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The Roger Hedgecock Show

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Roger Hedgecock: Satellite, Clock, & Air Times

Mon - Fri : 6  - 9 PM (ET) Clock (XDS: RA)
Saturday: 12 - 3 PM (ET) Clock (XDS: RA2)

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Roger Hedgecock has been informing, entertaining and empowering American’s for over 20 years. Roger delivers solutions and HOPE for your listeners, not a steady drumbeat of complaints. When it comes to issues in the news, Roger actually explains what is happening, what it means AND what to expect next.

As much of the talk radio industry has declined in audience, Roger’s show has grown significantly, especially A25-54, in key markets.

Programmers agree that Roger delivers:

“Roger’s political history, energy and engagement with the listeners make him a perfect fit for FM talk.”

- Ryan McCredden, Program Director, KQTH 104.1, The Truth, Tucson, AZ

“Roger has a special way of taking an issue and turning it into a compelling relatable story that brings in listeners, keeps them listening and leaves them wanting more! Roger continues to elevate the ratings.”

- Dave Sniff, Program Director, KFMB-AM, San Diego, CA

“Roger Hedgecock not only delivers for us on a nightly basis but when he came to town, his direct audience appeal was significant.He is a proven audience generator.”

- Paul Vandenburg, President and General Manager, WGDJ-AM, Albany NY

“Our News Radio 1620 listeners appreciate Roger’s intelligent approach to conservatism – proven by the tremendous response we had when Roger brought his live, ‘Take Back Congress’ tour to Pensacola (in 2010). He is an asset to our station and committed to our success.”

- Dave Hoxeng, Owner and President, WNRP-AM News Radio 1620, Pensacola, FL

Roger has been named one of the Top 100 Talkers in America by Talker’s Magazine for 10 years in a row. He has also appeared as a guest on Hannity, The O’Reilly Factor and The Lou Dobbs Show, as well as MSNBC and Real Time with Bill Maher (where he held his own as the lone conservative punching bag).

Informative, entertaining and more relevant than ever, The Roger Hedgecock Show is a proven ratings and revenue success, effectively reaching key demos in a way that is advertiser friendly

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At Radio America, we are focused on friendly customer service and flexibility with the goal of providing customized programming solutions to your station. We want our affiliates to be able to program and monetize our shows as though they were local in every market. From our flexible clocks and terms, to our commitment to localizing our hosts and programming for your market, we represent the antithesis of the status quo for network talk programming providers. For more than 25 years, we have been providing highly effective talk and entertainment programs, while other companies much less focused on local stations, have come and gone.

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