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Eat! Drink! Smoke! - Episode 127 - Blake Shelton Has His Own Hard Seltzer, The Top Ten Beer Cities, A Review of Nickel and Nickel Cabernet and The Opus X Forbidden cigar

Some cigars are unicorns. Not just rare, but beyond rare. That's the case with the tobaccos compiled at Chateau De La Fuente for the Opus X Forbidden cigar. Why something so rare, and so expensive? Because Fingers and Tony were heading out on some well deserved vacations, so they figured, why not? Tony Katz and Fingers Malloy ( host Eat! Drink! Smoke! ( Along with the Opus X, they go outside bourbon to review Nickel and Nickel State Ranch 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon. Again...vacation. (Tony found this wine to be brilliant. For Fingers, it was the third time in his life he's ever had wine.) Our favorite list this week? The Top Ten Beer Citites in America. Fingers has the News of the Week, including country singer Blake Shelton starting his own line of hard seltzer. Pizza Hut is retrofitting 15,000 stores to have drive-thrus. The lists are out for the best Easter candy, and why is everyone looking up boiled eggs? Get the podcast. Click Here! (

Eat! Drink! Smoke! - Episode 126 - Miller Lite Makes Smelly Candles, Taco Bell Hot Sauce is Going Fast on Ebay, a Review of the Diamond Crown #6 Cigar, Bardstown Bourbon Discovery #2 Bourbon and Mt. Dew Rise Energy Drink

No one ever said that you can't try new things when you make bourbon. One of those things is Bardstown Bourbon's Discovery Series #2. It's Eat! Drink! Smoke! (, with Tony Katz and Fingers Malloy ( Paired with Bardstown Bourbon is the Diamond Crown #6 Figurado, which is a very full mild cigar. Yes, full and mild. Could this be your new breakfast smoke? Fingers Malloy has the News of the Week, including how Taco Bell hot sauces are being sold on Ebay...and for big money! Miller Lite makes candles that smell like your favorite bar, and they are doing it for a good cause. Travel is making a big comeback. Also, Woodford Reserve is making a huge expansion. Meanwhile, tariffs might keep bourbon from gaining ground in Europe, costing US producers billions. Follow the podcast. Click here! (

Eat! Drink! Smoke! - Episode 125 - Duck Wings Are Where It's At! A Review of Russell's Reserve Rye and the AVO Improvisation LE cigar, and the best Fast Food Dollar Menu Items

Yes, we review bourbon. But we also review scotch. And, thankfully, we review rye whiskey. And the Russell's Reserve Single Barrel Straight Rye hits the spot! Tony Katz and Fingers Malloy ( host Eat! Drink! Smoke! ( Paired with Russell's Reserve Rye is the once-a-year favorite, the Avo Improvisation LE 2021 cigar. In a Covid world, fast food restaurants are expanding their dollar menus. Is that what the consumer really wants? The guys try fried duck wings with spicy, German mustard...not that you even need it. Fingers has the News of the Week, including North Dakota getting into the cigar game! Or, at least, trying to. What cigar should the new smoker, but bourbon enjoyer, try? Tony and Fingers answer your questions. Plus, Winston Churchill's cigar box sells for big dollars. Follow the podcast for free! Click Here! (

Eat! Drink! Smoke! - Episode 124 - Michigan Is Attacking Cigar Lounges. Burger King Fails on Social Media. A Review of the Four Kicks Capa Especial and Tullamore Dew 12-year Irish Whiskey. Plus, Eat The Blarney Stone!

Getting ready for St. Patrick's Day, but very few cities are celebrating due to Covid-19. That doesn't mean you can't kick back with a fine Tullamore Dew 12-year Irish Whisky and eat a Blarney Stone! Yes. Eat it! Tony Katz and Fingers Malloy ( host Eat! Drink! Smoke! ( with Tullamore Dew is the Four Kicks Capa Especial from Crowned Heads. Tony has found a recipt to help your St. Patrick's Day sweet tooth - Grandma Mottle's Blarney Stones! It's pound cake, peanuts and more goodness. Fingers has the News of the Week, including Burger King is very, very sorry for their really, really bad marketing. You no longer "subscribe" to podcasts, you "follow" them. And the state of Michigan seems to be targeting cigar lounges with their latests proclamation on Covid-19. Follow the podcast! Click Here! (

Eat! Drink! Smoke! - Episode 123 - What's More Addictive, Sugar or Heroin? Jamie Foxx Is In The Bourbon Business, A Review of the Avo XO Maestoso Cigar and Michter's Small Batch Bourbon,

There is no way that sugar and cheese are more addictive than heroin, is there? That's the subject of a study that is just freaky. Not freaky? The Avo XO Maestoso cigar. Eat! Drink! Smoke! ( - with Tony Katz and Fingers Malloy ( - reviews cigars and bourbon while digging in on food and food stories. The 7" cigar was paired with Michter's Small Batch Bourbon According to Jim Cramer of CNBC, travel could see a huge uptick in 2021. According to Tony and Fingers, airline tickets are already moving higher Fingers has the News of the Week, including how actor Jamie Foxx is getting into the bourbon business with Brown Sugar Bourbon. Chick-Fil-A is giving up on bagels, Cheetos solve a crime in the UK and cigars do not need to cost $500 a box. Subscribe to the podcast. Click Here! (

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