THINK! America with Terry Gilberg
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THINK! America with Terry Gilberg

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THINK! America is the voice of real people talking about real issues. It is not the typical “Best-of-Weekend” programming.

The two-hour format offers a fresh approach to talking about important issues of the day in a unique “Town Hall” format. The program’s engaging female host, Terry Gilberg, and regular millennial contributor, Megan Porth, offer a balance of perspectives between Boomers and Millennials.

Lively debate and intriguing guests fuel the tempo of THINK! America. Each show features a variety of trending topics as well as unique perspectives from the voices of the town hall guests…real people talking about real issues.

The compelling last two minutes are dedicated to ending the show on a positive note. Listener’s are alerted to new technologies (not in the news) that will positively change the lives of millions of people.

THINK! America will entertain, provoke and inspire your listeners. It’s a new format with a fresh perspective that will offer weekend variety for your listeners.

Terry GilbergTerry Gilberg, Producer and Host

Smart, funny, and plugged in–Terry Gilberg is a journalist-turned-talk host who thrives on big issues and controversy. For over 25 years, Terry has worked professionally in several mediums within the broadcast industry including film, television, TV News, and radio. On airwaves in the Southwest, she has logged over 2000 news-driven, issue-oriented shows on the hot, vexing topics of the day. She is an on-air mainstay with I Heart Media’s (Clear Channel) NewsTalk 550 KFYI in Phoenix.

She is particularly known for her ability to take complex matters and translate it into lay-speak for the Everyman. There isn’t a current event she won’t tackle on the air with thoughtful, engaging insights and welcoming commentary.

Some of Terry’s favorite subjects include Bias in the Media, the American Housing Catastrophe, The Takeover of the Free Market, Socialized Medicine, Education in America, Mom/Pop Parenting, and National Security including our borders and military matters.

Terry holds two degrees from Stanford University–both undergraduate and graduate degrees. For post-graduate study, she was awarded a Rotary Fellow Scholarship PhD study in International Relations at the Stanford-in-Italy campus in Florence.

MeganMegan Porth, Attorney

Megan was born and raised around entrepreneurs and business people. From a very young age, she was attending networking events, strategic planning meetings, and marketing seminars. Her passion for helping businesses grow inspired her to go to law school, where she graduated with honors and created and supported a number of school organizations. She currently owns her own business consulting firm in addition to being a practice business law attorney.

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