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Mock & Daisy’s Common Sense Cast:

Mock & Daisy’s Common Sense Cast is a healthy dose of common sense each week with no bull. Mock and Daisy is hosted by Miriam Weaver (Mock) and Amy Jo Clark (Daisy) of the top rated Chicks on the Right radio show on WIBC-FM in Indianapolis.

Each week on the Common Sense Cast, the duo delivers a funny, engaging and informative commentary alternative to the traditional news outlets, as well as a safe space to poke fun at our country’s leaders, policies, and political and cultural direction.

Ep. 59: Sarah Huckabee Sanders First Hand Account of President Trump and The White House

Mock and Daisy are interested in what President Trump is really like when he's out of the spotlight and they know you are too. Luckily in an exclusive interview this week with former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, that's exactly what they got. Bringing up points from her new book "Speaking for Myself" The Chicks break down pieces from Sanders life. All of which include getting hit on by Kim Jong-Un, attending the Olympics with Melania Trump, and even the day her professional relationship with President Trump began to grow.

Ep. 58: Richard Grenell, Politics, and A Never Before Told Story About Trump

We're all trying our best to understand politics, watch the news and stay informed through social media and yet, it still feels like we know nothing sometimes because it has become so hard to tell the truth from the lies! But don't worry Mock and Daisy help clear things up this week as they sit down and talk with special guest Richard Grenell. In their discussion with Grenell The Chicks' talk about foreign policy, the upcoming election, criminals in Washington, dogs, and even get told a never before heard story about Trump. And considering Grenell has held titles such as American Diplomat, Political Advisor, and Director of National Intelligence for Trump's 2020 cabinet, he seems like just the man to set the records straight!

EP. 57: It's Time We Get To The Real Story

Mock and Daisy are tired of feeling like they can't trust anything in the media and they know you are too! While they don't consider themselves journalist they have done their research and are here to help combat the recent narratives the media has strung along. It's time news outlets stop misleading the public, stop only telling half the story instead of the whole, and stop treating breaking news like op-ed pieces. Now let's get to the facts!

Ep. 56: Don't Be A Hater!

Mock and Daisy have some common sense advice for the trolls attacking them on the internet - Find a new hobby! The world is already crazy enough as it is right now it doesn't need people on Wikipedia fighting over .whether the Chicks accomplishments are notable or not. It's time people start spreading more positivity instead of spending there free time attacking people from behind a screen.

For the rest of the story at this post:

Ep. 55: Seriously.... Now We Can't Even Watch Movies In Peace

The world is being taken over by woke people who find a way to be offended by anything and everything and Mock and Daisy are tired of it. From Sixteen Candles to Forest Gump the Chicks talk about how crazy it is that we can't watch our favorite movies anymore without them being censored or deleted completely! They want to know, why is it so hard to let people make their own judgement calls?

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