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Mock & Daisy’s Common Sense Cast:

Mock & Daisy’s Common Sense Cast is a healthy dose of common sense each week with no bull. Mock and Daisy is hosted by Miriam Weaver (Mock) and Amy Jo Clark (Daisy) of the top rated Chicks on the Right radio show on WIBC-FM in Indianapolis.

Each week on the Common Sense Cast, the duo delivers a funny, engaging and informative commentary alternative to the traditional news outlets, as well as a safe space to poke fun at our country’s leaders, policies, and political and cultural direction.

Daily Dish: Clinton sepsis, Pete's paternity leave, and more

Bill Clinton in the hospital for a urinary tract infection. FIgures. The BEST Taco date story you will ever hear and more!

Daily Dish: Joe Rogan absolutely wrecks Sanjay Gupta, another Psak-attack, and more

Dr Gupta, CNN's Medical Mouthpiece pretty much admits CNN was lying. Grab yer popcorn, this should be fun to watch! Hey! Guess how much your home heating bill is gonna go up this winter! (Hint ... it's not good). And mooooooooorrrrrre!

Ep. 113: Celebrities Are So Self-Important

If you ever thought George Clooney was dreamy you're not alone, The Chicks did too. But after he came out and said that our country is facing so many problems because we're still "healing" from the Trump administration...…. Mock and Daisy can't find him more repulsive. The Chicks also discuss how Kim Kardashian pleasantly surprised everyone as the host of SNL and how her influence is more prominent than ever.

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Daily Dish: Sorry in advance for the Psak-attack

Maxine Waters gets trolled by Twitter, Puh-Saki is "having nun o that" and all kinds of fun in news today!

Daily Dish: More Kamala Kringe

Kamala needs acting lessons. The good news is she can get it from the kids she hired to be in her latest fake video! All the stuff on all the stories today! #CHIIIIIIIICKS!

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