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Three Martini Lunch is a funny, edgy and fast-paced podcast of the day’s major political stories, hosted by Radio America’s Greg Corombos and Jim Geraghty of National Review.

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Closer to a Tax Cut, Disney to Gobble Up Fox, Strzok's 'Insurance Policy'
Moore Winds up with Less, GOP's Bleak 2018 Outlook, Moore Refuses to Concede
Dossier Plot Thickens, Trump's New Twitter War, Bomber's Family Upset
Terror Attack Fizzles, CNN's Big Mistake, 'Christmas' Controversy
Moore and Slavery, French Ambassador and Pearl Harbor Day, Rep. Franks Resigns
Dems Turn on Franken, Dem Hypocrisy Over Jerusalem, U.S. Wavering on Olympics?
Russians Banned from Olympics, Bannon vs. Romney, Flake Backs Alabama Dem
SCOTUS Allows Travel Ban Enforcement, RNC Backs Moore Again, Conyers 'Retires'
ABC Suspends Ross, GOP Rep's Sex Harassment Payout, Lib Meltdown Over Tax Vote
Closer on Tax Cut Votes, Kate Steinle Decision, Michael Flynn Pleads Guilty
Trump Cabinet Shuffle, Minnesota Miscreants, Lauer's Secret Button
Tax Cut Momentum, Kim's Ominous Missile, NBC Fires Lauer
Good Riddance to Gutierrez, Project Veritas Flop, Trump & 'Pocahontas'
CFPB Power Struggle, Pelosi's Lame Conyers Defense, Losing Friends Over Politics
Black Friday Political Gifts
What We're Politically Thankful For
Kathy Griffin's "Me Too", SNL Staffers Defend Al Franken, Rep. John Conyers
Manson is Gone, New Accusations Against Franken, More of Same Old Hillary
Sexual Politics: Al Franken, Roy Moore, and Bill Clinton
Army Wises Up, Franken Accused, Wisdom of the Pence Rule
Despot on the Ropes, Biden's Gun Control Nonsense, Rush: Moore Was a Dem Then
Dems Turn on Bill Clinton, Special Counsel for Hillary? Paul's Puzzling Attack
Trump's Asia Trip, Processing the Roy Moore Story, Hannity Fans Bash Keurigs
GOP Fixes Adoption Credit, Moore's Awful Defenders, Bergdahl to Get Back Pay?
GOP's Tax Reform Blunders, TSA Fails Test Again, USA Today's Chainsaw Bayonet
GOP Thrashed in Virginia, Dems Romp in NJ & NYC, Flake's Redundant Gun Bill
Huge Air Force Error, Media Yawn as Rand Paul Assaulted, McMullin's Tired Act
Heroes in Texas, Gun Control Push Ignores Facts, Leftists Mock Prayer
Hillary Rigged the System, Northam's Troubling Ties, Trump's Twitter Turned Off
Tax Cut Bill Revealed, Trump's Execution Tweets, Northam's Epic Flip-Flop
Post Condemns Racist Ad, Terrorist Strikes NYC, GOP Delay Tax Bill
Benghazi Terrorist Caught, Hollywood & Pedophilia, Megyn Kelly's Odd Turn
Manafort Indicted, Papadopoulos Pleads Guilty, Racist Ad from Dems in Virginia
Economic Growth, School Choice Results, Presidential Trends
FBI Informant Cleared to Testify, Sandy Hook Shooter Warnings, Kid Rock Bails
Dossier Twist Points to Dems, Jeff Flakes Out, Fact Check Flop
Reporter Actually Meets Red State Voters, Trump vs. Corker, Math is Racist
Mueller Looks at Podesta, Right Needs to Reject O'Reilly, CNN's Rotten Apple
Kelly's Critical Message, Revolting 'Rock Star,' Left Suddenly Respects Bush 43
Sunlight for New Russia Scandal, Unmasking Mess Gets Worse, 'Fake Melania'
Gillespie Gains, Alabama Dead Heat, Pathetic Plan to Make Hillary President
Jerry Brown's Good Vetoes, New Russia Scandal, Beam Her Up!
Bergdahl Pleads Guilty, Iraq Devolves Again, Newsweek's Hate
Trump Decertifies Iran Deal, Health of GOP Senators, Media's Giant Blind Spot
NFL Waving White Flag? Twitter vs. Free Speech, Hannity vs. Sasse
GOP Plays Hardball on Judges, Trump & Free Press, NBC Spiked Weinstein Story
Clinton & Obama Silence, Twitter Censors GOP Video, NFL Madness Gets Worse
Libs & Columbus, Cali's Crazy Sexual Politics, Pence's Protest & Trump Uncorked
Dem Leadership Divide, Major 'Feminist' Hypocrisy, Fallon Fawns Over Hillary
Will Left Push Full Repeal? Cabinet 'Suicide Pact,' Michelle's Identity Politics
Gun Control Doesn't Work, Murphy's Abortion Mess, Pence Aide Urges GOP 'Purge'
Late Night Activism, Trump Resists Gun Control, GOP Embraces Deficits
Horror in Vegas, Attack Quickly Turns Political, Honoring the Heroes
Trump's Solid Court Picks, NFL to Stand? Crazy Left Targets Melania Over Books
Helping Puerto Rico, Michelle Slams Pro-Trump Women, Chuck Todd Whiffs on Rights
Corker's Lame Legacy, Price is Wrong, Trump's Alabama Two-Step
Weiner's Sentence, GOP's Latest Health Care Flop, Damage Control for Steelers
Trump's Firing Offense, Ugly Anti-Trump Backlash, McCain Breaks Promise Again
Samantha's Power Play, Kim's Latest Craziness, Plame's Anti-Semitism
Rudderless Dems, Kimmel vs. Health Bill, NFL Activism Month?
Right to Work Wins Again, Students Clueless on Free Speech, 'Top Gun' Ad Flops
Pelosi vs. Amnesty Crowd, Feds Tapped Manafort, Trump & 'Rocket Man'
Closing the Embassy in Cuba? Refugee Bomber in London, College Park's Shame
Berkeley Stays Calm, Harvard's Manning Mistake, Terrorism in London
Trump's Dizzying DACA Move, Soft on Iran Sanctions, White House vs. ESPN
Dems' Single Payer Deception, Hillary's Clear Delusion, Illegals OK to Vote
Haley Wins Again, Politicians Not A Panacea, Frivolous Fashion Week
Hillary Blames Constitution, 'Shoot Irma' Panic, Media's Hurricane Madness
Trump’s Tough Talk, Post Loves Anarchists, Jeffrey Lord’s Odd Exit
Kelly Takes Command, Murkowski’s Sleepy Dodge, Delaney Who?
Haley Hits Hard, Scalise Status Ignored, Fury of the 1%
GOP Obamacare Debacle, Scaramucci’s Loose Screw, Politics Plunge NFL Ratings
DACA's Last Days? Comey Cleared Hillary Early, Catholic School Capitulation
Dems Coming Clean on Single Payer, Sarsour's Sick Con Job, Cruel Texas Cartoon
Disaster Relief Done Right, Berkeley's War on Speech, High Heel Hysteria
Houston Heroes Abound, Kim's Latest Mischief, Media Playing Climate Card
Agony and Heroism in Houston, Antifa's Ugly Reality, Dem Circus Awaits in 2020
Could Kasich Bid Help Trump? Cuba's Commie Tactics, Pelosi vs. Free Speech
GOP's Endless Infighting, Trump's Troubling Polls, Hillary's Delusion
ESPN's PC Name Game, Trump-Media Side Show, Plame's Money Grab
Trump's Afghan Twist, Dem Donors Dry Up, Blowing Up the Confederacy
SJW Coddling Costs Mizzou, ISIS Airliner Plot, The Trump-Bannon Break-Up
CNN's 'Copycat' Canard, Antifa's Illogical Anarchy, Statue Wars Escalate
McDaniel Makes It Clear, Bannon Goes Rogue, Kasich's Quixotic Dream
Trump's Alt-Right Albatross, Pro-Life Texas Win, Eugenics Posing as Progress
Kim Backs Down, Solving A Monumental Problem, ESPN's Pathetic Politics
Trump's Troubling Response, The "But Obama" Defense, Media Misdirection
Trump's Tough Talk, Post Loves Anarchists, Jeffrey Lord's Odd Exit
Guam Stays Calm, Kim's Dangerous Dance, Pointless Poll & Ridiculous Response
North Korea: Crazy Kim, Trump's "Fire and Fury," Decades of Botched Diplomacy
SNAP Solutions, Google's Diversity Disaster, Stand Up for Kaepernick?
Sanctions on N. Korea, Media's 2020 Obsession, Dunkin' Donuts Disorder
WV Gov. Joins GOP, Mueller Calls Grand Jury, Wasserman-Schultz Cries Wolf
Wall St. Booms, Trump's Testy Transcripts, Insurers Bail on Obamacare
Wray Replaces Comey, Trump's Personnel Problem, 'Paddy Wagon' Politics
Mooch Gets the Boot, Venezuela in Crisis, Stein Gets Crazy
Kelly Takes Command, Murkowski's Sleepy Dodge, Delaney Who?
GOP Obamacare Debacle, Scaramucci's Loose Screw, Politics Plunge NFL Ratings
Sessions Supporters Rally, Healthcare Hypocrisy, Will Spicer Dance With Stars?
DC Gun Policy Shot Down, McCain's Return, Hammers & DNC Hard Drives
McCain & Health Bill Back in Senate, Trump Slams Sessions Again, Kid Rocks Polls
Dems Unveil Same Agenda, Trump Staff Rumors Swirl, Fury Over Phelps vs. Shark
College Fights Back, Trump Pursuing Pardons? OJ's 'Conflict-Free Life'
Blasting Drones & Regulations, McCain's Diagnosis, Trump Vents About Sessions
GOP Flip-Floppers, Trump's 2nd Putin Meeting, Mensch's Russia Madness
GOP's Healthcare Failure, Iran Deal Angst, Sessions Sanctions More Seizures
Secret Service Disputes Sekulow Claim, Sanders Cries Sexism, Coulter v. Delta
CA Dem Dissension, Healthcare Exasperation, Hill Staffers' Crimes Exposed
VA Cleaning Up, Impeachment Idiocy, Kid Rocks the Senate?
Trump Jr. Turmoil, McConnell Delays Recess, Bourgeois Brooks
ISIS In Crisis, Comey Memo Mayhem, Bernie Healthcare Hysteria
ISIS Mauled in Mosul, Comey's Classified Memos, Donald Jr.'s Dumb Move
Trump Extols Western Civ, GOP's Obamacare Fumble, De Blasio Ditches NYC for G-20
Haley Hits Hard, Scalise Status Ignored, Fury of the 1%
Illegal Immigration Plummets, Illinois Bungles Budget, CNN's Reddit Wrath
Sanctuary City Smackdown, Illinois Financial Fiasco, 'Fake News' Feedback
"Caliphate" Crumbling, Government Healthcare Horror, Trump Twitter Wars
Syria Scared Straight, Republicans Retreat on Repeal, Dunkirk Diversity Drama
CNN Eats Crow, GOP's Healthcare Headache, Sanders Scandal, Serena Slighted?
Trump's Travel Ban Triumph, Religious Freedom Victory, Pride March Mayhem
Pelosi Persists, Health Care Headache, Trump Tape Twist
Pro-Life Court Victory, FBI Strikes Out, Social Media Gestapo
Karen Handels Ossoff, Dems' Post Georgia Disarray, Holder Hints At 2020
Optimism in Georgia Election, Hail to the Redskins, US Downs Syrian Drone
UK Terror Continues, SCOTUS To Draw the Lines, The Left is America's ISIS?
Russia's ISIS Claim, Troublesome Trump Tweets, Kelly Controversy Continues
Play Ball!, New York Times Editorial Distorts Facts, Shooter's Past Overlooked
Capitol Police Stop Shooter, Political Attack?, Polarized Media Reactions
American Hostage Released, Mueller... Mueller..., Conspiracies With Megyn Kelly
Feinstein Faults Lynch, Dems Flip Trump Narrative, Democrats Are Sore Losers
Comey Pounds Press, Tory Gamble Gone Wrong, Bernie's Anti-Christian Bias
Comey Confirms Trump Claim, Trump's Major Missteps, Celebrating Comey Day
Comey Won't Allege Obstruction, Gripe Sessions, ISIS vs Iran
Reality Loses, Kaine's Election Confusion, Trump's Empty War Room
May Tougher on Terror, Known Wolf Overlooked, Trump's Travel Ban Tweet Storm
Paris Pullout and Panic, Georgia Nail-Biter, Griffin Plays the Victim
Hillary's Massive Blame Game, Trump Puzzling on Paris, Biden Back in the Game
Missile Test Success, Clapper's Collusion Clarity, Climate Deal Confusion
No Sleep Lost for Mattis, Kushner's Curious Contacts, Kelly's Caution on Terror
Lessons from Montana, Coptics Slaughtered Again, Bloom County Blunder
Montana Meltdown, Loose Lips Shame U.S. Intel, Impeachment Election?
Voter ID Irony Nails Dems, Ossoff Takes the Lead, Right Response to Terrorism
Manchester 'Carnage,' Trump Targets 'Losers,' Resisting the Fortress Mentality
Trump's Terrorism Speech, Virginia Looking Blue, Trump & the Sword Dance
Weiner Faces Justice, Turks Beat Protesters in U.S., Lieberman for FBI?
DOJ Names Special Counsel, Flynn Hired During Probe, 25th Amendment Nonsense
Trump Wants Arab NATO, Comey Memo, Spicer Watch
Trump & Intel, Dem Wage Hypocrisy, Mad Dog's Cell Number
Trump Shake-up Speculation, Lefty Road Rage, Self-Marriage Increasing
Crooked Dems Convicted, Trump & Loyalty, Did Trump Tape Comey?
Garland for FBI? Anonymous Sources on Firing Comey, Trump & Flynn
Trump Cans Comey, Firing Handled Sloppily, Dem Hypocrisy Overload
Flynn Hearing Flops, Kasich & 2020, Trump-Triggered Divorce
Trump Judges Well, Gruber's Obamacare Fiction, Left Targets Guns After Stabbings
AHCA Approved in House, Senate Hurdles Remain, Premature Celebration?
Obamacare Death Spiral Continues, GOP More Trusting in Government, Who Is Elite?
Hillary's Blame Game, Filibuster Frustration, Montana Moonbat
DNC Admits Rigging Primary, GOP Flops on Spending, Trump's Maybes
Warren Slams Obama, GOP Wilting on Obamacare Repeal, Headaches at Heritage
Trumping the Green Agenda, More Health Reform Hiccups, ACLU Strikes Again
Hope for the Health Bill, Nervous Over NAFTA, California Borders on Insanity
Free Speech Loses, Rule of Law Loses, Nukes or Nonsense?
Trump & the VA, Obama's Iran Lie, Latest Flynn Fallout
Democrat Disunity, Dean's Free Speech Delusion, Honoring O'Beirne
Trump vs. Regulations, Moving in with Mom and Dad, Obama's Return
Dem Money Dilemma, Berkeley Buckles Again, Left's Red Scare
Ossoff Gets Runoff, PC Police & Terrorism, O'Reilly Over?
Trump Voters Loyal, Special Election Spin, Minimum Wage Mirage
Actual Immigration Enforcement, Ground Troops to Iraq & Syria? HuffPost Hysteria
Dem Infighting, Trump's New Positions, More Millennial Madness
Immigration Enforcement, FBI Tracked Trump Aide, Spicer's Bad Day
Popular GOP Governors, Turbulence for United, Return to Dueling?
Gorsuch Seated, ISIS Attacks Christians, Hillary's Blame Game
Trump Pounds Syria, Terrorism in Sweden, White House Shuffle?
SCOTUS Filibuster Nuked, Haley Stares Down Russia, Bannon Off NSC
Kim's Latest Provocation, Tillerson's Terse Reaction, Pepsi's SJW Train Wreck
VA Boss Fed Up, More Fox News Allegations, Powerless Dems Make Demands
Dems' Filibuster Folly, Terrorism in Russia, Rice & Unmasking
False Trashing of Tillerson, Flynn Wants Immunity, Pence Protects His Marriage
California Persecution, Trump Targets Freedom Caucus, Dem Madness Over Gorsuch
Mattis Gets Real, Nuking the Filibuster, Trump Vows Health Bill 'Easy'
Three Martini Lunch 3/24/17
Three Martini Lunch 3/23/17
Three Martini Lunch 3/22/17
Three Martini Lunch 3/21/17
Three Martini Lunch 3/20/17
Three Martini Lunch 3/17/17
Three Martini Lunch 3/16/17
Three Martini Lunch 3/15/17
Three Martini Lunch 3/14/17
Three Martini Lunch 3/13/17
Three Martini Lunch 3/10/17
Three Martini Lunch 3/9/17
Three Martini Lunch 3/8/17
Three Martini Lunch 3/7/17
Three Martini Lunch 3/6/17
Three Martini Lunch 3/3/17
Three Martini Lunch 3/2/17
Three Martini Lunch 3/1/17
Three Martini Lunch 2/28/17
Three Martini Lunch 2/27/17
Three Martini Lunch 2/24/17
Three Martini Lunch 2/23/17
Three Martini Lunch 2/22/17
Three Martini Lunch 2/21/17
Three Martini Lunch 2/20/17
Three Martini Lunch 2/17/17
Three Martini Lunch 2/16/17
Three Martini Lunch 2/15/17
Three Martini Lunch 2/14/17
Three Martini Lunch 2/14/17
Three Martini Lunch 2/13/17
Three Martini Lunch 2/13/17
Three Martini Lunch 2/10/17
Three Martini Lunch 2/10/17
Three Martini Lunch 2/9/17
Three Martini Lunch 2/9/17
Three Martini Lunch 2/8/17
Three Martini Lunch 2/8/17
Three Martini Lunch 2/7/17
Three Martini Lunch 2/7/17
Three Martini Lunch 2/6/17
Three Martini Lunch 2/6/17
Three Martini Lunch 2/3/17
Three Martini Lunch 2/3/17
Three Martini Lunch 2/2/17
Three Martini Lunch 2/2/17
Three Martini Lunch 2/1/17
Three Martini Lunch 2/1/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/31/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/31/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/30/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/30/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/27/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/27/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/26/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/26/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/25/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/25/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/24/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/24/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/23/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/23/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/20/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/20/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/19/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/19/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/17/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/17/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/16/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/16/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/13/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/13/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/12/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/12/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/11/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/11/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/10/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/10/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/9/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/9/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/6/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/6/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/5/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/5/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/4/17
Three Martini Lunch 1/2/17
Three Martini Lunch 12/30/16
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Three Martini Lunch 12/19/16
Three Martini Lunch 12/16/16
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Three Martini Lunch 11/30/16
Three Martini Lunch 11/29/16
Three Martini Lunch 11/25/16
Three Martini Lunch 11/23/16
Three Martini Lunch 11/22/16
Three Martini Lunch 11/21/16
Three Martini Lunch 11/18/16
Three Martini Lunch 11/17/16
Three Martini Lunch 11/16/16
Three Martini Lunch 11/15/16
Three Martini Lunch 11/14/16

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