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Meet Jack Burkman, a K street Lobbyist and strategist like no other. Beholden to no one, Behind the Curtain with Jack Burkman stops at nothing to get to the stories that nobody is talking about but everyone needs to know. 

With 25 years experience in the bowels of Washington, Burkman maintains an impressive intelligence network made up of insiders in the highest corridors of power. Now for the first time, your listeners will be privy to this information, the kind of details that before now have only been available to the true insiders who personally benefit from it every day.

Each week, Burkman focuses on news stories that are under the surface or are not being covered at all by the mainstream media. Featuring strong investigative reporting and analysis, Burkman uses his experience to reveal the secrets that K Street tries to hide from the public.

Over the last decade, the size and scope of government has grown exponentially, starting with the Bush Administration and continuing at a daunting pace with the Obama Administration. Helping to the fuel this growth, is a lobbying industry that uses member of Congress to fund programs that the country does not need and can not afford. Driven by the revolving door between K Street and the government, this epidemic crosses party lines and has infected both parties and is threatening the financial stability of the nation.

Burkman is a powerful conservative voice, but doesn’t work for the GOP establishment and his pursuit of the truth doesn’t stop at the party line.

Behind the Curtain goes beyond politics, covering key social debates of the day, as well as legal controversies and other issues.

Join Burkman on his weekly journey to pursue the truth and expose the dark secrets of K Street.

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