shame, Bernie Team Still Bitter
Kurtz vs. TV Doctors, Siding with China on Speech? Pelosi's Bizarre Lie
Promising COVID Drug Flops, Looming Meat Problem, Trump & Disinfectants
American Heroes, 26 Million Jobs Lost, Ugly Virus Models, Draft Day
More Small Biz Relief, Freedom to Go Outside? Earlier Virus Deaths
AOC's Awful Oil Response, Kim Dead & Not Dead, Media Cheerleading for Abrams
Oil Market Free Fall, Vaccine Doubts, De Blasio's Disturbing Order
A Plan to Re-Open, More Promising Treatments, Oprah's Iffy Doctors
Birx Slams WHO, 22 Million Lost Jobs, Governors Ignore Constitution
Hospitals Holding Up, Public Not Ready to Re-Engage, Warren's Late Endorsement
Fauci Sets Media Straight, Trump's Power Trip, China's Lax Lab Security
Boris Is Back, Whitmer's Extreme Edicts, NYT's Dreadful Double Standard
Carr's China Smackdown, Emanuel's Dire Demand, The Politics of Hydroxychloroquine
Jobs Nightmare Worsens, End of the Handshake? China's Gutter Oil
Bernie Bites the Dust, Health Privacy vs. Public Good, Chafee Flops Again
Better Looking Models, Why Is Wisconsin Voting? NBC Parrots China
Calm from the Queen, Flattening the Curve, Close the Grocery Stores?
Hospitals Getting Ready, DC's COVID Peak in July? Absurd Social Distancing
Props to the Patriots, 6.6 Million More Out of Work, Clueless Kemp
Health Insurers Step up, Two-Years to Beat COVID, Treating Taiwan Badly
Optimism in New York, Private Sector to the Rescue, Pelosi's Pandering
Game-Changing Good News, April in Quarantine, Dictatorial Democrats
Hopeful Signs, Massie's Miscalculation, Who Believes China?
Unemployment Skyrockets, U.S Indicts Maduro, COVID-19 Terrorism Threat
Fauci's Common Sense, Stimulus Stumbling Blocks, Sanders Still Stubborn
Pelosi's Gluttonous Power Grab, Media in the Tank, Falwell's Folly?
Pelosi's Partisan Ploy, Cuomo's Depressing Forecast, WHO Bows to China
National Lockdown Coming? Senators Squirm on Investments, Liberty vs. Security
Promising Treatments, 2020 Afterthoughts Drop Out, Shallow Spring Breakers
China Exposed, Coronavirus & Criminals, Sanders Stays In
Vaccine Progress, The Shutdown Debate, Ohio Election Drama
Businesses Ordered Closed, Bernie Forces Biden Left, Gillum's Great Fall
Greatness of the Free Market, China's Ugly Threat, Pelosi's Partisan Ploy
Trump's Sloppy Speech, Coronavirus Cancellation Culture, Hanks Hunkers Down
Weinstein's Sentence, Clyburn's DNC Demand, 'Betrayed' By A Bernie Vote
Newsom Plays Nice, Biden's Gun Fight, Dem Race Suddenly A Yawner
Monday Market Plunge, Montana Senate Showdown, CPAC's Coronavirus Caper
Fantastic Jobs Report, Media & Coronavirus, MSNBC's Really Bad Math
Warren Persists No Longer, Schumer's SCOTUS Meltdown, March Madness Germophobes
Bloomberg Bites the Dust, Sad Night for Socialists, Trump Trolls Sessions
Biden's Beto Blunder, 'Hardball' Strikes Out, Brazile's Bogus Rant
Pete & Steyer Bow Out, All-In For Biden, Few Answers in Afghanistan
Barr Blasts Progressivism, Columnists Condemn Bernie, Garth Brooks & Sanders
Dem Hopefuls Won't Quit, Coronavirus Turns Political, Trump's Carolina Calculation
Debate Disarray, Very Pricey Debate Tickets, Bernie Targets Warren
Weinstein Headed to Prison, Coronavirus Chaos, Fight Night in Carolina
Weekend at Bernie's
Will Nevada Pull an Iowa? Bloomberg's Crickets, Newsom's Nonsense
Dem Debate Brawl, Economic Satisfaction Soars, Should Billionaires Exist?
Barr's New Warning, Trump Pardons Blago, Elites to the Rescue
Gun Ban Shot Down, Bloomberg's Arrogance Piles Up, Arrivederci Avenatti
America's Underappreciated Presidents
Barr Discourages Trump Tweets, Bernie's Big Problem, Bloomberg's Billions
Bernie's Labor Problem, Matthews Fears Bernie & Bloomberg, Is Nevada Ready?
Warren's New Hampshire Nightmare, Yang Hangs It Up, Bloomberg's Bad Spin
RBG & ERA, Bernie & Big Spending, Steyer & the Minimum Wage
Mayor Pete Faces the Heat, China Charged with Equifax Hack, Biden's Nonstop Blunders
Wolf vs. Mazie, Another Top Terrorist Dead, Walsh Prepared to Back Bernie
Mitch Gets Back to Business, Media Suddenly Love Mitt, Iowa's Still Not Done
Trump's Strong Speech, Pelosi's Protest, Iowa Dems Still Clueless
The Iowa Caucus Debacle
Another Impeachment? Yang's Superior Instincts, Kerry's Mysterious Call
Brexit Day, Dems Cry Foul on Witnesses, Delaney's Odd Departure
Mitch Has the Votes, Warren's Speech Police, PETA vs. Punxsutawney
Undecided Dems, Bankrolling China's Aggression, Scott Prepping for 2024?
Dems Suddenly Fear Bernie, Bogus Bolton Takes, CNN Mocks Trump Voters
Bolton's Big Moment, Do Endorsements Matter? D.C Yawns at Impeachment
Dems Make Murkowski Mad, Warren Called Out on Debt, Knives Out for Bernie
Big Brexit Win, Bernie Surging, Lockhart's Impeachment Fiction
Tulsi Sues Hillary, Biden & Drunk Driving Illegals, Dems' Odd Impeachment Tactics
Great Pro-Gun Protest, Hillary Slams Bernie, Impeachment Rules Fight
The Absurd Obstruction Charge, Media's Blatant Anti-Gun Bias, NYT's Double Endorsement
Trump's Starr-Studded Legal Team, Manu vs. McSally, Biden Beats Expectations
Rudy's Bumbling Agents, Iowa's Confusing Caucuses, West Virginia's Wild Proposal
Biden's Bogus Argument, CNN vs. Bernie, 'Bern' Down Milwaukee?
Liz vs. Bernie, Warren's Proposed Power Grab, Debates & Diversity
Iranians Denounce Regime, Bye Bye Booker, Pelosi's Impeachment Charade
Dow Hits 29,000, Buttigieg Blame Game, Steyer's Sudden Strength
Cliffhanger in Kansas? Mike Lee Rips Lame Iran Briefing, Pelosi's Power on Display
Iran's Symbolic Strike, Sandmann's CNN Settlement, MSNBC's Soleimani Slobbering
Iran Stands Alone, Iraq Withdrawal Confusion, Impeachment Over Iran?
Gervais Hammers Hollywood, Trump's Cultural Targets, Castro's Awkward Endorsement
Suleimani's Airport Surprise, What Comes Next, Williamson Won't Quit
Iranian Aggression, Castro Quits, Trump's War Chest
Martini Awards Part 6: Person of the Year, Turncoat of the Year, Predictions
Martini Awards Part 5: Most Overreported Story, Most Underreported Story, Best Story of 2019
Martini Awards Part 4: Best Idea, Worst Idea, Boldest Tactic
Martini Awards Part 3: Worst Scandal, Best Political Theater, Worst Political Theater
Martini Awards Part 2: Sorry to See You Go, Rising Star, Fading Into Oblivion
Martini Awards Part 1: Most Overrated, Underrated, Honest Political Figures
Dems' Impeachment Ultimatum, Biden's Bad Energy Gamble, Wine Caves & Selfies
Impeachment Trial Standoff, Tulsi Votes Present, Another Obamacare Showdown
Pelosi Says No Gloating, Dems' Amazing Plan B, Obama Wants Women Leaders
Trump Leads All Dems, Clueless or Craven Kamala? Hate Trump, Inc.
Comey Gets Cornered, What to Do About Van Drew, Weinstein Plays the Victim
Tories Crush Corbyn, Tentative Trade Optimism, Biden's Big Problem
AOC Endorses Corbyn, Tlaib's Rush to Judgment, Virginia's Radical Dems
Dems in Disarray, Trump vs. Mitch, One-Term Joe?
Trump's Impeachment Bump, IG Report Hammers FBI, Dems' Curious Messaging
Afghan Con Job, Pensacola Terrorism, Injecting Kids Into Politics
Jobs Report to Shout About, Impeachment Vote Counting, Plan B: Impeach Again!
Pelosi Presses Impeachment, Blowup Over Barron, Washington Post's Impeachment Imperative
Kamala Calls It Quits, Mayor Pete Plays the Race Card, Sanctuary Cities & Double Standards
Trump Backs Iran Protesters, GOP's Georgia Senate Spat, Bloomberg's Bounce
Pro-Life Football Story, Bloomberg Knows Better Than You, SJW's Target Hallmark
Jim and Greg Give Out Their Black Friday Political Gifts
What We're Politically Thankful For
House Dem Opposes Impeachment, Obama Dings Biden, Ivy League Idiocy
Hong Kong Rocks the Vote, The Political Messiah Complex, Kamala's Craven Politics
Hurd's Crucial Conclusion, Yang Slams MSNBC Bias, Bolton Breaks His Silence
Trump's Improving Polls, Biden's Bungled Words, Patrick's Empty Event
Help for Hong Kong? Sondland Claims Quid Pro Quo, Media Still Protect Obama
Chafee the Libertarian, DNC Demands Media Purity, South Dakota On Meth
FedEx Fights Back, Prince Andrew's Assinine Excuses, Mayor Pete's Major Mistake
Trump's Yovonovitch Tweets, Bloomberg and Patrick Skeletons, Avenatti Forgotten
Patrick's Presidential Push, Anti-Climactic Impeachment, Bloomberg's Curious Strategy
Pathetic Impeachment Dreams, Trump Hosts Erdogan, Georgia Slipping Away?
Losing Dems Play Victim Cards, Impeachment Tears, More Dems to Run?
Adios Morales, GOP's Suburban Swoon, ABC's Epstein Fiasco
Extra Sessions, Dems Tack Far Left, Bloomberg's Big Adventure
Gates vs. Warren, Government & Your DNA, Libs Push Population Control
Rough Night for Republicans, Conservative Proposals Win, Kamala's Crazy School Plan
ABC's Epstein Disgrace, Cartels Killing Americans, Nats Annoy Libs
Warren's Weak Polling, Beto Bails on 2020, Durham's Determination
Good Jobs Report, Warren's Fiscal Fantasy, Katie Hill's Blame Game
Kamala Cratering, Floridians Love DeSantis, Swing States Skeptical on Impeachment
Obama vs. Woke Culture, Turkey & Genocide, Collins Catches A Break
Another ISIS Leader Killed, Sinema Defies Dems, Sen. Sessions 2.0?
Baghdadi Bites the Dust, Rahm Is Right Again, Throuple Trouble
Russia Investigation, Blue Collar Workers, and The Conways
Florida Sidelines Scott Israel, Free Speech Fading, House Impeachment Drama
GOP Hope in Michigan, Voters Clueless on Single-Payer, Seattle's Bad Math
Mexico's Border Wall, Trudeau Squeaks By, Dem Donors Want Someone Else
Tulsi Torches Hillary, Trump Backtracks on Doral, Castro's Ultimatum
From Tulsi with Love? Gardner on the Ropes, Nine Years of Three Martinis
Real NBA Courage, Trump's Letter, Beto Embraces Gun Confiscation
Dem Debate: Warren Gets Whacked, New Tax Nightmare, Tulsi's Impeachment Twist
LeBron's China Choke, Chris Hayes Calls out NBC, Steyer's Hysteria
Bernie Drags Dems Further Left, China's Ugly Threats, Trump Meme Mania
Pence Has A Point, Kerr's Equivocation, Gabbard's Gimmick
Bipartisan Backlash, Biden Campaign Berates Media Again, Trump's ISIS Shrug
Turks Attack Kurds, NBC's Negligence, Free Speech Infringement
Steve Kerr's Sudden Silence, The Comey Show, Sanford vs. Walsh
Trump Abandons Kurds, NBA Grovels to China, Bleak Prospects in Virginia
Bullish Jobs Report, The Ukraine Texts, AOC Bored with Impeachment
The Lessons of Richard Jewell, Schiff's Latest Lie, Trump Wants China Looking at Bidens
Trump's Re-election Funds; Sanders-Warren Truce Under Strain; Novel Border Security Ideas
Warren vs. Zuckerberg, Trump's Terrible China Tweet, The President Pelosi Pipe Dream
Trump's Tantrums, Biden's Bullying, Hillary's Hallucinations
Unlikely Impeachment Foes, Protecting Hunter, Prince Harry's Climate Hysteria
Schiff's Circus, Whistleblower's Revelations, Warren's Flip-Flop
Impeachment Impasse, Trump's Transcript Problem, Evan's McFantasy
Allies Blame Iran Too, Impeachment Insanity Looms, Bernie's Wealth Tax
Booker on the Brink, House GOP Exodus, 'Shut Down DC' Stupidity
De Blasio Drops Out, Beto vs. Schumer, Untangling the Ukraine Story
Trudeau in Trouble, Trump & the Whistleblower, House GOP's Tired 2020 Agenda
The Real Kavanaugh Bombshell, Harris Polls Implode, SJW's Target Yang
Indiana Abortion Investigation, Kamala's Kavanaugh Hysteria, NYT Damage Control
Beto Foils Dem Gun Narrative, Iran Gets Aggressive, More Kavanaugh Craziness
McCabe Appeal Rejected, Castro vs. Biden, Yang's Gimmick
Condi Crushes NBC, Supremes Side with Trump, Dems Duke it Out
GOP Wins in Carolina, Iran Loves Bolton Exit, Trump Dynasty?
Dem Popularity Plunge, Ross Should be Tossed, Ossoff Mania 2.0, Bolton Bolts
Steyer Set to Debate, Camp David Disaster, GOP Shies from Primaries
Mugabe Dies, Schultz Won't Run, Sharpie-Gate Stupidity
Olson Re-Hired, Pompeo Pans Taliban Deal, NRA Branded Terrorists, Fantasy Draft!
Score One for Freedom, Bloomberg's Brazen Lie, Trusting the Taliban
Manchin Stays in Senate, Red Flags Rampant in Texas Shootings, Beto's Desperate Gun Grab
Cavuto Corrects Trump, Dems More Extreme on Abortion, Callous Canadian
Kirsten Calls It Quits, Comey's Comeuppance, O'Donnell's Dumb Decision
Mattis Pleads for Unity, Political Jockeying in Georgia, Omar's Affair
Gillibrand Just Needs to Go, Why Walsh Is Going Nowhere, Bedbug Brawl
Freedom of Conscience Win, Media Fret Trump Attacks, Stelter's Circus, Indy Out of Luck
Trump's Orders, Conspiracy or Lunacy? McCabe Joins CNN, Remembering David Koch
Inslee Exits, Hickenlooper Runs for Senate, Walsh 2020?
Devastating Debt, Trump's Disloyalty' Problem, Dr. Biden's Blunder
Planned Parenthood Reveals Priorities, Sanctuary Stupidity, Mooch Madness
Kennedy vs. Markey? SJW's vs. Jay-Z, Kamala's Latest Canard
Buying Greenland, Banned from Israel, and an Amicus Brief
Sanctions Crippling Kim, Is Trump Abandoning Hong Kong? PolitiFact's Pants on Fire
Backing Away from Blago, Trump Tepid on Hong Kong, The Stacey Abrams Charade
Hong Kong Protests, Cuomo & Fredo, A Tribe Called Crazy
Epstein Explanations, Tarring Trump Voters, Biden's Wokeness
Mitch to Move on Guns, Hickenlooper Heading for Senate Race? Another Biden Bungle
Guns & the Constitution, Trump & Blago, Bernie & Aliens
Dissing De Blasio, Rep. Castro Doxxes Trump Donors, MSNBC Madness
Gravel Gets Out, Biden's Big Exaggeration, Mayor Pete Targets Filibuster
Mass Shooting Madness, Pathetic Political Responses, Remembering Greg's Dad
Another Good Jobs Report, The Marianne Factor, Michelle 2020?
Post Debate 2.0: Tulsi Roasts Kamala, Booker Serves Kool-Aid, Gilibrand’s Desperation
Post Debate: Blue Dogs Bark, Moderators Control Time, Marianne’s “Dark Psychic Forces”
Democratic Debates Round 2, FBI Botches Nassar Scandal, Beto’s Mom Breaks Silence
Biden’s Age-Old Dilemma, Rahm Sounds 2020 Alarm, Schiff’s Mueller Madness
RBG Praises Trump Justices, Wall Street Loves 2020 Dems, POTUS Seal Snafu
Mueller Disappoints Democrats, Rossello Resigns, Kamala Fervor Fading
RBG Rebukes Court Packing, Dems Scold Steyer, Missing Mueller’s Point
Boris Wins Big, Trump Taxes Divide Dems, Gabbard Slams Harris
Crooked Comey? Reality Bites Bernie, Wendy Davis Returns
Sanders Staffers Berned, Exit Delaney? CNN Debate “Draw-ma”
Majority Backs ICE Raids, ‘Send Her Back’, SJW’s Attack Moon Landing
Blue Dog vs. The Squad, T-Shirt Tantrums, Planned Parenthood Aborts Wen
Omar’s Overreach, Biden and ObamaCare 2.0, Sanford 2020?
AOC Slips on ICE, Trump’s Twitter Flop, Storming Area 51
Acosta Resigns, Red Alert in Texas, Truth about Green New Deal
AOC vs. Pelosi, Iran Attacks British Tanker, McGrath’s Kavanaugh Flip-Flop
Is McGrath Beto 2.0? Acosta Under Fire, Manchin Plays Hardball
Freedom Wins in Hong Kong, Clinton & Epstein, Kobach Worries GOP, Toasting Perot
Epstein Charged, Farewell Swalwell, Steyer 2020
Border Crisis and Confusion, Political Fireworks for July 4th; Mr. Pence Returns to Washington
Nike Caves to Kaepernick, Democrats’ Field of Zeroes, Waiting on Biden’s Collapse
Grisham Fights for Free Press, Iran Violates Deal, Dems Bringing Busing Back 7-01-19
GOP Border Bill Passes, Kamala Shines, The Mystery of Marianne
Beto’s Bilingual Bomb, SCOTUS Blocks Census Question, Tulsi & Ryan Clash
GOP Voters Want No Moore, NRATV Signs Off, Mayor Pete Feels the Heat
Mexico Sends Troops to Border, Chinese Concentration Camps, Bernie Proposes Student Loan Plan
Istanbul Elects New Mayor, Sestak Joins Democratic Race, Founding Fandoms
Trump Calls Off Iran Attack, Dem Infighting Heats Up, Cuba in Dire Straits
Doxing Dems in Trouble, Iran Shoots Down U.S. Drone, Roy Moore Returns
Trans-Athlete Debate, Fluff NYT Questions for Dems, Biden’s Bygone Era
Harvard Boots Kashuv, Medicare-for-All Confusion, O.J. Makes Twitter Worse
Hong Kong Protests Succeed, SCOTUS & Cake Bakers, Iranian Uranium, Trump Fires Pollsters
Warren's Kiddie Table, Biden’s Cancer Cure, de Blasio & Sharpton Up in Smoke
Young Dems Turn on Biden, Tankers Attacked in Gulf, Acosta’s Ego Trip
AMA Rejects Single-Payer, Tax Jeopardy, Shameless Virginia Dems
Between Two Scorpions, Biden Flips on China, ‘Not Sure’ Beating Most Dems
Abbott Shines, YouTube’s “Borderline” Censorship, AOC on the Run
Tariff Talk Sparks Progress, Hyde & Biden, Baldwin's SNL Exit
Honoring D-Day Heroes, Biden’s Abortion Flip-Flop, Pelosi Prefers Prison for Trump
Senate GOP Balks at Tariffs, Parkland Officer Faces Charges, NBA Owners Go PC
Constitutionally Content States, Avenatti on the Ropes, Boxing vs. Bullets
Hogan Passes on 2020 Bid, GOP’s Massive Grifter Problem, Hickenlooper Booed for Rejecting Socialism
Bravo Bel Edwards, Illinois Abortion Agenda, Trump's New Tariffs
Bernie Promises Tax Hikes, ‘Molecules of Freedom,’ McConnell & the Supremes
Mueller Speaks, No Moore for Trump, Dems Tighten Debate Rules
Private Sector Builds Wall, Economy & 2020, Michael Cries Wolff Again
Julian Assange vs. Justice, Mayday in in the UK, 'Sheep in Wolf's Clothing'
GOP's 2020 Optimism, ‘American Taliban’ Freed Early, Avenatti Faces Storm of Charges
Mueller Might Not Testify, No Answers on Northam Photo, Washington Welcomes Human Composting
ESPN Strikes Out Politics, Babies Safe with Bel Edwards, Frisco’s Feces Fiasco
Aussie Voters Stun Lefties, Media’s Buttigieg Baloney, Ill-Annoyed GOP Targets Chicago
Trump Derails California Train Project, Gillibrand Slams Federalism, SAT Overhaul: Adversity or Diversity?
New Yorkers Diss de Blasio, FCC to the Robocall Rescue, PETA vs. Jimmy Carter
Alabama Abortion Ban, Beto Panders to Abrams, Warren's War on Fox News
Durham Probing Investigators, Tlaib's Revisionist History, Bullock's Bad Move
Booker vs. Buttigieg, Code Pink Sides with Maduro, Feminist Sex Strike
Crenshaw's Clarity, The Ninja Bomb, Bad Numbers for Beto
Confrontation in Camelot, Nadler's Pathetic 'Crisis,' Mile High Mushrooms
Public Rejects Felons Voting, Cohen & Falwell, Humanity & Insanity
The Medicare for All Myth, Booker's Bogus Gun Grab, Who's the Hateful One?
Iran Threat Rises, Dems Can't Accept Losing, Bill de Blasio 2020?
Strong Jobs Report, More Spying on Trump, Media Dump Beto
Dems Fail the Barr, Hillary Still Thinks She Won, Biden Stumbles Badly
Media's Mueller Madness, Freedom On Hold in Venezuela, MSNBC & the 2nd Amendment
Venezuelan Coup Attempt, Abrams Rejects Senate Bid, Mayor Pete Conspiracy Flops
Synagogue Shooting Heroes, NRA Disarray, NYT's Anti-Semitic Cartoons
Great First Quarter Growth, The Anita Hill Delusion, Libs Behaving Badly
Biden Finally Runs, Anti-Vaccine Insanity, New Free Speech Threat
Bernie Doubles Down, Hogan Mulls 2020, Politics & the NFL Draft
On Voting Rights for Felons, Free Public College, and Herman Cain's Withdrawal from Federal Reserve Nomination
Supply-Side Economics in the Trump White House; Terrorism Returns to Sri Lanka; No More Glass and Steel Skyscrapers in NYC?
On Criminal Conspiracy and Obstruction; Reflections on Character; WaPo Smears Ben Shapiro Again
The Mueller Report Is Released
What To Look For In The Mueller Report; WaPo Op-Ed Says Insane Things About Ben Shapiro; Can We Trust The French To Rebuild Notre Dame?
Fire Ravages Notre Dame, Hope Amid the Ashes, Bernie's Big Problem
Tiger Roars Again, Pelosi vs. Socialists, Omar & 9/11
Rosenstein Backs Barr, Mitch Rejects Cuccinelli, Comey's Lame Spying Response
Assange Arrested, Massive Avenatti Indictment, Virginia Dems Apologize to Northam
Victory for Bibi, Barr to Probe Russia Probe, America’s Tax Illiteracy
Terror Attack Foiled, Good Polls for Bad Virginians, Reid Suit Rejected
Pompeo Punishes Iran, Nielsen Leaves DHS, Can Alabama Vote for An Auburn Guy?
Tough Love Boosts NATO, Jobs Bounce Back, Manchin Eyes the Exits
Dems' 2020 Clown Car, Biden’s Apology, Anonymous Sources Dispute Barr
Bernie Rakes in Cash, Castro Calls for Open Borders, Left vs. Free Speech
Trump Waits on Health Bill, Beto Bashes Electoral College, Bloomberg Reconsiders
Dems Bailing on Biden? Nadler Threatens Mueller Report Subpoena, Fairfax Accuser Speaks
Rahm Bills Smollett, 'Economist' Clueless on Conservatism, Foxx's 'Colloquial' Recusal
Trump Warns Russia, GOP Still Without Health Plan, McAuliffe 2020?
Lee Roasts Green New Deal, Smollett Charges Dropped, Biden Panders to Progressives
Avenatti Arrested, Impeachment Off the Table, Bad Week for Brennan
It's Mueller Time
No More Mueller Indictments? Trump Embraces Kraft, Why 2020 Dems Are Weird
Koppel Calls Out Media, Trump Keeps Bashing McCain, Biden-Abrams 2020?
Clyburn Likens Trump to Hitler, CNN Awarded for Parkland Spectacle, 'Husband from Hell'
AOC vs. New York Polls, Covering Up Beto's Crimes, DeBlasio’s Dismal Turnout
Bennet Blasts Court Packing, Libs vs. 2nd Amendment, Chelsea Blamed for Mosque Massacre
New Zealand Terrorism, AOC's Illogical Response, Schultz vs. Washington Reality
Beto Mania, Social Media and Depression, Warren Waffles on Capitalism
Liberal Agenda vs. Basic Math, Page Exposes DOJ on Hillary, Climate Activists Go on Birth Strike
Pelosi Backs Off Impeachment, NYC on the Brink, Celebrity College Cheats
Bravo DeSantis, Dems & Illegal Voters, Millennials & Socialism
Sherrod Brown will not be president; Death threats are for everyone; Conservatives agree with Elizabeth Warren?
Gillibrand's Strange Defense, Ilhan's Israel Issue, The Left Loves Teen Voters
Bloomberg Bails on 2020, Hillary's New Excuse, America in Deficit Denial
Merkley Accepts Reality, Crenshaw's Clear Conservatism, Hillary Rules Out 2020
Reassessing the Refunds, Hickenlooper 2020, Gillibrand Denies Flip-Flopping
Trudeau in Trouble, Pelosi Rips Moderate Dems, Roy Moore Running Again?
No Deal at Hanoi, Trump Weak on Warmbier, Beto’s Bid for 2020
Cohen Before Congress, India-Pakistan Tension, Dems Miss Own Climate Hearing
Dems Defend Infanticide, Maduro Detains Media, Sanders Soft on Venezuela
Equal Opportunity Draft, Children as Political Pawns, Reid Misses Pres. Bush
SCOTUS Smacks Down Asset Seizures, Acosta Under Fire, House Race Do-Over
Chicago Cops Blast Smollett, Coast Guardsman's Terror Plot, MSNBC Whiffs on Washington
Trump Wants California Refund, Big Brother in Arizona, American in ISIS Misses Home
Logan Slams Media 'Activists,' Berned Again, Kamala Stumbles on Smollett
Media Messes: Smollet Hoax, Coverage of Kamala, NY Times vs. the Facts
Trump's Emergency, AOC's Economics, Weld 2020
Simple Math Taxes Harris, Omar vs. Abrams, Cocaine Mitch Confounds Dems
California's $77 Billion Blunder, What’s so Bad about DUI’s? Booker's War on Meat
Senate Says No Collusion, McSally...We Have A Problem, Fake Apologies
Northam's Weak Defense, Omar's Anti-Semitism, Booker's Climate Comparison
Northam Caves on Taxes, Green New Deal Nonsense, Gabbard's Unwanted Admirers
Scott's Secret, Minnesota Mean? What Next in Virginia?
Trump's High Notes, Foreign Policy Fumbles, Herring Admits to Blackface
Cuomo Blames Trump for Lost Revenue, Dem Voters Sticking with Northam, Fairfax Accuser Hires Ford's Lawyers
World Rejects Maduro's Madness, Virginia's Northam Nightmare, Superbowl Ads Flop
Strong January Jobs Report, Kaine's Lame Abortion Response, Booker 2020
Dems Exposed on Abortion, Left Savages Schultz, Banish the Billionaires
Inside the Koch Confab, We're Not Getting A Wall, Covering Up Kamala's Cronyism
Schultz vs. Warren, Harris Goes Hard Left, California's Pronoun Politics
The Left's Venti-Sized Freakout, Mayor Pete's Prospects, Hillary 2020?
Sinking Stone, Trump's 'Austin Powers Villains', NYT vs. Christian Schools
Trump & Venezuela, Media's Love of Outrage, Dems Pack 2020 Primary
Behar's Honest Moment, Cuomo's Ugly Taunt, Another Extreme House Dem
Trump's Latest Offer, Dems Grovel to the Base, Hogan vs. Trump?
Stunning Media Failures, Planned Parenthood's Con Job, Hirono Doubles Down
Did Trump Urge Perjury? Congressman Suddenly Quits, Shutdown Theater
Dem Smears Graham, Cohen Confesses Poll Rigging, Judging Joe Biden
Privilege Politics Exposed, Soaking the Rich, Beto & the Constitution
Consequences for King, Kamala's Credentials, Gillibrand Getting In
Great Start for DeSantis, Gabbard Joins 2020 Race, Mild Mueller Report?
GOP Leaders Condemn King, Emergency Declaration Downsides, Acosta's Grandstanding
Gabbard Slams Dem Bigotry, Harris Ready to Run, America's Savings Crisis
Low Energy Trumps 'American Gothic', Radical Dem Agenda, Immigration Insanity
Prime Time Trump, Slowing the Shift in Syria, Corey Calls It Quits
Dems Show Hand Early, Shutdown Mirage, Dancing Around the Truth
Regulatory Rollback, Dem Funding Flop, Impeachment Obsession
O'Malley Backs Beto, Trump & Afghanistan, Dems Already Push Impeachment
Mitt vs. Trump, Warren Ready to Run, Climate Change & 2020
Martini Awards Part 6: Person of the Year, Turncoat of the Year, Predictions
Martini Awards Part 5: Most Overreported Story, Most Underreported Story, Best Story of 2018
Martini Awards Part 4: Best Idea, Worst Idea, Boldest Tactic
Martini Awards Part 3: Worst Scandal, Best Political Theater, Worst Political Theater
Martini Awards Part 2: Sorry to See You Go, Rising Star, Fading Into Oblivion
Martini Awards Part 1: Most Underrated, Overrated, Honest Political Figures
Shifting Syria Logic, GOP Wilts on the Wall, Flake's Final Insult
Big Step for First Step, Trump Sudden Syria Exit, Flynn Courtroom Circus
Second Amendment Wins, Rough Economic Outlook, Gabbard 2020?
Obamacare Struck Down, Trump's Dumb Tweets, Warren Admits She's White
Reining in the Executive, 'Weekly Standard' Folds, Cohen's Imaginary Legacy
New GOP Rep. vs. Vaccines, Taxing Text Messages, Pelosi's Power Ploy
Oval Office Debate, Brexit Chaos, Avenatti's Folly
Mitch Allows A Vote, Trump & Time Magazine, MSNBC & the Next Chief of Staff
No Takers for Chief of Staff, Heisman Winner's Tweets, Time Magazine's Lame List
Clearing the Barr, Gun Grabbers Target Insurance, Oscar Upheaval
Warren's DNA Worries, Media Make Funeral About Trump, Trump Ditching Pence for 2020?
Patrick Passes on 2020, Weekly Standard in Peril, Avenatti's Exit
French Tax Revolt, Really Lame Duck Congress, Slate vs. Sully
Remembering Pres. Bush: The Hits, the Misses, the Media
2020 Dem Infighting Begins, Trump & Cohen, The Girl Named Abcde
SCOTUS & Property Rights, Flake Foils Confirmations, Stormy Blasts Avenatti
Schumer & the Wall, Media & Obama, MSNBC & Nooses
Manafort & Assange, Beto & 2020,Trump & General Motors
Senate Showdowns, Kasich's Quixotic Quest, Twitter's Latest Purge
Black Friday Political Gifts
Why We're Politically Thankful
Protecting Kids from Politics, Tax Cut Trouble, Mitch Makes Pitch for McSally
So Long Snipes, Trump vs. McRaven, Powers Failure
Stacey Abrams wants a "redo", Kamala Harris compares the ICE to KKK, Ocasio already giving other Democrats grief
Avenatti Charged, Cuomo's Tax Confession, Vote Fraud Flailing
Anger Over Amazon, Criminal Justice Reform, Dem Leadership Fight
Sinema Defeats McSally, Kim's Big Con, Liberals Harass NR Writer
Political Forgiveness, Hillary 2020, Is Every Democrat Running?
Broward Flouts Florida Law, Rubio & Scott Cry Foul, Gillibrand's Latest Flip-Flop
Sessions Firing: 'We Knew It Was Going to Happen'
Trump vs. Acosta, Antifa vs. Tucker, Women's March vs. Women
Bigger Senate Majority, Dems Flip House, Mixed Results on Governors
Better Polls, Reporter Curses James, Missed GOP Chances, Predictions
Pessimistic Polls, Second-Guessing GOP Strategy, SNL Mocks Wounded Veteran
Booming Jobs Report, Fox & Friends & Journalism, Desperate ND Dems
Montana Momentum, Boot Wants All GOP to Lose, Warren's Ethics Woes
Wages Rising, GOP Faces Gubernatorial Disasters, Kanye's 'Yexit'
McCaskill's Pitiful Argument, Trump's Power Grab, Nelson's Lunacy
Horror in Pittsburgh, Elusive Young Voters, Twitter Solves Internet Hate
Toss-Up in New Jersey, Strong Economic Growth, Dems Dump Avenatti
Ellison Falls Behind, Trump's Careless Phone Use, Fact-Free Bomb Blame
Bombs Sent to Clinton & Obama, Braun with Momentum, Caravan Craziness
Early Voter Edge to GOP, Dems Duck Caravan Debate, Sadistic Saudis
Hoping to Keep the House, Bleak Prospects in Governors' Races, Village Idiots for Beto
Hillary & 2020, Trump & the Body Slam, McCaskill's Desperation
Gov't Leaker Prosecuted, Mexico Confronts Caravan, Twitter & Farrakhan
U.S. Has Top Economy, Heitkamp's Horrible Idea, Beto's Bogus Story
Cherokees Slam Warren, O'Keefe Exposes McCaskill, Sinema's Bad Week
Heller's Momentum, Suspecting the Saudis, Warren's Weak 'Vindication'
Mitch Wins Again, Kanye Chaos, Sinema Smacks Arizona
Cruz'n Ahead of Beto, Holder's Horrible Advice, Bredesen's Big Con
Hillary & Civility, Rand Paul Predicts Deadly Violence, Bloomberg & 2020
Blackburn Pulls Ahead, Haley Stepping Down, Dems' Tired Illegitimacy Argument
Kavanaugh Confirmed, Libs' Call SCOTUS Illegitimate, White Women = 'Gender Traitors'
Kavanaugh Clears Hurdle, Murkowski Votes No, Sasse's Equivocating
GOP Voters Energized, FBI Finds Nothing New, Coons Downplays Dem Letter
Grassley Getting Fed Up, Flip-Flop Flake, Corroboration Games
Swetnick's Changing Story, GOP House in Danger, Hirono's Latest Hit
Ford's Many Inconsistencies, Libs Sucker Flake, Kim Suckers Trump
Kavanaugh & Graham Fight Back, Pathetic Media Reaction, Credibility Gap
Grassley's Format Flop, Doppelganger Confessions, Kamala's Reckless Stunt
Nervous Dems in New Jersey, Voting By Phone, Biden vs. Biden
McConnell Slams Dems, Antifa Harasses Cruz, Avenatti's Dud
Hirono Gets Honest Again, Media Malpractice, Rosenstein Roulette
Kavanaugh-Related Craziness Abounds
Bredesen Breaks Ranks, Libs vs. Reality on Ford, Stumped by Stamps
Accuser Demands FBI Probe, Dems' Real Judicial Goal, Severe Sibling Rivalry
Duplicitous Dems, Ridiculous Red Wave Complacency, Dowd's Dangerous Threshold
Kavanaugh Catch-22, Clueless Ocasio-Cortez, Kim Cons U.S.
Kavanaugh Accused, RBG Rips Bitter Confirmations, Curtains for NYT Credibility
Senate Polls, Trump's Stupid Hurricane Tweets, Bush Not Stumping for Cruz
Hillary Pushes Debunked Lie, GOP Candidate Attacked, Scarborough's Shame
Politifact Hammers Harris, Trump's Tanking Approval, 9/11 Reflections
Enforcing the Border, Obama's Tiresome Act, Sasse's GOP Dilemma
Dodging A Shutdown, Russia Warns U.S. in Syria, NYT on the Hot Seat
The Long Goodbye, Anonymous Op-Ed Frenzy, Booker's Bogus Stand
Sasse's Constitutional Smackdown, Kyl Replaces McCain, Rahm Finally Leaves
Confirmation Hearing Hysterics, Kerry Comes Clean, Inherited Senate Seats
Bad Beto, McCain Funeral Snubs, NBC Spiked #MeToo?
Big Wins for McConnell, New Mexico Madness, Annul Trump's Presidency?
Good GOP Primary Night, Cardinal Sins, McCain Tribute Uproar
Public Sides with Trump vs. Brennan, CNN's Latest Shame, Politics of Room Temperature
McCain: Assessing His Legacy, Media Hypocrisy, Trump's Reaction
Pelosi Persists, Reality Winner Loses, Will Resistance Fatigue Boost GOP?
Encouraging Senate Polls, Tone-Deaf Warren, Delay Kavanaugh Over Cohen Plea?
Cohen Accuses Trump, Rep. Hunter Indicted, Media & Mollie Tibbetts
Trump Rolls Back Obama EPA Rule, Media Sugarcoat Socialism, Security Clearance Roulette
Cramer's Great Ad, Facebook Censors Prager, London's Pathetic Terrorism Response
Nelson's 'Four Pinocchios,' GOP Senators AWOL, Losing House Good for Trump?
Cuomo & American Greatness, Warren's Terrifying Economic Plan, Swalwell 2020?
Phillips vs. Colorado Again, Horrific Priest Abuse & Cover-up, Economics of Abortion
Corruption Crackdown, 9th Circus on Guns, Vote Dem to Fix GOP?
White Nationalists Wither, Antifa Violence Largely Ignored, Omarosa vs. Trump
Dems Slip in Generic Ballot, Ingraham Immigration Furor, Richard Gere for Congress?
Media Buries Terrorist Compound Story, No Death in Single Payer? Nelson Cries Russia
GOP Leads Ohio House Race, Republican Rep. Indicted, John Hinckley Requests Release
Broward County Accountability, Libs Target Internet, Maduro Assassination Attempt
New Iran Sanctions, Warren Calls Justice System Racist, Trump's LeBron Tweet
Unemployment Drops Again, New York Times Hypocrisy, Democrats Court NeverTrumpers
Absurd Anti-Kavanaugh Arguments, Birth Rates Dropping, Netflix Cancels Louis Farrakhan's Film
Facebook Fights Fake Accounts, Trump Defends Manafort, Howard Schultz 2020?
Trump Sets Judicial Confirmation Record, Big Business Supporting Dems, Bill Kristol 2020?
Schumer's Silly SCOTUS Strategy, Bernie's $3.2 Trillion Single-Payer Scheme, TSA Monitors Sweaty People
GDP Grows at 4.1%, Jail Time for Election Lies? Michael Avenatti 2020?
Progress for Imprisoned Pastor, GOP's Popular Governors, Silly Straws
9th Circuit Backs 2nd Amendment, Booker Unhinged, Tariffs Trigger Welfare
Holding House Looks Tough, Blankenship Returns, Dems Line up for 2020
Butina Conned Dems Too, Tariffs Wipe Out Tax Cuts, Trump's Iran Tweet
McConnell's SCOTUS Strategy, Minimum Wage Woes, NFL Re-Reviews Anthem Policy
Dems Slip on ICE, Red Ink Rising, Putin's Pathetic Proposal
Ocasio-Cortez & Dem Division, Jews on a List? Trump's 'Clarification'
Buckley's Russia Lesson, Wallace Grills Putin, Excessive Summit Outrage
Dems Disown Feinstein, Putin Summit Disaster, Ocasio-Cortez Embarrassed
House to Vote on 'Abolish ICE' Bill, GOP Blows Strzok Hearing, Did Trump Damage Theresa May?
Hawley Leads McCaskill, O'Rourke Outraises Cruz, Cuomo Vows To Sue Supreme Court
Nevada Attack Ad, Senate Stalled, Palin Says Comedian Mocked Vets
Kavanaugh Nominated, Missing out on Amy Barrett, SCOTUS Conspiracy and Protests
Thai Cave Rescues, Media SCOTUS Scramble, Hillary 2020?
Great June Jobs Report, Pruitt Exits EPA, Trade War Begins
Dems Embrace Socialism, Boot Wants Dems in Control, Vox Calls Revolution A 'Mistake'
Americans Want Pre-Election SCOTUS Vote, Merkel Slows Refugee Flood, Iranian Terror Plot Foiled
Dems Push to Nix ICE, Geithner Tied to Predatory Loans, Dems Advocate Court Packing
Warnings Abounded in Annapolis, Heroes Amidst Horror, Gillibrand's Grand Delusions
Kennedy's Legacy, Dems Suffer Meltdown, Wild Political Stereotyping
SCOTUS Smacks Down Unions, Protesters vs. Chao, Socialist Crushes Crowley
SCOTUS Sides with Travel Ban & Pro-Life Clinics, Dems Condemn Waters
Americans Want Strong Borders, Waters Urges Unrest, George Will: Vote for Dems
Americans Want Strong Borders, Waters Urges Unrest, George Will: Vote for Dems
Cell Phone Search Warrants, Endless Protesting, Obama Had Trump's Border Policy
Cell Phone Search Warrants, Endless Protesting, Obama Had Trump's Border Policy
Congress May Act on Immigration, Leftists Demand Open Borders, Nazi Hysteria
Congress May Act on Immigration, Leftists Demand Open Borders, Nazi Hysteria
Right to Try, Rhodes Reacting to Defeat, Samantha Bee & the Left’s Free Pass
Right to Try, Rhodes Reacting to Defeat, Samantha Bee & the Left’s Free Pass
Americans Freed, U.S. Exits Iran Deal, GOP Voters Get It Right
Americans Freed, U.S. Exits Iran Deal, GOP Voters Get It Right
U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, Constitutional Carry Vetoed, Media’s Middle East Bias
U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, Constitutional Carry Vetoed, Media’s Middle East Bias
IG Report: FBI Agents 'Will Stop' Trump, Media Wooed Feds, Clueless Comey
IG Report: FBI Agents 'Will Stop' Trump, Media Wooed Feds, Clueless Comey
SCOTUS Upholds Free Speech at Polls, Trump Praises Kim, IG Releases DOJ Report
SCOTUS Upholds Free Speech at Polls, Trump Praises Kim, IG Releases DOJ Report
Common Sense in Seattle, GOP Primary Voters Choke, Trump Says No More NK Threat
Common Sense in Seattle, GOP Primary Voters Choke, Trump Says No More NK Threat
North Korea: Glimmers of Hope, Deal Too Vague, Trump Legitimizes Kim
North Korea: Glimmers of Hope, Deal Too Vague, Trump Legitimizes Kim
SCOTUS & Voter Rolls, Anti-Semite Seeks Ellison Seat, NYT Suddenly Loves Mitt
SCOTUS & Voter Rolls, Anti-Semite Seeks Ellison Seat, NYT Suddenly Loves Mitt
Country Time vs. Big Government, Media in Bed with Sources, Suicide Crisis
Country Time vs. Big Government, Media in Bed with Leakers, Suicide Crisis
Former FBI Bosses Under Fire, Pizza Delivery & Deportation, Sanders Snubs Son
Former FBI Bosses Under Fire, Pizza Delivery & Deportation, Sanders Snubs Son
Ellison's Exit, Entitlements Implode & America Yawns, Obama's New Iran Lie
Ellison's Exit, Entitlements Implode & America Yawns, Obama's New Iran Lie
Tedious Anthem Spat, Cruz Speechless Over Pardons, Starbucks Boss's Venti Dream
Tedious Anthem Spat, Cruz Speechless Over Pardons, Starbucks Boss's Venti Dream
1st Amendment Takes the Cake, Bill Clinton Hasn't Changed, Trump & Pardons
1st Amendment Takes the Cake, Bill Clinton Hasn't Changed, Trump & Pardons
Great Jobs Numbers, Virginia GOP Caves on Medicaid, Reid-ing Between the Lines
Right to Try, Rhodes Reacting to Defeat, Samantha Bee & the Left's Free Pass
Great Jobs Numbers, Virginia GOP Caves on Medicaid, Reid-ing Between the Lines
Right to Try, Rhodes Reacting to Defeat, Samantha Bee & the Left's Free Pass
Greitens Finally Goes, More Trump Gripe Sessions, ‘Roseanne’ Whiplash
Greitens Finally Goes, More Trump Gripe Sessions, 'Roseanne' Whiplash
Trump's Memorial Day Tweet, Media's 'Never Mind' Moment, California Voter Mess
Weinstein Charged, New Sonic Attack on Diplomats, McCabe's Secret $70,000 Table
Trump Cancels Summit, Trump's Anthem Excess, Clapper's 2016 Delusion
Debt-Ridden Dem Wins Primary, Libs Do Want Your Guns, Epic Failure to Launch
GOP House Prospects Improving, Trump Echoing Hillary? Duncan's Anti-Gun Stunt
Crippling Iran Sanctions, Gun Control vs. Facts, Blankenship Won't Go Away
Haspel Confirmed, Avenatti vs. The Mooch? Rudy's Rough Ride
Media Malpractice: Good Guy with a Gun, 'Animal' Lies, Ignoring Hamas Admissions
Erratic Kim Resurfaces, Dems Caught Rigging Again, Avowed Socialists Winning
Dem Impeachment Squabbles, Clueless in Seattle, Steve Schmidt vs. Reality
U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, Constitutional Carry Vetoed, Media's Middle East Bias
Nauert vs. Clueless Cuomo, WH Aide Mocks McCain, Sleazy NY Pols
Key ISIS Leaders Caught, Freed Americans Home, California Libs Strike Again
Americans Freed, U.S. Exits Iran Deal, GOP Voters Get It Right
Trump's Recissions, Schneiderman's Downfall, Perils of GOP Primaries
Mueller Reprimanded, Left's Lack of Gun Logic, McCain Funeral Plan Fury
Vulnerable Senate Dems, Evangelicals & Trump, Wild West Virginia Ad
Kim's Latest Concession, Rudy's Stormy Revelation, Redskins Under Fire
Pelosi Gives GOP Huge Gift, Pence Honors Arpaio, Trump Doctor Drama
Smuggled Iranian Nuclear Documents; Rubio Criticizes Tax Cuts; The Chinese Dress
End of Korean War? Can Joy Reid Be Believed? A Controversial Dinner
Hope in Korea? Baier Shines & Comey Flails, 'No Confidence' in Broward Sheriff
Supremes Mull Travel Ban, Railroading Ronny Jackson, Kanye Chaos Explodes
GOP Win in Arizona, Right Fawns Over Kanye, Mulvaney & Lobbyists
Pompeo Advances, Media & Toronto Terrorism, Save Alfie
Nashville Nightmare, James Shaw's Heroism, Corker's Pathetic Endorsement
McCabe Referred for Prosecution, Pompeo to be Confirmed, Cuomo's PC Delusion
Kim Really Ready to Give Up Nukes? Starbucks Training Session, Stingy de Blasio
Haley Means Business, Greitens Must Go, McMullin's Mistakes, Bravo Barbara Bush
Dems Look Desperate, GOP Skips Budget for 2018, Hannity's Headache
Guns & Midterms, Comey's Endless Vanity, Lower the Voting Age?
Scooter Libby Pardon Coming? Comey & Trump Trade Insults, Comey's 2016 Admission
Pompeo in Peril? Americans Clueless on Holocaust, RNC's Lame Anti-Comey Campaign
Zuckerberg Gets Grilled, Ryan to Retire, London's Anti-Knife Nonsense
China Blinks on Trade, Feds vs. Cohen, FBI Vets Sour on Comey
Florida Senate Slugfest, Twitter CEO's Real Agenda? Seeing Government as Parents
No Nonsense Nikki Haley, More Trash Talk Over Trade, Pawlenty Rides Again
Beefing Up the Border, Mark Warner Is No Moderate, Indiana Joan?
Ugly Midterm Omen, Tariff Train Wreck, You Tube Shooting & Media Bias
Saudi Arabian Renaissance? The Perils of Populism, Trump vs. Amazon
Shulkin Shown the Door, Sinclair's Script, Hillary's New Excuses for Losing
Booming Economy, Intolerant Left's Purity Test, Disney Princesses & Abortion
Pence Hammers Heitkamp, Heidi's Lame Abortion & Guns Parallel, Wolff vs. Truth
Dems Tied to Hillary, Stevens vs. Constitution, NYT Discovers Pro-Life Goal
Trump Boots Russians, Two-Faced Gun Control March, Obama's Boundless Ego
Bolton Replaces McMaster, GOP's Ugly Omnibus, Millennials Love Doing Taxes
Wray of Sanity in McCabe Flap, Facebook Under Fire, Carson Blames Wife
Austin Bomber Dead, Fiscal Conservatism is Dead, Congratulate-Gate
Maryland School Shooting, Driverless Disaster, Nixon Challenges Status Cuomo
McCabe Mania, Media Notice Austin Bombings, D.C. Lawmaker's Conspiracy Theory
Truth About Haspel, Dems' Anti-Pelosi Canard, Flake's Tired Act
U.S. Hammers Russia, Carson's Big Spending, Bowling Ball Test
Dems Slam Hillary, CIA Pick May Not Be Confirmed, Cartoons and Gun Control
Tillerson Gets Tossed, Hillary's Ugly Excuses, Schools Embrace Walkouts
Kelly's Ethics Crackdown, Problems in Pennsylvania, Warren's DNA Dodge
Is Trump-Kim Meeting Smart? Peterson's Story Doesn't Hold Up, Big Jobs Report
Senate Dems on the Ropes, Sanctuary State Showdown, Let's Try Socialism?
Blue Wave Meets Texas, Cohn Leaves White House, Libs Want to Take Your Cars
Progress on North Korea? Al Qaeda Rears Its Head Again, Nunberg's Meltdown
Defending the Second Amendment, Oscars Gloss Over Scandal, Broward Stand-Down
McCabe in Trouble, Trump's Tariffs, Schumer Plays the Race Card
Trump Embraces Dem Gun Plans, Hicks Hits the Bricks, Economy Booming
Public Sours on Anti-Gun Businesses, GOP Dodges Scandal, No Tax = No Obamacare?
Corker Stays Out, Dems Push Gun Ban, Celebs Run for Congress, Honoring Buckley
Mona Gets it Right, Broward Sheriff Flailing, NBC vs. Ivanka
Florida Failures Abound, French Defends Assault Weapons, Greitens Indicted
White House Listening Session, Town Hall Targets Rubio, Trebek Takes on Politics
DHS & the Midterms, Left's 'Kids vs. Guns' Premise, Did Bots Topple Franken?
Polling vs. Media Bias, Gerrymandering in Pennsylvania, Gold or Gulags?
NRA Called 'Child-Killers,' Mitch Expects Midterm Losses, Kasich Waffles on Guns
Cramer Runs for Senate, Cluelessness Rampant in Gun Debate, Farrow Exposes Trump
Heroes Amidst Tragedy, Warning Signs Missed Again, Twitter Turns Ugly
GOP Hopes Brighten, Russia & the Midterms, Valentine's Day Blame Game
Kim's Liberal Puppets, Media Ignore Threat to Trump Fam, Lizards Spying on Iran?
Trump's Infrastructure Approach, Media Fawn Over North Korea, CNN & Corker
Good Family Leave Plan, GOP's Reconciliation Surrender, GOP Mad Paul Tells Truth
Space X Success, Big Spending Republicans, Pelosi on Race & Immigration
Clinton Crony Looms Large, Trump Embraces Shutdown, Parades & Priorities
Pence to Keep Heat on Kim, Trump & Treason, Criminal Illegal Kills NFL Player
FBI Caught Mixing Law & Politics, Confirmation Bias Abounds, Philly Goes Insane
DNC Dead Broke, GOP Govs Sinking Offshore Drilling, PolitiFact's Grave Error
GOP Governors Look Strong, Big Deficits Coming Back, Memo Mania
'Good Trump' Speech, Kennedy's Disingenuous Response, Dems Balk at Lib Ideas
Gillibrand's #MeToo Mess, Hillary Nixed Firing of Harasser, Trump's Worst Enemy
America Backs 20-Week Abortion Ban, Wolff's Haley Smear, Hillary's Grammy Cameo
Trump Doesn't Fire Mueller, Left Freaks Over DACA Concession, Left Coast Lunacy
Brighter House Outlook for GOP? Why Would Trump Talk with Mueller? Kerry 2020?
Tax Cuts Triggering Major Boom? Left Coast Libs Push Tax Hike, Meehan's Mess
Libs Fume at Schumer, Court Kills House District Map, Holt Does Kim's Bidding
Dems Feel Heat on Shutdown, FBI Loses Key Emails, Paul Attacker's Bogus Reason
Interior Removes Shutdown Theater, Dems' Shutdown Hypocrisy, Memo Mania
Joyous Jobs Numbers, Fake News Awards, When Reid Doesn't Read
Tax Cuts More Popular, Rough 2018 Forecast, Are Reporters Fit to Serve?
DNC Still Adrift, Shutdown Theater Returns, CNN Says Socialism is Cool
Dems Trip Over Taxes, Hawaii's Missile Test Mess, Manning Runs for Senate
Auto Jobs Coming Back to U.S., Trumps's Execrable Comments, Pelosi's PC Dogma
McCain Wallops Wolff, Greitens Exposed, Trump Fumbles FISA Tweets
McCaskill on the Ropes, House GOP Retirements Pile Up, Gym Turns Off Cable News
Koreas Play Nice for Olympics, Arpaio Runs for Senate, Dems' Oprah Frenzy
Gun Control Project Flops, Oprah for President Nonsense, Tapper vs. Miller
Unshackling Energy, Trump's Impulses Obscure Big Week, Gorilla Channel Parody
Trump Blasts Bannon, Dow Crosses 25,000, GOP Wins Virginia Tiebreaker
Hatch Hangs it Up, Trump's Button Measuring, Bannon Turns on Trump
Iranian People Rise Up, Trump Accusers Offered Big Bucks, Media Fails on Iran
Awards: Person of the Year, Turncoat of the Year, Predictions for 2018
Awards: Underreported Stories, Overreported Stories, Best Stories of 2017
Awards: Best Idea, Worst Idea, Boldest Political Tactic
Awards: Worst Political Scandal, Best Political Theater, Worst Political Theater
Awards: Significant Passing, Rising Star, Fading Into Political Oblivion
The Annual Year-End Awards Begin
Tax Reform Passes, GOP Flirting with Taxpayer-Funded Abortions? Rosie's Bribery
Northam's Moderate Start, Dismal Midterm Polls, Damon's Dubious Denials
Atlanta Airport Chaos, Manchin Wants Franken to Stay, Harry Reid and UFO's
Trump Slashes Regulations, Tax Bill Drama, Net Neutrality Hysteria
Closer to a Tax Cut, Disney to Gobble Up Fox, Strzok's 'Insurance Policy'
Moore Winds up with Less, GOP's Bleak 2018 Outlook, Moore Refuses to Concede
Dossier Plot Thickens, Trump's New Twitter War, Bomber's Family Upset
Terror Attack Fizzles, CNN's Big Mistake, 'Christmas' Controversy
Moore and Slavery, French Ambassador and Pearl Harbor Day, Rep. Franks Resigns
Dems Turn on Franken, Dem Hypocrisy Over Jerusalem, U.S. Wavering on Olympics?
Russians Banned from Olympics, Bannon vs. Romney, Flake Backs Alabama Dem
SCOTUS Allows Travel Ban Enforcement, RNC Backs Moore Again, Conyers 'Retires'
ABC Suspends Ross, GOP Rep's Sex Harassment Payout, Lib Meltdown Over Tax Vote
Closer on Tax Cut Votes, Kate Steinle Decision, Michael Flynn Pleads Guilty
Trump Cabinet Shuffle, Minnesota Miscreants, Lauer's Secret Button
Tax Cut Momentum, Kim's Ominous Missile, NBC Fires Lauer
Good Riddance to Gutierrez, Project Veritas Flop, Trump & 'Pocahontas'
CFPB Power Struggle, Pelosi's Lame Conyers Defense, Losing Friends Over Politics
Black Friday Political Gifts
What We're Politically Thankful For
Kathy Griffin's "Me Too", SNL Staffers Defend Al Franken, Rep. John Conyers
Manson is Gone, New Accusations Against Franken, More of Same Old Hillary
Sexual Politics: Al Franken, Roy Moore, and Bill Clinton
Army Wises Up, Franken Accused, Wisdom of the Pence Rule
Despot on the Ropes, Biden's Gun Control Nonsense, Rush: Moore Was a Dem Then
Dems Turn on Bill Clinton, Special Counsel for Hillary? Paul's Puzzling Attack
Trump's Asia Trip, Processing the Roy Moore Story, Hannity Fans Bash Keurigs
GOP Fixes Adoption Credit, Moore's Awful Defenders, Bergdahl to Get Back Pay?
GOP's Tax Reform Blunders, TSA Fails Test Again, USA Today's Chainsaw Bayonet
GOP Thrashed in Virginia, Dems Romp in NJ & NYC, Flake's Redundant Gun Bill
Huge Air Force Error, Media Yawn as Rand Paul Assaulted, McMullin's Tired Act
Heroes in Texas, Gun Control Push Ignores Facts, Leftists Mock Prayer
Hillary Rigged the System, Northam's Troubling Ties, Trump's Twitter Turned Off
Tax Cut Bill Revealed, Trump's Execution Tweets, Northam's Epic Flip-Flop
Post Condemns Racist Ad, Terrorist Strikes NYC, GOP Delay Tax Bill
Benghazi Terrorist Caught, Hollywood & Pedophilia, Megyn Kelly's Odd Turn
Manafort Indicted, Papadopoulos Pleads Guilty, Racist Ad from Dems in Virginia
Economic Growth, School Choice Results, Presidential Trends
FBI Informant Cleared to Testify, Sandy Hook Shooter Warnings, Kid Rock Bails
Dossier Twist Points to Dems, Jeff Flakes Out, Fact Check Flop
Reporter Actually Meets Red State Voters, Trump vs. Corker, Math is Racist
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Kelly Takes Command, Murkowski's Sleepy Dodge, Delaney Who?
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