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Now in its eighth year, Animals Today covers all things related to animals worldwide, with an emphasis on their welfare.

Different than other animal programs whose focus is solely on pets, Animals Today covers and explores the wide range of topics and issues concerning all animals, including animals in agriculture and in the wild, while promoting increased respect, compassion and kindness toward them. Lori, along with husband and Producer Dr. Peter Spiegel, interview animal protectors and rescuers, legislators and lawyers, and filmmakers and authors from around the globe about the latest animal topics and issues. Commentary, news and more lighthearted features round out this fast-paced and thought-provoking show.

Recent segments have focused on such diverse subjects such as the dangers wind farms pose to eagles, shark conservation efforts, language and communication research in non-human animals, and marijuana for pets.

A few of Animals Today’s noteworthy guests have included Bob Barker, author Dean Koontz, Actress Tippi Hedren, US Representative Tom Marino, CA Assembly member Richard Bloom, award-winning independent journalist Will Potter, and President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Dr. Neal Barnard. Lori and Peter have covered The Best Friends Animal Society National Conference, the FARM animal rights conference, toured the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary, and have broadcast from other events and locations of interest.

Praise for Animals Today:

“I thank you so much for this show, Lori, you’re a shining light out there – this is spectacularly good and I really appreciate it. The Humane Society of the United States admires you so much in your work, and thanks you.” Dr. John Grandy, Senior VP for Wildlife and Habitat Protection, HSUS.

“I want to thank you for what you do, it’s a pleasure for me to be on your program, and I’m really glad we can get behind something as positive as this bill…” Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger, speaking about pet devocalization ban legislation.

“Lori and Peter, I am a big fan of Animals Today and deeply appreciate your work to cover the important issues concerning the treatment of animals in all sorts of venues all around the world. Anyone who cares about animals should listen to Animals Today.” Marc Bekoff, author and Professor Emeritus, University of Colorado.

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Animals Today Aug 12 2017. Deceptive and fraudulent labeling of faux fur: learn how to ensure the products you buy are cruelty free. Bad flu affecting dogs.
Animals Today August 5, 2017: Try a plant-based diet! Heartworm update. Animal advocates are now in Connecticut courts, an important milestone. Rescuing animals and kids from hot cars: new laws apply in California
Animals Today July 23, 2017. Utah ag-gag law ruled unconstitutional. Coral reefs. Is the Pet Effect real? Arachnids, serpents and us.
Animals Today July 1, 2017 Blowing the whistle on wildlife abuses. Surviving another summer in the desert. Independence Day tips for easing stress in pets.
Animals Today June 24, 2017: It’s American Eagle Day and we celebrate eagles. Update on sulfoxaflor, bees and pollinators. Protecting elephants with technology. Bats and their viruses. Robot falcons and more animal news.
Animals Today – June 10, 2017. Is horse urine in your pills? Emotional Support dog bites airline passenger. Delaware rejects breed specific legislation. Seizures in companion animals.
Animals Today June 3, 2017: Dogs, hot cars and the law. Another twisted twist on game hunting. Adventure Cats with author Laura J. Moss. Know the risks of pesticides to your furry family members.
Animals Today May 13, 2017: What makes a great animal sanctuary? Micro chipping and estate planning. Dog bite liability. Disaster planning after Katrina.
Animals Today April 29, 2017. Adopting baby turtles confiscated after LA bust. World Turtle Day. Critically endangered animals. Dog cloning. Educating about animals and nature. Vaccines for cats: what’s needed?
Animals Today April 22, 2017. Animal assisted therapy: fact and fiction. Human hormone therapy poses risks to pets. It’s kitten season again!
Animals Today April 15, 2017: Appreciating Beavers. Do cats need more respect? History and value of micro chipping. Estate planning. Legal news. Would you share a spoon with your dog?
Animals Today April 8, 2017: Wolfdogs. Early days of the Audubon Society. Scorpions. Cesar Chavez, animal advocate.
Animals Today March 25, 2017: USDA removes critical animal welfare information from website. Save The Frogs Day will soon be here. A novel program to rehabilitate animal abusers. Fascinating bats.
Animals Today March 11, 2017. Obesity in dogs and cats is getting more common. Neat products reviewed. Toxicities of rodenticides. Manatees! Dolphins!
Animals Today March 18, 2017: Choosing dog toys and treats wisely. Driving the Southwest US with dogs. Genetic testing on dogs, with our dogs’ results.
Animals Today March 4, 2017: Special update: USDA removes animal welfare information from website
Animals Today February 25, 2017. What are the best ways to train dogs? Dental hygiene tips for dogs. Relief for itchy dogs. The Iditarod sled dog race is animal exploitation.

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