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Most Hollywood news sites either ignore or malign readers who crave more freedom, less regulation, and a smaller government footprint.

You won’t find that at Hollywood in Toto.

Christian Toto is an award-winning journalist, film critic, and podcaster with more than 20 years of experience covering Hollywood. Toto is a Rotten Tomatoes certified reviewer and belongs to both the Critics’ Choice Association and the Denver Film Critics Society. Most importantly? He loves movies. What he doesn’t love is how both Hollywood and the media can’t stop trashing people that don’t agree with their point of view. AKA Conservatives.

Toto has worked in media long enough to know the vast majority of entertainment coverage leans to the left. And it’s getting even more imbalanced. That’s why he created Hollywood in Toto in 2014 – to give fellow conservatives a place where they can discover the latest news and reviews without insults.

HiT also cheers when Hollywood gets it right, no pun intended (this time). Stars giving ’til it hurts. Movies celebrating freedom and liberty. Actors using their platforms for unabashedly good causes.

HiT 213: Jennifer Sey: 'Our Kids Are NOT Alright'

Patricia Heaton's anti-Hamas activism is what we all need these days, while Julianna Margulies made one huge mistake in her plea for peace. Athlete-turned-executive Jennifer Sey tried to warn us about the impact pandemic lockdowns would have on the nation's youth. Now, she's making a documentary about just how badly kids are suffering as a result. And your host catches up with a smart HBO series that captures life on the lowest rung of the showbiz ladder.

HiT 212: Meet Mabel, Daily Wire's Answer to Woke Disney

Hollywood's newest trick to protect celebrities from tough but fair questions gets an overdue thumping. The creative team behind The Daily Wire's children's show, "A Wonderful Day with Mabel Maclay" shares how their kids inspire 'Day's' heart-warming lessons. A new documentary on comic legend Albert Brooks delivers exactly what his fans crave, and more.

Bentkey, The Daily Wire's home for children's entertainment: https://www.bentkey.com/launch/

'Albert Brooks: Defending My LIfe' full review: https://www.hollywoodintoto.com/albert-brooks-defending-my-life-review-reiner/

HiT 211: Corrupt Media Gets KO'd by Ryan Long, Bill Maher

Comedian Ryan Long calls out the mainstream media for spreading too many lies to count, and a comedy legend has his back. Plus, an unbelievable exchange on the Hill shows the power of late-night comedy and why it leans so aggressively to the Left.

The Boyscast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-boyscast-with-ryan-long/id1498829489
The Derek Hunter Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-derek-hunter-podcast/id1372929405

HiT 210: Roger Waters Just Proved His Worst Critics Right

Roger Waters settles the debate over accusations he's an anti-semite in the worst way possible. Author Faith Moore proves there's still life in Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol' saga with her smart, unsettling 'Christmas Karol' yarn. And we raise a toast to Jim and Pam, the 'Office' cuties who pulled off the near-impossible on the beloved series.

'Christmas Karol' by Faith Moore: https://www.amazon.com/Christmas-Karol-Faith-Moore/dp/195600730X

HiT 209: Why Adam Carolla vs Gavin Newsom Matters

Adam Carolla took Gavin Newsom to the rhetorical woodshed a decade ago. That makes him the perfect person to shred the governor's latest COVID-19 spin. But why do we need a comedian to do the media's dirty work?

Creator Matt Battaglia shares behind-the-scenes goodies about Comedy Is Murder, Adults Are Talking and a graphic novel that skewers government overreach.


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