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Mock & Daisy’s Common Sense Cast:

COTR is a healthy dose of common sense each day Monday – Friday with no bull. Chicks on the Right is hosted by Miriam Weaver (Mock) and Amy Jo Clark (Daisy) of the top-rated Chicks on the Right radio show on WIBC-FM in Indianapolis. Each day on their blended Facebook LIVE, YouTube and podcast, the duo delivers a funny, engaging and informative commentary alternative to the traditional news outlets, as well as a safe space to poke fun at our country’s leaders, policies, and political and cultural direction

Mock and Daisy

Daily Dish: Democrats Weird About Memorial Day, Nikki's Voting Trump, & Biden's Border Crisis Is A DISASTER

Today the Chicks chat about Biden's border crisis EXPLOSION, Democrats deleting their Memorial Day posts, and the media flip out about Nikki Haley's Trump endorsement.

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Check Out The Todd Herman Show!!

The Todd Herman Show covers many areas across our political and cultural landscape including: the anti-scientific, ruinous COVID policies, big pharma, gender ideology, big tech censorship, climate change and other major issues that impact our daily lives.

Why Are We Still Paying Taxes?! | Ft Bulwark

The economy is all over the place right now—some businesses are booming, while others are really struggling. Zach dives in to tell us why, how low interest rates have been keeping weak companies afloat, and why that’s not great for the big picture. Plus, with all the government's heavy spending and money printing in this economy, why do we even need taxes? 

Daily Dish: Bill Maher WRECKS Sunny Hostin, Megyn Kelly Crushes Him, & Biden's Dumb Plan For Gas Prices

Today the Chicks chat about the brawl between Bill Maher and Sunny Hostin, Megyn Kelly's fantastic smackdown, and Biden's dumb plan to lower gas prices before the election.

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Daily Dish: Bill Maher Has TDS On Gutfeld, Biden Thinks He Was VP During COVID, & A CNN Interview Goes WAY Wrong

Today the Chicks chat about Bill Maher's interview with Greg Gutfled, Biden's disastrous flub about COVID, and the weirdest interview Abby Phillips has ever done.

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